Medal of Honor Allied Assault Medal of Honor: Allied Assault Walkthrough

Medal of Honor: Allied Assault

FAQ/Walkthrough by LordKrell
Single Player Guide
Version 0.9
Last Updated: Feb-14, 2002
Platform: PC
Current patch revision: 1.1 (Jan-25, 2002)
(U.S. version only)

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||             [INTRO]              ||
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||          [WALKTHROUGH]           ||
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 ||  [INTRO]  ||
= ============= ==============================================================
Welcome to my Medal of Honor : Allied Assault (MOHAA) FAQ, for the PC. I plan
to cover pretty much everything there is to know about the game, so if you
have anything to add to the guide, by all means do so. The single player mode
is where this game truly shines, so unlike I change my mind at some point this
will most likely be a single player guide ONLY. This means, please do not ask
me about the multiplayer stuff. If I ever feel like it i'll do a separate
multiplayer guide. That said, enjoy the FAQ, and I certainly hope it will be
of help.

 ||  [WALKTHROUGH]  ||
= =================== ========================================================
This section will guide you through each levels comprising the single player
campaign. Every medals will be covered, plus most of the health and ammo pick-
ups. Basically, you really shouldn't have any problems if you follow the

 ------------------------ ---------------
|                                        |
|                                        |
|  [MISSION 2: SCUTTLING THE U-529]      |
|                                        |
|                                        |
|                                        |
|                                        |
|                                        |

 ------   The guide was written on normal difficulty. There may be more or
| NOTE |  less enemies and items depending on your chosen difficulty level.

 ------   Here is a clarification on the use of directions in the walkthrough.
| NOTE |  Whenever I say left/right in relation to Powell, for example "cross
 ------   the door and turn left", it means turn 90 degrees (or so) to your
left, from your point of view. When mentioned in relation to an OBJECT, it
means you must FACE that object. For example, "press the switch right of the
fireplace" means that when you are facing the fireplace, the switch is located
to the right. I hope that clears up some confusion. Of course don't hesitate
to tell me if the guide is not clear enough on where to go in a particular

- -------------------------------------------- -------------------------------

   CHECKPOINT  |  Briefing 1 - Lighting the Torch - Starting  |  CHECKPOINT

 ---------------------- -------------
|  [PART 1: Rangers Lead The Way]    |
|  [PART 2: The Rescue Mission]      |
|  [PART 3: Sabotage the Motorpool]  |
|  [PART 4: Lighting the Torch]      |

      --------------- ----------------------------------
     |  [MISSION 1]  |  [PART 1: Rangers Lead the Way]  |
----- --------------- ---------------------------------- ---------------------
The game's first level is really short and easy. There are few enemies and
they all have low health, plus you have the 1st Ranger Squad to help you out.
Still, be careful not to be overwhelmed in the ambush. You start mission 1
with a Colt 45, M1 Garand rifle and some grenades.

        |  Mission Orders  |
         ------------------ -----------------------------------------
        |  Rangers Lead the Way - Algeria, North Africa              |
        |  November 7, 1942                                          |
        |                                                            |
        |  Good work on infiltrating the coastline. It's time        |
        |  to get down to business. We've procured two captured      |
        |  German Opel transport trucks for this part of the         |
        |  mission. They will take your squad to a shoreside         |
        |  village that leads into the town of Arzew, where our      |
        |  missing agent last reported in. Take control of this      |
        |  village quickly, and try not to let any sentries slip     |
        |  away to warn other troops in Arzew. You'll be part of     |
        |  the assault team in the first truck.                      |
        |                                                            |
        |  German occupation forces are reported to be light in      |
        |  this area, but in my experience, you're better off        |
        |  taking that with a grain of salt. There's no point in     |
        |  taking unnecessary risks. Captain Richards will be in     |
        |  command of the mission, so pay close attention to his     |
        |  orders. Lieutenant Powell, as second in command, you      |
        |  will be bringing up the rear and supporting the assault   |
        |  on the village.                                           |
        |                                                            |
        |  One more note - watch your ammo. The M1 Garand doesn't    |
        |  reload easily in the middle of a clip, so you'll have to  |
        |  fire off the whole clip before you can reload again.      |
        |                                                            |
        |                                                            |
        |                                        Stanley Hargrove    |
        |                                      Colonel, U. S. Army,  |
        |                                           Commanding.      |

        CHECKPOINT  |  Rangers Lead the Way - Starting  |  CHECKPOINT

As the mission begins, you'll be riding in the first of the two Opel trucks on
their way to the village checkpoint. Listen to Captain Richard's orders as the
trucks arrive at destination. A German will check the papers of the second
truck's driver, but he'll say they're no good. Uh oh, looks like you're in
trouble now (did you really expect otherwise?). The truck will get blasted by
a Panzerschreck from above! So better do as the Captain says: get out of the
truck and start fighting!

      CHECKPOINT  |  Rangers Lead the Way - Ride gone bad  |  CHECKPOINT

NEW OBJECTIVE       : Infiltrate the German occupied village.

 -------------------- ----------- -------------------------------------------
|  Captain Richards - Thompson   |  COMMENTS : Your squad mates will help    |
|  Private Allen    - M1 Garand  |  you get through this level, but they     |
|  Private Thomas   - M1 Garand  |  will all be dead by the end. So don't    |
|  Private Wilson   - M1 Garand  |  try to hard to protect them.             |
 -------------------------------- -------------------------------------------

Stick with your squad and fight the soldiers up to the village gate. There are
some barrels right of the gate you can shoot to blast the soldiers nearby.
Follow the squad into the village and keep fighting the soldiers until you
reach a courtyard. Note that there is some health and ammo to be found along
the way, check on crates and in a house. Then captain will order the squad to
regroup and tell you to check the door.

OBJECTIVE COMPLETED : Infiltrate the German occupied village.
NEW OBJECTIVE       : Check the door.

Simply approach the double door in the courtyard and press the Use key on it
to find out it's locked.


Oh crap, it's an ambush. Soldiers will appear on the rooftops all around you,
so help your squad in defeating them. Start by taking out the one firing the
MG42 from a window first. After a while, the door in the building with the
MG42 will be opened and the captain will order you to man the machine gun.

NEW OBJECTIVE       : Man the MG42 mounted machine gun.

So quickly go through the now opened door and head upstairs. Press the Use key
near the MG42 machine gun to use it.

OBJECTIVE COMPLETED : Man the MG42 mounted machine gun.
NEW OBJECTIVE       : Hold off the reinforcements.

Shoot down all the soldiers on the building ahead until no more appear. At
this point everyone except Private Wilson should be dead (you cannot avoid

OBJECTIVE COMPLETED : Hold off the reinforcements.
NEW OBJECTIVE       : Continue on your mission.

Private Wilson will tell you to go on ahead and he'll cover you. In the room
you are in is a surgeon pack and some grenades if you need them. Now head
downstairs and as soon as you exit the house Wilson will also be killed. Some
cover. Kill any remaining soldiers then head for the double door that was
locked before. More soldiers will bust through it. Take care of them then go
through the door and open the gate beyond to finish this level.

OBJECTIVE COMPLETED : Continue on your mission.

      --------------- --------------------------------
     |  [MISSION 1]  |  [PART 2: The Rescue Mission]  |
----- --------------- -------------------------------- -----------------------
The second level is a bit longer than the first but not much harder. Your ene-
mies are still few in numbers and easy to kill. You'll also need to rescue two
prisoners (well, one is optional) and protect them. Get used to protecting
friendly NPCs, it will get harder in the later missions.

        |  Mission Orders  |
         ------------------ -----------------------------------------
        |  The Rescue Mission - Algeria, North Africa                |
        |  November 7, 1942                                          |
        |                                                            |
        |  Even the best planned missions can go awry. That          |
        |  incident at the checkpoint has so far cost us the lives   |
        |  of your entire squad but it must not prevent you from     |
        |  completing the mission.                                   |
        |                                                            |
        |  We received our agent's last message near the town of     |
        |  Arzew, which is built around a desert fort now occupied   |
        |  by the Germans. If our agent was indeed captured,         |
        |  there's a good chance he'll be held somewhere in the      |
        |  town and interrogated. His original exfiltration plan     |
        |  was quite detailed, so he'll have a few ideas about how   |
        |  to get you to safety. With any luck, you'll be able to    |
        |  help him complete his mission, which is to destroy the    |
        |  88mm guns covering the harbor.                            |
        |                                                            |
        |  Locate our agent. We've only been out of contact with     |
        |  him for less than a week, and once the Germans realize    |
        |  who our agent is, they'll probably have him sent to       |
        |  Berlin for a full 'interrogation.' We expect that         |
        |  they'll keep him safe and sound until then. As a Major,   |
        |  he'll assume command of the mission once you've freed     |
        |  him. He knows the territory and the best escape routes,   |
        |  so cover his back and pay attention to his orders.        |
        |                                                            |
        |  This won't be an easy one. Good luck.                     |
        |                                                            |
        |                                                            |
        |                                        Stanley Hargrove    |
        |                                      Colonel, U. S. Army,  |
        |                                           Commanding.      |

         CHECKPOINT  |  The Rescue Mission - Starting  |  CHECKPOINT

NEW OBJECTIVE       : Find and rescue the SAS Agent.

Start by going around the corner, and you'll see some prisoners who are taken
away in a truck. Go through the gate to the right (the main gate is locked)
and pick up the first aid if you want, then exit through the other gate. Go
forward and through the first doorway on your left to disrupt some guards in
their card game. Take the health and ammo in the room then go up the stairs to
reach a cell door. Open it to free Jack Grillo.

OBJECTIVE COMPLETED : Find and rescue the SAS Agent.
NEW OBJECTIVE       : Follow the SAS Agent.

 ------------- -------- -----------------------------------------------------
|  Jack Grillo - MP40  |  COMMENTS : Jack is pretty tough, and will help     |
|                      |  you a lot during this level. He CAN be killed,     |
|                      |  however, so make sure you still protect him. You   |
|                      |  will fail the mission if he dies.                  |
 ---------------------- -----------------------------------------------------

Now you have to make sure Jack doesn't get killed in this mission, so always
protect him the best you can. He'll heal himself several times so you
shouldn't have any problems. Follow him and he'll get himself a MP40 from a
nearby table (take the other one if you need it). Then follow him around the
village until you arrive at a locked gate. While unlocking it, he'll explain
to you he needs to get back some documents and explosives of his.

NEW OBJECTIVE       : Steal explosives from the fortress.

After he opens the gate, keep following and protecting him. You'll eventually
reach the heavily guarded fortress.

    CHECKPOINT  |  The Rescue Mission - SAS on the warpath  |  CHECKPOINT

Jack will tell you to follow him so he can show you how to avoid the
spotlights. Simply stay close behind him and you won't get caught. If you do
get spotted you or Jack will most likely die. You'll enter the fortress
through a small bunker.

     CHECKPOINT  |  The Rescue Mission - Rescue successful  |  CHECKPOINT

Follow Jack through the fortress, killing the guards along the way, and he'll
find the documents in a small room. Now for the explosives.


Follow Jack up the stairs and get a surgeon pack at the end of the hallway if
you need it. On the way back you'll hear Germans speaking through a wall.
Grillo will say that they've got more prisoners. Now you'll have to ignore
Jack for this next part if you want to rescue the prisoner.

Go back downstairs, keep going in the next hallway then exit left into the
fortress courtyard. To your right will be some stairs. Climb them up, turn
left and climb up the small set of stairs. Follow this path until you reach
the room where the prisoner is being 'interrogated'. Get rid of the guards to
save him, and he'll arm himself with a KAR 98 Sniper Rifle. Nice.

 ------------------- --- ----------------------------------------------------
|  Private Jury -       |  COMMENTS : Jury is relatively weak, so you'll     |
|  KAR 98 Sniper Rifle  |  have to make sure he doesn't draw too much fire   |
|                       |  to himself, especially near the end of the level  |
|                       |  where you'll face more soldiers. If you save him  |
|                       |  you might be rewarded...                          |
 ----------------------- ----------------------------------------------------

So go back in the courtyard the way you came from, and through the doorway on
the left. Keep going to reach the stairs you used earlier. Left of those
stairs is a spiral staircase going down. Head downstairs to find Jack again,
who may or may not be fighting some soldiers depending how much time you took
to get there. Get the explosives at the end of the room, plus any health or
ammo you need in the room.

   CHECKPOINT  |  The Rescue Mission - Fortress infiltration  |  CHECKPOINT

OBJECTIVE COMPLETED : Steal explosives from the fortress. 
NEW ITEM            : Time Bombs
NEW OBJECTIVE       : Use explosives to escape.

Follow Jack again, up the stairs into the courtyard. You'll go through the
spotlights again, but this time you also have Private Jury, and if you follow
Jack you'll get caught. So when Jack starts running along the left wall,
instead of following him quickly run between the two rocks on your right. If
done correctly, you and Jury should get through safely.

    CHECKPOINT  |  The Rescue Mission - Goods grabbed, gone  |  CHECKPOINT

Then Jack will tell you to use your explosives to blow the gate ahead. Simply
press the Use key over the red flashing spot to set them. You have 5 seconds
to get away before it blows up.

OBJECTIVE COMPLETED : Use explosives to escape.
NEW OBJECTIVE       : Use explosives to destroy a Flak88.

Follow Jack to the Flak88 cannons and take out the soldiers around. Put an
explosive on the left cannon and get away within 5 seconds. Boom!

OBJECTIVE COMPLETED : Use explosives to destroy a Flak88.
NEW OBJECTIVE       : Meet Grillo by the gate and exfiltrate.

At this point Private Jury will stay behind and cover the area, so don't worry
about him. Follow Jack to the exit gate and he'll explain the plans for the
next part. Level complete.

OBJECTIVE COMPLETED : Meet Grillo by the gate and exfiltrate.

If you managed to rescue and protect Private Jury, you'll be awarded your
first medal!

                 |  MEDAL AWARDED : [The Legion of Merit]  |
 ---------------- ----------------------------------------- ----------------
|  For exceptionally meritorious conduct in the performance of outstanding  |
|   service on November 7, 1942. Lt. Mike Powell, 1st Ranger Bn., rescued   |
|    both a British and an American POW from a heavily fortified German     |
|   outpost. Lt. Powell's actions helped secure Allied victory during the   |
|                       landings of Operation Torch.                        |

      --------------- ------------------------------------
     |  [MISSION 1]  |  [PART 3: Sabotage the Motorpool]  |
----- --------------- ------------------------------------ -------------------
Another short level (like most of mission 1) and one that shouldn't pose much
problems at all. Just complete your objectives while dealing with the minimal
security in place.

        |  Mission Orders  |
        |  Sabotage the Motorpool  -  Algeria, North Africa          |
        |  November 7, 1942                                          |
        |                                                            |
        |  Well done. You've kept the Germans from obtaining vital   |
        |  secrets about our operations and found a way out of       |
        |  this mess. Destroying the 88mm guns covering Arzew        |
        |  Harbor was a critical move, keeping Operation Torch on    |
        |  schedule and making the job of landing on the beach that  |
        |  much easier. By now, Major Grillo has no doubt chosen an  |
        |  exfiltration plan and is on his way to one of several     |
        |  camouflaged desert supply caches from his previous        |
        |  mission. He'll procure some transport to get you two out  |
        |  of there.                                                 |
        |                                                            |
        |  Meanwhile, you'll have to take care of two things: keep   |
        |  the Germans from pursuing, and disrupt troop mobility     |
        |  along the coast when our forces land. You can do this by  |
        |  finding Opel transport trucks in the German-held port     |
        |  facilities. Render the trucks useless by disabling the    |
        |  engines with your wire cutters. Keep your eyes open for   |
        |  Panzer and Tiger tanks and put them out of commission     |
        |  whenever possible with your radio bombs.                  |
        |                                                            |
        |  Finally, destroy any munitions caches and get out of      |
        |  there.  Major Grillo will rendezvous with you once        |
        |  you're clear of the motorpool. Choose your battles        |
        |  carefully - the Germans are hunting for you and have      |
        |  you completely outnumbered.                               |
        |                                                            |
        |                                                            |
        |                                       Stanley Hargrove     |
        |                                      Colonel, U. S. Army,  |
        |                                           Commanding.      |

        CHECKPOINT  |  Sabotage the Motorpool - Starting  |  CHECKPOINT

NEW OBJECTIVE       : Disable Opel trucks. [3 remaining]
NEW OBJECTIVE       : Bomb tanks. [4 remaining]
NEW OBJECTIVE       : Bomb munitions cache.
NEW OBJECTIVE       : Exfiltrate the facility.
NEW ITEM            : Wire Cutters
NEW ITEM            : Radio Bombs

Go forward and turn left on the street. Take care of any soldiers and workers
then enter the warehouse to your left through the open door. Look on the left
side of the Opel truck's engine and you'll see a red flashing wire. Press the
Use key to cut it and disable the truck (those Germans aren't too smart
apparently). Next to the truck is also a first aid kit on the table. Go to the
other side of the warehouse to find another truck. Cut the wire as well. Now
exit the warehouse through the open door just behind that truck, and cross the
street to enter the other warehouse right in front of you. Inside you'll find
the third truck, so disable it as well.

OBJECTIVE COMPLETED : Disable Opel trucks.

Exit the warehouse through the large open doors behind the truck to find
yourself on another street in the motorpool. Go down the street and you'll see
two tanks on your left. The second one will leave as you approach, so ignore
it for now. Go behind the first tank and plant a radio bomb. Keep following
the street and you'll see a watch tower ahead with a search light.

      CHECKPOINT  |  Sabotage the Motorpool - Tank garage  |  CHECKPOINT

Shoot the guard on the watch tower with your Garand and any other soldiers in
the area. This way you won't have to worry about the search light. Now plant
an explosive on the Tiger tank and enter the warehouse at the end of the
street. You'll see a bunch of crates on the right side, plant an explosive on
this munition's cache.

OBJECTIVE COMPLETED : Bomb munitions cache.

You'll also find a first aid kit, some grenades and plenty of SMG ammo in a
crate. Now exit through the doorway in front of the munitions cache.

     CHECKPOINT  |  Sabotage the Motorpool - Ammo storage  |  CHECKPOINT

Exit this small room and you'll see a Panzer in a hangar right in front of
you, so set a bomb behind it. Clear the area of any soldiers (including the
ones in the two watch towers) then plant your last bomb on the Tiger tank
that's being repaired in the middle of the courtyard.


Get away and enjoy the fireworks as your bombs explode. This will attract some
soldiers so be ready. When you're done, go in the house that's right behind
the dismantled tank (the door should now be open). In the room to your left is
a surgeon pack in case you're hurt. Then go through the house and you'll reach
a room where a phone is ringing. In this room is a first aid kit. When you're
ready, go through the door.

     CHECKPOINT  |  Sabotage the Motorpool - Exfiltrating  |  CHECKPOINT

Shoot the guard in the watch tower and any other enemies outside then go to
the gate leading out of there. Grillo will bust through that gate with a jeep.
Go to him to finish this level.

OBJECTIVE COMPLETED : Exfiltrate the facility.

      --------------- --------------------------------
     |  [MISSION 1]  |  [PART 4: Lighting the Torch]  |
----- --------------- -------------------------------- -----------------------
This multi-part level is also the longest and hardest of mission 1. The first
parts will have you go through an almost arcade-like shooting sequence where
you'll fire a mounted machine gun on the back of a Jeep, as Jack drives you
around. Then you'll be alone again as you have to get to the lighthouse on
foot and activate it. You'll face a bit more enemies than you're used to, but
health and ammo is plentiful so you shouldn't have much trouble.

        |  Mission Orders  |
         ------------------ -----------------------------------------
        |  Lighting the Torch - Algeria, North Africa                |
        |  November 7, 1942.                                         |
        |                                                            |
        |  Good work on sabotaging the motorpool. I hope you've      |
        |  had some rest during the drive down the coast, because    |
        |  you're not done yet. Your final target is a radar         |
        |  tracking station built into the side of a cliff           |
        |  overlooking the Mediterranean. This station can direct    |
        |  intense fire onto the fleet from distant coastal gun      |
        |  batteries. Destroying that station will render those      |
        |  guns blind and useless, allowing the fleet to sail in     |
        |  unchallenged.                                             |
        |                                                            |
        |  Grillo will drive while you operate the .30 cal machine   |
        |  gun at the back of the jeep. The station is located next  |
        |  to a desert airstrip, where you should destroy a          |
        |  squadron of Stuka dive-bombers stationed there, and any   |
        |  other targets of opportunity. Then enter the radar        |
        |  station and destroy the sensitive radar equipment -       |
        |  just shoot the controls out. Head down to the seawall     |
        |  and fight your way into the lighthouse at its end. Give   |
        |  our fleet the "all clear" signal by activating the lamp.  |
        |  Once that's taken care of, rendezvous with Major Grillo   |
        |  at the foot of the lighthouse for extraction.             |
        |                                                            |
        |  with any luck, we'll force Rommel and the Afrika Korps    |
        |  out of North Africa soon enough.                          |
        |                                                            |
        |                                                            |
        |                                       Stanley Hargrove     |
        |                                      Colonel, U. S. Army,  |
        |                                           Commanding.      |

  CHECKPOINT  |  Lighting the Torch - Desert Road - Starting  |  CHECKPOINT

NEW OBJECTIVE       : Reach the airfield.

Shoot any soldiers along the way. At one point you'll reach a barricade. Shoot
all the wooden boards to the right of the truck plus the crate behind to
continue. Shortly after you'll be back on the road. Watch out for soldiers
jumping down from the wall of the building ahead. Keep going and you'll see a
soldier shooting rockets at you from the top of a bunker, so be sure to take
him out. Once you're past the outpost you'll be on your way to the airfield.

       CHECKPOINT  |  Grounding the Airfield - Starting  |  CHECKPOINT

OBJECTIVE COMPLETED : Reach the airfield.
NEW OBJECTIVE       : Destroy the aircraft. [12 remaining]

At this point all your health will be restored. Look behind you and you'll see
a truck chasing you. Kill all the soldiers aboard then shoot the truck until
it explodes. Once Jack reaches the entrance to the airfield he'll take a left
and stop in a fuel depot. Shoot all the barrels and soldiers. This is supposed
to create a diversion. Jack will eventually back out of there and enter the
airfield. Now you need to shoot down those planes.

The first four will be on your left. Then he'll do a 180 and you'll see
another one on the left. But a truck will also give you chase, coming from the
back of the airstrip so take care of it as well. Then there will be another
plane in a hangar. Next you'll see a group of three planes on your left and,
as you pass by them, a Stuka will take off on your right (you don't really
have to shoot it down, though it will come back later to attack you if you
don't). Next is a plane in another hangar on your left just before Grillo does
another 180 degrees turn. The last two planes will be on your left. Don't
worry if you miss some of the targets, Jack will circle around the airfield
until you've destroyed them all. Just watch out for the soldiers all around
you (they'll always keep coming). When you're done Grillo will drop you at the
radar station.

   CHECKPOINT  |  Lighting the Torch - Lighthouse - Starting  |  CHECKPOINT

OBJECTIVE COMPLETED : Destroy the aircraft.
NEW OBJECTIVE       : Destroy all communications equipment.
NEW OBJECTIVE       : Make your way to the lighthouse.
NEW OBJECTIVE       : Signal the fleet with the lighthouse beacon.

Head downstairs and you'll hear some guards wondering if they really do exist.
Go through the door to your left and really put an end to their existence.
Inside this room is the comm equipment, so shoot it all down.

OBJECTIVE COMPLETED : Destroy all communications equipment.

Exit this room and go through the doorway right in front of you to find a
surgeon pack. Exit and turn right. Through the first door on the right is an
empty office with a soldier. Go in the hallway on the right, past the office.
The first two rooms (left and right) are bunkers containing lots of rifle ammo
and grenades, and even some machine gun ammo. Keep going down the hallway. The
next room on the left is a bathroom, with nothing of interest. The other room
past the bathroom is a small storeroom with a medicinal canteen and some SMG
ammo. Finally the room at the end of the hallway contains pistol ammo and
binoculars (on the bench).

NEW ITEM            : Binoculars

Now go back the way you came from and turn right at the end of the hallway.
Down this passage you'll find an elevator. Enter it and push the button to
ride it down (doesn't look too stable huh?). Enter the room and kill all the
soldiers inside, plus all the soldier on the level down below. There's also a
first aid kit if you need it. When you're done go back to the elevator and
ride it down again to the ground level. In the room in front of you is a
medicinal canteen and pistol ammo. Exit the garage through the open doors at
the end and follow the road to the lighthouse.

Eventually you'll see a small bunker on your left with a first aid kit in it.
Keep going, dispatch any sentries and go into the tunnel ahead (watch out for
a soldier shooting you through the window in the tunnel). Follow the
passageway to reach the base of the lighthouse.

OBJECTIVE COMPLETED : Make your way to the lighthouse.

If you need health, look among the crates under the staircase for a first aid
kit. Climb the spiral staircase to the top while watching out for a soldier
throwing grenades at you. Pull the lever at the top to activate the

OBJECTIVE COMPLETED : Signal the fleet with the lighthouse beacon.
NEW OBJECTIVE       : Meet up with Major Grillo in the truck and escape.

Quickly run downstairs and back outside you'll see a truck approaching down
the road. Turn right and wait by the gate blocking the road. Soon enough Jack
will come busting through (as usual) in a truck. Get in to complete the first
mission! You really don't need to fight the soldiers coming in the other truck
if you're fast enough.

OBJECTIVE COMPLETED : Meet up with Major Grillo in the truck and escape.

- ------------------------------------------------- --------------------------

   CHECKPOINT  |  Briefing 2 - Scuttling the U-529 - Starting  |  CHECKPOINT

 ---------------------- ---------------------------
|  [PART 1: Secret Documents of the Kriegsmarine]  |
|  [PART 2: Scuttling the U-529]                   |
|  [PART 3: Escape from Trondheim]                 |

      --------------- --------------------------------------------------
     |  [MISSION 2]  |  [PART 1: Secret Documents of the Kriegsmarine]  |
----- --------------- -------------------------------------------------- -----
This level may seem hard at first, but it really isn't that bad. Take your
time while going through the compound and try to snipe your enemies from far
away. Also be careful of dogs. They are very fast and can sometimes sneak up
on you. You'll start mission 2 equipped with an OSS Pistol, Springfield '03
Sniper rifle and some grenades.

        |  Mission Orders  |
         ------------------ -----------------------------------------
        |  Secret Documents of the Kriegsmarine - Trondheim, Norway  |
        |  February 12, 1943                                         |
        |                                                            |
        |  It appears that the German navy, the Kriegsmarine, has    |
        |  been creating a highly sensitive radar detector to allow  |
        |  their U-Boats to regain control of the Atlantic. They've  |
        |  codenamed the device, "Naxos." If this device works, it   |
        |  will let their U-Boats dodge our naval radar patrols      |
        |  easily. You'll be inserted near Trondheim, where we       |
        |  believe the prototype is being developed. Major Grillo    |
        |  has been operating undercover as a local German officer   |
        |  since January, and he'll be at the gate to let you into   |
        |  the facility.                                             |
        |                                                            |
        |  Wait for his radio signal, and be ready to snipe the      |
        |  guards from a safe distance. Cover him while he opens     |
        |  the main gate. You'll be bringing in plenty of            |
        |  explosives to destroy the U-529, since Major Grillo       |
        |  cannot procure enough high-explosives on site without     |
        |  arousing suspicion. Once you're in, stay with Grillo      |
        |  and head for the research building. First, steal all      |
        |  documents pertaining to the prototype, then infiltrate    |
        |  the submarine pens.                                       |
        |                                                            |
        |  Major Grillo will be in command. Just follow his lead     |
        |  and everything should work like clockwork.                |
        |                                                            |
        |                                                            |
        |                                       Stanley Hargrove     |
        |                                      Colonel, U. S. Army,  |
        |                                           Commanding.      |

CHECKPOINT  |  Secret Documents of the Kriegsmarine - Starting  |  CHECKPOINT

NEW OBJECTIVE       : Enter the complex with the assistance of Major Grillo.
NEW OBJECTIVE       : Steal the research documents. [4 remaining]
NEW OBJECTIVE       : Enter the main facility.
NEW ITEM            : Time bombs
NEW ITEM            : Radio

Start by going forward until you reach a rock. Stand left of it and Jack will
contact you on the radio. Do as he says and snipe any guards attacking him
from your position. He'll then open the gate for you, but just as he's done
he'll be shot! Damn, looks like you'll be alone again for this mission. Snipe
any remaining guards and go through the now open gate.

OBJECTIVE COMPLETED : Enter the complex with the assistance of Major Grillo.

There will be quite a few guards in the complex so stay alert. Try to snipe
them from afar but switch to your MP40 if they get too close. Enter the
guard house Grillo was in to find a MP40 and a canteen.

      |  Secret Documents of the Kriegsmarine - Inside the guardhouse  |

Go through the complex (you cannot enter any of the houses) and use your
compass to guide you to the research lab's entrance, taking care of any guards
in the way. Now enter the building through the door, which is marked "Halt!
Eintritt Verbotten!" (Stop! Entry Forbidden!). But a mere sign has never
stopped you, has it?

   |  Secret Documents of the Kriegsmarine - Research Building Entrance  |

Take the canteen in the entry room if you need it then head upstairs. Enter
the first room on the left to find some research documents. Take them and go
into the next room. There are more research documents on the wall there. Exit
and go through the next doorway. Go down this hallway and again go through the
first door on the left. Inside this generator room you'll find a canteen and
the third research papers on a desk. Go through the closed door next to the
generator. In this office you'll find a canteen and the last documents.

OBJECTIVE COMPLETED : Steal the research documents.

|  Secret Documents of the Kriegsmarine - Upstairs in the Research Building  |

Exit to the hallway, then head back downstairs to the first floor. The door
here that was previously locked is now open, so go through it. In the room
ahead is nothing of interest so turn left and go down the hallway. In the next
room on the right you can find a canteen on a table. Continue down the
hallway, and in the next office to your left, where a radio is playing, is
also a canteen on a desk. Finally keep going to the end of the hallway and
exit the research building through the door.

  |  Secret Documents of the Kriegsmarine - Leaving the Research Building  |

Watch out as there are a few snipers outside. Now follow the road and
eventually you'll see a mounted MG42 gun behind sandbags. Quickly run to it
and use it to kill all the soldiers below (also watch out for a sniper on the
rooftop ahead, you may want to snipe him beforehand). When the area is cleared
follow the road down and enter the building where some soldiers were hiding.
Climb up the ladder to find health and ammo. Head back outside and follow the
road to the main facility's entrance door. Go through it and take care of the
guards inside. In the room to your right is a canteen and a crate of grenades.
When you're ready head upstairs, then go through the doorway in the left wall.
Climb down those stairs to find the exit.

OBJECTIVE COMPLETED : Enter the main facility.

      --------------- ---------------------------------
     |  [MISSION 2]  |  [PART 2: Scuttling the U-529]  |
----- --------------- --------------------------------- ----------------------
In the first part of this two-part level, you'll first have to disguise your-
self as a German officer to get past the security and enter the U-529. You'll
then have to escape the base after scuttling the submarine. This is really an
easy level, because you won't even have to fight for the major part of it. The
only hard part is escaping the sub without getting killed, but hopefully you
won't have too much trouble following this walkthrough. Oh, the letter from
Colonel Hargrove also contains everything you need to know about operating

        |  Mission Orders  |
         ------------------ -----------------------------------------
        |  Scuttling the U-529 - Trondheim, Norway                   |
        |  February 12, 1943                                         |
        |                                                            |
        |  It appears that the mission plan has gone awry. You're    |
        |  going to have to go incognito if you're going to have     |
        |  any chance of surviving this, Powell. Grab an officer's   |
        |  uniform from a locker room in the submarine facility and  |
        |  stick to speaking German until you're out of there.       |
        |                                                            |
        |  Here are the essentials you need to know while operating  |
        |  in disguise:                                              |
        |                                                            |
        |  1.Always show your papers when asked.                     |
        |                                                            |
        |  2.Don't walk around with a weapon drawn, as it will       |
        |  immediately arouse suspicion.                             |
        |                                                            |
        |  3.To upgrade to a higher security level, locate a set     |
        |  of officer's papers. You may be forced to eliminate an    |
        |  officer in order to get to them.                          |
        |                                                            |
        |  4.If all else fails, try to isolate a troublesome         |
        |  officer before eliminating him.                           |
        |                                                            |
        |  Destroy the Naxos prototype, get into the U-529, plant    |
        |  the explosives in the bow, and find another way out of    |
        |  the pens.                                                 |
        |                                                            |
        |                                                            |
        |                                       Stanley Hargrove     |
        |                                      Colonel, U. S. Army,  |
        |                                           Commanding.      |

CHECKPOINT  |  Scuttling the U-529 - Naxos Prototype - Starting  |  CHECKPOINT

NEW OBJECTIVE       : Find a disguise.
NEW OBJECTIVE       : Destroy the Naxos Prototype.
NEW OBJECTIVE       : Enter the 2nd U-boat.

First of all make sure you holster your weapon! Go through the door in front
to enter the locker room, and pick up the uniform and papers on the bench.

OBJECTIVE COMPLETED : Find a disguise.
NEW ITEM            : Level 1 Papers

After you put on your disguise two guards will enter the room. One will ask
the other how he likes Norway. After their conversation they'll leave, so
follow them in the next room to find some guards hard at work.

 | German Moves! |
  --------------- ----------------------------------------------------------
 | In this room, look to the east and you'll see two windows. Look through  |
 | the windows on the right side (not the opened one) down in the room      |
 | below. You'll see two Germans just standing guard there. Pretty boring.  |
 | Now try pressing the Use key to make them do some random moves! They're  |
 | pretty good at handstands, too.                                          |

Exit this room through the other door and head downstairs. A guard will ask
you for your papers so show them to him. Go through the double door on the
left and follow the left wall, up a small set of stairs. Leave this room
through the doorway in front and go through the door at the end of the hallway
to enter a research lab. The Naxos prototype is on the table but the
scientists will get mad if you destroy it. So get out your silenced pistol and
shoot them all. Actually, you can even use your MP40 if you wish, and no one
*should* hear you. After they're dead, shoot the prototype.

OBJECTIVE COMPLETED : Destroy the Naxos Prototype.

Go back out and this time go down the stairs. You'll see two workers wondering
where all the girls are. It seems the Norwegian resistance has hidden all the
pretty girls away so that the Germans cannot use them to further the master
race. Heh heh. Turn left and go into the next room, but try to avoid the
officer if you can. If he does see you, silently put a bullet in his head.
Exit this room through the open door and go through the next door at the end
of the hallway. You'll now be in the sub pens, and see the first U-boat to
your right.

        |  Scuttling the U-529 - Naxos Prototype - Entering the Pen  |

Follow the dock and show your papers to the guard on the way. Keep going
forward until you reach the railroad tracks. Turn left and go see the guard
ahead. He'll ask for your papers, but you do not have proper clearance. Hmm,
time to upgrade those then. Turn around and go through the door next to the
stairs to find a field surgeon pack in the room. Then exit and climb up the
stairs. Go through the door and silently get rid of the officer in the room,
then get his papers on the desk.

NEW ITEM            : Level 2 Papers

Head back downstairs and show your new papers to the guard so he'll let you
pass. Shouldn't he recognize you from before? Anyway, turn left just past the
guard and follow the dock alongside the submarine, then climb down the ramp to
get on top of it. Climb up one of the ladders on either side and go down the
hatch to enter the submarine.

CHECKPOINT  |  Scuttling the U-529 - Inside the U-529 - Starting  | CHECKPOINT

OBJECTIVE COMPLETED : Enter the 2nd U-boat.
NEW OBJECTIVE       : Plant the bombs [2 left].
NEW OBJECTIVE       : Escape.

Go forward, through the hatchway and silently kill the soldier. To easily do
this, aim at his head, get out your pistol and quickly fire before he can
react. Take the canteen on the table if you need it, then go through the metal
door in the back wall. Get rid of the guard in this room as well. Easy since
he should have his back turned to you. Now turn around and go back the way you
came, past the ladder. Go through the other hatchway and kill the guard
beyond. Go through the metal door and the next one to find another guard.
Eliminate him. Go through the metal door he was guarding and get rid of the
final guard in the next room. On a table on the left side of this room is an
important clipboard (flashing red). Pick it up.

Alright, now go back in the previous room where you'll see a target indicator
to plant one of your explosives. For this next part you'll have to be quick,
as you have only about a minute to get out of the sub. Set your time bomb,
then run to the other end of the submarine (there will be new guards along the
way) in the torpedo room to plant your second explosive charge.

OBJECTIVE COMPLETED : Plant the bombs.

If you were quick enough you should have 30 to 45 seconds left. Go back to the
middle part of the sub and climb up the ladder to exit.

OBJECTIVE CHANGED   : Escape.  TO  Eliminate opposition and escape.

This part is rather tough, as lots of people will be shooting at you as soon
as you exit the submarine. Turn around and quickly shoot the worker and
soldier behind you. Then turn around again and jump down on the deck. Quickly
climb up the access ramp and turn right to go hide behind the nearest barrel.
Whew. Hopefully you should still be in relatively good shape. Now get out your
Springfield and snipe the remaining soldiers up ahead. When the path is
cleared go forward until you reach the train tracks and turn left. Proceed
into the next area.

  CHECKPOINT  |  Scuttling the U-529 - Cover Blown - Starting  |  CHECKPOINT

OBJECTIVE COMPLETED : Eliminate opposition and escape.
NEW OBJECTIVE       : Exfiltrate.

In this area you will face lots of opposition, so immediately take cover
behind the crates on your right. Shoot all the soldiers from this position.
When you think you got them all, proceed to the next sub pen and take cover
again. You'll also find a much needed first aid kit. When no more soldiers
come run in the next sub pen, and repeat. Finally go to the last sub pen when
you can. Quickly hide behind the crates next to the truck and snipe the
incoming soldiers to the right side of the submarine. Then head on the walkway
where the guards came from and go through the opening in the right wall. Turn
right and you'll see stairs going up and a room to the left of them. In the
room is a canteen and grenades. Head upstairs and in the next room you'll find
a first aid kit and a ladder going up to the ventilation shafts. Climb up
there to exit this level!


If you stole the manifest from the U-529 before sinking it, you'll get this:

            |  MEDAL AWARDED : [Norwegian War Cross With Sword]  |
 ----------- ---------------------------------------------------- -----------
|     For conspicuous bravery before the enemy, in aiding the defense of     |
|  Norway, on February 12, 1943. Lt. Mike Powell, 1st Ranger Bn., recovered  |
|    a much sought after Kriegsmarine officer personnel manifest from the    |
|    U-529, shortly before the explosives he planted scuttled the U-Boat.    |

      --------------- -----------------------------------
     |  [MISSION 2]  |  [PART 3: Escape from Trondheim]  |
----- --------------- ----------------------------------- --------------------
This is a short, but quite intense level. Since you blew up the submarine, the
base is now on full alert and you'll have to get past a lot of opposition to
escape. Again, the best tactic is too move in slowly, and take cover whenever
possible. Use crates, corners, anything you can to avoid enemy fire. Because
of the large number of enemies the best weapon to use will be the MP40.

      |  Mission Orders  |
       ------------------ ---------------------------------------------
      |  Escape from Trondheim  -  Trondheim, Norway                   |
      |  February 12, 1943                                             |
      |                                                                |
      |  Excellent work, Lieutenant. Even without the support of       |
      |  Major Grillo, you handled the situation admirably.            |
      |  Taking out the U-529 and the Naxos prototype should keep      |
      |  the balance of Atlantic power on our side, and we're          |
      |  predicting that the next prototype will be delayed until      |
      |  this fall. But there's no time to celebrate now - you've      |
      |  got to get out of there fast. The base is on high alert,      |
      |  and the Germans aren't going to let you slip away without     |
      |  a fight.                                                      |
      |                                                                |
      |  Make your way to the train depot on the north side of the     |
      |  facility. A German supply train captured for us by            |
      |  Norwegian resistance forces should be there soon. A squad     |
      |  of our troops will be on board to provide covering fire       |
      |  at the rendezvous. When they open those boxcar doors,         |
      |  they'll lay down covering fire as long as they can - be       |
      |  careful to avoid firing on them! Use this attack as a         |
      |  diversion, and get to that train. Once they're low on         |
      |  ammo, they're going to roll out of there as fast as possible  |
      |  and if you're not on the train by that time, they will be     |
      |  forced to leave you behind.                                   |
      |                                                                |
      |  Good luck, Powell.                                            |
      |                                                                |
      |                                                                |
      |                                           Stanley Hargrove     |
      |                                          Colonel, U. S. Army,  |
      |                                               Commanding.      |

        CHECKPOINT  |  Escape from Trondheim - Starting  |  CHECKPOINT

NEW OBJECTIVE       : Exfiltrate the base.

Well, the Germans know you're there, and they're waiting for you. Crawl
through the ducts, while looking out for soldiers trying to ambush you, and
you'll eventually drop down into a room.

    CHECKPOINT  |  Escape from Trondheim - Exiting the vent  |  CHECKPOINT

Pick up the first aid on one of the tables if you need it, and prepare
yourself for a lot of action. Exit the room and face the many, many soldiers
in the corridor beyond. Your best bet is to stay around a corner and kill
anyone that comes at you. Also peek around the corner and take a few shots
at the soldiers ahead before quickly going back in cover. The MP40 works best.

When you have an opportunity, run up the hallway and hide in the computer room
on the right. Kill more guards, and when you can run up to the next room on
the right, some sort of power room. Clear the path again, then run to the end
of the hallway to find a medicinal canteen in the room there. Go back, face
some more soldiers, then take the first corridor on your right. Head down the
stairs on the left to reach another T intersection. Turn right and go into the
room to the right to find a first aid kit. Exit and turn right then go through
the double door at the end of the hallway and kill all the soldiers in this
hangar. You can go down the stairs to find a canteen and a couple grenades
below, but this will summon even more guards so it may not be worth the
trouble. Instead go through the doorway on the other side of the hangar and
follow this corridor to reach a door.

   CHECKPOINT  |  Escape from Trondheim - Dash for the train  |  CHECKPOINT

Go through the door and you'll see the train arriving in the distance.

OBJECTIVE COMPLETED : Exfiltrate the base.
NEW OBJECTIVE       : Meet up with allies at train station.

You'll now have about two minutes before the train leaves. The Allies will
provide support fire for you, so make a run for the train, by going from cover
to cover. Take care of any soldiers in your path, but you shouldn't have to
worry about the others. Basically, shoot anyone who shoots you, and take your
time if you're hurt. Once you reach the train you'll have successfully
completed your second mission.

OBJECTIVE COMPLETED : Meet up with allies at train station.

- -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------

   CHECKPOINT  |  Briefing 3 - Operation Overlord - Starting  |  CHECKPOINT

 ---------------------- -----------
|  [PART 1: Omaha Beach]           |
|  [PART 2: Battle in the Bocage]  |
|  [PART 3: The Nebelwerfer Hunt]  |

      --------------- -------------------------
     |  [MISSION 3]  |  [PART 1: Omaha Beach]  |
----- --------------- ------------------------- ------------------------------
Well, this is it. D-Day. Omaha Beach. You know what this is about. If you
don't go rent Saving Private Ryan. This is possibly the game's best moment, so
enjoy it while it lasts. Not that it gets bad afterwards mind you, far from
it. This is quite a long level, which may seem very hard or even impossible
(as it should) at first. But it is in fact relatively easy when you know what
to do. So if you're stuck hopefully this section will help you get through.
You're sent to the front with a Colt 45, a Thompson and grenades (as usual).

     |  Mission Orders  |
      ------------------ ----------------------------------------------
     |                      SUPREME HEADQUARTERS                       |
     |                   ALLIED EXPEDITIONARY FORCE                    |
     |                                                                 |
     | Soldiers, Sailors and Airmen of the Allied Expeditionary Force! |
     |                                                                 |
     |   You are about to embark upon the Great Crusade, toward        |
     |   which we have striven these many months. The eyes of          |
     |   the world are upon you. The hopes and prayers of liberty-     |
     |   loving people everywhere march with you. In company with      |
     |   our brave Allies and brothers-in-arms on other Fronts,        |
     |   you will bring about the destruction of the German war        |
     |   machine, the elimination of Nazi tyranny over the oppressed   |
     |   peoples of Europe, and security for ourselves in a free       |
     |   world.                                                        |
     |                                                                 |
     |   Your task will not be an easy one. Your enemy is well         |
     |   trained, well equipped and battle-hardened. He will           |
     |   fight savagely.                                               |
     |                                                                 |
     |   But this is the year 1944! Much has happened since the        |
     |   Nazi triumphs of 1940-41. The United Nations have in-         |
     |   flicted upon the Germans great defeats in open battle,        |
     |   man-to-man. Our air offensive has seriously reduced           |
     |   their strength in the air and their capacity to wage          |
     |   war on the ground. Our Home Fronts have given us an           |
     |   overwhelming superiority in weapons and munitions of          |
     |   war, and placed at our disposal great reserves of trained     |
     |   fighting men. The tide has turned! The free men of the        |
     |   world are marching together to Victory!                       |
     |                                                                 |
     |   I have full confidence in your courage, devotion to duty      |
     |   and skill in battle. We will accept nothing less than         |
     |   full Victory!                                                 |
     |                                                                 |
     |   Good Luck! And let us all beseech the blessing of Al-         |
     |   mighty God upon this great and noble undertaking.             |

      CHECKPOINT  |  Omaha Beach - The Landing - Starting  |  CHECKPOINT

Well, there's no turning back now. Enjoy the boat ride (try not to get sick)
and listen to the Captain's orders as you slowly approach the beach.

NEW OBJECTIVE       : Get to the shingle.

Ha! Easier said than done. Keep your fingers crossed and hope your boat
doesn't get blown up like the one to your left... When you're as close to the
beach as the boat can take you, the Captain will give the signal and the door
will open. Ready for some action?

 CHECKPOINT  |  Omaha Beach - The Landing - About to disembark  | CHECKPOINT

The first thing you need to do is step over your comrade's dead bodies and
quickly run behind the barricade just ahead of you. These barricades made of
wood and metal may not seem like much cover, but as long as you stay hidden
behind one you won't get hit by the gunners. Now here's the trick. Listen to
the machine gun sounds as bullets hit the water and the barricades near you.
As long as they're firing towards you you need to stay hidden. When the firing
stops, that's your occasion to quickly run behind another barricade further up
the beach and repeat the process until you're up to the shingle.

So, from your position behind the first barricade, run on the right and go
below the log that's sticking out of the water, so that you are behind the
three logs supporting it. When you can, go forward to the next barricade just
ahead. Then go on the right side again and up to the next barricade. You're
almost on the beach now! Wait a moment then run behind the next barricade,
this time on the left side (there are some crates bear it). Note that you must
now CROUCH behind the barricades if you don't want to get hit.

So when it's safe run and crouch behind the other barricade in front of you.
You'll see a medic trying to save a soldier ahead of you. Run and take cover
behind the barricade right next to him. The medic will heal you for 50 health!
Thanks. Now look to your left, there's a group of three barricades nearby, run
up to the middle one (you might get hit, you have to be quite fast), then the
other one nearby on the right. There's another barricade ahead of you, but
watch out. The area is being bombarded.  Wait until someone yells 'Get down!'
and there will be some explosions. Immediately after use the opportunity to
run up the next barricade before there are more explosions.

You're almost there. Continue by going behind the barricade near you on the
right. There will be impact craters to your left and right. When you can, run
into the right crater and crouch. Now use the three barricades between this
crater and the other one on your left (from before) to safely reach it and
crouch into it. Finally, when it's safe, get out of the crater and quickly run
up to the shingle.

OBJECTIVE COMPLETED : Get to the shingle.
NEW OBJECTIVE       : Meet up with the Captain.

Now follow the shingle towards the left (be sure to stay crouched!). You'll
pass by a medic, but you should skip him for now (unless you're really really
hurt), and continue until you meet up with the Captain. You'll see a group of
soldiers coming from the beach ahead get killed by mortar fire.

OBJECTIVE COMPLETED : Meet up with the Captain.
NEW OBJECTIVE       : Get the bangalores.

Follow the shingle so you're positioned near the bangalores (they're the red
flashing sticks on the ground). Without stopping, run up to the bangalores,
grab them (hit the Use key as you run by them), then take cover in the crater
just behind them (crouch).

OBJECTIVE COMPLETED : Get the bangalores.
NEW OBJECTIVE       : Bring the bangalores back to the shingle.

When the gunners stop firing at you, run back to the shingle, and go see the
Captain to give him the bangalores. The soldiers will set up the bangalores
and clear a hole in the shingle. While they're doing their stuff you can go
back to the medic you passed earlier and let him patch you up. Fire in the

OBJECTIVE COMPLETED : Bring the bangalores back to the shingle.
NEW OBJECTIVE       : Follow the Captain to the Bunker.

Do as the objective says and quickly follow the Captain and take cover in
front of the bunker, so that you're out of view of any gunners.

CHECKPOINT  |  Omaha Beach - The Landing - Base of the bunker.  |  CHECKPOINT

The captain will send two soldiers to the trench ahead, but they'll be killed.
*sigh* Oh well, looks like it's your turn again.

OBJECTIVE COMPLETED : Follow the Captain to the Bunker.
NEW OBJECTIVE       :  Get to the trench.

Wait for the Captain to give you covering fire then quickly crouch into the
crater ahead. You'll pick up a Springfield sniper rifle on the ground. Now,
quickly snipe the two soldiers manning the MG42s to your left and right, then
head for the next crater before more soldiers return. You have to pass between
the two wooden poles, as the rest of the area is mined.

This next part is a bit tricky, because you can't see the left gunner from
your position. So start by sniping the right MG42 gunner, then quickly back
out of the crater until you can see the left one and snipe him before he can
shoot you. Now run between the two wooden poles to your right into the next
crater. Then simply snipe the two gunners again and run to the bunker's wall
for cover, then drop down in the trenches.

OBJECTIVE COMPLETED : Get to the trench.

Follow the trench and you'll reach a wounded soldier. There's an MG42 covering
the tunnel so you can't advance. Simply peek around the corner until you can
see the gunner ahead and snipe him.

NEW OBJECTIVE       : Infiltrate the bunker.

Now get out your Thompson and enter the bunker. Turn left in front of the MG42
and follow the hallway, past the stairs. In the room with the MG42 you'll find
a first aid kit, pistol ammo, SMG ammo and grenades. Now exit and go upstairs
to enter the bunker.

   CHECKPOINT  |  Omaha Beach - Inside the Bunker - Starting  |  CHECKPOINT

OBJECTIVE COMPLETED : Infiltrate the bunker.
NEW OBJECTIVE       : Clear out the bunker.

Follow the hallway and kill the soldier who'll open the door to attack you. Go
through that door and you'll find a first aid kit in the room. Go through the
next doorway and take care of the four soldiers waiting for you in the next
room. Then go through a small passageway on the left side of the room leading
to a ladder. As you approach it a soldier will open the hatch above so shoot
him. Climb up the ladder and you'll have to face four more soldiers and an
officer. There's nothing of interest in the sleeping quarters on the left, so
head right and turn right again in a small passageway. Climb up the ladder at
the end to the level above.

CHECKPOINT | Omaha Beach - Inside the Bunker - Top of the bunker | CHECKPOINT

NEW OBJECTIVE       : Eliminate the MG42 machine gunners.

Wait a moment in this room and an officer will send three soldiers for you.
Kill them then go around the bunker and kill the rest of the soldiers outside.

OBJECTIVE COMPLETED : Clear out the bunker.

Now simply get out your Springfield and snipe the two MG42 gunners in the
other bunker ahead.

OBJECTIVE COMPLETED : Eliminate the MG42 machine gunners.
NEW OBJECTIVE       : Exit the bunker.

Quickly go back inside and use the MG42 to kill all the soldiers coming
through the door in front. When they stop coming, exit through this door to
complete this level. You're a hero!

OBJECTIVE COMPLETED : Exit the bunker.

               |  MEDAL AWARDED : [American Campaign Medal]  |
 -------------- --------------------------------------------- --------------
| For meritorious conduct in the Invasion of Normandy on June 6, 1944.  Lt. |
| Mike Powell, 2nd Ranger Bn., survived the assault on Omaha Beach and went |
| on to clear out a major German fortification,  eliminating enemy gunners, |
|   and ultimately aiding in the securing of the D-1 exit near Vierville.   |

      --------------- ----------------------------------
     |  [MISSION 3]  |  [PART 2: Battle in the Bocage]  |
----- --------------- ---------------------------------- ---------------------
Another long level that will lead you through some of Normandy's countryside.
You'll have Captain Ramsey by your side at all times (he can't die in this
level, at least I don't think so) so welcome the extra help. You'll also
rescue more soldiers that will help you if you can keep them alive.

        |  Mission Orders  |
         ------------------ -----------------------------------------
        |  Battle in the Bocage - Normandy, France                   |
        |  June 7, 1944                                              |
        |                                                            |
        |  Excellent job on Omaha. Due to your exemplary actions,    |
        |  you've been reassigned to a special mission with          |
        |  Captain Ramsey from A Company. The situation in the       |
        |  bocage is grim. The overgrown hedgerows dividing the      |
        |  landscape past the beach provide the Germans with         |
        |  perfect defensive territory; our every offensive is met   |
        |  with tenacious overlapping defenses - MG42s, mortars,     |
        |  88's - you name it. Certain areas that were to be taken   |
        |  by the 82nd and 101st Airborne Divisions remain in enemy  |
        |  hands; a result of the misdrops on the night of the       |
        |  invasion.                                                 |
        |                                                            |
        |  Your mission is to penetrate enemy lines, disrupt enemy   |
        |  defenses, and link up with paratroopers from the 101st    |
        |  who were tasked to destroy a special target between       |
        |  Isigny and Carentan. If they're understrength or KIA,     |
        |  you are to complete their mission with Ramsey. A jeep is  |
        |  available for transport, but there's no way to tell how   |
        |  far you'll get before you have to abandon it, as the      |
        |  roads closer to the target are well defended by 88mm      |
        |  guns.                                                     |
        |                                                            |
        |  You'll receive further details once you're in the field.  |
        |  Best of luck, Lieutenant.                                 |
        |                                                            |
        |                                                            |
        |                                       Stanley Hargrove     |
        |                                      Colonel, U. S. Army,  |
        |                                           Commanding.      |

        CHECKPOINT  |  Battle in the Bocage - Starting  |  CHECKPOINT

NEW OBJECTIVE       : Search the house.
NEW ITEM            : Binoculars
NEW ITEM            : Time bombs

|  'A' COMPANY  |
 --------------- ------- ----------------------------------------------------
|  Captain Ramsey -     |  COMMENTS : Ramsey will help you a lot through     |
|  Thompson             |  this level and the next, so be sure to listen to  |
|                       |  his orders. Also note that he cannot be killed    |
|                       |  until the next level.                             |
 ----------------------- ----------------------------------------------------

Start by going straight in the house in front of you, through one of the open
doors. Clear the first floor of any soldiers, and you'll find health and lots
of ammo around. When you're done go towards the back of the house and you'll
find the stairs to the second floor. Go upstairs and clear the second floor of
any soldiers as well. When they're all dead Captain Ramsey will go to the door
where two guys from the 82nd Airborne Division (I assume) have barricaded
themselves, and say the password. Afterwards they'll open the door. As one of
the soldiers start explaining the situation he'll be shot by a sniper!

   CHECKPOINT  |  Battle in the Bocage - Defending the rear  |  CHECKPOINT

OBJECTIVE COMPLETED : Search the house.
NEW OBJECTIVE       : Defend the back of the house.

 ----------------------- ----- ----------------------------------------------
|  Private Durden -     |  COMMENTS : Poor Durden is pretty weak and will    |
|  M1 Garand            |  die real quick if you're not careful. You don't   |
|                       |  need to save him however, so just be glad he can  |
|                       |  help while it lasts.                              |
 ----------------------- ----------------------------------------------------

Now go downstairs and watch the back of the house where soldiers will try to
enter from the broken windows. Eliminate all soldiers that come through and
shoot or snipe to ones coming from the backyard. After a while they'll stop

OBJECTIVE COMPLETED : Defend the back of the house.
NEW OBJECTIVE       : Defend the front of the house.

This objective is simple. Rush back to the front of the house, where you'll
see your jeep get blown up. Go to the MG42 by a window and use it to dispatch
all the soldiers that come from the road. There's a first aid kit besides the
MG42 if you need it.

OBJECTIVE COMPLETED : Defend the front of the house.
NEW OBJECTIVE       : Locate any Flak 88's guarding the road.

Captain Ramsey will put you on point, so exit the house and go to the road
ahead. To the left an abandoned half-track is blocking the road, so turn
right and follow the road.

    CHECKPOINT  |  Battle in the Bocage - Leaving the house  |  CHECKPOINT

Follow the road and past the corner you'll face some soldiers. Take them out
however you like (the Springfield works well), but make sure you stay in
cover. There are rocks around that are ideal for cover as well as two
destroyed Panzers. When the path is cleared continue past the Panzers. Keep
going until you reach a fork and a destroyed Sherman tank. Continue on the
road and just ahead you'll see a Flak 88 cannon firing towards you. Looks like
you can't go that way for now.

OBJECTIVE COMPLETED : Locate any Flak 88's guarding the road.
NEW OBJECTIVE       : Find a radio to call an airstrike on the Flak 88 cannon.

Now turn around and take the road left of the tank. Follow it and you'll reach
a small farmhouse. Now stick close to the brick fence on the right side of the
road. Look in front of you, past the car and the gate to the courtyard is a
silo. Use your Springfield to kill the sniper in the silo's window. Then look
to your right and you'll see a barn. You need to dispatch all the soldiers in
the barn, including one manning a deadly MG42. A good tactic is to step left,
quickly throw a grenade in their direction, then take cover behind the fence.
Finish by taking out the remaining soldiers. Afterwards the Captain will go by
the house and say the same password as before. Private Cobb will come out and
explain you need to go in the clearing to get the radio back, where his squad-
mates got killed.

OBJECTIVE CHANGED   : Find the radio near the silo and use it to call an
                      airstrike on the Flak 88 cannon.

|  506th DIVISION (?) |
 --------------------- - ----------------------------------------------------
|  Private Cobb - BAR   |  COMMENTS : Just like Durden, it makes no diffe-   |
|                       |  rence if you keep Cobb alive or not. He's pretty  |
|                       |  useful with his BAR, but not really tough.        |
 ----------------------- ----------------------------------------------------

Go in the barn, where you'll find lots of health and ammo, and exit through
the doorway in the back to the courtyard.

       CHECKPOINT  |  Battle in the Bocage - In the barn  |  CHECKPOINT

Around the corner you'll have to face three snipers. One should be in plain
view ahead of you. The other is hiding in some bushes on the right. Stay close
to the fence on the left and quickly run up to them to shoot them with your
BAR or Thompson. Or outsnipe them if you think you can. Next pass to the LEFT
of the silo, and beyond it to your right will be the final sniper hiding
behind a tree. You can find a canteen and more ammo in the silo if needed.
Then go to the dead soldiers in the clearing and take the canteens and the

      CHECKPOINT  |  Battle in the Bocage - At the radio  |  CHECKPOINT

OBJECTIVE COMPLETED : Find the radio near the silo and use it to call an
                      airstrike on the Flak 88 cannon.
NEW OBJECTIVE       : Call an airstrike on the Flak 88.
NEW ITEM            : Radio

Your companions will rejoin you in the clearing (so much for protecting your
back) and you'll be attacked by soldiers coming from the barn. Try to protect
your teammates by giving them sniper support. When no more come run towards
the house, and more soldiers will blow away the fence on the right. So through
the hole and kill the remaining soldiers around the house. Now get anything
you need from inside the house and barn (there are a couple canteens on the
second floor of the house) then leave this place by the road you came from.
Back at the fork, turn right to face the Flak 88, then use your binoculars to
call an airstrike on it (look directly at the Flak cannon through your
binoculars, then press the Fire button).

OBJECTIVE COMPLETED : Call an airstrike on the Flak 88.
NEW OBJECTIVE       : Destroy the anti-aircraft gun so air support can return.

Now follow the road up to the destroyed Flak cannon.

 CHECKPOINT  |  Battle in the Bocage - Near the first Flak 88  |  CHECKPOINT

Look at the road ahead with your binoculars and you'll see it's blocked by
another Flak 88, but you can't call another air strike just yet. So head left
and go through the open gates. Follow the path beyond and around the corner
you'll reach a clearing with a radar, a bunker and the Anti-Aircraft gun. Hide
besides the first rock on your right and snipe the MG42 gunner in the bunker
under the radar. Also snipe the soldiers running for the other MG42 on the
right. Eventually they will stop coming. Then go in the bunker to find plenty
of ammo (including a rocket) and a first aid kit. Exit the bunker and go to
the AA gun behind.

    CHECKPOINT  |  Battle in the Bocage - Anti-aircraft gun  |  CHECKPOINT

Plant a time bomb on the AA gun and immediately run back towards the road as
fast as you can.

OBJECTIVE COMPLETED : Destroy the anti-aircraft gun so air support can return.
NEW OBJECTIVE       : Call an airstrike on the second Flak 88.

Use your BAR or Thompson to kill all the soldiers coming from the road. Alter-
natively you can use the MG42 in the bunker. But this will most likely get
Privates Durden and Cobb killed (not that it matters much at this point). Now
follow the path back to the main road, and call an airstrike on the second
Flak 88 on your left.

OBJECTIVE COMPLETED : Call an airstrike on the second Flak 88.
NEW OBJECTIVE       : Bypass the roadblock.

Follow the road and turn right when you reach the roadblock. Kill the guards
in the trench and jump down there to exit this level.

      --------------- ----------------------------------
     |  [MISSION 3]  |  [PART 3: The Nebelwerfer Hunt]  |
----- --------------- ---------------------------------- ---------------------
Just like the previous levels, the final one in this mission is also rather
long. You'll face a lot of enemies on your way to the Neberwerfers, but thank-
fully you'll get help as well. Captain Ramsey is no longer invincible here, so
be careful. He's still pretty damn tough, however. This is also the first
level where you'll have to destroy vehicles with a Panzerschreck.

        |  Mission Orders  |
         ------------------ -----------------------------------------
        |  The Nebelwerfer Hunt - Normandy, France                   |
        |  June 7, 1944                                              |
        |                                                            |
        |  Good job on taking out those 88's. Now, here's exactly    |
        |  what you're looking for. This photo from our files        |
        |  shows a six-barreled rocket projector called the          |
        |  Nebelwerfer 41.  When grouped into batteries, they can    |
        |  be devastating, smashing targets with barrages of         |
        |  explosive rockets. One such battery is defending an       |
        |  approach to Carentan, and the Germans could easily shift  |
        |  it to a less vulnerable position further south at any     |
        |  time. We can't let this happen. This is as good a chance  |
        |  as we're going to get to take away some of their best     |
        |  firepower in the area. Success here will save many        |
        |  soldiers' lives in the fight towards the town of St. Lo.  |
        |                                                            |
        |  The only approach to the Nebelwerfer battery is through   |
        |  a small town. You'll know you're near the site when you   |
        |  see the large church on the outskirts. The battery is     |
        |  located in a field defended by many MG-42 positions;      |
        |  use the sniper rifle to pick off the crews from a         |
        |  distance before moving in. Once you've captured the       |
        |  location, plant explosives onto the Nebelwerfers and      |
        |  take cover!                                               |
        |                                                            |
        |  This won't be an easy mission, but I'm confident you'll   |
        |  be up to the task. Good Luck, Lieutenant.                 |
        |                                                            |
        |                                                            |
        |                                        Stanley Hargrove    |
        |                                      Colonel, U. S. Army,  |
        |                                           Commanding.      |

        CHECKPOINT  |  The Nebelwerfer Hunt - Starting  |  CHECKPOINT

NEW OBJECTIVE       : Locate and destroy the Nebelwerfers. [4 remaining]

* Note that even if you managed to save Privates Durden and Cobb in the last
level, they won't be with you in this one.

Begin this level by going forward and taking the health on a crate and the
Panzerschreck behind. Resist the urge to blast Captain Ramsey with it, you'll
get to use it soon enough. Note that you can destroy one of the small crates
next to the MG42 ammo in the alcove for another medicinal canteen. Now proceed
to the road and continue past the destroyed Flak 88 cannon, taking care of the
soldiers along the way.  Soon you'll reach a clearing with a destroyed Panzer
just to your left. Quickly hide in front of the Panzer and Ramsey will tell
you to take out the halftrack on the road ahead. To do so, get out your
Panzerschreck and wait until the halftrack stops firing at you before stepping
to the right and firing a rocket towards it. Two rockets will be enough to
disable it. Follow the road and at the end of the clearing you'll meet with
two soldiers of the 101st.

 ----------------------- --- ------------------------------------------------
|  Sergeant Harrison -   |  COMMENTS : Poor Durden is pretty weak and will   |
|    M1 Garand           |  die real quick if you're not careful. You don't  |
|  Private Tomlin - BAR  |  need to save him however, so just be glad he     |
|                        |  can help while it lasts.                         |
 ----------------------- ----------------------------------------------------

      CHECKPOINT  |  The Nebelwerfer Hunt - Paratroopers  |  CHECKPOINT

They will help you in destroying the Neberwerfers, but you must take point
again. Oh well, follow the road and around the corner you'll reach the
village. You will face a lot of enemies in the village, so the best way would
be to go in slowly, and take care of all immediate threats before proceeding
further. You can either try to provide sniper support for your squad mates or
go in up close and personal with your Thompson or BAR.

As you move through the street, watch out especially for snipers in windows
and MG42 gunners. You can search each of the houses or ruins along the way for
health and ammo. Also don't hesitate to use the MG42s when needed and of
course always find cover. Further down the village you'll see the road is
blocked by a barricade (and protected by an MG42). You can go get the first
aid kit near the MG42, then turn around and go through the first house on the
left. Go through the doorway into the next room.

       CHECKPOINT  |  The Nebelwerfer Hunt - Tiger tank  |  CHECKPOINT

You'll see a dead soldier with lots of rockets in the room. Take as much as
you need and you'll see a Tiger tank approaching through the windows ahead.
Shoot a few rockets at it as it moves into position. The tank will then stop
and rotate its cannon towards you. Um, quickly back out in the front room of
the house (through where you entered). It will shoot at the back wall and blow
a hole in it. Now go back to face the tank, shoot a rocket, then quickly
retreat to the front room again before it fires. Repeat until destroyed (it
will take at least five rockets).

Now go in the courtyard through the blasted wall and in the building just left
of the Tiger tank (with the Biogermine advertisement above it). Get the health
and grenades if you need them, then shoot all the soldiers in the street
ahead. Proceed down the street and take care of the guards in the buildings,
as you did before in the first part of the village. You'll eventually see the
church ahead, but the road is once again barricaded. Enter the house on the
left side of the street, just where the brick fence passing in front of the
church ends. Go through the house and exit in the back to find a path outside.

       CHECKPOINT  |  The Neberwerfer Hunt - The church  |  CHECKPOINT

Follow this path (stay crouched) and face the church. Take out the soldiers
manning the MG42s in the church with your Springfield. Then approach the
church through the cemetery and more guards will come from the left and right,
so watch out. Continue and you can enter the church from the back to find two
first aid kits within (and more soldiers). Now exit the church and pass behind
it to rejoin the road. Continue down the road.

    CHECKPOINT  |  The Nebelwerfer Hunt - Nebelwerfer field  |  CHECKPOINT

Well, just ahead is a big clearing with the four Neberwerfers 41. Start by
sniping all the MG42 gunners ahead (two in bunkers, two behind sandbags). When
it seems safe enough, wait for the Nebelwerfers to fire a barrage, then run on
the left side, following the hedge. You'll find the first cannon next to a
bunker. Plant an explosive behind it and get away. One down, three to go. You
can enter the bunker to find a first aid kit and a couple canteens.

Now there's barbed wire all around and you can't get to the other cannons from
the back, so go back to the road. There's a minefield in front of the cannons
as well, so you can't go that way either. Wait near the ruins for the cannons
to fire a few times (you should be safe there) and a few more soldiers will
appear. Kill them then wait a moment for the cannons to fire again. After they
do sprint on the road to the other side of the clearing. The Nebelwerfers
shouldn't hit you.

When you reach a barricade turn left and go to the bunker ahead. Behind the
bunker are some trenches, kill all the soldiers within. In the bunker are a
couple canteens also. Now you have free access to the remaining cannons, so go
through the trenches and plant a time bomb behind each of the three cannons.
Mission accomplished!

OBJECTIVE COMPLETED : Locate and destroy the Nebelwerfers.

- ----------------------------------------------- ----------------------------

   CHECKPOINT  |  Briefing 4 - Behind Enemy Lines - Starting  |  CHECKPOINT

 ---------------------- ---------------------
|  [PART 1: Rendezvous with the Resistance]  |
|  [PART 2: Diverting the Enemy]             |
|  [PART 3: The Command Postorpool]          |

      --------------- --------------------------------------------
     |  [MISSION 4]  |  [PART 1: Rendezvous with the Resistance]  |
----- --------------- -------------------------------------------- -----------
This is a short level, with few enemies. Quite strange considering what you
went through in mission 3. Anyway, you'll also have to rescue and protect
someone, so you must still be careful. The hardest part is near the end where
you'll face a couple MG42s, but this should be nothing you can't handle by
now. You start mission 4 equipped with a Colt 45, M1 Garand and grenades.
Better find some better weapons...

        |  Mission Orders  |
         ------------------ -----------------------------------------
        |  Rendezvous with the Resistance - Normandy, France         |
        |  June 22, 1944                                             |
        |                                                            |
        |  You'll be working alone on this mission, Powell. As an    |
        |  OSS agent you'll have to get used to the idea of being    |
        |  out there on your own in enemy territory. The main        |
        |  purpose of this phase of the mission is to get you to a   |
        |  Resistance safehouse in St. Ebremont, south of St. Lo,    |
        |  and very deep behind enemy lines. Unfortunately, there's  |
        |  a bit of a catch to this mission. We received some bad    |
        |  news today, and you're going to be taking care of it on   |
        |  your way there.                                           |
        |                                                            |
        |  One of our recon planes went down today in your mission   |
        |  area, carrying an Allied G3 Operations Officer and his    |
        |  pilot. If you find either one of them, get them to a      |
        |  Resistance safehouse for extraction and debriefing. The   |
        |  Germans could score a major intelligence coup in our men  |
        |  fall into their hands.                                    |
        |                                                            |
        |  When you reach your destination, you'll receive more      |
        |  mission details from your Resistance contact. Her name    |
        |  is Manon Batiste.                                         |
        |                                                            |
        |                                                            |
        |                                        Stanley Hargrove    |
        |                                      Colonel, U. S. Army,  |
        |                                           Commanding.      |

   CHECKPOINT  |  Rendezvous with the Resistance - Starting  |  CHECKPOINT

NEW OBJECTIVE       : Locate the downed G3 pilot.
NEW OBJECTIVE       : Escort the pilot to the Maquis hideout.
NEW ITEM            : Binoculars

Follow the road and kill the two guards ahead. Keep going and take a left at
the intersection to see the crashed plane. Kill the three officers holding the
pilot captive. He'll get up and get himself a weapon.

 CHECKPOINT  |  Rendezvous with the Resistance - Downed plane  |  CHECKPOINT

OBJECTIVE COMPLETED : Locate the downed G3 pilot.

|  G3 PILOT  |
 ------------ ------------ --------------------------------------------------
|  Lt. Joe Baylor - MP40  |  COMMENTS : The pilot can take care of himself,  |
|                         |  so getting him back to the Maquis base should   |
|                         |  be no problem. Remember that you'll fail the    |
|                         |  mission if he is killed.                        |
 ----------------------- ----------------------------------------------------

Now go back to the intersection. You'll see a barricade, and left of that
barricade a small path. Follow this path and take care of soldiers guarding
it. When you reach a house, enter it by climbing up the stairs and take care
of anyone inside. You'll find health and ammo, and you should be able to grab
yourself an MP40. Also go out on the front porch and dispatch the sentries
outside. You'll see a field ahead with a small house at the end. If you go
behind that house you can find a canteen, rifle ammo and a grenade besides a
crate if you need them. Finally go back to the first house and look on the
back for a stairway leading to the basement. Kill the soldiers inside and get
their booty: a first aid kit, canteen, rifle ammo and two grenades. So when
you'de done in this area go to the road and follow it north until you reach
another barricade.

   CHECKPOINT  |  Rendezvous with the Resistance - Road bend  |  CHECKPOINT

Turn left and follow that other road. You can throw a grenade at the guards
that have their backs turned to you. Follow the road until you reach some kind
of fortifications. Carefully dispatch all the guards along the rest of the
road leading to the church ahead. Watch out for two MG42s, you can throw
grenades at them to easily take them out. Once all the enemies are dead
quickly run up the road to the MG42 nearest to the church entrance.

 CHECKPOINT  |  Rendezvous with the Resistance - Uphill battle  |  CHECKPOINT

You can get a first aid kit, grenades and SMG ammo near the MG42. Then use it
to kill the soldiers aboard the incoming truck from the road. Next go ahead
and enter the church through the front doors. Kill all the soldiers in this
holy place, then go to the altar at the end. On the right side of it is a
button, so push it to uncover a hatch in the floor below the altar. Climb down
the ladder and follow the tunnel to reach the Maquis hideout and meet with
Manon. She'll strip you of all your noisy guns and leave you only an OSS

OBJECTIVE COMPLETED : Escort the pilot to the Maquis hideout.

      --------------- ---------------------------------
     |  [MISSION 4]  |  [PART 2: Diverting the Enemy]  |
----- --------------- --------------------------------- ----------------------
Again, not a difficult level to complete, but much longer than the last. Since
you'll get to snipe most of the enemies, you won't be doing much close quarter
combat. You'll also start with an OSS Pistol, but I really didn't see much
point in using it. Unlike what Manon says, this is hardly a stealth mission. I
mean, you even get to blow up tanks and stuff.

        |  Mission Orders  |
         ------------------ -----------------------------------------
        |  Diverting the Enemy - Normandy, France                    |
        |  June 12, 1944. *                                          |
        |                                                            |
        |  Bonsoir, mon ami! Colonel Hargrove has spoken highly of   |
        |  you. Remember that covert OSS missions are different      |
        |  from the frontline combat you're used to. Stealth and     |
        |  surprise are your best weapons. Don't forget your Hi-     |
        |  Standard silenced pistol. It's small, lightweight, and    |
        |  accurate to about fifteen yards. Always make sure you     |
        |  get close and aim for the head.                           |
        |                                                            |
        |  Your final destination is a command post in an occupied   |
        |  French estate. But before you can infiltrate the post,    |
        |  we must create distractions to draw some of the troops    |
        |  away. There are two locations best suited for the task.   |
        |  The first is a nearby tank park, where a few well placed  |
        |  explosives will incapacitate their tanks for at least     |
        |  two week while they await repairs and parts. Also, the    |
        |  Germans frequently run supply trucks through a            |
        |  checkpoint here. If you see one of these trucks, try to   |
        |  atow away by jumping in the back. This should get you     |
        |  into the tank park undetected.                            |
        |                                                            |
        |  The second and most important location is a small train   |
        |  depot where a much needed supply train will be passing    |
        |  through tonight. Switch the tracks so the train enters    |
        |  the repair lane at the station. Plant your explosives     |
        |  on the lane barrier. When the train runs into it, the     |
        |  explosives will detonate.                                 |
        |                                                            |
        |  Finally, there's a small truck garage at the station.     |
        |  An old friend of mine is posing as a German supply truck  |
        |  driver, and will be waiting for you. He knows the way     |
        |  to the estate, and will be able to drive you past the     |
        |  remaining perimeter patrols. Look for his signal when     |
        |  you get to the garage. Bon chance, mon ami!               |
        |                                                            |
        |  - Manon                                                   |
* The date should actually read June 22, 1944. Bad Manon.

         CHECKPOINT  |  Diverting the Enemy - Starting  |  CHECKPOINT

NEW OBJECTIVE       : Infiltrate the tank park.
NEW ITEM            : Radio bombs

As soon as the level starts, you'll see a truck going down the road besides
you. Follow the truck to the checkpoint, but stay on the right side of the
road so the guard doesn't see you. When you get close, walk (don't run) into
the back of the truck. Stay hidden in there and the truck will take you right
into the tank park unnoticed.

OBJECTIVE COMPLETED : Infiltrate the tank park.
NEW OBJECTIVE       : Bomb tiger tanks. [3 remaining]

Exit the truck and to your left will be a Tiger tank. Eliminate the guards in
the area, then plant a radio bomb behind the tank. Also next to the tank are
two tents. The first one is empty but the second one contains a first aid kit.
Past the second tent is another Tiger tank, so go plant a bomb behind it. Now
turn around, go past the first tank and the truck, turn left past the tent and
you'll find the last Tiger tank. Go behind and set a charge. Get away from the
tanks before they explode.

NEW OBJECTIVE       : Switch the tracks at the first junction.

Past the final Tiger tank you bombed is a hole in the fence, protected by
sandbags. Get the KAR98 sniper rifle and the rifle ammo there. Then jump over
the sandbags and go down to the railroad track. Turn right and follow the
track, taking care of any threat with your KAR98.

         CHECKPOINT  |  Diverting the Enemy - Railroad  |  CHECKPOINT

Now the switch should be just ahead of you, but before going any closer snipe
the two guards in a bunker ahead. With the area safe go forward and use the

OBJECTIVE COMPLETED : Switch the tracks at the first junction.
NEW OBJECTIVE       : Find a way into the train station.

Continue and follow the left track into the tunnel. You can grab a medicinal
canteen on a crate.

          CHECKPOINT  |  Diverting the Enemy - Tunnel  |  CHECKPOINT

You'll see an opening into the right wall. Peek inside it and a soldier will
use an MG42 to shoot at you, so quickly step back outside. Wait a moment and
look again, he should no longer be at the MG42 (scared of you perhaps?). If he
still is, you'll have to shoot him from there. In any case, go through the
door left of the MG42. Inside the bunker you'll find a box of grenades, and
also a canteen in the sleeping quarters (through another door). Now exit the
bunker back into the tunnel.

On the other side of the tunnel you'll have to snipe a few more guards (you
can use the exploding barrels to your advantage). Follow the track and when
you see a path in the right mountain wall take it. You'll reach a compound
with a search light, but you don't have a clear shot at the guard from there.
So go ahead and go through the opening in the fence, while avoiding the light.
It's pretty easy as the light searches the area in a circular motion. Just
watch the pattern. Once there move so you have a shot at the guard up there
behind the search light and get rid of him.

Now go through the double door and shoot the guards inside. In the radio room
on the right is a first aid kit. At the T junction turn left and go up the
stairs at the end of the hallway. Go through the door in this room and you'll
be back outside. Run up to the MG42 behind the search light and use it to
dispatch the soldiers coming ahead. When you're done turn around and go
through the door at the end of this small passageway. In the room you'll find
another first aid kit on the shelves. Exit the room through the other door and
you'll have to kill a few soldiers through the window in the next room. Use
the sniper rifle if you need. Go in the hallway at the back of the room and
you'll find an elevator at the end. Use the button to ride it down.

       CHECKPOINT  |  Diverting the Enemy - Underground  |  CHECKPOINT

Exit the elevator and follow the underground passage, taking care of the
sentries along the way. You'll also find a canteen and two grenades in an
office. Go up the stairs at the end of the passage, then up the stairs in the
next room. Go through the doorway, past the exit of the building and you'll
find a first aid kit and two more grenades in the room (watch out for a dog).
Then go outside through the doorway.

OBJECTIVE COMPLETED : Find a way into the train station.
NEW OBJECTIVE       : Plant explosives on the track barrier.

Snipe any guards around and follow the tracks southward, passing under a
bridge. Plant an explosive at the end of the right track, on the barrier.

OBJECTIVE COMPLETED : Plant explosives on the track barrier.
NEW OBJECTIVE       : Get to the control tower and switch the tracks.

Cross the tracks and go up the stairs (or ramp). In the first house to your
left you can find a first aid kit. Go past this house and onto the bridge
above the tracks. Inside the control tower on the right you'll find the
switch you're looking for.

OBJECTIVE COMPLETED : Get to the control tower and switch the tracks.
NEW OBJECTIVE       : Get into the back of the Opel truck.

Exit the control tower and turn left. Straight ahead you'll see the truck
waiting for you, so go on and climb in the back. A few soldiers will attack
you as the truck goes for the exit gate, so watch out.

OBJECTIVE COMPLETED : Get into the back of the Opel truck.

      --------------- ------------------------------
     |  [MISSION 4]  |  [PART 3: The Command Post]  |
----- --------------- --------------------------------- ----------------------
This level can be rather tough if you're not careful. Charge recklessly and
you will quickly find yourself overwhelmed against the multitude of soldiers
guarding the mansion. Slow and methodical is the way to go. Make good use of
your sniper rifle and be sure to always shut down alarms as quickly as
possible. You'll also get a Winshester Shotgun for this level, which is
wonderful in close quarters (ie in the mansion) but pathetically useless at
any range other than this. So keep that in mind if you decide to use it.

       |  Mission Orders  |
        ------------------ -------------------------------------------
       |  The Command Post - Normandy, France                         |
       |  June 22, 1944.                                              |
       |                                                              |
       |  Tres bien, Powell! While the enemy is busy with the         |
       |  mess you left behind, you'll have time to finish the        |
       |  mission. But be careful! The area is still well guarded,    |
       |  and you'll have to choose your fights carefully. You'll     |
       |  get a Winchester Riot Shotgun for this mission; I hope      |
       |  Henri - your driver - remembered to give you some extra     |
       |  shells to go with it. It should prove quite useful          |
       |  indoors. The inner gate to the estate is quite heavily      |
       |  defended, so I advise you to take some time to see if       |
       |  there are other ways to get past it quietly.                |
       |                                                              |
       |  Once you're past the inner gate, send a false communique    |
       |  by radio to direct a shipment of Kar 98K rifles to          |
       |  Courson. Of course, the Resistance will intercept the       |
       |  shipment before it actually gets there. Next, you need      |
       |  to find any maps with their battle plans for the St. Lo     |
       |  region. Finally, there should be a troop and supply         |
       |  manifest that will show exactly what they are deploying     |
       |  to this area.                                               |
       |                                                              |
       |  We're still not sure whether that new heavy tank Colonel    |
       |  Hargrove mentioned is in the compound or not. It should     |
       |  be quite obvious, as it will be quite larger than the       |
       |  standard Tiger or Panzer tank. If you see one, try to       |
       |  find some documentation. Once you have everything, get      |
       |  to the stone bridge past the front gate. I'll have a        |
       |  vehicle ready to pick you up. Prepare for heavy             |
       |  resistance after you get past the fence. This is not a      |
       |  stealth mission-- you won't be able to keep your presence   |
       |  secret once you get to the Manor House, so I expect you'll  |
       |  have to neutralize quite a large number of the enemy to     |
       |  complete your mission. Je vous verrai bientot!              |
       |                                                              |
       |  -Manon                                                      |

          CHECKPOINT  |  The Command Post - Starting  |  CHECKPOINT

NEW OBJECTIVE       : Infiltrate the perimeter.

The guards will let the truck pass through and Henri will park it in front of
a barn.

     CHECKPOINT  |  The Command Post - Into the lion's den  |  CHECKPOINT

When he does, get out and enter the barn through the door on the right. You
can grab several first aid kits from a table. When ready, go to the other end
of the barn and exit through the doorway. Snipe any guards in the vicinity
with your KAR 98. Straight ahead, across the road are a couple AA guns. Go
near them and turn right (you should be facing west). Go forward and in the
tent you'll find another first aid kit. Continue past the tent, and look
further down the road from besides the brick fence (just behind the tent).
You'll see two guards behind a MG42, one near an alarm switch, and one in a
watch tower further behind. Snipe them all (start with the officer near the
alarm switch so he doesn't use it).

When the path is cleared go ahead and search the three tents to find health,
grenades and SMG ammo. Follow the road into the next area and you'll see a
Panzer in a hangar. Pass behind this hangar to reach the perimeter fence.
Snipe any other guards you see from here. When ready go through the opening in
the fence.

OBJECTIVE COMPLETED : Infiltrate the perimeter.
NEW OBJECTIVE       : Send the false comminique. *
NEW OBJECTIVE       : Steal the troop manifest.
NEW OBJECTIVE       : Steal the battle plans.
* This is a typo in the game, not made by me.

Just to your left you'll see a Tiger tank (it's quite big), so approach it.

NEW OBJECTIVE       : Gather any intelligence on the new Tiger tank.

Now head east and go behind the mansion (following the perimeter fence). Keep
heading east until you can't and turn left (now facing north). You'll see
a guard besides an alarm switch, so put a bullet in his head. Past the alarm
switch is a back door into the house, so go through it. From here on I won't
mention any guards in the mansion, because it all depends on if you set off
alarms or not, who heard you, etc. Just take care of anyone in your way, and
shut down alarms whenever you can. A silent approach can work, but is not
really worth it. Take your time and clear each room before proceeding.

In the first room on your right are some chests and paintings, but nothing of
interest. Go down the hallway and take the doorway on the left to enter a
library. You can take the first aid kit on the table, then head upstairs. Go
around the balcony and through the red double doors in the north wall. Again
go upstairs and you'll find the battle plans on a table in the top room.

      CHECKPOINT  |  The Command Post - Battles unplanned  |  CHECKPOINT

OBJECTIVE COMPLETED : Steal the battle plans.

Go back downstairs and exit into the library. This time go through the doorway
on your right to find yourself in a small hallway. Behind the first door on
the right is a bedroom with nothing special. But through the other door at the
end is a sleeping quarter where you can find some explosives. Cool. Now go
back to the library again and go downstairs. Go through the doorway in front
of you and turn left. Follow the hallway to find yourself back outside.

Go forward and turn left past the alarm switch (you should be facing south).
Go into the house ahead through the double door. Just as you enter turn left
and go through the doorway into a small room with a fireplace. Go through the
door on your right and down the stairs into a basement, which is a sleeping
quarter for the guards. You'll find a canteen and a box of grenades, and the
King Tiger field manual on a table.

        CHECKPOINT  |  The Command Post - Plans stolen  |  CHECKPOINT

OBJECTIVE COMPLETED : Gather any intelligence on the new Tiger tank.

Go upstairs to get out of the basement and go back to the first room you
entered (with the large brick fireplace). Go past the fireplace and through
the doorway in the west wall. Go up the stairs in the next room to find a
hallway. Ignore the bathroom on your left, but you can find a canteen in the
bedroom through the next door. Continue down the hallway, and ignore the next
room which is also empty. Finally go through the door at the end of the hall-
way and you'll find a radio in the room. Use it to send the false communique.

   CHECKPOINT  |  The Command Post - Radio Free Manor House  |  CHECKPOINT

OBJECTIVE COMPLETED : Send the false comminique.

Exit this house the exact same way you came in (through the double door). Once
outside turn left and up ahead you'll see the King Tiger tank from before. Go
ahead and plant an explosive behind it to blow it up. Then follow the peri-
meter fence northward and you'll reach a second King Tiger. Blow it up as
well. Next head east and you'll see another house. Enter it from the door on
the right side. Beyond the first door on the left is nothing of interest and
the bathroom on the right is equally empty. Just follow the hallway to reach
the entrance hall.

You can go in the laundry room straight ahead to find a first aid kit. Then go
back to the entrance hall and head upstairs, and left. Follow the hallway to
enter a dining room. Go through the door at the far end to find an office with
pistol ammo, a canteen and the troop manifest.

      CHECKPOINT  |  The Command Post - Troops Manifested  |  CHECKPOINT

OBJECTIVE COMPLETED : Steal the troop manifest.
NEW OBJECTIVE       : Escape and meet up with Manon.
NEW ITEM            : Troop manifest (don't ask me, it's right in the corner)

Now go back to the main hall and exit through the double door downstairs. Take
care of any remaining guards outside and head north. You'll see that the main
gate is now open. Follow the road beyond and take care of any guards in the
way. Also watch out for more guards and dogs that will attack behind you. You
have to keep pressing forward as guards will always keep coming anyway. Once
you reach the stone bridge cross it to find Manon and a truck waiting for you
to get you out of here. Climb in the back to finish the mission!

OBJECTIVE COMPLETED : Escape and meet up with Manon.

Here's your reward if you destroyed the two King Tiger tanks with the stolen

                |  MEDAL AWARDED : [The Good Conduct Medal]  |
 --------------- -------------------------------------------- ---------------
|  For dedicated service in the armed forces while the United States was at  |
|    war, and for displaying conspicuous initiative on June 22, 1944. Lt.    |
|    Mike Powell, 2nd Ranger Bn., singlehandedly destroyed two King Tiger    |
|    tanks while on a special intelligence gathering mission for the OSS.    |

- ------------------------------------------------- --------------------------

    CHECKPOINT  |  Briefing 5 - Day of the Tiger - Starting  |  CHECKPOINT

 ---------------------- ------------------
|  [PART 1: Sniper's Last Stand]          |
|  [PART 2: The Hunt for the King Tiger]  |
|  [PART 3: The Bridge]                   |

      --------------- ---------------------------------
     |  [MISSION 5]  |  [PART 1: Sniper's Last Stand]  |
----- --------------- --------------------------------- ----------------------
This is an incredibly long, two-parts level, that a lot of people seem to hate
because it's also quite hard. As the name suggests, your main enemies will be
snipers. Lots and lots of snipers. The trick to getting through alive is,
well, quicksave often. I'm hoping the walkthrough will help you through, but
unless you know exactly where every sniper and soldier is, you'll likely get
hit quite often. Be patient, save often and be the better sniper.

 ------   As you visit the many houses in this level, you'll often find
| NOTE |  dressers in them. Most of them have a soldier hiding in it, that can
 ------   bust through to attack you. Be mindful of that.

        |  Mission Orders  |
         ------------------ -----------------------------------------
        |  Sniper's Last Stand - Brittany, France                    |
        |  August 20, 1944.                                          |
        |                                                            |
        |  Our latest field reports say that a King Tiger is         |
        |  undergoing minor maintenance and tread repairs in a       |
        |  small town about ten miles from Brest. Your tank crew     |
        |  has been released from its duties in the  6th and has     |
        |  standing orders to rendezvous with you in this town.      |
        |  Frequent contact with German snipers was reported by      |
        |  soldiers from the 28th moving through the area, so I      |
        |  can't be more specific as to the crew's location -        |
        |  they'll find a safe spot to take cover until you find     |
        |  them.                                                     |
        |                                                            |
        |  Now for the hard part. The Germans have the tank well     |
        |  guarded in a highly defensible position -somewhere near   |
        |  the local town hall. Capture and clear out that town      |
        |  hall, and get your crew safely to the King Tiger.         |
        |                                                            |
        |  The town's been shelled heavily for over a week,          |
        |  creating the ideal terrain for enemy snipers to prey      |
        |  upon our troops. You'll be hunting some truly skilled     |
        |  snipers amongst the rubble, so move carefully and take    |
        |  your time.                                                |
        |                                                            |
        |  Good luck, Lieutenant. This veteran crew has seen plenty  |
        |  of fellow Shermans annihilated by German Tigers on the    |
        |  battlefield, and they're very eager to return the favor.  |
        |                                                            |
        |                                                            |
        |                                        Stanley Hargrove    |
        |                                      Colonel, U. S. Army,  |
        |                                           Commanding.      |

   CHECKPOINT  |  Sniper's Last Stand - Outskirts - Starting  |  CHECKPOINT

NEW OBJECTIVE       : Locate the bazooka team.
NEW OBJECTIVE       : Get past the gate into the rest of the town.
NEW OBJECTIVE       : Proceed to the south edge of town.

Proceed forward and follow the path. Around the corner, you'll meet the first
sniper. He's in a window on the second floor of the house at the end of the
path. Then go ahead and you'll meet three Allied soldiers who were separated
from their squad, in the ruins to your left.

|  28th REGIMENT (?) |
 -------------------- -- ----------------------------------------------------
|  Captain Parish -     |  COMMENTS : Those three were separated from their  |
|  Thompson             |  squad, and will lend you their help throughout    |
|  ????? - M1 Garand    |  this level. They die quite easily however, so be  |
|  ????? - M1 Garand    |  careful they don't try to take on snipers alone.  |
 ----------------------- ----------------------------------------------------

Now go to the right side of the street and look ahead, to the left of the car.
Slowly move forward and you'll see a sniper hiding behind the archways of the
house's first floor. Kill him and proceed forward (keep hugging the right
wall) and stop just where the wall ends so you can see the rest of the street
from this corner. Look southwest and you'll see a house with two windows. Take
care of the two snipers in there (if possible, start by sniping the one in the
right window before he can see you and move out of sight). Then turn right and
you'll see some stairs on the right. Get out your Thompson and climb them up,
then shoot the sniper on the second floor (now's also a good time to shoot the
second sniper in the house ahead if you couldn't before). Get the canteen in
the room if you need it (don't walk too close to the opening in the wall) and
climb back down the stairs.

           |  Sniper's Last Stand - Outskirts - Rain in the eyes  |

Go forward and just around the corner of the wall, look to the right. Further
up the street you'll see a large tree with a car at its base. On the roof of
the house behind this tree is a sniper (just right of the tree). Quickly shoot
him before he can shoot you. Then look south across the street. You'll see a
stairway going up between two houses. Cross the street and head up those
stairs. Enter the bedroom through the doorway, but stay crouched! There is a
canteen on the desk with a mirror in the room, and two windows, to the left
and right of it. Approach the right window so that you're centered behind it
and look southwest. You will see a sniper in a window, so shoot him (he should
have trouble hitting you from your position). Then strafe left slightly (while
still looking southwest) and you'll see another sniper through a breached
wall, on the second floor of a house right across the street. If not, wait a
while, he'll show up eventually. Once he's dead get the canteen.

   CHECKPOINT  |  Sniper's Last Stand - Outskirts - Downpour  |  CHECKPOINT

Now exit this room and go back down the stairs to reach the street. Turn left
(face west) and go forward. Stay on the right side of the street and you'll
soon reach some stairs going down. Follow this small brick path and ahead
you'll see a ruined house (only part of the front wall remains standing). Just
by the doorway is a first aid kit. Also, left of this ruined house is a sniper
hiding in a small alley (hard to see because of the bushes). You can shoot him
with your Thompson before he can react.

Now continue until the small brick path ends. Look southeast and you should
barely see a tower ahead (zoom with your sniper rifle). At the top of this
tower is a window with a sniper behind it, so shoot him. If you have trouble
seeing him because of the fog, just move forward slightly. There's also a
large tree who may be blocking your view, so move around if needed. Anyway,
keep moving southeast and go through the breached fence. Follow the street
south, staying close to the house on the right. Just around the corner, look
west and you'll see a sniper in a window in the house up ahead, so quickly
shoot him. Then look southwest to see a doorway up some stairs. Watch this
doorway and a soldier should eventually come through. Shoot him. Meanwhile,
the others will rejoin two of their lost squadmates.

|  28th REGIMENT (?) |
 -------------------- -- ----------------------------------------------------
|  Private Hill - M1    |  COMMENTS : All right, more help. They're just as  |
|  Private Finn - M1    |  weak as the others, so protect them the best you  |
|                       |  can. If the three others from the beginning are   |
|                       |  still with you, you now have a 5-men squad!       |
 ----------------------- ----------------------------------------------------

Face west and proceed forward then go in the doorway on your right. Take care
of the sniper at the top of the stairs with your Thompson, then head upstairs
yourself. Enter the next room and kill the other sniper within. There is also
a canteen and some grenades next to the window the sniper was watching.

 CHECKPOINT  |  Sniper's Last Stand - Outskirts - Scope soaked  |  CHECKPOINT

When you're done, exit this house through the collapsed wall (east wall). Turn
right, and you can look behind the stone wall Hill and Finn were hiding for a
first aid kit. Then proceed down the street (west direction), but stay close
to the left wall. Look to the northwest and you'll see a sniper watching on
the second floor of a house (through a breached wall). Snipe him and continue
west until you see some stairs to your left. Climb them up and shoot the last
sniper in this part of the level. In this room is also the bazooka team, but
they're all dead... Oh well, take their bazooka, rockets and the canteen, at

 CHECKPOINT  |  Sniper's Last Stand - Outskirts - Muddy depths  |  CHECKPOINT

OBJECTIVE COMPLETED : Locate the bazooka team.

Go back downstairs, and turn left (facing west). Go forward through the
doorway and turn left again to see a wooden gate. Try to use the gate and it
will say "Find a way through the gate". This is simple enough. Wait there for
about 30 seconds and three German soldiers will come open it for you! Dispatch
them all with your Thompson and go through the now open gate.

OBJECTIVE COMPLETED : Get past the gate into the rest of the town.

Simply go through the tunnel and walk into the street beyond. A plane will
crash in the house just behind you! You're halfway there...

OBJECTIVE COMPLETED : Proceed to the south edge of town.

   CHECKPOINT  |  Sniper's Last Stand - City Hall - Starting  |  CHECKPOINT

NEW OBJECTIVE       : Find the tank crew.
NEW OBJECTIVE       : Defeat the Panzer tank.
NEW OBJECTIVE       : Keep the tank crew alive and infiltrate city hall.
NEW OBJECTIVE       : Steal the King Tiger with the tank crew.

Turn around and a medic from the tank crew will meet with you. Follow him in
the house to see Sergeant Hammon by a window.

|  6th REGIMENT (?) |
 ------------------- ----------- --------------------------------------------
|  Sergeant Hammon - BAR        |  COMMENTS : As soon as two of them die,    |
|  T/2 Engineer Campbell - BAR  |  you'll fail the mission, so make sure to  |
|  T/4 Medic Glenn - no weapon  |  keep them out of harm's way. The medic    |
|                               |  is quite useful because he'll give you    |
|                               |  and his squadmates first aid when you     |
|                               |  (or they) are hurt.                       |
 ------------------------------- --------------------------------------------

OBJECTIVE COMPLETED : Find the tank crew.

Now look through that window, in the southwest direction. Get out your
Springfield and snipe the soldiers coming from the street ahead. Shortly after
the Panzer tank will follow behind.

 CHECKPOINT  |  Sniper's Last Stand - City Hall - Panzer 'Oust  |  CHECKPOINT

Use your bazooka and fire three rockets (at least) at the Panzer before it can
get too close.

OBJECTIVE COMPLETED : Defeat the Panzer tank.

With the tank destroyed, wait safely inside while some Stukas make a few
bombing runs in the street. You can find some more rockets in the room
meanwhile. When it looks safe, exit the house to be back on the street.
Follow the street by hugging the right wall. Soon you'll reach the corner of a
house and find yourself atop a pile of rubble (there are a few wooden beams on
it). Look east and you'll find a sniper on the rooftop so take him out. Then
look south around the corner and there will be soldiers coming out of a house
ahead. Snipe them as well.

Now keep going forward, staying close to the right wall still. When you reach
the corner of the house, look slightly to your right and you'll spot a sniper
in some ruins ahead. When he's dead look southwest to see a building named
'Hotel'. Look through the breached wall on the third floor to take out the
snipers up there. Now look south again and you'll see a doorway in the
building (where some soldiers came through earlier). Go through that doorway
and climb the stairs beyond. Take out the sniper in the first room to your
right, then climb the next stairs to the third floor. Take out the other
sniper in the room at the top, and get the first aid kit and grenades as
needed. When you're done here go back to the street outside.

Turn left, go forward a little and turn left again (now facing south). You'll
see a house with a balcony. There may be a sniper on the rooftop of that
house, so be careful. Now follow the street (southwest), passing left of the
Hotel. Just around the corner you'll see some soldiers coming out of the left
side of the Hotel, so shoot them. Then move forward a bit and look south to
see a tower in the distance. Just like before, shoot the sniper in the top
window. Now get out your Thompson and enter the Hotel through the doorway
ahead to take care of the soldiers inside. First clear out the first floor,
then go upstairs and clear the second floor. Just don't enter the smaller
bedroom beyond the doorway, you'll be sniped. For now exit the Hotel the way
you came in.

Face west and go by the Hotel's corner. Look ahead (and slightly to the right)
across the street. There is a small fence between two houses. Behind this
fence is a sniper. Get him before he sees you. Then go across the street and
look to the northeast (well, more like NNE). There is a sniper in the attic of
the house ahead. There is also a sniper on the third floor of the Hotel, so be
careful. Once everyone's been taken care of, head north on the street.

          |  Sniper's Last Stand - City Hall - Sniping from below  |

Stay close to the left wall and move forward. There will be some soldiers in
the house to the northeast. Keep moving forward, staying near the left wall
until you see a staircase. Climb it up and kill all the soldiers in the house.
You can also find a box of MG ammo if you need some. Exit this house and turn
around (facing west). You'll see a tower with a window, again a perfect hiding
spot for a sniper. Step back until you can see the head of the sniper inside
and shoot him.

Now follow the street north. Go into the next house by climbing up a small
step of stairs on the right side of the street. In this house are a couple of
soldiers and a first aid kit. When ready exit the house through the breach in
the west wall. Follow the street northwest and take care of a sniper in a
window ahead. Keep going west and around the corner take care of all the
soldiers coming at you. There will also be some on the bridge and maybe a
sniper on a roof to the northwest. When the area is cleared, proceed north and
pass under the bridge.

     |  Sniper's Last Stand - City Hall - Moving in on the King Tiger  |

Look to the northeast to see a house with a balcony. Quickly kill the soldiers
that will come out onto it. Then look north to see a doorway. Go through it
and up the stairs. Get rid of the sniper in the room on the right, then go
through the left passageway. Go to the end of the next room and look east.
You'll see two soldiers on a balcony for you to dispatch. Then stay in this
room and take care of all the soldiers coming through the double door north of
you. Some may be coming from the floor below as well. When ready go into the
next room through the breach in the north wall.

OBJECTIVE COMPLETED : Keep the tank crew alive and infiltrate city hall.

Watch out for a soldier on the right, then exit this room through the double
door. Kill any remaining soldiers in the city hall's, uh, main hall. Go
downstairs, turn left and go through the double door. Kill all the soldiers
barricaded within this room. Turn left and exit outside through the open door.
Kill anyone guarding the King Tiger and go down besides it. Wait for the crew
to arrive to finally finish this level. Finally!

OBJECTIVE COMPLETED : Steal the King Tiger with the tank crew.

If you managed to save the three members of the tank crew (all the others
don't matter), you'll be rewarded with this medal:

             |  MEDAL AWARDED : [Distinguished Service Medal]  |
 ------------ ------------------------------------------------- -------------
|    For exceptionally meritorious service to the government in a duty of    |
|    great responsibility on August 20, 1944. Lt. Mike Powell, 2nd Ranger    |
|  Bn., despite heavy enemy sniper activity, safeguarded the passage of all  |
|    three members of a special tank crew through the streets of Landeau,    |
|                                near Brest.                                 |

      --------------- -----------------------------------------
     |  [MISSION 5]  |  [PART 2: The Hunt for the King Tiger]  |
----- --------------- ----------------------------------------- --------------
Need to vent some frustration after getting through the sniper level? Well,
you'll have the perfect opportunity, as you now get to drive the King Tiger
tank! Cackle with insane glee as you blow up everything in sight and run over
the helpless German troops. I don't care what they say, revenge IS sweet. This
is a rather short, two-parts level, and you won't have much to worry about
except enemy tanks. Enjoy it while it lasts.

        |  Mission Orders  |
         ------------------ -----------------------------------------
        |  The Hunt for the King Tiger - Brittany, France            |
        |  August 20, 1944                                           |
        |                                                            |
        |  Good job, Powell. You're on a road to Brest that will     |
        |  take you through villages still held by enemy forces,     |
        |  so don't relax just yet. The King Tiger has tremendous    |
        |  firepower and more armor than any tank built to date,     |
        |  but it's a slow moving target that's vulnerable to all    |
        |  kinds of attacks. The major threats you have to watch     |
        |  for are Tiger I and Panzer IV tanks, panzerschreck        |
        |  teams, and the 88mm field gun.                            |
        |                                                            |
        |  The Tiger I is the precursor to the tank you're in now -  |
        |  it has less armor but the same gun and the same engine.   |
        |  Your best chances of killing it lie in hitting it first.  |
        |  That'll disorient its crew and give your men time to      |
        |  reload while the enemy crew is recovering. Panzerschreck  |
        |  teams will hide in buildings, waiting for you to roll     |
        |  by before attacking. Blast those buildings quickly to     |
        |  be safe. Don't worry about civilians - by now, no one     |
        |  but the enemy will be occupying these shelled out         |
        |  villages.                                                 |
        |                                                            |
        |  The 88mm field gun is a stationary emplacement you've     |
        |  seen before, in the bocage. Their crews rely on           |
        |  camouflage to stay out of your sight, waiting to fire     |
        |  at the right moment. Watch the road ahead very closely    |
        |  for these guns.                                           |
        |                                                            |
        |                                                            |
        |                                        Stanley Hargrove    |
        |                                      Colonel, U. S. Army,  |
        |                                           Commanding.      |

CHECKPOINT  |  The Hunt for the King Tiger - Destroyed Village  |  CHECKPOINT

NEW OBJECTIVE       : Escape with the King Tiger tank.

First, take some time to learn the controls. They aren't very complicated, but
since the turret turns independently from the tank, it might take a little
practice to get used to. The Jump key is particularly useful to get the tank
aligned with the direction you're looking at. Also note that it takes the crew
a considerable time to reload the cannon, so you can only fire once every few

Start by moving forward, going past the village gates (or through them, heh).
A German will attack you with a Panzerschreck from the building ahead so blast
him. Turn north on the road and another will shoot rockets at you from a
house. Destroy the house and follow the road, then turn west, stopping behind
the telephone posts. You'll see a 88mm gun behind the bend in the road ahead,
so blast it from there. Go forward (watch out for a Panzerschreck in a house
on your right) and blast the halftrack coming from the road. Keep going west
and turn south on the road.

Follow the road and at the next bend you'll be attacked by a Panzer. Quickly
shoot it down before it can shoot you. If you shoot first, it will be
disoriented and will never be able to shoot back. Follow the road around the
bend and you'll see a group of three houses ahead with another 88mm gun in
front. Destroy it and continue. Further up the road you'll be attacked by a
Panzer, then a Tiger tank. Shoot the Panzer first (one hit should destroy it),
then concentrate on the Tiger. Once that's taken care of, continue along the
road to the next part of the level.

OBJECTIVE COMPLETED : Escape with the King Tiger tank.

   CHECKPOINT  |  The Hunt for the King Tiger - Country Road  |  CHECKPOINT

NEW OBJECTIVE       : Escape with the King Tiger tank.

At the midpoint, you'll regain all your lost health (how can you repair a tank
so quickly?). Proceed along the road and head southeast. You should reach a
destroyed bridge, but you need to shoot down the Panzer tank behind it. Once
that's done, go to the road leading to the bridge and turn to face west. Go
forward and soon enough you'll see a 88mm in the distance on the right side of
the road. Shoot it down before it can see you. Continue along the road to
reach a fork. On the road leading south is yet another 88mm gun behind some
barricades, so quickly destroy it before it can fire (remember that you can
look in a different direction than you are moving). There's also a tank behind
the 88mm gun if you want to destroy it.

Continue west along the road and you'll be ambushed by a Tiger tank on your
left. Three shots will dispose of it. Continue and you'll face another Tiger
at the next fork in the road. Destroy it and also shoot down the guard tower
to get rid of that annoying MG42 gunner! Turn left to head south along the
road, and this time you'll be attacked by two Panzers when you reach the next
bend. Wait for the first to show up, shoot it, then go backward as you reload.
The other should miss you. Finish the first one then take care of the other,
and continue following the road.

Eventually you'll reach another part of a small village. Keep going to reach a
T-crossing. Immediately look to your right (south direction) to blast the 88mm
gun ahead, and the Panzerschreck soldier behind some sandbags (aim a little
over his head). Head south along the road, and past the 88mm gun to exit this

OBJECTIVE COMPLETED : Escape with the King Tiger tank.

      --------------- ------------------------
     |  [MISSION 5]  |  [PART 3: The Bridge]  |
----- --------------- ------------------------ -------------------------------
Another short level and you'll be done with mission 5. You no longer have
control of the King Tiger, but this time around you get to be a sniper, so
it's all good. You'll also need to call airstrikes to protect the tank - make
sure you remember how it's done. Look at the target through your binoculars,
and fire. If you can protect the tank successfully you'll be on your way to
your final destination: Germany.

        |  Mission Orders  |
         ------------------ -----------------------------------------
        |  The Bridge - Brittany, France                             |
        |  August 20, 1944                                           |
        |                                                            |
        |  So far, so good Lieutenant. The Germans at the bridge     |
        |  have certainly been informed of the stolen King Tiger,    |
        |  so you won't be able to drive the tank to the bridge      |
        |  right away. This photo from our Resistance agents shows   |
        |  the bridge wired to blow at a moment's notice from a      |
        |  small detonator on the opposite side. As the team's lone  |
        |  sniper, you'll have to move in quietly, find a good       |
        |  position overlooking the bridge, and keep the enemy from  |
        |  using that detonator until the tank can move into         |
        |  position. If you're spotted during your approach, you'll  |
        |  have to chase down and kill any of the sentries before    |
        |  they can run off and blow the bridge.                     |
        |                                                            |
        |  Once the King Tiger reaches the bridge, the Germans will  |
        |  undoubtedly call in reinforcements. The King Tiger is     |
        |  tough, but it can't stop all of them. Use your radio to   |
        |  call artillery strikes on incoming tanks, and remember    |
        |  that it takes a few seconds for the shells to arrive.     |
        |  Hold off the German counterattack until friendly forces   |
        |  arrive to secure the area. If we can win this battle,     |
        |  the German presence in France will be all but finished    |
        |  by mid-September.                                         |
        |                                                            |
        |  You've got your work cut out for you, Powell. Good        |
        |  hunting!                                                  |
        |                                                            |
        |                                                            |
        |                                        Stanley Hargrove    |
        |                                      Colonel, U. S. Army,  |
        |                                           Commanding.      |

             CHECKPOINT  |  The Bridge - Starting  |  CHECKPOINT

NEW OBJECTIVE       : Sneak in and find a high position overlooking the
NEW OBJECTIVE       : Snipe the Germans that try to blow up the bridge.
NEW OBJECTIVE       : Use the high vantage point to call in artillery strikes.
                      You may have to use multiple buildings to cover all the
                      approaches to the bridge.
NEW ITEM            : Binoculars
NEW ITEM            : Radio

Move forward and turn left into the alley between two houses. Take care of the
guard and keep going along the path. Take care of all the soldiers (also watch
out for a sniper on a balcony) and you'll eventually reach some stairs leading
to a doorway. Enter this house, clear it of soldiers, and exit through the
other side. Keep going forward and you'll reach the street. Kill any remaining
soldiers. To the southeast is the bridge, but you can't go that way because
of the Flak 88 guarding it. Instead enter the house southwest of you, across
the street. You can take a first aid kit on the table, then go up the stairs
to the second floor. You'll find plenty of SMG ammo, a first aid kit and a
canteen in the room. Now make sure your Springfield is fully loaded, and wait
by the broken window for your next orders.

       CHECKPOINT  |  The Bridge - Sniping from on high  |  CHECKPOINT

OBJECTIVE COMPLETED : Sneak in and find a high position overlooking the

You'll see the plunger right ahead of you, down by the river road. Now you
must snipe all the soldiers that go running for the plunger, before they can
activate it to blow up the bridge. Try to reload whenever you have a chance so
you don't get caught reloading at a bad moment. Once the King Tiger reaches
the bridge, it will blow up the 88mm cannon and the plunger.

OBJECTIVE COMPLETED : Snipe the Germans that try to blow up the bridge.

Now tanks will come from from the street in the far back (directly ahead of
the Ting Tiger) and from the street following the river in front of you. You
can watch the health of the King Tiger with the indicator at the top of the
screen. Just make sure it doesn't reach 0. To do that you need to call
airstrikes on all the tanks. You can also call an airstrike ahead of a tank so
he'll be hit just as he passes underneath. But in addition to watching the
window for tanks, you need to watch the stairway leading up to your room for
soldiers, as some will come up to attack you regularly. So look in your
binoculars only a couple seconds to call an airstrike, then go back to
watching the stairs with your Thompson. Once you have destroyed enough enemy
tanks, another King Tiger will arrive to try and stop the stolen King Tiger.
Uh, consider it a boss or something.

OBJECTIVE COMPLETED : Snipe the Germans that try to blow up the bridge.
NEW OBJECTIVE       : Destroy the enemy King Tiger.

Simply call a few airstrikes on the King Tiger to destroy it. Remember to
watch out for soldiers behind you still. Or, if you're really lazy, you could
let the King Tiger take care of the other by itself. If it has enough health
left (40 or so) it might stand a chance. In any case, congratulations for yet
another successful mission.

OBJECTIVE COMPLETED : Destroy the enemy King Tiger.

- ---------------------------------------------------------- -----------------

CHECKPOINT  |  Briefing 6 - The Return to Schmerzen - Starting  |  CHECKPOINT

 ---------------------- ------------------
|  [PART 1: The Siegfried Forest]         |
|  [PART 2: Die Sturmgewehr]              |
|  [PART 3: The Communications Blackout]  |

      --------------- ----------------------------------
     |  [MISSION 6]  |  [PART 1: The Siegfried Forest]  |
----- --------------- ---------------------------------- ---------------------
The first level of the last mission is nothing special - short and easy. The
forest is quite large and enemies are few and far between. You'll be using
your compass a lot for navigation, since there are few landmarks in a forest
(trees, trees and more trees). Still, always stay alert for snipers and some
nasty MG42 gunners. Them soldiers and their white suit blend pretty well in
this snowy environment.

        |  Mission Orders  |
         ------------------ -----------------------------------------
        |  The Siegfried Forest - Siegfried Line, Germany            |
        |  January 18, 1945                                          |
        |                                                            |
        |  The Army Air Force has reported losing several            |
        |  reconnaissance planes 20 miles north of Fort Schmerzen    |
        |  in a place where they've seen nothing of importance,      |
        |  just a lot of forest and snow for miles in all            |
        |  directions. We want you to go in early and see what's     |
        |  going on in there, before you go to the rallying point    |
        |  for the Schmerzen raid. It's rather odd that the Germans  |
        |  would position valuable anti-air weapons in the middle    |
        |  of nowhere, don't you think?                              |
        |                                                            |
        |  You'll be "tree jumping" this time - parachuting into a   |
        |  forest is risky, but it's the fastest insertion method.   |
        |  Once you're on the ground, be on the lookout for enemy    |
        |  snipers. You've got the Springfield sniper rifle for      |
        |  this operation. Our planes are probably being shot down   |
        |  by anti-air guns hiding amongst the trees; we're          |
        |  guessing they're 20mm Flaks. Find and destroy any anti-   |
        |  air guns, and be on the lookout for anything out of the   |
        |  ordinary. We'll play this one by ear if something does    |
        |  come up.                                                  |
        |                                                            |
        |  Good luck out there, Powell.                              |
        |                                                            |
        |                                                            |
        |                                        Stanley Hargrove    |
        |                                      Colonel, U. S. Army,  |
        |                                           Commanding.      |

  CHECKPOINT  |  The Siegfried Forest - Flak Guns - Starting  |  CHECKPOINT

NEW OBJECTIVE       : Find and destroy the 20mm Flaks. [2 remaining]
NEW OBJECTIVE       : Keep tracking towards the rally point.
NEW ITEM            : Time bombs

You start alone in a dark forest, wolves howling in the distance. Notice that
for once you'll start the mission with very little rifle and pistol ammo, so
get all the ammo you can from dead bodies. Did you piss off your boss or
something? Also, since the forest is quite large, I'll only describe the most
direct path to the objectives.

Now then. You'll see two paths in front of you, follow the southern one. Be
careful of a sniper on a ledge to your left. Keep going south, then west when
you hit the wall. You'll soon encounter another sniper on a ledge ahead. Once
he's dead head northwest (ie follow your compass) until you find the Flak gun.
Kill the two soldiers guarding it and take the first aid kit near the gun if
you need it. Then plant a bomb on the right side to blow it up.

CHECKPOINT  |  The Siegfried Forest - Flak Guns - First flak 20  |  CHECKPOINT

Now head west through the forest, and follow your compass to the next 20mm
Flak, taking care of any guards in the way (some may have been alerted by the
explosion). You may encounter MG42 gunners, and more snipers on ledges, so be
careful. Move slowly and pick soldiers from afar with your Springfield. Once
you reach the second AA gun, set a charge and destroy it.

OBJECTIVE COMPLETED : Find and destroy the 20mm Flaks.

Follow your compass again to your next destination (should be southeast from
your position). Eventually you'll see a bunker in the distance, so snipe any
soldiers within. If you're far enough they won't even be able to see you. Then
approach the bunker and head south along the path.

 CHECKPOINT  |  The Siegfried Forest - Bunker Hill - Starting  |  CHECKPOINT

OBJECTIVE COMPLETED : Keep tracking towards the rally point.
NEW OBJECTIVE       : Find and destroy the 20mm Flak.
NEW OBJECTIVE       : Keep tracking towards the rally point in the nearby

Proceed forward (south) and watch out for a sniper on a small hill ahead. Then
climb up this hill and you'll see a large bunker on top. Look around the
bunker to find the entrance door. Go through the bunker and kill the few
guards inside. Looking around you'll find some grenades and health. Then climb
the ladder (southwest corner room) and blow up the Flak gun on the roof with
an explosive.

OBJECTIVE COMPLETED : Find and destroy the 20mm Flak.

Your compass will indicate that the exit is east, so climb down the hill and
follow this direction. Once you reach a wall, follow it north to get around
(and watch out for a sniper nearby). Soon you'll reach a bunker, so do like
before and snipe everyone within before they can see you. Then keep going,
past the bunker and follow your compass to the exit.

OBJECTIVE COMPLETED : Keep tracking towards the rally point in the nearby

      --------------- -----------------------------
     |  [MISSION 6]  |  [PART 2: Die Sturmgewehr]  |
----- --------------- ----------------------------- --------------------------
This level is similar to 2-2, Scuttling the U-529. The first part is quite
easy as you'll be disguised and have free access to the plant. Once your cover
is blown however, you will have to face a lot of opposition as you try to
escape. Just remember what you've learned so far: take cover whenever possible, aim for the head and reload often. The Thompson and StG44 are both
great choices for close quarter combat.

        |  Mission Orders  |
         ------------------ ------------------------------------------
        |  Die Sturmgewehr - Siegfried Line, Germany                  |
        |  January 18, 1945.                                          |
        |                                                             |
        |  We knew the Allied bombings over the Ruhr valley were      |
        |  hurting the Germans badly, but we didn't know where        |
        |  they'd moved production of certain weapons, specifically,  |
        |  the new StG 44 assault rifle. This could be it - a         |
        |  secret assembly plant and weapons stockpile in a           |
        |  fortification along the Siegfried Line near Fort           |
        |  Schmerzen. It would be a golden opportunity to disrupt     |
        |  the resupply of this fine weapon to their front lines.     |
        |  Here's the plan:                                           |
        |                                                             |
        |  First, find a way inside and get a disguise and proper     |
        |  papers. Use the Hi-Standard silenced pistol for that.      |
        |  Next, steal assembly blueprints and machining              |
        |  instructions for the StG 44. Finally, locate a parts and   |
        |  weapons cache, grab the latest version of the StG 44       |
        |  assault rifle, and set an explosive charge on the rest of  |
        |  the stockpile. Get out of there using any means at your    |
        |  disposal.                                                  |
        |                                                             |
        |  This assault rifle is truly revolutionary in its design.   |
        |  It combines full automatic fire, large magazine capacity,  |
        |  low weight (five pounds less than the BAR), and the range  |
        |  and accuracy of a rifle in single shots and short bursts.  |
        |  There's no other firearm in the Allied or Axis arsenal     |
        |  that matches its superior qualities.                       |
        |                                                             |
        |  Be careful out there Lieutenant.                           |
        |                                                             |
        |                                         Stanley Hargrove    |
        |                                       Colonel, U. S. Army,  |
        |                                            Commanding.      |

           CHECKPOINT  |  Die Sturmgewehr - Starting  |  CHECKPOINT

NEW OBJECTIVE       : Infiltrate the base (Hint: find a disguise).
NEW OBJECTIVE       : Steal blueprints for StG44.
NEW OBJECTIVE       : Steal an StG44.
NEW OBJECTIVE       : Destroy the weapons stockpile.
NEW OBJECTIVE       : Exfiltrate the base.

Go forward and pick up the canteen on the ground if you need it. Now watch the
gate ahead and you'll see a guard patrolling in front of it. Snipe him, and
slowly approach the gate. Further ahead you'll see a bunker with an MG42
gunner, so snipe him as well, then snipe the last guard in the watch tower.
Approach the bunker from the right and go through the doorway down the stairs.

OBJECTIVE COMPLETED : Infiltrate the base (Hint: find a disguise).

Now get out your OSS Pistol and turn right in the hallway. Kill the officer in
the next room, and take the disguise on the table. Get out and follow the
hallway south, past the alarm switch. Around the corner should be a couple of
guards, so shoot them. Keep following the hallway (ignore the stairs on the
left) and enter the room at the end. On a table is a first aid kit and some
papers, so take them. Now holster your weapon!

NEW ITEM            : Level 1 Papers

Exit this room and go through the next doorway on the left. Climb down this
long stairway and go through the doorway. Show your papers to the guard, then
turn right and go down this hallway. Go through the doorway in front of you
(not the one on the right) and go around the crates into the next room. You'll
see an officer, so silently get rid of him. Make sure no one is around to hear
you (there is a guard patrolling the hallway, so wait until he's far away).
Now you can take the papers on the table.

NEW ITEM            : Level 2 Papers

Exit through the hallway the officer was standing in (west), and follow it
until you reach another checkpoint. Show your papers and go through the metal
door on the left. Go ahead and through the other metal door in front to find
yourself in a large room with crates. There is an officer on the left side of
the room, so avoid him by staying close to the right wall, and enter the
tunnel ahead. Follow this tunnel to reach another large room, then go through
the double door on your right. Kill the scientist inside with your OSS Pistol
then take the blueprint on the table next to him (because he'll mind if you
steal the blueprints, so might as well kill him first).

OBJECTIVE COMPLETED : Steal blueprints for StG44.

Exit this room and turn right. Follow the tunnel and you'll see a guard and a
scientist. Listen to their funny conversation if you wish, then kill them both
with your pistol. Climb the stairs left of them and through the double door
ahead. Get an StG44 and all the ammo you need in this room from the crates.


Plant a time bomb in the room (it's on the ground near the crates) and exit
the room the way you came in within 5 seconds.

OBJECTIVE COMPLETED : Destroy the weapons stockpile.

Now the base is on full alert, and enemies will always keep coming, so you
need to move! Go back through the base the exact same way you came in, and
take cover whenever necessary if there are too many enemies. With the awesome
StG44 at your disposal, you shouldn't have too much trouble mowing down the
horde of incoming soldiers. You can also use your Thompson if you prefer. When
you reach the short hallway with a metal door at each end, you'll notice a
door in the right wall that was previously locked is now open. Enter this room
to find a much needed surgeon pack, more MG ammo and a grenade.

            CHECKPOINT  |  Die Sturmgewehr - Bunks  |  CHECKPOINT

Exit this room, turn right and open the metal door. Remember the soldier who
was manning an MG42? He's still there. So throw a grenade so that it bounces
to the left on the wall ahead to blow him up. Then you can use the MG42
yourself to shoot some soldiers, but remember they'll always keep coming. Once
you've had your fun, keep retracing your steps in the hallways, and up the
long stairway to the ground level. Go through the bunker and go back outside.
Turn left and go through the now open gate. Quickly snipe the guard in the
watch tower ahead, then peek around the corner (looking west) and snipe the
other watch tower's sentry. Head west then turn right when you reach the fence
to go around the bunker.

            CHECKPOINT  |  Die Sturmgewehr - Bunks  |  CHECKPOINT

Heh, same name as the previous checkpoint. Anyway, continue and follow the
bunker wall north of you until you reach an opening. Go through that bunker
and in a room you'll find a first aid kit on a table. Get it and go in the
next hallway to surprise two MG42 gunners. Better safe than sorry. Then exit
the bunker the same way you came in. Once outside, turn left and you'll see
the main gate is partially open. Go through it, turn left and follow this
path, taking care of the many soldiers remaining outside. Those thin trees
make good cover, believe it or not. Keep going (you should be heading west) to
reach the mountains and exit this level. That was rough, wasn't it?

OBJECTIVE COMPLETED : Exfiltrate the base.

      --------------- -----------------------------------------
     |  [MISSION 6]  |  [PART 3: The Communications Blackout]  |
----- --------------- ----------------------------------------- --------------
You're getting closer to the rally point now, but you still have a ways to go.
The village is rather large, but not so much that you'd get lost in it. It is
not as heavily protected as the assembly plant from the previous level, so you
should have no problems getting through. Just watch out for those alarms, and
shut them down whenever you can to stop reinforcements.

        |  Mission Orders  |
         ------------------ -----------------------------------------
        |  The Communications Blackout - Germany                     |
        |  January 18, 1945                                          |
        |                                                            |
        |  This is going to be a delicate phase of the Schmerzen     |
        |  operation, Lieutenant. You're entering a town that is     |
        |  home to the last train station along the railway before   |
        |  Fort Schmerzen. Most communications in the region are     |
        |  routed through a radio command post used by the Gestapo   |
        |  and high ranking SS officers. These lines of              |
        |  communication must be cut before we can move in on        |
        |  Schmerzen.                                                |
        |                                                            |
        |  The town is well occupied by a garrison of skilled        |
        |  winter troops, and dotted with security posts equipped    |
        |  with an alarm system. Once the alarm is tripped by a      |
        |  guard, rest assured that troops will be sent out to       |
        |  investigate. Get past the defenses and plant your         |
        |  explosives in the radio command post. Once the post is    |
        |  destroyed, Schmerzen will be cut off from the outside     |
        |  world, and you'll have to get to the rendezvous point at  |
        |  the train station. You should be able to find a way out   |
        |  through the local SS Commandant's residence on the outer  |
        |  edge of the town.                                         |
        |                                                            |
        |  Tread lightly and stay sharp, Powell. We don't have any   |
        |  time for mistakes now.                                    |
        |                                                            |
        |                                                            |
        |                                        Stanley Hargrove    |
        |                                      Colonel, U. S. Army,  |
        |                                           Commanding.      |

     CHECKPOINT  |  The Communications Blackout - Starting  |  CHECKPOINT

NEW OBJECTIVE       : Plant explosives in the radio command post, in the
                      northeast corner of the town. [6 remaining]
NEW ITEM            : Radio bombs

Go ahead an shoot the patrolling guard and the officer before he activates the
alarm. Head south on the road and go through the gate to enter the village
(there are some grenades in the guard house with the alarm switch nearby). The
village is a bit like the 4-3 level, The Command Post. There are alarms
everywhere, so you might want to try a silent approach. If an alarm does ever
get sounded, shut it off as fast as possible to prevent more guards from
coming. Using the OSS Pistol and walking instead of running will of course
make it harder for the enemies to detect your presence.

So follow the street until you reach another street going left. Shoot the
soldier standing guard on the corner, and the officer in the house on the
right before he sounds the alarm. In that house is also a canteen and pistol
rounds on the table. Head down the street going east, and go through the door
on the left side with a sign above it. Go through the other door in front to
find yourself in a hallway. You can find some grenades in the closet in front
of you. Go down the hallway and enter the first room on the left to find a
canteen. Then leave this room and go into the other room in front to find two
more canteens. You can also play the piano and bass if you want.

Now go upstairs and turn left to find pistol ammo on a desk. Then go back and
go through the door in the south wall. You'll be outside on a balcony. Turn
left and follow the balcony to the end. From there you can snipe some soldiers
in the radio command post, including two in watch towers, some near alarm
switches and others manning an MG42. When you're done go back in the house and
exit through the front door to be down on the street. Turn left and go to the
end of the road, in front of the gate. Behind the MG42 you'll find a field
surgeon pack.

Now turn around and follow the street (west) to reach a T-intersection. Turn
left then immediately right to pass under a small archway. Follow this path,
down some stairs and you'll see a bridge above you connecting two houses.
Shoot the sniper patrolling up there. Keep going, turn left at the end and
pass under another archway. To your left is another sniper on a balcony, so
get rid of him. Turn right to head south on the street, and enter the first
door on the left, past the staircase. You'll be in a storage room where you
can find a canteen and lots of MG ammo. Then exit this house the way you came
in, turn left on the street and go through the door at the end.

Shoot the officer inside and take pistol ammo from the desk. Go through the
open door on the left (if you want you can go upstairs to find a first aid kit
and grenades in the room at the end) and through the next door to be back
outside. Follow this path and go through the first door on your right. Shoot
the officer inside and take the canteen and SMG ammo in the bedroom (door in
west wall) if you want. Exit this house through the other door in the north
wall. Turn right and go to the staircase. Shoot the MG42 gunners with your OSS
Pistol if you want (start with the standing one, the other won't react) and
you'll have access to the first aid kit and grenades behind the sandbags.

Go up the stairs and shoot everyone on top of the bridge. Turn left, and
follow the street past the bridge to reach the radio command post. Everyone
should already be dead, so enter the left building. Kill the guards inside and
you'll find two canteens plus a first aid kit. Plant two explosives, one of
each side and exit this building to enter the second one. Again shoot the
guards and you'll find three more canteens. Then plant two bombs and exit. Now
go behind those buildings, and place the remaining explosives on the two
antennas. Get away as fast as you can before everything blows up.

  CHECKPOINT  |  The Communications Blackout - Bombs planted  |  CHECKPOINT

OBJECTIVE COMPLETED : Plant explosives in the radio command post, in the
                      northeast corner of the town.
NEW OBJECTIVE       : Escape through the Commandant's residence on the south
                      side of town.

The alarm will be sounded now, so don't bother with stealth anymore. Even if
you shut it down it will sound again. Head back south and follow the road you
came from, taking care of the soldiers along the way. Keep going past the

bridge and the staircase you climbed earlier. If you follow the road you'll
eventually reach some stairs leading up to a house at the end. Climb up and go
through the door to enter the Commandant's house. Kill everyone inside, take
the canteen if needed, then jump through the window to exit this level.

OBJECTIVE COMPLETED : Escape through the Commandant's residence on the south
                      side of town.

      --------------- -----------------------------------
     |  [MISSION 6]  |  [PART 4: The Schmerzen Express]  |
----- --------------- ----------------------------------- --------------------

        |  Mission Orders  |
         ------------------ -----------------------------------------
        |  The Schmerzen Express - Siegfried Line, Germany           |
        |  January 18,1945                                           |
        |                                                            |
        |  Excellent work, Powell. By cutting off the main           |
        |  communications center in the town, there's no way for     |
        |  reinforcements to be called in time to save Fort          |
        |  Schmerzen. You've entered a public park, where            |
        |  opposition should be fairly light. Chances are you'll     |
        |  be able to get through without much trouble.  The train   |
        |  station however, is a much more difficult nut to crack.   |
        |  It's covered by machine gun towers overlooking the cargo  |
        |  yard and the tracks themselves.                           |
        |                                                            |
        |  This station is the rendezvous point, but there are a     |
        |  few details to take care of first. Before the squad can   |
        |  join you, you'll have to cut the power to the             |
        |  electrified perimeter fence so that they can get through  |
        |  it. The power will go out briefly in the main building,   |
        |  and draw some of their troops out to investigate. Get     |
        |  into the station building, find a radio, and use it to    |
        |  send out a false order so that the incoming train will    |
        |  make a stop at the station. When the train arrives, it    |
        |  will be trivial to eliminate the engineer and have one    |
        |  of the Rangers commandeer the train.                      |
        |                                                            |
        |  You're almost there, Lieutenant. Good luck.               |
        |                                                            |
        |                                                            |
        |                                        Stanley Hargrove    |
        |                                      Colonel, U. S. Army,  |
        |                                           Commanding.      |

        CHECKPOINT  |  The Schmerzen Express - Starting  |  CHECKPOINT

NEW OBJECTIVE       : Find the train station.
NEW OBJECTIVE       : Cut the electrical power to the fences.
NEW OBJECTIVE       : Send the radio transmission.

*** FINAL PART OF THE WALKTHROUGH COMING SOON (please don't ask me about it)

 ||  [WEAPONS]  ||
= =============== ============================================================
There is a good number of weapons available to you, both from the Allies and
Axis sides. You'll need to master each of these if you want to have a fighting
chance against the Germans. For each weapon you'll find its description (taken
from the manual) along with my personal rating of the weapon and my comments.
The rating is mainly based on the weapon's usefulness, not necessarily its

Note that this section is not yet complete.

 -------------------- --- ----------------------
|  (1) handguns          |  [COLT]              |
|                        |  [OSS PISTOL]        |
|                        |  [WALTHER]           |
 ------------------------ ----------------------
|  (2) rifles            |  [M1 GARAND]         |
|                        |  [SPRINGFIELD]       |
|                        |  [MAUSER]            |
|                        |  [KAR 98]            |
 ------------------------ ----------------------
|  (3) sub-machine guns  |  [THOMPSON]          |
|                        |  [MP40]              |
 ------------------------ ----------------------
|  (4) machine guns      |  [BAR]               |
|                        |  [STG44]             |
 ------------------------ ----------------------
|  (5) grenades          |  [FRAG]              |
|                        |  [STIELHANDGRENATE]  |
 ------------------------ ----------------------
|  (6) heavy weapons     |  [BAZOOKA]           |
|                        |  [WINCHESTER]        |
|                        |  [PANZERSCHRECK]     |
 ------------------------ ----------------------
|  stationary m.guns     |  [M1919A4]           |
|                        |  [MG42]              |
 ------------------------ ----------------------

  ------------------- ----------------- ------------------
 |  [COLT] Colt .45  |  Clip Size : 7  |  Max Ammo : 200  |
- ------------------- ----------------- ------------------ -------------------
 --------------   When the opposition gets close, close your hand on your Colt
| Description  |  .45. Reliable and accurate, the Colt .45 is the finest
 --------------   American military sidearm ever made. Each of seven rounds in
your clip can deliver lethal force against well-protected opposition. The kick
is heavy.

| Rating ----- |

  ----------------------------------------------- ------------ --------------
 |  [OSS PISTOL] OSS Hi-Standard silenced pistol |  Clip : 8  |  Ammo : 200  |
- ----------------------------------------------- ------------ --------------
 --------------   The Hi-Standard Model H-D is the OSS choice for suppressed
| Description  |  pistols behind enemy lines. The weapon is quite accurate,
 --------------   easy to maintain and, most importantly, quiet. An excellent
performer under pressure.

| Rating ----- |

  ------------------------- ----------------- ------------------
 |  [WALTHER] Walther P38  |  Clip Size : 8  |  Max Ammo : 200  |
- ------------------------- ----------------- ------------------ -------------
 --------------   The lean P38 semi-automatic pistol is a weapon for the long
| Description  |  haul. Its reliable firing mechanism makes it a favorite
 --------------   among officers of the Wehrmacht.

| Rating ----- |

  ------------------------- ----------------- ------------------
 |  [M1 GARAND] M1 Garand  |  Clip Size : 8  |  Max Ammo : 200  |
- ------------------------- ----------------- ------------------ -------------
 --------------   Popular for its caliber, muzzle velocity and semi-automatic
| Description  |  capabilities, the Garand has proven to be superior over
 --------------   earlier, bolt-action rifles. However, its eight round clip
is difficult to reload when partially used; in the field, soldiers tend to
fire off all eight rounds before loading a fresh clip. When automatically
emptying a spent clip, the M1 Garand emits a distinct 'ping' sound.

| Rating ----- |

  ---------------------------------------------- ------------ --------------
 |  [SPRINGFIELD] Springfield '03 sniper rifle  |  Clip : 5  |  Ammo : 200  |
- ---------------------------------------------- ------------ --------------
 --------------   The internal magazine used in the Springfield 1903 sniper
| Description  |  rifle is only five rounds, so snipers often use Colt 45s as
 --------------   sidearms. Because the position of the scope significantly
obstructs the clip feed, rounds have to be inserted one at a time. This accu-
rate weapon does expose you to return fire. Make your first shot count.

| Rating ----- |

  --------------------------- ----------------- ------------------
 |  [MAUSER] Mauser KAR 98K  |  Clip Size : 5  |  Max Ammo : 200  |
- --------------------------- ----------------- ------------------ -----------
 --------------   This repeating rifle with a blunted nose is in the hands of
| Description  |  all German soldiers for basic training. For many it is their
 --------------   only weapon in combat yet is useful in most situations.

| Rating ----- |

  -------------------------------- ----------------- ------------------
 |  [KAR 98] KAR 98 sniper rifle  |  Clip Size : 5  |  Max Ammo : 200  |
- -------------------------------- ----------------- ------------------ ------
 --------------   Adding a ZF41 2.5x Scope or a ZF42 5x scope to the KAR 98K
| Description  |  turns it into an effective sniping weapon. In dense areas of
 --------------   Western Europe, snipers are a persistent threat.

| Rating ----- |

  --------------------------------------- ------------- ------------------
 |  [THOMPSON] Thompson sub-machine gun  |  Clip : 30  |  Max Ammo : 300  |
- --------------------------------------- ------------- ------------------ ---
 --------------   Although many complain about the weight of the Tommy gun, it
| Description  |  performs as designed: a rapid-firing sweep-and-clear weapon
 --------------   for close quarters. Its 30-round clip can be emptied in less
than three seconds.

| Rating ----- |

  ------------------------------- ------------------ ------------------
 |  [MP40] MP40 sub-machine gun  |  Clip Size : 32  |  Max Ammo : 300  |
- ------------------------------- ------------------ ------------------ ------
 --------------   A simple technical innovation to the hammer eliminated the
| Description  |  problems of the MP38, and the MP40 was born. Effective in
 --------------   close combat and clean in construction, the MP40 is very
cheap to make, as its parts are machine-stamped.

| Rating ----- |

  ---------------------------------- ------------------ ------------------
 |  [BAR] Browning Automatic Rifle  |  Clip Size : 20  |  Max Ammo : 500  |
- ---------------------------------- ------------------ ------------------ ---
 --------------   Unloaded, the Browning Automatic Rifle (BAR) is a load.
| Description  |  Loaded and ready to fire, it is worth its weight. Use it as
 --------------   a "base of fire" weapon to cover advancing troops. Has a 20-
round clip.

| Rating ----- |

  ----------------------------- ------------------ ------------------
 |  [STG44] StG44 Sturmgewehr  |  Clip Size : 30  |  Max Ammo : 500  |
- ----------------------------- ------------------ ------------------ --------
 --------------   Tests among German engineers have shown that their standard
| Description  |  rifle cartridges are too long and too difficult to target in
 --------------   fully automatic weapons, so the StG44 Sturmgewehr fires a
shorter cartridge. In meeting Hitler's demands for increased production of
submachine guns and light machine guns, the StG44 is considered a resounding
achievement of technology and production.

| Rating ----- |

  ------------------------------- ----------------
 |  [FRAG] Mark II Frag Grenade  |  Max Ammo : 6 |
- ------------------------------- ---------------- ---------------------------
 --------------   The lethal range of this hand grenade is 50 yards, so when
| Description  |  you throw a Mark II grenade, duck and stay down until it has
 --------------   detonated. Two grenades are standard-issue for each GI.

| Rating ----- |

  --------------------------------------- ----------------
 |  [STIELHANDGRENATE] Stielhandgrenate  |  Max Ammo : 6  |
- --------------------------------------- ---------------- -------------------
 --------------   A well-designed grenade delivers two lethal weapons: the
| Description  |  concussive force of the explosion and the fragments of the
 --------------   grenade shell. The Stielhandgrenate, or "Stick Hand Grenade"
in German, can be thrown considerable distances because of its shape. However,
it is not an effective fragmentation weapon.

| Rating ----- |

  --------------------- ----------------
 |  [BAZOOKA] Bazooka  |  Max Ammo : 6  |
- --------------------- ---------------- -------------------------------------
 --------------   A simple weapon, the bazooka propels a rocket-mounted three-
| Description  |  pound grenade in the direction where the tube is pointed.
 --------------   Early models required two soldiers to operate, one to fire
and one to load. And, they were often dangerous. However, design flaws have
been eliminated, and the bazooka has become an effective field weapon.

| Rating ----- |

  ----------------------------------- ----------------- -----------------
 |  [WINCHESTER] Winchester shotgun  |  Clip Size : 5  |  Max Ammo : 50  |
- ----------------------------------- ----------------- ----------------- ----
 --------------   Originally designed as a police weapon, the Winchester
| Description  |  Shotgun packs a short, solid punch. This solid-framed, pump
 --------------   action shotgun houses a 20-inch barrel that creates a wide
dispersal pattern in the vicinity of the shooter.

| Rating ----- |

  --------------------------------- ----------------
 |  [PANZERSCHRECK] Panzesrchreck  |  Max Ammo : 6  |
- --------------------------------- ---------------- -------------------------
 --------------   The larger cousin to the grenade-launching Panzerfaust, the
| Description  |  Panzerschreck propels a rocket-powered grenade from a shoul-
 --------------   der-held tube. A rough shield with a small opening for aim-
ing provides the operator with some protection from the exhaust blast of the

| Rating ----- |

 |  [M1919A4] M1919A4 .30 cal mounted machine gun  |
- ------------------------------------------------- --------------------------
 --------------   While earlier water-cooled versions were noted for their
| Description  |  higher rates of sustained fire and accuracy, the air-cooled
 --------------   M1919A4 has become preferred on the front lines. Some are
mounted on U.S. Army Jeeps for armed patrols.

| Rating ----- |

 |  [MG42] MG42 mounted machine gun  |
- ----------------------------------- ----------------------------------------
 --------------   A unique, delayed blowback firing system allows the gun to
| Description  |  achieve rates of fire three times greater than any American
 --------------   machine gun. MG42s are used extensively in cover and defen-
sive situations throughout the European theater.

| Rating ----- |

 ||  [ITEMS]  ||
= ============= ==============================================================
These items will aid you greatly in your fight against the German army, so
be sure to pick them up whenever you need them. The different type of items to
be found are [HEALTH] items, [AMMO] and [INVENTORY ITEMS].

 |  [HEALTH]  |
- ------------ ---------------------------------------------------------------
As the name suggests, pick up these items whenever you need to replenish some
of your lost health. They come in a variety of forms and sizes, including:

 -------------------   This bottle with a cross sign will restore 25% of your
| Medicinal Canteen |  health when you drink from it. I wonder what's really
 -------------------   in that bottle, though...

 ---------------   Use this small first aid kit when you're in trouble to
| First Aid Kit |  restore up to 50% of your lost health. Aren't you glad you
 ---------------   didn't skip those First Aid classes?

 --------------------   Lost an arm? No problem! This handy field surgeon pack
| Field Surgeon Pack |  will restore all your health when you pick it up. Try
 --------------------   to save those for when you really need them.

 |  [AMMO]  |
- ---------- -----------------------------------------------------------------
There is lots of different ammo for your different guns. Each type of ammo
comes in different sizes as well. Here is a list of all the ammo types in the
     - Pistol Ammo : used for the Colt, OSS pistol and Walther.
     - Rifle Ammo  : ammo for the M1 Garand, Springfield '03 and KAR 98K.
     - SMG Ammo    : this goes in the Thompson and MP40.
     - MG Ammo     : to use with your BAR or StG44.
     - Grenades    : often found in boxes.
     - Rockets     : fire these with the Panzerschreck or Bazooka.

- --------------------- ------------------------------------------------------
There are items you pick up (or start with) and you must use in specific
locations (usually indicated by a flashing red target).

 ------------   Attach this explosive to whatever you want to blow up, then
| Time Bombs |  quickly get away before the timer expires. Necessary to
 ------------   complete many objectives in the game.

 -------------   These explosives can be set off remotely after you plant
| Radio Bombs |  them. How convenient! Perfect for those time when you need to
 -------------   set up a bunch of them and detonate them all at once.

 --------------   Well... They're cutters. They can cut wires. You'll need to
| Wire Cutters |  use them to complete a few objectives. Nothing too special
 --------------   really.

 -------   Obviously, the radio will allow you to receive orders or be
| Radio |  contacted anywhere on the field. Too bad, with this you won't be
 -------   able to sleep on the job.

 --------   When you're disguised among the enemy, you may be required to show
| Papers |  some identification to certain guards. Press 7 to whip out these
 --------   convincing papers in the guard's face.

 ------------   Use the binoculars for-- well everyone knows what binoculars
| Binoculars |  are! Just press 7 to look through them. You can also use them
 ------------   to call an airstrike or artillery strike on specific targets.

 ||  [ENEMIES]  ||
= =============== ============================================================
Well, you won't find undead creatures or other monsters in this game. You'll
be facing the Germans exclusively throughout the single player campaign,
though you may occasionally have to destroy tanks and other vehicles.

The soldiers you'll face will come equipped with a variety of German weapons,
so I'll eventually add some tips about how to deal with each of them.

The best tip I can give for now is always aim for the head! This is the
quickest way to get rid of anyone opposing you, often in one shot. Shooting
the soldiers anywhere else will require a lot more bullets to bring them down.

You will also sometimes have to fight ferocious German Shepherds. These dogs
are fast and often like to sneak up behind you. Best to take care of them up
close with a sub-machine gun.

 ||  [MEDALS]  ||
= ============== =============================================================
Consult this section to easily find out where to get each of the game's nine
possible medals, with a hint about how to get it. Please refer to the full
walkthrough if you need a more detailed explanation on a medal.

- ------------------------- --------------------------------------------------
| WHERE TO GET IT |  Mission 1 - Part 2 : The Rescue Mission
 -----------------   You need to rescue an Allied prisoner who's being held in
|  HOW TO GET IT  |  the desert fortress. You'll hear Germans interrogating
 -----------------   him at some point.

- ------------------------------------ ---------------------------------------
| WHERE TO GET IT |  Mission 2 - Part 2 : Scuttling the U-529
 -----------------   Simply make sure you don't let anything important sink
|  HOW TO GET IT  |  with the U-529...

- ----------------------------- ----------------------------------------------
| WHERE TO GET IT |  Mission 3 - Part 1 : Omaha Beach
 -----------------   Well, there's really no trick to this medal. Simply
|  HOW TO GET IT  |  finish the Omaha Beach level and you'll be rewarded for
 -----------------   your heroic actions.

- ---------------------------- -----------------------------------------------
| WHERE TO GET IT |  Mission 4 - Part 3 : The Command Post
 -----------------   To get this medal you must go beyond your duty. Finding
|  HOW TO GET IT  |  information about those Tiger Tanks is good, but what if
 -----------------   you could find a way to disable them as well?

- --------------------------------- ------------------------------------------
| WHERE TO GET IT |  Mission 5 - Part 1 : Sniper's Last Stand
 -----------------   To earn one of the game's hardest medal, you might have
|  HOW TO GET IT  |  to save a few lives. Easier said than done, getting this
 -----------------   award will test both your skills and patience...

- ----------------------------- ----------------------------------------------
| WHERE TO GET IT |  Mission 6 - Part 5 : Storming Fort Schmerzen
 -----------------   In the ultimate test of skills, you need to be the best
|  HOW TO GET IT  |  sniper there is if you want a shot at this medal. Heroes
 -----------------   who save lives always get remembered.

 |  [BRONZE STAR]  |
- ----------------- ----------------------------------------------------------
| WHERE TO GET IT |  Mission 6 - Part 5 : Storming Fort Schmerzen
 -----------------   To be awarded this decoration you simply need to finish
|  HOW TO GET IT  |  the single player campaign on Easy difficulty. Well, it's
 -----------------   a good start, right?

 |  [SILVER STAR]  |
- ----------------- ----------------------------------------------------------
| WHERE TO GET IT |  Mission 6 - Part 5 : Storming Fort Schmerzen
 -----------------   Similar to the Bronze Star, but for the more courageous
|  HOW TO GET IT  |  people who finish the game on Medium difficulty. Now you
 -----------------   won't get laughed at as much.

- --------------------------------- ------------------------------------------
| WHERE TO GET IT |  Mission 6 - Part 5 : Storming Fort Schmerzen
 -----------------   If you get this medal, then you are truly a bad ass, as
|  HOW TO GET IT  |  it means you've beaten the game on the hardest difficulty
 -----------------   level! Congratulations, you are a true Hero.

 ||  [FAQ]  ||
= =========== ================================================================

| Why a FAQ section? |
I'll use this section to answer the most common questions I receive by email
(if any). FAQ means Frequently Asked Question(s), if you didn't know...

= ======================= ====================================================
  ----------------- ----------------
 |  [VERSION 0.9]  |  Feb-14, 2002  |
- ----------------- ---------------- -----------------------------------------
Finally, the walkthrough is almost finished. Expect version 1.0 soon, which
will include more goodies, including cheats and secrets!
     - Completed walkthrough up to (and including) mission 6-3.
     - Added more websites.
     - Spell-checking done.

  ----------------- ----------------
 |  [VERSION 0.7]  |  Feb-10, 2002  |
- ----------------- ---------------- -----------------------------------------
     - Added walkthrough for 5-1, one of the most asked about level.
     - Added several websites who can host the FAQ (see below).

  ----------------- ----------------
 |  [VERSION 0.6]  |  Feb-07, 2002  |
- ----------------- ---------------- -----------------------------------------
This is the first version made public. All in all about 60% complete.
     - Walkthrough complete for the first four missions.
     - Some other sections up though most are still unfinished.
     - Formatting all done.

= ================================== =========================================

This document is copyright (c)2002 Manuel Gonthier aka 'LordKrell'.

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So how do you contact me? Send an email to [email protected]
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Here are some guidelines you should follow if you expect a answer from me:
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