Mob Rule PC Cheats

Mob Rule


To access cheat mode, start a game and while selecting which team color to play,

type any one of the cheat codes below and press Enter. If you have typed it correctly

you will hear a beep. Now during play you can toggle the cheat modes which you

have selected by pressing C.

speed364Speed up game in network mode
worker928Buy workers at any time
pickup036Pick up enemy beacons
weapons563Buy any weapon for gangster
tenants872Allow selection of any tenant at any time
loans458    Borrow any amount from bank
estates216Buy an estate without conditions
gadgets215  Get all gadgets
maps029     Open all areas
houses462   Get all houses and undesirebles 
upgrade934  You can upgrade at anytime note:must have enough money

Add Inteest Points:

To use this cheat, you must first enable the “Borrow any amount from bank” cheat.

Keep borrowing money from the bank up until your interest reaches past 214,000

(I don’t know the actual figure). If done correctly, you should see that the

interest has a negative (-) sign in front of it. Now, instead of having that

amount of interest deducted from you, it will be added to your current money


Real Estate Scam:

All houses sell for more than they were bought for immedietly after production.

You dont even have to put a tenant in the house. level 1 houses (drinkin dens,

soup kitchens) are sold for $1000+ more. level 2 houses (Peep show, quacks office)

sell for $2000+ more. level 3 houses sell for $2500+ more, level 4 houses for

$3000+ more, and level 5 houses sell for $4000+ more. If you designate one block

to bilding these homes, then you can make a lot of money.


Thanks to Revolution readers kokonut, Brando, Andre and Peter "Fabio"