Call of Duty PC Cheats

Call Of Duty


To enable cheats, you must edit the target line of the shortcut. Right-click on the game shortcut and choose 'Properties.' Now in the Target field, add the following at the end of the line:

+set thereisacow 1337 +set developer 1 +set sv_cheats 1 +set monkeytoy 0

Now select 'Apply' and then start the game as usual. During play, press ~ to bring up the console and enter the following codes. Note: If you get the message "sv_cheats are read only" after entering a cheat, then try typing "setrandom sv_cheats 1" into the console, then retrying the cheat.


ufoAllows the player to zoom around the level, going up with jump and down with crouch.
toggle cg_draw2dDisables the on screen icons, such as radar and health. Useful for taking good screenshots.
toggle r_showLeafLightsDisplays lines where the light comes through the leaves.
toggle r_showtricountsDisplays numbers on each texture.
toggle r_showportalsDisplays where you can access.
notargetenemies ignore you
give ammoGives the player 10 Grenades and 1 Panzerfaust. May not work on some levels / crash the game.
give allGives the player all weapons in the game as well as filling up health.
give (insert desried object here)gives you a weapon, object or health
killKills the player.
toggle r_lightmapMakes the ground and walls white.
toggle cg_drawgunMakes your weapons invisible. Useful for people with lag.
toggle cg_thirdpersonPuts the camera at the 3rd person view. You are usually invisible though.
toggle r_measureOverdrawPuts the game in multi-colours.
toggle r_fastskyRemoves clouds and makes the sky lighter.
map_restartRestarts the current level.
toggle g_entinfoShows scripts above all soldiers and highlights important objects.
r_vc_statsShows some stats about the game in the console.
toggle r_showtrisShows the game in wireframe.
viewposShows your co-ordinates in the console.
toggle r_lockpvsSome textures turn invisible.
toggle cg_drawshaderTells you what each texture is.
noclipwalk through walls

Level Select

When in a Single Player game press''TAB'', and type one of the following.


map airfieldPlay "Airfield" Map.
map berlinPlay "Berlin" Map.
map brecourtPlay "Brecourt" Map.
map burnvillePlay "Burnville" Map.
map carridePlay "Car Ride" Map.
map chateauPlay "Chateau" Map.
map damPlay "Dam" Map.
map dawnvillePlay "Dawnville" Map.
map factoryPlay "Factory" Map.
map hurtgenPlay "Hurtgen" Map.
map pathfinderPlay "Pathfinder" Map.
map pavlovPlay "Pavlov" Map.
map pegasusdayPlay "Pegasus Day" Map.
map pegasusnightPlay "Pegasus Night" Map.
map powcampPlay "POW Camp" Map.
map railyardPlay "Rail Yard" Map.
map redsquarePlay "Red Square" Map.
map rocketPlay "Rocket" Map.
map sewerPlay "Sewer" Map.
map shipPlay "Ship" Map.
map stalingradPlay "Stalingrad" Map.
map tankdrivecountryPlay "Tank Drive Country" Map.
map tankdrivetownPlay "Tank Drive Town" Map.
map trainstationPlay "Train Station" Map.
map trainingPlay "Training" Map.
map truckridePlay "Truck Ride" Map.

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