Gangsters: Organized Crime PC Cheats

Gangsters: Organized Crime


Easy cash:

At the Lieutenant screen, type I LOVE HANSON (case sensitive) to get

$50,000 in the safe. It will not work if you already have more than $50,000,


More money for everyone:

At the Lieutenant screen, press d + a + r + t to give $1000 to all gangs.

Money and Hoods Cheat:

Go to ‘Run’ in the Start Menu and type regedit. Now click through the

following folders…


At ‘Default Money,’ change 2710 to 207101FF for unlimited cash.

At ‘Default Hoods,’ change A to FF to start with a ton of hoods.



Thanks to Revolution readers Johnny, Stallion, Kale Burnham, Borko Ivankovic,

Aaron Vogt, and Jim Carpenter!