Heroes of Might and Magic II PC Cheats

Heroes of Might and Magic II


In win95, go to a DOS prompt and start the game by typing:


You will enter the game in cheat mode!

During play, type in... 
911 Win level
1313  Lose level
1911 Final campaign scenario
8675309 Reveal the entire map
101495 Reveal Obelisk map
123456789Adds luck to selected hero
101111 Gold
899101 Gems
844691 Ore
844690 Crystals

5 Black Dragons:

Pick a hero with an open slot. Enter 32167 on the Map Screen. You can

input this for each character.


Thanks to Revolution readers Yeo Zhiwei, Chris Robinson, Hades2, Bryce St. John,

Sandy Lowery, Miller D. Yoder, Sam B., Cale Neville, Dan, Noam Goldshlegr and

Tony and Kelly Rice!