City of Heroes PC Cheats

City of Heroes


Alter Your Font Color:

(1) Type / bind without the space

(2) Then enter:

beginchat <color XXXXXX><bgcolor XXXXXX><bordercolor XXXXXX>

Change the XXXXXX with color names or hex values with a # before the value. See HERE for a hex color value chart.

When using hex values, put a pair of extra numbers, 0 thru 9, that will vary window-aspect transparancy.

NPC Info:

If you click on one of 7 different NPC's they may give you additional useful status information, depending which letter their names begin with. It may take a couple of clicks on the same NPC, but they'll cough up the info you want eventually.

KHow much damage you have done today
JHow many times you have used your powers today
NAmount of times you've logged in with your hero
ODuration of time you have been logged in with your hero
GAmount of heroes in your current zone
HRandomly deals out names of heroes in your current zone
FIn-Game time
EReal-World time

Thanks to Revolution readers Hearth and Mark Gracie!