Carmageddon 2: Carpocalypse Now PC Cheats

Carmageddon 2: Carpocalypse Now


Type these in at any point in the race…

lapmylovepump- Activate cheat mode - enter this one first!
angelmolesters- Immortal peds 
bigdangle- Mutant tail doodad
bigtwat- Solid granite car
bloodyartists- Stick insects
bloodyhippy- Drugs
blueballz- Frozen opponents
bluepigs- Frozen cops
bonbon- Slaughter mortar
clangclang- Bodywork trashed
clintonco- Hot rod
dotaction- Peds shown on map
eveningoccifer- Drunk driving
eyepopper- Instant handbrake
fartsuits- Helium-filled peds
fastbast- Turbo peds
fryfry- Ped flamethrower
fryingtonight- Electric bastard ray
glugglug- Mega bonus
goodhead- Peds w/stupid heads
ineedapill- Ped valium
jigajig- Bouncy mode
ledsleds- Jupiter gravity
lemmingize- Stupid peds
megabum- Giant peds
mingming- Instant repairs
mooningminnie- Lunar gravity
mrmainwaring- Peds panic
mrwobbley- Jelly suspension
oohmessymess- Dismemberfest 
oypowerupno- Powerup canceller
pigsmightfly- Turbo cops
pillpop- 5 recovery vouchers
powpow- Opponent repulsificator
skippypoos- Kangaroo on Command
smartbastard- Finish race
stickits- Peds stuck in place
stickytyres- Wall climber
stiffspasms- Mutant corpses
stopsnatch- Timer toggle
stuffitup- Damage magnifier
supacocks- Invincibility
supawhizz- Mega turbo
swiftyshifty- Turbo opponents
takemetakeme- Suicidal peds
tilty- Pinball mode
timmytitty- Time bonus
tingting- Free repairs
twatoff- Explosive peds
watersport- Underwater ability
wetwet- Credit bonus
whizz- Turbo
wotatwatami- Greased tires
xrayspeks- Ethereal peds
zazaz- Pedestrian annihilator

osostrong - Extra armor
osofast - Extra power
osonasty - Extra offensive
osoversatile - Extra everything
ohsostrongsostong - Double extra armor 
ohsofastsofast - Double extra power 
ohsonastysonasty - Double extra offensive 
osoversatilesoversatile - Double extra everything 
stringvest - Maximum armor 
vastnesses - Maximum power 
fistnesses - Maximum offensive 
skegnesses - Maximum everything 
thatsalotofarmour - Extra armor slot 
thatsalotofpower - Extra power slot 
thatsalotofoffal - Extra offensive slot 
thatsalotofslots - Extra slots all around 
strongbones - Bonus armor slots 
fastbones - Bonus power slots 
nastybones - Bonus offensive slots 
loadsabones- Bonus slots everywhere

Fly Mode:

Enter the code iwishicouldflyrightuptothesky. Now use the following controls:

Ctrl + 1  - Toggle fly mode
Shift + 4 or 6  - Rotate car left/right
9 or 3- Rotate front/back 


If you are wasted during a race instead of lettings the computer add up your

score and take away your car, press the Escape button and quit the race as soon

as you are wasted. You will not lose your car.



Thanks to Revolution readers Paul Vernhout, David Cox, Kirk Watts, Brad Overbey

and Dominic Pearce!