Driver PC Cheats



Enter the following as high score names:
NJW280172     Faster cars   
WAC271074     No cops    
RUS3L         Invincibility    
ANJW16696     Begin as a wanted man 
N3WJ0rk       GTA view 
P7ttyRz       To skip interviw in 'missions' 
We4rrqdz      For a car select on 'Take a ride 

Choose Your Car:

First, go into Windows Explorer. Go to the file where "Driver" is located (usually

"GT Interactive") Go to "GT Interactive" Then click on "Driver" folder. Go to

"scripts" folder and then click on Missions. You will then see all of your missions

listed. The easiest one to modify is "mission1dms." which is at the upper left-hand

corner. Click it. You then will see a box with different icons and words in

it. Scroll down to "notepad". Click that and press ok. This file displays everything

for "mission1" or the bank job. Note: Always make a backup of this file before

any changes are made. Scroll down to "PlayerCarType 0" Change the "0" (zero)

to any of the following. (The codes will only work for the mission you are modifing).

0-Orignam Car

1-Crew Cab Pickup

2-"Luxury" /Pimp Coupe

3-Sports Coupe




7-Cadillac Sedan



10-L.A.P.D. Caprice Cruiser (Horn activites light and sirens)

11-Cadillac? Coupe



14-Cadillac Sedan


16-'55 Thunderbird

Thanks to Revolution readers Sean, the Forkman, Charlie Barclay and Left888!