Deer Hunter 2 PC Cheats

Deer Hunter 2


In the hunt view, push F2 to bring up command window at the top of the screen and type in any of the following:

dh2baddream Bullets very slow
dh2bandoiler No need to reload
dh2bulletcamCamera follows bullet
dh2caddyshackNo clipping - walk through things
dh2circleTrail deer's rear for easy kill
dh2deadeyeArrow/Bullet cam
dh2doolittle  Deer won't run away
dh2deerzillaHuge deer
dh2flash Run very fast
dh2friday13More blood when deer is shot
dh2honeyDeer come to you
dh2magicbullet Bullet goes straight with camera
dh2shoedealYou'll never run out of breath
dh2shootTakes you straight to a deer
dh2showsightsShows sight info
dh2sidewind Player only walks toward a deer 
dh2sightin   Sights gun automatically
dh2supaflash Run very, VERY fast!
dh2supatrackerShow animals on map
dh2swigStops gun wobble
dh2trackerShows deer on the map and GPS
dh2wright Fly mode
dh2blizzard Cycles weather more quickly  
dh2thunder Makes it thunder 
dh2light Makes it lightning  
dh2rain Makes it rain
dh2snowMakes it snow 
dh2weatherstop Makes weather stop

camera set deer# See through deers eyes
camera set crow#See through crows eyes

camera set fox# See through foxes eyes
camera set player Brings you back to hunter

'#' sign refers to which animal you wish to 'see' through.

To turn off cheats, just repeat the process.



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