Grand Theft Auto,Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories PC Cheats

Grand Theft Auto


Enter the following at the Enter Name Screen.


nineinarow - All Levels and Cities
itsgallus - Same as Above
superwell - Same as Above
itcouldbeyou - Score increase by 999999999
suckmyrocket - All of the weapons, armor, and get out of jail card.
iamgarypenn- Enable Extra Offensive Language Mode
iamnotgarypenn- Disable Extra Offensive Language Mode 
itstantrum - Unlimited lives
6031769 - Same as Above
heartofgold - View All Cutscenes
hatemachine - Multiplier x 10
iamthelaw - No police presence
stevesmates - Same as Above
porkcharsui - Debug
buckfast - Press * on the keypad for all weapons, again for reload!
callmenigel - Same as Above

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Easy Money:

Put a lot of cars in a row next to each other, very close together. Make sure you clean your car after every fourth one so the cops leave you alone. After you've got about 20 cars in a row, blow up the first one in line and walk along with the explosions to see your cash score go sky high!

How To Drive The Train:

To drive the train you have to get into the train and press CTRL (the button to shoot). This is meant to kill the driver. To drive it you then have to use the arrow keys to go and stop, (you can not steer). But watch out because there are two trains on the track and as soon as you hit the other you blow up. To then get out of the train stop on a platform.

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