Heretic PC Cheats



quicken - god mode

rambo - all weapons

skel - all keys

kitty - walk through walls

ravmap - reveals entire map

massacre - kill all monsters on present level

cockadoodledoo - chicken mode

iddqd-instant death

idkfa-loss of weapons

ponce - full health

shazam - toggles weapon power

skel - all keys

ticker - FPS display

engageXX- level warp (episode/level)

gimmeXX- Artifacts (a-j) (1-9)

  • a=Ring
  • b=Mask of invisibility
  • c=Potion
  • d=Potion
  • e=Tome of power
  • f=Torch
  • g=Time bomb
  • h=Eggs
  • i=Golden Wings
  • j=Chaos device (warp to start of level)

Thanks to Revolution readers Anthony Davis, Sean Vaverchak, and Thomas Gaboian!

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