Men in Black PC Cheats

Men in Black


During the game press Esc to go to the main menu. Then type DOUGMATIC a few times until the menu drops back and you are in the game again.

The cheat mode will now be activated. Press Esc again to get the main menu to 'pop' up.

Now type:

AGENTJ - Become Agent J

AGENTK - Become Agent K

AGENTL - Become Agent L

AGENTX - Become Agent X

AMAZON - Goes to Amazon Level

ARCTIC - Goes to Arctic Level

FRALES - Goes to Frales Island

GIVEME - All weapons (it will not reload current weapons)

HEALME - Full health

HQ - Goes to HQ

KILLEM - Kills villains

LOADME - Unlimited ammo

MOVEME - Gives saved games of all levels

PROTECTME - Invulnerability

TEMPLE - Go to Amazon Temple

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Thanks to Revolution readers Sebastian Ritter, Scott Plumlee, Rudolph Uebe, Zachi Greenbloom and Paul!