Escape From Monkey Island PC Cheats

Escape From Monkey Island Walkthrough

Playstation 2/PC

Escape from Monkey Islandâ„¢ Walkthrough

The beginning:

After the cut-scene turn right and use the brazier full of hot coals.
Pick up hot coals (to fun kick it to enemy pirate) and kick it to the loaded cannon.

ACT 1: Things to do on Míªlée Islandâ„¢ when you're dead

After the intro your objectives are:
-Stop the guy that flings rocks at your house.
-Go to Lucre Islandâ„¢ and talk to Elaine's lawyers.

Objective 1: Stop the guy that flings rocks at your house

Talk to the catapult operator. Ask about how to stop the rock-throwing temporarily and he'll tell you that the union
 usually gives snack breaks but he doesn't have any snacks. Go to the SCUMM Bar and walk around, look at things. 
Then talk to the dart players and challenge them to hit things and when they've hit the balloon go to that table 
and pick up the jerky pretzels. Go to the harbour and pick up popped inner tube.
Return to the Mansion and use popped inner tube with funny looking cactus. Offer pretzels to the catapult operator 
and Tinker with catapult controls.

Objective 2: Go to Lucre Islandâ„¢ and talk to Elaine's lawyers

Go to the harbour and talk to Harbour Mistress about everything. Go back to Elaine and talk to her tell her that you're 
having a problem getting a ship and she'll give you the Official Míªlée Islandâ„¢ Gubernatorial Symbol. While you're there 
pick up the Government Paper on the desk behind Elaine and look at it and use it on Elaine. Use the Official Míªlée 
Islandâ„¢ Gubernatorial Symbol with the Harbour Mistress. Now you have a ship (it's…pink!). Now to get a crew: Talk to 
familiar pirates about everything and use the signed, cushy government paper on Otis and Carla. Go to the SCUMM Bar 
and talk to the pirate to the left (I. Cheese) and duel him to Insult Arm Wrestling. When you've won you're off to 
Lucre Islandâ„¢.

Once on Lucre Islandâ„¢ go to Elaine's lawyers (House with "Law Office of WTD" on it).
When you're done look at the letter and go to the bank and talk to Brittany about everything. After the cut-scene 
pick up everything on the floor (3 sponges, sword and handkerchief) and in the deposit box there's a music box and 
a bottle of grog. Pick em up
and use the sword on the bottom hinge. Then use the broken sword on the crack and use all sponges on the crack. After 
that use the grog on the sponges in the crack. Well, you can't go back to Míªlée Islandâ„¢ cuz you're wanted. So get the 
REAL criminal (Pegnose Pete). While you in prison pick up the chicken grease. Pick up a spritzer next to the perfume 
pusher and the cologne on the table. Look at it and now it's named Eau De LeChuck. Use the empty spritzer with the 
fountain. Go to the House of Sticks and pick up the wood shavings and combine it with the spritzer. Pick up the duck 
in front of the Bait Shop and go in. In there pick up free bait and combine it with the home-made perfume. Then pick 
up another free fishy.
Go to foreboding mansion, pick up the flower and combine it with the home-made perfume. Go to swamp and use home-made 
perfume with puddle. Go back to the bank and use the broken sword on the manhole then pick up the manhole cover and 
look at it.
Go to the Palace of Prostheses and talk to Deadeye Dave about a gift for friends and ask for something that's free. 
Now say the names that were on the bottom of the manhole cover. (the names are random). Now you have a Prosthetic skin. 
Use the home-made perfume on Deadeye Dave. You get a name (again randomly) so you'd better note the initials (3 letters). 
Use the file retriever and look up the name using the pictures. Each picture stands for a combination of letters:
Bunny - A-D
Palm tree -
Halloween-pumpkin -
Monkey-head -
Banana's -

Go to the chess-players and talk to one of them. When he picks up a piece say "the distracting line" so he drops the 
piece. Now talk to the other player and do the same.
Now that they're arguing pick up the clock. Go to the swamp and use the clock with the raft. Now use the raft. With help 
of the directions and the clock you should make it to Pegnose Pete's house (this is also randomly so we can't help ya). 
Make sure you help yourself in the future and say/give the same things in the same order to you in the past as you did.
Once you're there you hear people talk. After Ozzie leaves use chicken grease with welcome mat. Then use the duck with 
the window. After you've delivered Pegnose Pete to prison go to the bank and use the prosthetic skin with manhole. Use 
the manhole with prosthetic skin stretched over it and jump inside. Use pull-chain and pick up ScupperWare and combine 
it with the bait. Then go up the ladder and look at strange shadow. After the Cut-scene go to Palace of Prostheses and 
use the music-box on Deadeye Dave. Look at the basket of prostheses and pick up wooden prosthetic hand.
Go to the Bait shop and use the wooden prosthetic hand on the termite circus. Go to Ozzie Mandrill and use Eau de 
LeChuck on the platypus. Go back to the house of sticks and use the termite-infested prosthetic hand with Mister 
Mandrill's cane. Go to Ozzie and tell him you've framed him and found his secret hideout. Now follow him and near the 
trees there's a secret passageway. Go in and use the button. Go out and dive into the deep water. Use ScupperWare with 
bait in it with bioluminescent fishes. Go into secret door. Pick up Marley family heirlooms and the itty-bitty brass 
screw. Now that you have the treasure and the screw to Pegnose Pete's nose go back to the prison. Use the Treasure 
with the Inspector and use itty-bitty brass screw with the Inspector.

Act II: Enter The Manatee

- Talk to the VooDoo Lady.
- Stop Ozzie and LeChuck from getting the Ultimate Insult.

Objective 1: Talk to the VooDoo Lady

Go to the voodoo lady and use the finger. Talk to her about everything. It seems that there are only 3 of 4 wedding 
gifts in the chest. So your new objective is to find the 4th one.

Objective 1a: Find the 4th wedding gift

Go to the harbor and look at change return slot. Pick up the quarter and use it with grog machine. Kick/Punch/Shake 
it (Mortal Kombat?) and finally yell at it (Fatality!!!). Pick up one can of grog. Go to Meathook's (in the upper-right 
corner of the map) and talk to him about everything. Pick up the paint-brush and go to LUA Bar and use barstool. Talk 
to waitress and order some food. Wait till a flaming boat comes along and  use the paint-brush with the sushi boat 
propulsion mechanism so the flaming boat gets stuck under the painting. Now Run into the kitchen and use can of grog 
with sushi boat steam generator. Go back to the harbor. Use the wedding gifts on the figurehead of the Dainty Lady in 
the right order:
Earrings, Necklace, pen on chain and finally blue painting.

Insert CD2

Objective 2: Stop Ozzie and LeChuck from getting the Ultimate Insult

Jambalaya Islandâ„¢

First look at the blue painting. You'll notice that the Ultimate Insult consists of 3 parts:
Bronze hat (Under a boulder on the beach of Knuttin Atoll)
Silver monkey head (In Planet Threepwood)
Golden man (By winning the diving competition)

The Golden Man:
Go to Starbuccaneer'sâ„¢ and pick up a free sample of mini-bagel with Smear Whizâ„¢ on it and eat it. Go to Stan's Time 
Share stand and pick up time share brochure. Go to the Diving Competition and talk to Marco de Pollo about everything. 
After that use juicy wad of chewed up bagel chunks and Smear Whizâ„¢ with baby seal oil. Talk to Diving Judges about 
everything and Challenge Marco de Pollo. Just do something and talk to each judge (separate) about what was wrong with 
your dive. The hippie judge tells you that you have to copy Marco de Pollo's moves. So when Marco performs for example 
Keelhaul, Rum Barrel, Keelhaul. You have to do the same. Moves are:
Keelhaul - Up
Rum Barrel - Down
Spinning Swordsman - Right
Alfa Monkey - Left
The grouchy judge tells you he's been bribed by Ozzie to make sure that Marco de Pollo always wins. Look at Stan's 
time share brochure and use it on the grouchy judge. Now he gives you an honest rating. The wise, old judge tells 
you your diving splashes are to big. So you'll need something pointy. Go to the ship and next to it is a little rowboat. 
Use it and row to Knuttin Atoll. Go to the school and mess up. Now you have the Dunce cap. Go back to the Diving 
Competition. Challenge Marco de Pollo and when you're up wear the dunce cap and copy his movements. Now you have to 
start. Just do something and watch Marco de Pollo fail. Now you have won the trophy.

The Silver Monkey Head:

Go to Starbuccaneer'sâ„¢ and look at the shopping bag next to the woman. Pick up the Starbuccaneer'sâ„¢ Logo Mug. Go to 
Stan's Time Share stand and pick up the jar of glue next to the door. Go to the Micro-Groggery and use the jar of glue 
on the strange contraption. Talk to the bartender about everything and when you're done with "bullriding" you get a 
coupon for Planet Threepwood. Go there and look at the menu and order some food. Pay with the coupon and when you sit 

down talk to the Jolly Pirate and agree with the free painting. Combine the glue with the Monkey Mug Caricature and 
combine that with the Starbuccaneer'sâ„¢ Logo Mug. Use the fake Monkey Mug with Monkey Mug.

The Bronze Hat:

First talk to the tourist next to the statue of Tiny LaFeet about everything.
Go to Starbuccaneer'sâ„¢ and look at coffee cup behind the window (from the outside). Go in and pick up the cup behind 
the bushes. Have it refilled by the Starbucaneer'sâ„¢ counter clerk and go to Knuttin Atoll. Talk to the LeChuck puppet 
and press the first line twice. Now you get to talk to the Guybrush puppet. Ask him twice about talking to the puppeteer. 
When the puppeteer appears say "I'll just leave you alone" and he stay's up for a while. Make use of this by using 
the blue painting on him. He runs away and now you can pick up the puppets. Go to the school and use the fire alarm. 
Now the old hag runs away and you can go in. Go to the treasure-chest fast and pick up the whistle in the chest.
Use it and you'll notice that it sounds like a parrot. Go to the beach and talk to the pirate about everything. Go 
to the right and you'll see a LOT of boulders. Proceed to the first boulder and use the parrot call. Use the cup of 
groggocino on one of them and find out which one tells the truth. Now follow the truth-telling parrot's directions 
to the right boulder.
When the truth-telling parrot says nowhere on your question where the hat is buried than that's the right boulder. Use 
the hand puppets on the big boulder and look at the cut-scene.

Act III: Escape from Monkey Islandâ„¢

- Get off Monkey Islandâ„¢
- Stop Ozzie and LeChuck from using the Ultimate Insult
- Buy new shoes (We're still stuck with this one J)

Obective 1: Get off Monkey Islandâ„¢

First of all walk to Campsite and pick up the coconut. Go to the Canyon and pick up the banana picker next to the 
cactus. Go back to the beach and use the banana picker on the banana's in the tree 3x. Offer banana to Timmy and go 
to the Canyon. Walk into the Mineshaft. Make sure Timmy keeps following you. Walk all the way back and use vent.
Use banana with vent. Now Timmy jumps inside and you have to use the vent again to close it. Use banana with portal 
and the door opens. Enter tube and use banana picker with weed whipper (anyone said WEED?). Exit and proceed to Vista 
Point. Pick up a rock and throw it into the right side of the cliff. Now read carefully (I will only type this once):
When the rock appears in the 2nd shaft make sure you already have another rock and throw it into the middle one as soon 
as the roots move. Pick up another rock and throw it into the left side of the cliff as soon as the left root moves. 
Throw another one in the left side when the middle root moves. Now one rock should fall into the lava and create a pool. 
Then go to the lava field and a monkey will throw a milk bottle away. Go back and enter the volcano castle 
(Cathedral of LeChuck). Use the banana picker with shields right over your head when you enter. Go on and talk to the 
ghost priest about everything and convince him so you can ride a boat. Make sure you ride towards the milk bottle and 
use the banana picker on it. End up in the pool of lava and use the weed whipper with patch of weeds. Go to the monkey 
village and talk to Jojo jr. about everything. Now you know about Monkey Kombat. Use shields next to the monkey with 
the accordion and pick it up. Now you have to fight several monkeys with Monkey Kombat. We can't help you with the moves 
(random). Another thing that's random is the stance that defeats another one.
For example: Drunken Monkey defeats Anxious Ape in the one game, it might LOSE in the other game. (Bummer L)
Once you've defeated Jojo jr. go back to the lava field and use the palm tree. Walk over it and go to Herman Toothrot. 
Throw the coconut to Herman's head. After that Throw the milk bottle and finally throw the accordion. After the 
cut-scene talk to him about everything. Go to the Monkey Head (2nd biggest Guybrush has ever seen). Use the bronze 
hat with the monkey head and use the banana picker with monkey nose. Go inside and use Míªlée Islandâ„¢ Gubernatorial 
Symbol with prominent slot.

Act III+: Guybrush kicks unusually large butt

Objective 2: Stop Ozzie and LeChuck from using the Ultimate Insult

After the cut-scene pick up really big plank on the right and use it with short tower.
Climb short tower and jump on really big plank. Use the excessively large switch.

After the cut-scene you're up to the final battle in MONKEY KOMBAAAAAAAAAT!!!!!!!
This is quite easy if you know all the moves. First of all…you can't win. L BUT you can't LOSE either J the trick is 
to irritate him by drawing 3x.
After you've done that enjoy the ending!

But if any of you can find those damn shoes tell us where they are!!!!!!!! J

Made by: 
Iron Eagle ([email protected])
Psychoot ([email protected])

Extra special thanks to Revolution readers Iron Eagle and Psychoot!