Caesar 3 PC Cheats

Caesar 3


Right click on a well, and while the window is open press Alt+K to enable

cheats. Now enter the following during gameplay:

Alt+C Extra Cash (only works if you have less than 5,000)
Alt+V Instant victory

Building Hack:

Search the subdirectory where you installed the game and look for a file called

"c3_model.txt". Open the file in your favorite text viewer; it tells

you what each number stands for in regard to the game’s buildings. You can now

change the number of people a building employs, its appeal to the community, and

how much it costs. Lowering the number of people employed in a building will still

have the same effect on the game.

Chariot Races:

This is a small, inconsequential bug, but definitely fun. Build a working Hippodrome

and wait for a race to start (one of the cool things about this, and the reason

why this bug happens, is that the race isn’t just an animation; there are actually

chariots racing). Once a race has started and you have the two chariots running

around, raze the Hippodrome. The razing doesn’t happen immediately, but when

it disappears, the two chariots will remain and will immediately head north,

like a hamster who suddenly finds his cage walls gone. Nothing can stop them;

they’ll run over buildings, trees, rocks, water, etc. When they reach the northern

corner of the map, they will turn and start to circle around as if the Hippodrome

were there. They’ll circle until they do the requisite number of laps, then

come to the end of the race, stop, and disappear. It’s a cool bug!



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