Heroes of Might & Magic IV PC Cheats

Heroes of Might & Magic IV


During play, press TAB and type any of the following cheats, then press ENTER.

A word of caution – if any of these cheats are used, the final score will reflect

that you have used a cheat code and rank you as a Troll.

nwcAchillesLose combat
nwcAmbrosiaFree materials 
nwcAphroditeTatooed white trash 
nwcAres Win combat 
nwcAthena Gain skill 
nwcCityOfTroyAll buildings 
nwcEtTuBrute Dagger of Despair 
nwcExcaliburRing of Greater Negation 
nwcGoSolo Auto play 
nwcHephaestus Elven chainmail 
nwcHermes Unlimited movement 
nwcImAGod Access cheat menu 
nwcIsis Learn spells 
nwcNibelungenlied Sword of the gods 
nwcOldMan Old man jack (turns hero into old man during battle)
nwcPan Max morale 
nwcPrometheus Shroud FOW
nwcRagnarok Lose scenario 
nwcSacrificeToTheGods Max luck 
nwcSphinx Reveal puzzle map 
nwcThoth Increase level 
nwcValhalla Win scenario 


nwcBlahBlahVampires nwcCronus Titans nwcDoYouSmellBrowniesSprites nwcFafnir Black dragons nwcFenrirWolves nwcFixMyShoes Elves nwcGrendel Behemoth nwcHades Devils nwcKingMinos Minotaur nwcLancelot Champions nwcMerlin Magi nwcPoseidon Sea monster nwcRa Phoenix nwcSevenLittleGuysDwarves nwcStMichaelAngels nwcTheLast Unicorn nwcTristram Crusaders nwcUnderTheBridge Trolls nwcValkyries Ogre magi nwcXanthus Nightmares

Thanks to Revolution reader Bonzi Palamoi, PSYmon, rosta420, marc marier, Jonas

and Rik van Straaten!