Flight Unlimited II PC Cheats

Flight Unlimited II


View Mission Boundaries:

Press Shift-Alt-A for a better view of the area your plane must fly over.

More Aircrafts:

Start flight in Quick Flight; then in flight press “M” 3 times. You will get

to the Quick flight screen again. Just choose ‘Aircraft’ and check out another

model to fly in.

Boldly Go:

While in flight type SULU and hear the theme to Star Trek.

Wing Disappearing Act!:

For the sick minded of you out there, you might want to try this out! Its a bit

of fun! First choose a fast agile plane like the P-51D Mustang and go to a secluded

area (or a built up one for you true sickos) and fly up to about 20,000 feet.

Then at the top of your climb drop suddenly, cut your engine (but dont put on

your brakes) and watch your plane spin out of control towards the ground! Then,

once its dropped about 10,000 feet its wings should break off leaving a helpless

shell plummeting to the earth below!! Try pulling up just before you lose your

wings and your plane should explode!!Now thats entertainment!!

More Fun Things Include:

-Trying to land on the golden gate bridge!

-Landing next to Alcatraz in a beaver!

-Trying to survive a hurricane and lightning storm in the trainer aircraft!


Thanks to Revolution readers CreatoR(LOAD), Klaimach Sporotkavich and Robbie