Far Cry PC Cheats

Far Cry


Hit ~ and enter the codes in the console:

god_mode_count=1God Mode
give_all_weapons=1Get All Weapons
give_all_ammo=1 Get All Ammo
ai_noupdate=1Dumb AI
load_game <FILENAME> Quick Load
save_game <FILENAME> Quick Save
map archive archive
map boat boat
map bunker bunker
map carrier carrier
map catacombs catacombs
map control control
map cooler cooler
map dam dam
map demo demo
map factory factory
map fort fort
map pier pier
map rebellion rebellion
map regulator regulator
map research research
map river river
map steam steam
map swamp swamp
map training training
map volcano volcano

Change your name color. Put each of the codes below before each letter of your name when entering it at the Character Selection screen. For example, if your name is "FAT", enter it this way:


$5Light Blue

Thanks to Revolution readers Massive, Jim Thijssen, tubble and john77!