Box art - Constructor

Constructor PC Cheats



To activate the cheats you must go to the Single Player selection (these cheats

also work for the network game as well). Remember, you can’t see what you’re

typing so type carefully. If the cheats are entered correctly you will hear

a beep. Once you enter the game press C and a plus sign (+) should appear next

to the date.

speed471  speed up the game in network play
worker902  buy worker whenever you want
gangster822  convert workers into gangsters anytime you want
weapons473  buy any weapon for your gangsters
tenants127  select any tenant anytime
fences673  build any fence whenever you want
loans039  borrow any amount of money from the bank
estates131  build any estate without limits
houses738  select any house at any time
build909  press Ctrl to build houses instantly
actions674  use all undesirable actions on easy level
gadgets337 build every gadget
missions824  use Alt-i to toggle missions off
complain840  turn off complaints by pressing Alt-c
cadets552  supply police cadets by pressing Alt-p and supply mob 
bribes by pressing Alt-m
teams418  change your team in single player mode
maps751  play any map with any number of players

Punk cheat:

If you are getting too many black marks from the council, get a level two house,

and make the tenants ‘the punks.’ After a while they should start to complain

about a hedge and will give you black marks if you do not drastically decrease

their rent. Drastically decrease their rent, and you will receive some white

marks. Then put it up again and repeat this until you have no black marks left.

Then either replace them, agree to their demands or make them have children.

If you continue to do this, you will receive many white marks which can be exchanged

for cash. (100 marks for 10,000.)




Thanks to Revolution readers Josh Silverman and Oscar Rosello Gil!