Commandos: Beyond the Call of Duty PC Cheats

Commandos: Beyond the Call of Duty


During play, type gonzoopera to activate cheat mode. Now enter the following:

Ctrl + I           Invincible
Shift + Z           Teleport
Ctrl + Shift + N       Mission Skip
Ctrl + Shift + X           Destroy everything   
Shift + E or Ctrl + E      Mission editor   
Shift + F1 through F4      Select video mode   
Ctrl + F9                  View debug output   
Ctrl + L                   Invincibility   
F9                         Display terrain information   
Alt + F11                  Window help   
Alt  + I                   Picture interface   
Alt + Shift + L            Write data to "memlin.dat"   
Alt + Shift + M            Write data to "memact.dat" 

Enter the following level passwords:

YBN9J   Level 2

XAPIB Level 3 QDOAU Level 4 IIWAY Level 5 EW82M Level 6 SJ8S1 Level 7

V6J27 Level 8


Up On The Roof mission:

The easiest and fastest way to finish this mission is to first stab the lone

walking guard and have Tiny go behind the wall. Quickly have your spy follow

him and shoot a few bullets to bring attention. Shoot every patrol coming (only

2 or 3) and if the spy has lost his disguise, make him put it back on. Make

him kill everyone without caring if the dead will be noticed. Have your spy

poison or shoot all the guards in the mission and liberate the prisoner.

Your sniper will be helpful to kill the patrols at the end where you escape.

To do this, distract the large patrol so the sniper won’t be seen but will be

able to shoot. Shoot 3 of the 4 gunman and then the officer. Have your spy poison

the last gunman and do the same again for the other patrol. To do this, it is

highly recomended you use 1 bullet at the maximum previously.

Walk In Water:

Just use the teleport over the water with any commando. It will take a second

to work but when it does you will be able to walk under water but you run slowly.

Swim Underground:

When your marine is under water teleport him to the ground and he will be able

to swim under ground without any one seeing you.


Thanks to Revolution readers Kevin Marchal, Joe Signorile, SimonFromSweden,

Damien and Peter Curtis!