Manhunt PC Cheats



Cheat Mode:

To access any of the following codes, you must beat the two corresponding levels on Hardcore difficulty, and then enter the appropriate code.

Code Levels Effect
ugotarms9 & 10 All weapons
theyboom7 & 8 Helium Hunters
evileyes17 & 18 Invisibility
hellsuit15 & 16Monkey Skin
piggsuit19 & 20 Piggsy Skin
bunysuit13 & 14 Rabbit Skin
healback5 & 6 Regeneration
urunfast1 & 2 Runner Mode
allrdeaf3 & 4 Silence Mode
uhithard11 & 12 Super Punch

Hard as Nails mini-game:

Beat levels 1 through 5 with a three star rank.

Brawl Game mini-game:

Beat levels 6 through 10 with a three star rank.

Monkey See, Monkey Die! mini-game:

Beat levels 11 through 15 with a three star rank.

Time 2 Die mini-game:

Beat levels 16 through 20 with a three star rank.


Thanks to Revolution readers NickDiamond, Psychokiss, Sir Real, Nmaby Pmaby, and Zombie Jesus Lives!