Empires: Dawn of the Modern World PC Cheats

Empires: Dawn of the Modern World


During play, press Enter and type in the following codes:

noob Full map, instant building, 100,000 resources
pit stopRefuel all aircraft
red bones Full health for all units
shock and aweInstant win
weak like ukraine Instant loss
homeland securityFull map
qa salary Lose all gold
no soup for you Lose all food
bustedLose all stone
cold shower Lose all wood
communism Lose all resources
republicans1000 gold
call boggy 1000 food
beaver1000 wood
get stoned 1000 stone
daddy's credit card 100,000 resources.
fastbuildFast building
kung fu Instant building
blue folder Remove all resources from map

Thanks to Revolution readers Charlie Watson and Sum41freak!