Midtown Madness PC Cheats

Midtown Madness


In-Game Cheats:

During play, hold Ctrl+Alt+Shift+F7 until a prompt appears. Now enter the following

codes (note – some of these will disable scoring):

/dizzySpinning sky
/fuzz Toggle police radar
/ufo  Airplanes are UFOs
/swap Trains are airplanes
/slideTraffic cars slide
/puck Player's car slides
/grav Low gravity
/big Large people
/tiny Small people
/damage Damage mode on
/nodamage  No damage mode
/talkfast Fast commentary
/talkslow Slow commentary
/smoke  Smoking tires
/nosmoke  No smoking tires
/postalUse horn to shoot mailboxes

More Cheats:

Enter the following as your Player Name, then start a new game.

Showme CopsShow police on map
Big Bus Party  All city bus traffic
Tiny Car All compact car traffic
Jet PlanesAll airplane traffic
Warp Eleven Faster AI
amizdA eoJ Reverse traffic

To use the following cars, make sure to start a game in Cruise Mode.

vasedansChoose the Cadillac to drive a generic car
vasedanlChoose the Bullet to drive a generic light car
vavanChoose the Ford F350 to drive a van 
vacompactChoose the VW Bug to drive a VW Rabbit 
vapickupChoose the Ford F350 to drive a pickup truck
vadeliveryChoose the Ford F350 to drive a delivery truck
vadieselChoose the City Bus to drive a diesel 
valimoChoose the Mustang GT to drive a random limo 
valimoblackChoose the Mustang GT to drive a black limo 
valimoangelChoose the Mustang GT to drive a white limo 
vataxiChoose the Cadillac to drive a yellow cab 
vataxicheckChoose the Cadillac to drive a green checkered cab 
vaboeing_smallChoose the City Bus to drive a mini-jet 

In a multiplayer game,enter the “mmloaf” as your NetName and your name

as the one in quotes below. The cops will take the shape of the ambient vehicles:

1. “clint” or “dave” and pick the Mustang GT as the players vehicle.

2. “DiegoAngel” or’eduardo” and pick the Mustang as the players vehicle and

drive a limo.

3. “TaxiDriver” or “ryanc” and pick the Cadillac as the players vehicle and

drive a cab.


View Damage:

Just about every car has a damage meter. You must have the view set to “In-Car”,

with the dashboard showing. The meter has yellow to the left and red on the right.

The meter goes up as you crash into objects. In most cars, except the Panoz Roadster,

it will be in the lower left of the dashboard.

Overhead View

Select any, relatively small vehicle. Repeatedly press C during game play until

you cannot see your car. Press V, then press ‘Esc’ to restart the race, then press

V again.


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