G-Nome PC Cheats



At the main screen type Ctrl-F1. That gives you a box to enter cheats.

A Scramble On -- captures wallpaper when Shft-Ctrl-Right click is used to take the file and save

Chaste Coed -- View the ending cut scene video

Dunk It Here -- Recording session outtakes

Horny Elk Leer -- Maximum Range Radar

O' Sarge -- Gives the training mission Sargeant an Irish accent.

Range Goes Gory -- All levels, and lots of other stuff

Redtop Trod -- Play any Mission

Rotted Drop -- Press Ctrl-F for heavy damage

Brass Clue -- Press Ctrl-Z for full ammunition

Had a Nude On -- Press Ctrl-I for invincibility

Half Libel -- Press Ctrl-B to teleport

Oh No! Less Japan --Press Ctrl-X for Ion Strike

Thanks to Revolution reader Travis Drake and Nick "the corn" Sarisky!!