Need for Speed: High Stakes PC Cheats

Need for Speed: High Stakes


To enable the following cheats, you must first download and install a very small file. Note: this is not an official EA patch and was not created by Game Revolution. So use at your own risk. Click here to download it.

After installing the config.dat file, enter the following at the Main menu:

acar Bonus car
bcarBonus car
ccarBonus car
dcopBonus cop car (Hot Pursuit Mode)
ecopBonus cop car (Hot Pursuit Mode)
fcopBonus cop car (Hot Pursuit Mode)
carsAll cars
tracksAll tracks
gofastUpgrade engines (Arcade Mode)
monkeyUpgrade automatic transmission (Arcade Mode)
moonLow gravity (Arcade Mode)
madlandTougher opponents (Arcade Mode)
buyFree purchase (Career Mode)
up0No upgrades (Career Mode)
up11st upgrade (Career Mode)
up22nd upgrade (Career Mode)
up33rd upgrade (Career Mode)
gatesMore money (Career Mode)
alltiersOpen all tiers
resetyaHonk horn during play to reset all visible opponent
trXX  Drive as traffic cars (where XX is any number from 00-14)

'Click the photo' mini-game:

Choose 'Credits' and change the display from text to photographs. Now quickly click on the pictures as they scroll by until the mini-game starts.

Unlockable cars and tracks

Complete the following criteria to unlock specific cars and tracks.

Pursuit Camaro – Achieve Top Cop and Most Wanted on all Getaway courses in Hot Pursuit mode

Raceway – Win Amateur level Knockout

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