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During play, press Ctrl+Shift+C to bring up the cheat window. Now type in one of the following:


Gives you 1000 simoleons (for patched version)


Gives you 1000 Simoleons (for unpatched version)


Gives you 50,000 Simoleons (for patched version)


Repeats last cheat


Type between codes to enter several at the same time (ex. after klapaucius, enter !;!;! for 3000 Simoleons)


Puts water around your home

SET_HOUR (1 to 24)

Set time of day

SET_SPEED (-1000 to 1000)

Set game speed

AUTONOMY (1 to 100)

Change how much the Sims think on their own


Change interests and personality

GROW_GRASS (1-150)

Set grass growth level


Toggle map editor


Toggle tutorial


Toggle "ticks" of the game


Toggle tile info.


Toggles drawing every frame


Set event logging mask

SIM_SPEED (-1000-1000)

Set sim speed


Creates a log of your Sims history.


Press Ctrl, Shift, And C. Then type rosebud;: and then press enter and it will say no such cheat. Just keep pressing enterand watch your money grow.

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Stop! Thief!:

When you are being visited by a burglar, immediately call the cops, then go stand in front of the "Exit" (the front door). The thief can't escape, the cops will arrest him and you will get money for making the arrest possible. This will cover your losses. This works best if you only have one "house exit". Otherwise the thief will have several escape routes and it won't work.

Note: It's a good thing to have a phone next to the bed, so that you don't have to go far to alert the cops. Also it's good to have a big house. If your house is small, you won't always make it to the front door before the thief escapes. And remember to move away from the door when the cops arrive. They can't enter the house if you're blocking the entrance.

Keep Outta my Property!!:

Your Sims won't leap fences so build fences all around your lot to keep burglers Out! Use this at night so you don't get robbed but destroy a section during the day.

In-game Tutorial:

Go to options, and click on the icon with the house and the arrow above it. This will give you a walkthrough of The Sims if your having trouble.

Immediately Stop Crook:

If you put a burglar alarm on each corner of your house, the alarm will go off as soon as a thief steps on to your lot.

Hey DJ..!:

If you want new songs for your radio, you can play your own MP3 songs . There are directories in in your Sims game folder titled latin, rock, country, and classical. Just copy an MP3 and put it in one of these directories. Now you can hear your own songs while listening to your sims radio.

Fire! Fire!

Put a smoke detector over the oven or fire place, so when there is a fire, the Fire Department will come right away.

Magic Garbage Bag:

The following trick will save the time needed to take the garbage to the street. Buy the 30 simoleon trash can. Order your Sim to empty it, then cancel the order just as they remove the bag from the trashcan. Then, order them to pick up the mess that they just created. Your Sim will return the full bag to an empty can. Repeat this each time it fills and trash will never have to be brought outside again.

Be Late for Work and Not Get in Trouble:

First you have to turn 'Free Will' off. Then you get some body who isnt working (or even someone who is) and have them stand in front of your ride to work, and then you can have the late person shower, eat, drink coffee, and even have a quick cat nap!!! Then when you want the late person to go to work, have him just get in the car, and have the person infront of the car go to work also!!! Or if he doesn't work, he can have a nap to!

More Time For Other Things:

Hate runing out of personality points when making a new sim. The answer is simple! Don't waste points on neatness, give zip for that and use those valuable points on the other traits. Then when you move into a house, simply hire a maid. But the trash brings the room score down, and the maid only comes at 10:00 am, so keep that room score up, up, up by simply buying items with a good room score. Then you can spend time doing important stuff instead of cleaning the house!

Have a PARTY!:

Buy some balloons and set them in front of your lawn. All your neighbors will know where all the fun is at, and will come to your place! (If the balloons aren't in your decorative category, goto and download them).

Free Pizza:

Order a Pizza, and when the pizza man arrives, do not greet him. Before he leaves, use the 'move_objects on' code to move the pizza out of his hand and put it inside the house.

Whatever, Bills!:

With the 'move_objects on' code in effect, you can just click on bills and select 'delete'. So much for paying that! Same goes for trash, and anything else you don't want to deal with!

How to Get Married:

Have two of your sims fall in love, and have their relationship bar reach 100. But this task takes awhile, and make sure they pay attention to one another for this to happen.

Don't Slap Me!:

When your in a bad relationship with someone and they want to slap you, you can cancel this action by canceling it from the bar on the top of your screen (this is really helpful if you want to improve a relationship!).

How to Get Divorced:

Have them not pay attention to each other. Eventually, there relationship bar for each other will drop, when it drops very low, have them tease each other, insult, etc. Pretty soon, the divorce icon will appear. Click it, and one of them will move out.

How to Get a Job:

You need to earn a living. Here's how to do it. Either buy a computer, our wait for the daily paper to come. You can look for a job with either one.

How to Quit Your Job:

When the car pool comes to pick you up, don't go. Shortly thereafter, the car will drive away. A few minutes later, you will receive a phone call giving you a warning not to be late again. Repeat this one more time, and you will receive another phone call, and guess what..your fired!

No Work AND Pay:

When you haven't been to work in 3+ days you will receive a phone call from the boss telling you, you're fired. To avoid this simply don't answer the phone.

Get a Car:

Of course you can't ride it, but you can look at it all you want! Type in the cheat move_objects on and then when a car comes by your house (School bus, army truck, etc) Go into buy mode. Now you can move the car anywhere you want! You can put it in your house, backyard, or make your own look-a-like garage!

How to Get Promoted:

If you want to get payed more for your job, show up energized from good sleep, or a cup of coffee. Also, if you do get promoted, check the job screen for your sim. Certain skills are needed to succeed in your job. For example: (If you are a Medical Assistant, and your promoted to Medic, you will need to improve on your mechanical skill. You can study mechanical from a bookcase).

How to Earn Good Grades:

If you have children, it's best to have a bookcase, or a computer in the house for them to study. But if they're depressed, you should look at there mood bars, and check what's upsetting them. Fix it, and make them study. To check what their progess in school is, go to the job screen for your child. Their school grade is posted there.

$100 Dollar School Award:

You must have kids first. Make them study hard, and have there report card say A+ for about a couple of days. The kids will return from school saying "I got $100 dollars from grandpa for good grades!" or you will receive $100 after studying on the computer.

How to Change Your Clothes:

If your tired of your sim wearing the same clothes every single day, buy a dresser or a Antique Armoire, and they can change their clothes whenever they want.

Unlimited Snacks:

This code allows you to get free snacks. First get your sim to get a snack from the fridge. When your sim opens the refridgerator door, quickly stop the "Have Snack" option. He will place the snack on the floor. Now you can pick it up and eat it without paying for it.

Less Bills:

Keep an unpaid bill until the mailman delivers the next set of bills. Pay the original bill when your mailbox is filled with the next set of bills. This should cause the bills inside the mailbox to disappear.

Bump off a Disliked Character. Get Free Stuff:

You can kill yourself in this game. You need to be a terrible cook, no cooking skill points at all. Then, when you cook food while in a bad mood, the stove has a chance of catching on fire. When it does this, don't call the fire department or get them to come in any other way. Just tell the guy to walk as close to the fire as you can. The fire should spread in different directions. The fire can spread onto the person. Then eventually the person will shrivel away in the flames. It will show a little notice telling you that the person has died.

When the fire is gone you should see a little silver urn. If you go into buy mode and move it outside with the hand icon it will turn into a tombstone. You can select other people to go to the urn/tombstone and make them cry over it, it doesn't matter if they even knew the person, occasionally at midnight exactly, not every night, a pale green figure of the person that died will walk through the house. If you select a new family to move into the house they will get to keep everything the dead guy owned except for the stuff that was burnt in the fire.

Other Ways of Killing Someone:

When the kitchen catches fire, remove all the doors. Or when your character dives into the pool, remove the ladders and your character will drown. But you need to do it while they are diving. If you do it earlier, your character wont dive, and later you dont get to remove the ladders.

Pillar Disappearing Trick:

When you build the second story and you want to build out? Build pillars on the first floor to extend the tile space. The pillars, a lot of times get in the way so when you place them and build floor tiles on the second story, you can delete the pillars and the people can still purchase and place items that area. As well as move freely around that space.

Smoke/Fire Alarm Tip:

To get maximum coverage with your alarms, leave a gap in the wall where your door would go when dividing up the rooms.

Mean Ghosts:

You must have tombstones in your yard for this to work. Go outside by the stones around midnight and wait. A couple of minutes later, a ghost will appear to haunt you, and they will sneak up behind you to scare you! BOOO!!!

Create a Family Album:

Go to the camera icon and you will be in the camera options. Click on what picture size you want, and the big white outlined box is where the picture will be. Click the mouse, you've taken a picture! It's fun to take pictures when your sims are fighting, running away from ghosts, etc.

Sim Fighting Match:

Have two of your sims argue, and do upsetting things to each other until the relationship bar reaches -100. A new icon should appear saying "Attack" Click it, and watch your sims have a battle!

Building a Castle in the Clouds:

Large second floor extensions to a house, or even an entire house in the air, can be built totally unsupported by the following method. First, lay out a complete ground layer of pillars. You'll need lots to form a surface to build on. Next build your second floor home on top of these pillars. It's important that you do ALL the structural work at this point; get all the walls placed and floors put in. Don't forget the stairs! Next, simply switch to the ground floor, and delete all the pillars. The house will remain standing, completely unsupported by anything except thin air! Voila! A castle in the clouds for your Sims!

Get to School Bus Faster:

Don't have your kid sim leave right away, instead, wait until there is about 10 minutes left before the school bus leaves. Now, choose "Go to school" Your kid sim will run like the wind to the school bus within 5 seconds or less. This also gives you time to take a shower and eat without rushing.

Take a Day Off Work:

Going to work everyday is a big hastle! Go to work one day, and skip the next. The day off will help you improve skills that you may need. And remember skipping two days of work in a row will get you get fired. So skip a day of work every other day.

Bring Up Your Sims Needs in a Second:

If your sim is in a bad mood and they are feeling awful, type in the cheat code move_objects on. Then go to buy mode or build mode and select the sim and delete him or her. Now, their will be a red target icon over the sims picture meaning the sim isn't there. Click on the picture, and the sim will reappear will all of their needs all the way up! Isn't that cool?

Reverse Personality Good:

When you create a person, give them no personality. Then when you go into the game buy a chemistry lab and create a yellow potion and get them to drink it. Their personality will be reveresed therefore having points on everything, which you cannot do without this cheat.

Get Your Job Back After You're Fired:

Have you ever lost a really good job in The Sims because you didnt make it to the car before it left? Well this trick will get your job back. First, lose your job. Second, exactly when you lose you job, go to build mode and hold Ctrl + Shift + C and type in move_objects on and press enter. Then, delete the Sim who lost his/her job and go back to live move and when you click the sims picture to find it it will appear with his/her job back and a boost on all feelings.

There Goes The Neighborhood:

You need The Sims: Livin' Large and an unused neighborhood. The neighborhoods are named UserData, UserData2, Userdata3, Userdata4, and Userdata5. (The number means what neighborhood it is) Copy the unused neigborhood. Go into a different folder (this way you will be able to paste it without overwriting the folder you just copied). Rename the folder Userdata6. Cut and paste it back into the main Sims folder and presto, one new neighborhood. I only made one new neighborhood but you probably could make more.

Free Meal:

The Turkey! If you don't have it go to The and download the turkey. It will appear in Buy Mode under MISC. Buy it for $10, after you're sims are though "seeing turkey" have them carve it, and eat it. One plate should fill one sim up, once their done eating use the hand (Build Mode) and sell it back. It was a free meal! (Note: You may need it enter the code: move_objects on to do this).

Swin in Your Clothes:

To make your sim swim with his or her's regular clothes on, put in the code move_objects on. Then, place your sim in the middle of the pool. Your sim should automatically start swimming!

Swim in the Ground:

To make your sim swim in the ground, put in the code move_objects on. Then, make your sim gt in or dive in their pool. Once they're in, place them on any surface. They should swim a little bit and get out. Then they will probably get in again.

Bad Socialism:

Is your Sim always mad because he hasn't seen anyone, and when your trying to get your social meter up, does he go and wander in your house? Well, all you have to do to make your Sim happy again is call a freind over to your house. When you greet him, walk off into an empty room and call him over. After he is in the room, go to build mode and build a wall over the door, he will have nothing to do and he will talk to you until he is a good family friend. But when he wants to go, imeadiatly rebuild the door and let him go. Then your Sim will be happy so you can study and work out more.

Change Back From a Zombie:

First you have to turn into a zombie. Then just type the cheat move_objects on. Then go to buy mode and delete yourself. It wont delete you permenatly. Then go to Live mode and click on your icon. Voila problem solved. This also works to get you in a good mood.

Put It Out:

If a fire breaks out while a Sim is cooking they will automatically get a "Fire" icon in their command tree which will cancel out any previous commands you may have issued. Click on the "Fire" icon to deactivate it and then command your Sim to cook again. Your Sim will forget about the fire and begin cooking again. This saves time and your Sim's hygeine meter. The fireman will come and put out the blaze like it never happened and your Sim will have the meal pretty much on schedule. What's Needed: Basic kitchen set up, smoke detector, microwave oven or toaster oven.

Move Objects Cheat Facts:

This is (aside from the money cheat) easily one of the most useful cheats imaginable. To access the cheat menu you press Ctrl+Alt+Shift+C (you have to press all of these, I double checked). A small gray window will pop up. Type in: move_objects on This cheat allows the player to, in buy or build mode, move just about anything around on the screen. It also allows for deletion of everything you can pick up and it permits you to build a bit beyond the normal limits imposed by your lot. This cheat can be used to move and reposition actual Sims, even guests. Two Sims stand around chatting in the bathroom while a line forms outside the door? Just move the two offending Sims to a more conducive location. This cheat can also be used to delete the cockroaches and flies (sometimes for cash) and you can help your Sims clean house by deleting used plates and garbage.

NOTE: Sims can only be reliably moved if they are not on their way to performing another task. A Sim walking to the kitchen to make a meal, for example, cannot be moved closer to the kitchen. S/he will only warp back to where you picked them up. But they can be moved when they are idle and in the midst of performing an activity. For example, you can move a Sim who is eating to another chair elsewhere. A Sim using the espresso machine can be moved and will continue to perform the action not anywhere near the espresso machine.

Move Objects Warning:

Be careful when using the move objects mode, if you delete your sim in some cases they can lose their job when they return.

Fast Wallpaper:

Are you tired of all that wallpaper work you have to do? Here's how to speed it up: pick your wallpaper and click and hold on one section of your house then hold shift then click.

Pesky Social Workers:

When you let your baby cry too much and the social worker is coming, just use the move_objects cheat and delete her. After you bring it back to living mode, a new baby will be there, now all you have to do is name it.


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