Freedom Force PC Cheats

Freedom Force


Console Cheats:

Locate the INIT.PY file in the game folder and open it with Notepad. Then, add

the following lines:

import ff


Save the file. Now during play press ~ to access the console and enter the following


god()             Invincibility for party  
peace()              Enemies stop activity
Mission_Win()        Win mission   
DEBUG_ALLPOWERS=1         Unlock all character powers in mission  
Campaign_AddCP('name', number)  Add CP to specified character 
Campaign_Recruit('name')      Automatically specified character 
Campaign_UnlockOrigin('name') Unlock specified built-in character's origin  
Campaign_AddPrestige(number)  Set prestige

All character names should be in lower case with underscores in between words. i.e. minute_man for Minute Man. They need to be encased in the quote marks ” as shown above. Some name examples are:


Thanks to Revolution readers Marcio The Great and Dean Bortz!