Dracula 2: The Last Sanctuary PC Cheats


Dracula 2: The Last Sanctuary Walkthrough



• WORLD 1 / CARFAX (1)

At the Garden at Carfax, go to the right side of the Garden up to the wall. Take the object you find in the 
centre of the bas-relief.
Come back in a Warp towards the house and take the oil-can you find at the foot of the tree on the right.
Go into the pond and take the object you find in the centre of the bas-relief.
Climb the stairs leading to the main door of Carfax House.
Open the door using the key and enter the hall.

In the hall, take the staircase leading to the first floor.
In the centre of the balcony on the 1st floor, enter Dracula's study.
Stand in front of the desk.
Empty the drawer in the desk: take the compass, the cylinder key, Dracula's notebook (red) and a candle.

Stand in front of the chest.
Empty the chest: take a telescope and a candlestick.
Move in front of the cabinet, on which are placed three metal film reel boxes.
Empty the box in the foreground: take a slot token, a perforated barrel-organ card and a matchbox.

Above the same cabinet, look for the engraving of Carfax.

Take the document hidden behind the engraving. This is the solution enabling you to open the sluice in the 
garden table and fill up the pond.

Go behind the screen.

Place the candlestick on the cabinet.

In the inventory, combine the box of matches and the candle. The candle is now lit.

Place the lit candle in the candlestick.

Take the key revealed by the light on the wall.

Stand in front of the locked door.

Open the door with the key you found behind the screen.

Go up to the corpse (of Pibody) propped up against the door and take a key from his belt.

At this moment, a monster bursts into the room. Jonathan finds himself facing the beast which has just knocked 
the door down.

In the inventory, combine the pistol and bullets.

Turn around and fire into the lock of the door leading to the junk-room.

Enter, go to the middle of the room and turn around to face the door.

Click on the piece of furniture on the left of the door and move it over to block the door (otherwise, after a 
few seconds, the beast will knock the door down and kill Jonathan).

Go over to the chair near the fireplace.
Move the chair under the skylight.
Enter the fireplace.
Take the object in the centre of the bas-relief and the poker on the right.
Get onto the chair in order to reach the skylight.
Break the planks covering the skylight with the poker. Light pours into the room.

Move the upright mirror on the right of the door under the skylight, so that it stands in the rays of light.
Move to the centre of the room opposite the door. This is very brightly lit up by the beam of light reflected 
by the mirror.
Click on the piece of furniture in front of the door to let the monster in. The monster enters and is pulverised 

by the light.

Take the second upright mirror standing on the right of the door.
Go into Dracula's study and stand in the middle of the room, opposite a 2nd monster lurking by the door frame.
Place the mirror on the ground to kill the 2nd monster.
The way is now free. Go out of the study. Three monsters are down below!

Go to the end of the bannister.
Click on the chandelier. Jonathan leaps onto the chandelier which reflects rays of light into the room, pulverising 
the three monsters.
Go down into the hall and stand in front of the door of cellar, which is barred by wooden planks.
Break the planks with the poker.

Enter the cellar.
Push the boxes over to the right as you go in.
Take the wire cutters.

Put the first box back in its original position (moving the box originally moved another one as a result, but 
putting it back in its place does not move the other one back as well. There is now a space between the two boxes).
Take the object in the centre of the bas-relief

Return to the garden.
Stand in front of the table at the side of the pond.
Use the wire cutters to cut the chain and unblock the device that empties the pond.
Oil the gate hinge with the oil-can.

Open the gate.
Put the document found behind the engraving on the table.
Put oil onto the paper to make the whole plan appear.
Place the keys and symbols as they appear on the document:

Place the 4 Keys in the order of the inventory in the following order:

Order in the inventory
1st Key - Pos6
2nd Key - Pos2
3rd Key - Pos1
4th Key - Pos4

Match up the symbols
Pos1 - Triangle with point upwards (4)
Pos2 - Triangle with point downwards (1)
Pos4 - Crossed out triangle with point downwards (3)
Pos6 - Crossed out triangle with point upwards (2)

Turn the sluice wheel in the table. The pond fills up, triggering the device that opens the door of the cellar.

Go into the cellar and open the metal door that has been shut until now, on the left as you go in.

Go out into the sewers. 

• WORLD 1 / THE SEWERS (1) / Carfax - Asylum

Go towards the asylum to the left on entering the sewers.
Use a ladder to go out to the asylum through one of the sewer manholes. 

• WORLD 1 / ASYLUM (1)

> Asylum, the courtyard
In the courtyard, go to the asylum entrance door.
Knock on the door. Bill, Dr. Seward's assistant, opens it and lets Jonathan in.
Go into Seward's office. Dr. Seward and Mina welcome Jonathan.

> Asylum, Seward's office
Dialogue between Dr. Seward, Mina and Jonathan. At the end of the last dialogue, Seward gives Jonathan the 
task of investigating Highgate. In order for him to get there without being noticed, he gives him a key to a 
passage leading straight to the sewers. Jonathan then finds himself in the cloakroom.

With the key Seward gave Jonathan, open the door of the direct passage to the sewers, behind the cloakroom counter.

• WORLD 1 / THE SEWERS (2) / Asylum - Highgate

Go towards Highgate (via the only possible route, the second gallery on the right).
Take a rope hanging on the right-hand wall (on the right after the intersection).
Go up to the small control box, further on to the left.
Pick up a broken valve lying on the ground, opposite the small control box.
Go as far as a well, flooded with water.

In the inventory, combine the broken valve and the rope.
Throw the rope and valve joined together onto the ladder on the other side of the well. A ladder now makes it 
possible to cross the well.
Go to the other side of the well.
Open the tool box.
Take the adjustable spanner.

Go back across the well and retrace your steps to the apparatus hung on the wall. Opposite this is a fixed sluice wheel.
Use the adjustable spanner to unseal the sluice wheel.
The sluice wheel is now freed. Take the sluice wheel.
Return towards the well and when in the middle of the ladder, look on the wall to the right. A pin can be seen.

Fix the sluice wheel onto the pin.
Use the adjustable spanner to tighten it.
Click to turn the sluice wheel, so as to empty out the water from the well.
Go to the other side of the well (the side where you picked up the adjustable spanner).

Take the ladder.
Put the ladder against the right side of the edge of the well.
Go down into the well.
Take the ladder with you.

Go into the narrow horizontal passageway.
Place the ladder against the edge of the vertical passageway.
Climb the ladder.
At the top, on the platform, shoot at the gate with the revolver. (It opens, making it possible to go out).

Go out into Highgate cemetery. 


At he cemetery
Find the ladder (attached with a padlock) at the right of the big gates, a little further along at the corner, 
beside the wall.

Use the key found on Pibody (the corpse at Carfax) to unlock the padlock, and take the ladder.

Find the vault guarded by two ornate wolves (go back towards the big gates, then take the central alleyway and 
then the first path to the right. The vault is on the left).

Put the ladder against the wall of the vault.
Climb up onto the vault.
Find and open the small suitcase.
Take the crucifix.
Take the stake.
Get down from the vault. (Pibody, now a vampire, is waiting for you!!)

Take the crucifix and brandish it in front of Pibody. Terrified, he falls into a tomb.
Go down into the tomb.
Use the stake you fond in the small suitcase.
Kill Pibody (or, if you prefer, liberate his soul!) by driving the stake into his heart.

Take Pibody's watch, and then his notebook.
Go into the inventory and read the notebook : Pibody speaks of the apparition of a shadow at around 6 a.m. and 
of a tomb in the North West section.

Climb up again onto the vault decorated with two wolves .
Use the man-sized compass to display the points of the compass. A strange panoramic vista appears with a North 
South East West graduation.

At the North West point, a cursor in the form of a magnifying glass appears. Click on it to observe Dracula's 
vault from this position.
Take Pibody's watch. Time passes until it is six o'clock.
Take the telescope and direct it onto Dracula's vault. What a surprise - Dracula is entering his vault!

Get down from the vault.

Go and stand in front of Dracula's vault.

Click on the eye of the statue in the vault to the right.

Enter the vault. Three gargoyles emit a strange sound. Jonathan faints and only awakes in the small hours. He 
senses that something is not normal and returns to 
the asylum.


> Asylum, The Courtyard
Enter the asylum

> Asylum, The Cloakroom
Go into Seward's office

> Asylum, Seward's Office
Stand in front of Seward's desk
Open the drawer on the left
Take the stethoscope
Stand in front of the wax cylinder player and listen to the first roll. It plays back the kidnapping of Mina 
and Seward by Dracula.
Go to the back of the office, in front of the fireplace and pick up Mina's wedding ring thrown down by Dracula.
Stand in front of the picture hanging above the fireplace.
Pivot the picture upwards. A safe appears.
Click to approach one of the combination wheels of the safe.
Place the stethoscope on the bottom left of the screen.

Manipulate the combination wheels in the following order:


Wheel 4Wheel 3

Wheel 1 - Number 8
Wheel 2 - Number 3
Wheel 3 - Number 6
Wheel 4 - Number 4

The safe opens; take the Dragon ring. Jonathan indicates that with this ring, he is now protected (voice off).
Empty the bag : take the photo negative, the wax cylinder, the garlic-based solution, and Seward's friend's notebook.
Click on Hopkins' file.
Take the key for Hopkins' cell.

Go back and stand in front of Seward's desk.
Put the cylinder on the desk back in its box and place the one found in the bag in the safe on the player. 
The needle of the cylinder player gets stuck.

Unstick the needle by clicking on it to hear the rest of the message. The formula for the anti-vampire potion 
found in Seward's notebook needs to be increased by 5° (35°, not 30° as indicated in the green notebook).

Go into the cloakroom.

> Asylum, the Cloakroom
Move in front of the entrance door, and turn right to enter the asylum.

> Charcot Room
Go down by the walkway.
Stand in front of the desk.
Take the sugar.
In the inventory, combine the matchbox and the sugar.
Place the matchbox + the sugar on the table. A fly crawls into the box.
Take the box with the fly imprisoned inside.
Climb up into the circular corridor leading to all the cells.
Open Hopkins' cell with the key found in Seward's safe.
Offer Hopkins the matchbox with the fly inside. A dialogue takes place between Jonathan and Hopkins. Hopkins 
seems disturbed as soon as he hears Mina's name.

Go out, and enter the technical room. The door is right at the end of the circular passageway leading to the 
cells. Bill, now a vampire, is waiting for Jonathan. Bill breaks a flask of garlic concentrate identical to 
the one found in the bag in the safe.

> Technical room
Brandish the crucifix in front of Bill. Terrified, he collapses into a wheelchair. But he can still bite...
Now place the crucifix on Bill's forehead to neutralise him completely.
Take the key from his belt.
Go back into the asylum, go down the staircase of the circular passageway, and stand in front of the desk.

Open the drawer with the key found on Bill.
Take the syringe.
Go back into the technical room.
Stand in front of Bill and with the syringe, take some of his blood from his right arm.
Stand in front of the locked cabinet and open it.

Place the contents of the green bottle you found in the bag in the safe into the distilling flask
Using the syringe, add the blood of the vampire Bill to the solution already made.

Place the now empty green bottle where it can catch the liquid.
Light the burner with the cursor + (on the right side of the burner).
Put the flame into position 2 (click again on +).
When the solution reaches 35°, (check the temperature with the thermometer) reduce the burner flame to position 
1 with the cursor - (on the left side of the burner).

Let it heat for a few seconds at 35°. The mixture reacts and the liquid fills the bottle.
Take the now full green bottle.
Combine the bottle containing the anti-vampire potion with the revolver. You create bullets filled with an 
effective agent for neutralising vampires (the gun is surrounded with a green halo).
Go back to Hopkins' cell.

> Hopkins' cell
Now in possession of Mina's ring and the gun loaded with anti-vampire bullets, Jonathan can talk to Hopkins.

Click on the icon representing a pistol: Hopkins gives you his vampire-vision spectacles in exchange for the 
Dragon ring. Just then the telephone rings in Seward's office. You have to answer it.
Go into Seward's office.

> Seward's office
Pick up the telephone : conversation with Dracula. Meanwhile, Hopkins and Bill flee.
Go back to the asylum and enter the technical room.

> Technical room

Take the passage, the door to which has been left open by Hopkins and Bill (a big metal trapdoor located 
where the wheelchair was standing).
Go down into the sewers. 

• WORLD 1 / THE SEWERS (3) / Asylum - Stux

Go into the little passageway plunged in darkness and put on Hopkins' spectacles.
Follow the footprints, which suddenly stop.
Go forward towards the main sewer.
A lever can be seen on a control panel. Raise the lever.
This lights up the surroundings: it's the main sewer. Bill appears threateningly on Jonathan's right.

Use Hopkins' spectacles in order to see with vampire vision.
Take the pistol and fire at Bill, at the red zone (heart).
He falls dead into the sewer. Go and stand in front of the entrance of the Styx (the only point of access).

The entrance of the Styx is protected by a sort of lock.
Click to get closer to the lock. A pin appears above the lock.
Press on the pin. A "tablet" with six windows, an aperture and a symbol appears.
Put the big cylinder key into the lock aperture.

Four out of six figures appear on the tablet:
1- empty - 4 - 3 - empty- 2.
They give two pieces of information: the presence of a number indicates the number of the column to be used, 
and the value of this number indicates the assembly order.

Take out the cylinder key. In the inventory, the cylinder lock appears on one side and a pull cord (in the 
place where the objects can be combined).

In the inventory, combine the pull cord now separated from the cylinder lock and Dracula's notebook (red). 
The notebook opens at the page of instructions for the cylinder key.

Use Hopkins' spectacles in order to see with vampire vision and read this page.

Now place the point of the pulling device on the symbol revealed by the lock. Now read on the serrations the 
6 figures revealed in the notches of the pulling device.

Only take account of figures found in the columns, corresponding to those of the tablet.
In the inventory, click on the cylinder lock. Then adjust the cylinder lock to the right codes in the order 
given by the partition. For the Styx, the right codes are 3582.

Combine the pulling device and the cylinder lock together (the key is now recomposed).
Put the code key into the lock again (the door unlocks)
Take the key and stand in front of the door.

Enter the Styx 


> The Cinema hall
Take the corridor and enter the cinema hall.
Go in front of the projector near which is standing an automaton that looks like Dracula.

Put the token into the slot. A film of Dracula kidnapping Mina is shown on the screen. The space reserved for 
perforated cards inside the barrel organ is now free.

Now go and stand in front of the barrel organ.

Insert the perforated barrel organ card in the now liberated slot (up on the right of the screen). Jonathan 
inhales gas escaping from the barrel organ. He passes out.

> Dracula's room in Transylvania
Jonathan regains consciousness in Dracula's room in Transylvania. He is tied to a bed, and Dracula is standing 
in front of him. The vampire brings out the gun and throws it down as though it were a toy 
(it lands under the bed). He demands to know where the ring is. Jonathan must confess where he obtained this 
knowledge or he will die. Jonathan refuses. Then Dracula makes him a final proposition: Jonathan's life in 
exchange for the Dragon ring. A fool's bargain! Dracula condemns him to death. He leaves the bedroom. Hopkins 
enters shortly afterwards and frees Jonathan, telling him he has hidden the Dragon ring: Jonathan will find 
it in the cemetery under the protection of Saint George. Hopkins goes out quickly.

Take the pistol which has fallen under the bed.

Leave the bedroom. (If Jonathan leaves the room without the gun, an enemy will be waiting for him and the game 
will be over.)

> The corridor leading to the cinema studio
A menacing shape can be seen in the shadowy corridor.
Use Hopkins' spectacles to see with vampire vision (making it possible to see the red spot on the vampire).
Take the loaded gun.
Aim for the heart (red spot) and fire.
The way is clear. Go into the cinema studio.

> The cinema studio
Get up on the platform.
Open the control box opposite.
Put the electricity lever to ON. The Dracula automaton comes out of its tomb.
Take the sword which can be found on the dragon, on the left of the control box.

With the sword, strike the automaton, which appears to be decapitated. Jonathan then rushes over to the other 
side of the platform.
Cut the rope opposite the automaton. Jonathan is carried by the counterweights up into the cinema studio flies.

> The flies

Once up on the flies platform, pick up a rope and a crank lying on the floor on the right.
Climb up using the ladder along the wall. Jonathan ends up in front of a device which makes the mobile bridge 
advance towards the studio goods elevator.

Insert the crank into the mechanism.
Click on the crank to activate it. While the bridge is moving forward, the Dracula automaton arrives on the goods 
elevator and throws a projectile at the bridge, causing the crank to fall out of the mechanism. Jonathan is stuck 
on the bridge, which is now immobilised.

Go to the end of the bridge and cut a rope in the dark on the right to make a projector unit fall down.
Climb on the projector unit up and climb up to a big metal tube. Go on through into the ventilator ducts.
Crawl on until you reach a big fan.

Block it with the broken sword.
Cross over to the other side of the fan and crawl to the left. Opposite a gate, take the key with the square shaft 
which opens this. The gate opens.
Retrace your steps and continue towards the locked ventilation grill on the right of the fan.

Fit the square-shaft key into the grill lock. The grill opens.
Lean out through the open grill. The Dracula automaton can be seen approaching.
Take the rope with the grappling iron and catch hold of the automaton.
The automaton is caught, pulled upwards, and smashed to pieces by the fan. The wrecked automaton falls down.

Go down onto the walkway that runs along under the big metal tube, where the remains of the automaton are lying.
Click on Dracula's torso.

Take the tuning fork, revealed now that the automaton is destroyed, which is its nerve centre. Removing the tuning 
fork puts the automaton permanently out of action.

Then click on the Dracula automaton's right hand to disconnect it from the arm.
Click on the hand to remove it, then turn it round.
Activate the mechanism which can be seen at wrist level. A key for the goods elevator emerges from one finger 
of the hand.
Take the goods elevator key.
Climb into the goods elevator.
With the key, activate the elevator. It goes to the Cinema hall.

> The cinema hall (2)

Go towards Seward, who is crouching at the bottom of the screen.

Jonathan finds Seward, who is so pale he looks like one of the living dead. He is still conscious of his 
humanity, but senses that he cannot hold out much longer. Seward charges Jonathan with the mission to set 
fire to Dracula's various hideouts. As for the Styx, Seward will sacrifice his life while he is still human. 
Jonathan must just give him his pistol. In exchange, Seward gives Jonathan the key to his secret lab. 
This contains humanity's last hope. He then shows him a secret passage he can take, behind the barrel organ.

Go and stand in front of the barrel organ.
Use Hopkins' spectacles to see with vampire vision.
Click on the highlighted button. The barrel organ sinks into the floor, revealing a secret passage.

Enter the secret passage.
The door closes again. In the cinema hall, Seward aims the gun at a bottle of gas fueling the camera, and fires. 
The Styx explodes.

Exit from the secret passage, which leads to the sewers.

• WORLD 1 / THE SEWERS (4) / Styx - Carfax

Get on board the boat, which is tied up.
Click to make the boat move forward. Jonathan rows, while thinking about the mission Seward has given him: to 
destroy Carfax.

Go and stand in front of the entrance to Carfax. To the left to the door, click on the lock with coded plates.
Using the cylinder key, undertake the same process as before for entering the Styx. Key code: 8462

When the door is unlocked, enter Carfax. 

• WORLD 1 / CARFAX (2)

> The Cellar - Carfax 2
In the cellar, take the 3 cases piled up and covered with a cloth.
Go into the hall in Carfax

> The Hall - Carfax 2
Place the three cases under the stairs on the left as you go into the hall.
Click on the cases to see what is inside.
Take the tools you find in each of the cases: scissors, sledgehammer and axe.
Go up to Dracula's study.

> Dracula 's study - Carfax 2
In Dracula's study, use the sledgehammer to break his desk to pieces. Pick up the resulting pile of planks.
Go behind the screen and take the candle, which has gone out.
Go into the adjoining room (where Pibody's corpse was before)

> The Pibody room - Carfax 2
Stand in front of the window and use the scissors to cut up the old curtains. Pick up the curtain pieces.
Go down into the cellar.

> The cellar - Carfax 2
On the right as you go in you will find Dracula's coffin. Demolish it with the axe and pick up the broken coffin pieces.
Go back into the Hall

> The Hall - Carfax 2
Click on the cases and place the raw material (wooden planks and curtains) into each of the cases as appropriate.
In the inventory, combine the box of matches and the candle.
Set fire to the cases with the candle.
Jonathan is seen back in the cellar, a fire now blocking off the entrance into the hall in Carfax. Dracula 
scoffs at Jonathan who remains shut inside the burning Carfax.

> The Cellar - Carfax 2
The light given out by the fire reveals a small niche beside a locked wooden door, on the right of the one 
leading to the sewers.
Click on the niche. A key appears.
Take the key from the niche.
Use the key to unlock the door, which leads to the reservoir.
Enter the reservoir.

> The Reservoir - Carfax 2
Turn the sluice wheel to the right on entering. The water begins to rise.
Jump into the water.
When in the water, dive.
Underwater, down to the left, activate a second sluice gate hidden behind some detritus.
The water level rises even further.
Mount to the surface to take a breath of air.
Dive underwater into the small passageway which has now been made accessible.
Come out again into the sewers, on the asylum side.

• WORLD 1 / THE SEWERS (5) Carfax - Asylum

Go out of the sewers by climbing the ladder, which leads to the small courtyard in the asylum.

Go into the asylum

• WORLD 1 / ASYLUM (3)

> The technical room
Go into the technical room.
Open the big cupboard, on the right as you go in, with the key Seward gave Jonathan in the Styx.

> The lab
Click on the curtain, and you find a photo lab.
Put the photo negative into the enlarger on the left.
Turn off the light, using the switch.

Click on the envelope to place a sheet of photographic paper under the enlarger on the left.
Turn on the enlarger light.

Click on the paper under the enlarger and put it in the tray on the right. A faded image appears 
(like a photo in developer)

Click to see the printed photo, which gives solutions for the VLS (Vampire Localisation System) settings: 
8 for the resistance, 4 for the electrolysis tube, 7 for the ammeter.
Stand in front of the VLS construction shelf above the lab.

Take the notes on use and the operating instructions lying on the shelf. In the inventory, read the notes 
on use on the first side, and the operating instructions on the other side. Carry out the following process 
in the right order (each part taken out of the VLS will lose its setting)

Put part no. 1 (a kind of resistor in the form of a horseshoe) on the base
Click to approach part no. 1 and adjust its setting to 8

Put part no. 2 (electrolysis tube) on the base.
Click to approach part no. 2 and adjust its setting to 4

Put part no. 3 (ammeter) and no. 4 (rheostat) on the base
Click to approach part no. 3 and adjust its setting to 7

Take off the aerial by clicking on it.
Put the tuning fork in place of the aerial.

Close the VLS.
Take the crank.
Pick up the VLS.
Go out of the Lab through the trap door in the technical room.

Go down into the sewers.

• WORLD 1 / THE SEWERS (6) / Asylum - Highgate

In the sewers, take the direction for Highgate. Almost instantly, Jonathan finds his way blocked by 
rats and cannot go on.

In the inventory, combine the VLS with the crank to power it.
To manipulate the VLS in the inventory, click on the VLS (magnifying glass cursor).

To put the VLS in "reception" mode, click on the left on the button down below (a kind of rectangle). The VLS 
moves into reception position, ready to detect waves. You then return automatically to the scene, where an 
"aerial" cursor appears.

Position the "aerial" cursor on the rats. The VLS reacts. The dials are illuminated and emit a sound.

Go back into the inventory and click on the VLS to see what frequency the rats have emitted.

Display the same value on the other screen, using the round button.

Go into "transmission" mode. Click on the right of the rectangular button this time. The button moves to the 
right and you return automatically to the scene.

Position the "aerial" cursor on the rats again and click. They will run for cover into the next-door passage.
Take the passage leading to the main sewer.

Once on the platform of the main sewer, insert the square-shaft key 
(found in the ventilation circuits at the Styx) into the electric panel to raise the passageway grill through 
which you can reach Highgate.

Activate the second lever. The bridge pivots towards the other passageway.
Take the bridge and go towards Highgate. Jonathan's path is blocked by another well.

Pick up the wooden planks lying on the ground to the right of the well.
Place the planks over the well in order to get to the other side.

Cross over.

Go out.


In the cemetery, go and stand in front of the thanksgiving wall (black marble plaques).
Find the one mentioning Saint George (Bram Stoker thanking Saint George for his protection ! ! !)

Make the plaque pivot.
Take the note left by Hopkins.
Take the Dragon Ring.

Carrying out the same moves as in the sewers, put the VLS into reception mode and search the cemetery for 
the three gargoyles. Destroy them using the VLS in transmission mode (animation of the destruction of each gargoyle).

Once the three gargoyles are destroyed, go to Dracula's vault and enter.

With the help of Hopkins' message found behind the thanksgiving wall, enter the right values onto the vampire 
lock in the following order:
- 9 top left
- 2 top right
- 7 bottom left
- 8 bottom right

The tomb opens, revealing a passage.
Click to descend into the tomb and reach the quarries.


Go down to the intermediary level of the galleries, opposite the iron bar gate, closed by another vampire lock. 

To open the gate with the vampire lock, search for the half-moon symbol at the bottom of the lock. 
Then, in the inventory, open Dracula's notebook (red), and use Hopkins' spectacles to see with vampire vision.
On the page containing a lunar constellation, look for the half-moon representing the letter G. The letter 
G reveals the following codes on the left page of the notebook: 9462.

Enter the numbers in this code on the vampire lock in the following order : 
- 9 top left 
- 4 top right
- 6 bottom left
- 2 bottom right 

The gate opens onto a gallery.

Enter the gallery. A box draped with a cover can be seen on the ground at the right and a dragon's mouth 
closes off the gallery at the end. 
Click on the cover. A crowbar and a spade appear. 
Take the bar and the spade. 
Go down into the big hall (quarry)

Using the bar, push the stone in between the pile of cut stones and the quay (wooden scaffolding), 
and take the detonator. 
Climb onto the pile of cut stones and take the hammer and the chisel. 
Get down again and move in front of the table. 
Click on the drawer in the table.
Use the hammer and chisel to force open the drawer. 

Open the drawer. 
Take the reel of cable.
Destroy the tab at the back of the drawer with the hammer and chisel. 
Open the drawer completely.
Take the small key.

Move in front of the box behind the table.
Open the box with the small key. 
Take the dynamite in the box. 
Go back up to the intermediate gallery closed off by the dragon's mouth. 

Place the dynamite in the dragon's mouth.
Place the cable in the mouth.
Reeling out the cable, go and take up a safe position in the passage.

Fix the detonator onto the end of the cable.
Click on the detonator to blow up the dragon's mouth. 
Take the jewel lying on the ground in front of the shattered mouth. 

Go over to the other side of the gallery. Jonathan arrives in Count Dracula's prisons.


Go towards the checquered door on the right.
Another demon head is carved on the wall on the right. Click to approach the demon's head. 
Place the jewel in the left eye of the demon (on the player's right). The checquered door pivots and 
Jonathan appears in the galleries leading to the prison cells. 

Passing alongside the cells, you will find a open passage among all the bars. 
Go into the cells and turn left.
Go on up to the first bend and look on the ground. Move the skeleton. 
Dig, using the spade. A tibia appears. 
Take the tibia.
Go on up to the next bend and look on the ground. Move the skeleton. 
Dig, using the spade. A skull and a parchment appear. 

Take the parchment.
Take the skull.
Go out of the cells into a passage closed off by door surrounded with skulls. 

Turn right into the guard room.
Take the crossbow on the table. 
Take the lantern on the table.
Climb onto the desk and take the bolts above the rack. 
Take the red medallion from the drawer of the desk. 
Leave the guard room.

Reproduce the plan drawn on the parchment found in the cells. 
1) In the inventory, combine the medallion and the bone. 
2) Place the skull on the ground.
3) Place the medallion and bone on the skull.
4) In the inventory, light the lantern with the box of matches. 
5) Place the lantern behind the skull.

A ray of light passes through the prism of the red medallion, penetrating inside the skull up on the 
right of the door. A mechanism unlocks the door, which opens. 

Move through to the other side, to the other section of the prisons. 
Move in front of a descending staircase. A monster's shriek rings out. 

A beast is lurking above Jonathan. In the inventory, combine the bolts with the crossbow, and then the 
green bottle with the loaded weapon. 
Shoot at the beast. 
Once the beast is dead, go down the stairs. 

Carry on towards Radu, the prisoner (what's left of him), hanging in an iron cage. 
Open the mask.
Take the precious stone from Radu. Jonathan falls into a pit, but gets out miraculously unharmed. 

Once down, take the only possible direction, which leads to the cemetery at Borgo Pass.


Go round the cemetery until you come up behind Dracula's covered tomb (the one chained up).
Dig with the spade. The missing head of the icon in the dragon's pit appears.

Take the piece of the icon representing the head of Saint George.

Retrace your steps, and take the hand and the cross which can be found behind the tomb at the corner 
of the cemetery on the right.

Stand in front of the Dragon's pit, in front of the destroyed icon.

Position the missing piece of the icon on the destroyed icon. The powers of Good and Evil can now be 
heard battling with each other (change in the background sound).

Go back to the vampire's open tomb and turn round so that you can see the entrance gate of the cemetery.

Use Hopkins' spectacles to see with vampire vision. You can now see the powers battling together.

Brandish the hand and the cross to weight the battle in favour of Good. The chain encircling 
Dracula's open vault breaks.

Enter Dracula's covered vault.

As you enter click at the bottom on the right to go to the castle.


Exit from Dracula's covered vault into the castle courtyard.
At the far end of the courtyard on the left, the only place accessible, go down by the stairs into a 
dark underground hall. Jonathan meets Dorko (witch)

Make Dorko speak. She evidently has nothing much to tell Jonathan.
In the inventory, look at the parchment found in the cells on Dracula's prisons. Make the parchment turn. 
A text in code appears. 
Click on the parchment (interface to the right of Dorko)

Dorko deciphers the parchment. Once she has spoken, give her Radu's stone (the jewel found in the mouth 
of the skeleton hanging in the prisons). 

Dorko begins to talk about the jewel and the ring, but does not have time to go into much detail about 
these objects because she is killed by Zalina (a female vampire). Zalina steals the Dragon ring and makes 
her escape. Before she dies, Dorko gives Jonathan a gold ring to which she has transferred a part of her powers. 

Go out of the dark hall into the courtyard where a disturbing scene awaits Jonathan. 
Zalina prevents him from continuing by creating a red barrier. 
Climb right to the top of a flight of steps guarded by two wolf statues. 
Click on the door lock and use Hopkins' spectacles to see with vampire vision. 

Use the ring given by Dorko to unlock the door. 
Go into a corridor blocked off at the end by a mass of fallen stones.
Go to the end and pick up the grappling hook and rope coiled on the ground in front of the pile of rocks. 

Combine the hook and rope with the crossbow and jump onto the sill in front of the door leading to the stairs. 
Take the crossbow and shoot towards the other side of the courtyard. The hook catches onto the gallery. 
A rope is now stretched over the courtyard. 

Click on the rope to cross to the other side of the courtyard, and go into the small library. 

> The Small Library
Go to the far end of the room and open the cabinet. 
Take the document showing a chessboard.
Use the crowbar to break open the left hand hatch. A parchment appears. 
Unroll the parchment.

Click to obtain a close-up of the parchment. Geometric figures and Roman numerals appear around an image of 
the Dragon's Ring. 
Select the parchment found in the prisons. It has two square windows cut out of it. 

Place it on the parchment with geometric figures and move it by clicking on the geometric figures until a 
Roman numeral appears in one of the square windows. You must remember which geometric figure corresponds 
with the Roman numeral visible in the square window. Two figures associated with their Roman 
numerals are thus revealed. 

Repeat the operation by turning the parchment with square windows around in the inventory. Two other 
figures associated with their Roman numerals are now revealed. 
Make screen grabbers with the figures and give them their number. 

Retrace your steps and, standing with your back to the door between the two libraries, find the "access" 
to the mechanism that will open the wooden panel (magnifying glass). 

Click on the "access".
Open the wooden panel. Wood medallions appear, representing the geometric figures on the parchment found 
in the cabinet. 
Click on the four medallions in the order given by the Roman numbers. A gold cross appears. 
Take this gold cross that has just appeared and return outside. 

> The Castle
Take the rope again but this time let yourself fall through the middle of the red barrier.
Go and open the knight's tomb (on the left) using the crowbar. A skeleton wearing a medal appears. 
Take the knight's dragon medal. 

In the inventory, combine the medal and the gold cross. 
Use Hopkins' spectacles to see with vampire vision and you will find a pentagram on the ground. 
Destroy the pentagram using the reconstituted cross. The red barrier explodes. 
Return to the room in the small library. To do this, go under the gallery on the left of Dracula's tomb 
(following the little path) so as to reach the door enabling you to climb onto the balcony, and get to 
the small library. 

> The Small Library
Zoom onto the lock in the door.
Use Hopkins' spectacles to see with vampire vision. A pentagram appears in the mouth of the lock. 
Destroy the pentagram using the cross. 
Enter the room of the little chessboard.

> Little chessboard
Approach the little chessboard.
Place the document showing a chessboard under the wooden chessboard. 

To resolve the riddle of the keys, you must open Dracula's notebook (red) in the inventory and use Hopkins' 
spectacles to see with vampire vision. You can then see where the pieces are placed on the chessboard. 
You just need to click on the alphabetic keys in the order that the pieces appear on the chessboard in 
the notebook. Reading from top to bottom you get: FBHEACGD

The pieces slide into their places on the chessboard.
Take up the document showing the chessboard under the wooden chessboard. A path is now traced on the paper. 
Leave the room of the little chessboard and go down into the room of the great chessboard. 

> Great Chessboard
In the inventory, follow the path traced on the chessboard document, reversing the black and white of 
the squares. Squares that are black on the document are white in the room of the great chessboard. 

When you reach the middle of the great chessboard, the squares dissolve, and Dracula threatens Jonathan, 
who is now unable to move in the centre.Take the telescope and point it at the door at the far end of 
the great chessboard room. Use Hopkins' spectacles to see with vampire vision 
Use Dorko's ring to create a bridge. A sort of red cloud now enables Jonathan to leap over the space 
separating him from the far end of the great chessboard room. 
Move to the other side of the room.

In front of the door, use Hopkins' spectacles to see with vampire vision. A pentagram appears.
Take the cross and eliminate the pentagram. The way to the cable car room is now clear.

Go into the room of the cable car


Activate a lever on the right as you go in to open the outer doors of the cable car room. The cable car enters the room.
Activate a lever on the left as you enter, behind a recess, to make a bridge slide out. This is needed 
to enter the cable car cabin.

As he climbs on to the bridge, Jonathan reaches a control panel.
Activate the lever on the control panel to open the cable car doors. They open. 
Enter the cable car.
Close the doors by activating a lever on the partition on the left of the cable car cabin, on the right of 
the red button. 

Start the machine going by pressing the red button. The cable car starts moving up towards Dracula's keep. 
Keep Cable car
Open the doors of the cable car.
Hopkins meets Jonathan, but is stabbed by Viorel. Before he dies, Hopkins just has time to hand Jonathan 
the key to Dracula's keep. 
Go back into the cable car.
Take the ladder on the right-hand partition of the cable car cabin. 

Place the ladder under the hatch in the roof at the end of the cable car cabin. 
Climb the ladder.
Open the hatch.
Climb onto the cabin roof.
Climb up one more notch on the beam. 
Go over onto the other side of the cable car hall.

Open an oval trapdoor in the ceiling, in the darkness to the right. You now start walking over the roof of 
the keep. Viorel sends his henchmen towards the roof in order to catch Jonathan

> Keep roof
You have to get very quickly to the other side of the Keep (time limit) and move in front of the head of 
Saint George's statue, lying in front of the stairs. 
Push the head over using the crowbar. The head rolls down the staircase and crushes the pursuers.

Go down the stairs.
Take one of the two beams (you can only have one beam at a time in the inventory).

Go into the cannon tower.
Take the bucket on the ground to the left of the cannon. 

Go back onto the roof. 

Go behind the statue of St George and take some snow from the ground with the bucket. 
Move over to where part of the roof has fallen down in front of another cannon. 

Go down into the hole and search for a magnifying glass cursor behind you.
Take the flag and the pieces of wood lying on the ground. 

Go back up and move opposite the cannon. 
Place the beam over the hole in order to get to the other side to where the cannon is standing. 

Approach the cannon. 
Move the cannon. 
Take the cannonball.
Go back over to the other side of the hole. 
Pick up the beam again. 

Go down the stairs again and back into the cannon tower.
Approach the cannon.

As there is no gunpowder, you will have to use the D system. Place the bucket full of snow on the first 
cannon stand, then the cannonball on the 2nd and the flag on the 3rd 

In the inventory, combine the pieces of wood with the box of matches to light a brazier.
Put the brazier under the cannon. The fire makes the snow boil, creates high pressure and fires the cannon. 
Viorel is killed.
Move in front of the now shattered bridge and place the beam there

Go back, take a second beam from the staircase and return to the shattered bridge.
Climb onto the first beam.

Place the second beam in front of you.
Climb onto the second beam.

Take the one lying behind you and place it in front.
Climb onto the beam now lying in front.

Pass over to the other side, which is now accessible.
Go into the little tower in which Viorel was killed. His body is hanging at the window. 

Take a flat key attached to his belt (right side). 
Using the key Hopkins gave you, open the door of the keep. 
Go into the keep. 

Enter the gondola.
Press the "descend" button on the right. The gondola descends.
Once down, insert Viorel's key into the slot.

Click on the red button above to make the gondola mount again (the flat key gives you time to get out 
before the gondola goes up). Get out before the gondola goes up again. 

> Inner Keep
Move in front of the opening. There is a gap lying between Jonathan, the stairs and a drawbridge mechanism 
visible up above. In the inventory, combine the crossbow and the bolts.

Take the crossbow and shoot at one of the large ropes at the right above the drawbridge. The drawbridge drops down. 

Cross the drawbridge and go towards a central "hub" with three wooden staircases. This is the 
"hub of the lectern" (as opposed to the gondola of the last sanctuary" which lies down below). 

Open the lectern in the centre of the "hub". Holes appear, pierced at regular intervals. Inserting 
three handles into these holes will activate a mechanism that unlocks the drawers at the foot of the lectern. 

Go down, using any of the staircases. (Jonathan will end up in any case in the Room of Satan's Claws.)

> Satan's claws
Go to the left on entering and take the skull. 
Go over to the booby-trapped staircase. 

Descend using the steps specifically indicated in the green notebook of Dr. Seward's friend 
(which contains a divine engraving representing a scene with a ladder surrounded by Sanskrit numbers). 
On the riser of each step, look for the Sanskrit symbol corresponding to the one in the engraving 
(you can clearly see the symbols on the steps if you turn round as you go down). Descend using the 
1st, 3rd, 6th, 7th, 9th, and 10 th steps .

Once you have come down the staircase, go under the arch. 
Then turn left. A hand is holding a kind of handle. It closes when you try to take it. 
Place the skull in the hand.
Smash the top of the skull with the bar.
Take the first handle, inside in the skull.
Leave the room of the claws. You find yourself back in the "hub of the last sanctuary gondola." 

Take any staircase: they all lead to the Hall of the Dragons (apart from the one you have just come down).

> Hall of the Dragons

As you enter, click on the chain on the left. A walkway makes a bridge over a molten magma towards the centre of the hall. 
Go towards the centre of the hall. The walkway disappears and the dragon heads hanging on the wall begin to spit fire. 

Pull on the chains in the following order: 

  Exit (dragon's head)  
 4  6 
2    3
 5  1 

The fires emitted by the dragon heads go out when Jonathan carries out the right sequence. When all 
the chains have been pulled, another walkway appears, this time leading to the exit. 

Go towards the exit using the walkway and move in front of the dragon head carved in the wall. 

Approach the head. A second handle appears. 
Take the second handle. The dragon head panel rises and reveals the exit door. 
Go out. Jonathan appears again in the "hub of the lectern."
Take the staircase you have not yet used to get to the Alien Room. 

> Alien Room
Move in front of the egg at the end of the room.
Try to take the third handle in the egg. A clone of Jonathan forms above the egg, blocking all attempts to take the handle. 

Return to the centre of the room.
Use Hopkins' spectacles to see with vampire vision and when you move in front of the egg, look to its right.

A mouth is feeding the egg with a green substance. 
In the inventory, combine the crossbow with a bolt then with the anti-vampire solution. 
The crossbow is now surrounded with a green halo. 

Shoot at the mouth. The crossbow bolt pierces the mouth and the green substance stops flowing. 
Now look with vampire vision to the left. Another mouth protected by a metal "eyelid" is feeding the egg. 

With the crossbow, shoot ONTO the metal eyelid. The eyelid breaks down and stops moving. 
Shoot again, using a bolt dipped in the anti-vampire solution to kill the mouth. The crossbow bolt 
pierces the mouth and the green substance dries up. 

Approach the mouth with the metal eyelid. 
In the inventory, combine the anti-vampire solution and the syringe. 
Drive the syringe into the flesh to administer a fatal dose. All the life source irrigating the egg dries up. 
Move in front of the now inert egg and take the third handle. 

Go up again into the "hub of the lectern". 

> "Hub of the lectern"
Move in front of the lectern and open it.
Place the three handles in their respective positions. The drawers at the foot of the lectern 
(on the other side) are now unlocked. 

Open the three drawers and take the iron moulds in each drawer. 
Return to the Hall of the Dragons.

> Hall of the Dragons
Stand in front of the "marker" in the middle of the room. This is a stove with two distinct sections: 
the upper part (trough) and the lower part (oven). 
Open the oven (lower part) and place the iron moulds inside.
Place the three moulds one on top of each other.

Open the trough (the upper part). Holes pierced at regular intervals appear. 
Return to the "hub of the lectern" and take the three handles again. 
Return to the Hall of the Dragons.
Place the three handles in the trough in their respective positions. 
Close the trough.

Click on the right side of the trough to activate the oven. Two dragon heads appear and spit 
hellfire, melting the three handles and creating a fourth. 
Open the oven. The newly-cast fourth handle appears.
Take this newly-cast fourth handle.
Return to the "hub of the lectern."

> "Hub of the lectern"
Move in front of the lectern.
Place the 4th handle in the lectern. This action summons the gondola, which stops at the 
"hub of the last sanctuary gondola". 
Descend to the level of the "hub of the last sanctuary gondola". 

Enter the gondola. The gondola takes Jonathan into the last sanctuary where he is awaited by 
Dracula, Mina and several female vampires.


Mina appears to be completely under Dracula's spell and does not recognise Jonathan.

Place the wedding ring on Mina's hand to break the spell. Mina recovers her senses, and Dracula becomes enraged.

Without delay, place Radu's stone on the stele. The simultaneous presence of Radu's stone and the 
Dragon ring on the stele cause the phenomenon that will stir up Saint George's vengeance...

                                            THE END      

Extra special thanks to Revolution reader Thilina Pinto!