Neverhood Chronicles, The PC Cheats

The Neverhood


Warning: The following contains information that will help you solve The Neverhood. Please, DO NOT READ FROM START TO FINISH. If you do, any number of terrible things may or may not happen. We can't say for sure. Why risk it? Just read what you need...

The Neverhood
Puzzle Solutions and Game Walk-Through

Room #1: 
I woke up and I'm trapped, now what do I do?
You will need to pull the handle on the wall three times to open the
I'm stuck in the room with the Venus Fly Trap and the Rings hanging
from the ceiling! 

Every time I press the button on the door I get punched in the face.
What do I do?
First you must push the Flytrap over so that it is lined up directly
beneath the fourth ring from the left. Then you need to jump up and
grab the ring. The Flytrap should jump up and grab the ring as you are
coming back down. The exit door will open.
While you're in the Flytrap room, go ahead and give all the handles a
pull. This may be useful later.

I went into the building with the figure hanging from the ceiling and
the weird t.v. set looking thing, what do I do?
The strange t.v.-like device that cuts to a close-up when clicked on
shows a representation of the hanging dynamite man figure on the left
side of the screen and the dynamite shelves on the right side the
screen. The object of the puzzle is to replace the duds on the
dynamite man with the real dynamite sticks on the shelves. You can do
this by clicking on the squares on the figure that do not have fuses
(little squiggles on the top of each block). Keep clicking until a
fuse appears on the top of each block. You can check your progress by
exiting the panel and looking at the hanging figure. After all the
sticks of dynamite are moved to the hanging figure he will fall to the

Okay, I built the dynamite man, but he just stands there. Now what do
I do?
You need to venture onward. Exit the room toward the right and go find
the Jack-In-The-Box. Head towards the crab symbol on the wall and take
a left to find it. Click on the Jack-In-The-Box.

This crazy creature chased me back to the Dynamite Shack and he won't
let me back out!
The Weasel (creature) has knocked a match loose from above the door.
Pick it up. Next, click on the dynamite man. The Weasel should no
longer be a problem.

I went into the building with the H above the door and I am in the
room with the ceiling fan. Currently, I'm staring at this brown box
with a bunch of square pieces in it!
You will need to arrange the pieces into the shape of an H. The three
brown pieces should be on the right. When you arrange them correctly a
door to the right of you will open.

I keep finding these brown squares on the ground. What do I do with
The squares are disks that when placed into one of the many video
players throughout the land will tell the story of The Neverhood and
help you on your quest. Klaymen will automatically put all of the
disks in his possession into the player when you click on it. To view
them when you get to a video player, just click on the button in the
center of the screen, and then click on the disk you wish to view.

I have been walking down this hall reading and reading and reading.
Will this ever end? I can't seem to stay awake?
Under no circumstances should you attempt to read this story in one
sitting. Drowsiness and possible loss of consciousness may occur. Naps
should be taken after every four or five screens, but alas there is an
While you're in the Hall of Records, pick up the beaker lying on the
floor. Also, press the button to extend the spikes in the room with
the Preamble writings on the wall. And if you can make it to the end
of the hall of records, pick up the video there. You'll thank us

I am standing outside of this little house and when I step on the big
button on the ground nothing happens, and when I ring the doorbell the
door doesn't open, so what do I do?
First you will have had to defeat the Weasel (see the clues regarding
the dynamite man), and you will need the beaker that is located in the
Hall of Records (see clue regarding the building with the Big H). Next
you must return to the area where the weasel chased you. Look for a
brown door that is located directly across from the big red bush.
Inside you will see a triceratops head with a red button underneath
it. Press the red button to activate the water. Return to the little
house and stomp on the big button on the ground. Click on the water,
and if you have the beaker, Klaymen will take a drink. Next, press the
button by the door and listen to the tones. You must match these tones
exactly by spitting the appropriate amount of water into each tube
(you do not need to take a drink after each attempt). A perfect match
will cause the front door to open. If you failed high school choir,
the spitting puzzle solution is 3,1,2,0,4.

I went inside the door to the little house and this man popped out of
a television set and started yelling at me. What do I do here?
Pay no attention to the man in the t.v. set, his only function is to
amuse and bewilder the unwary adventurer.

I am standing in the farthest room to the right in the little house
and I see a hole in the ceiling. How do I get up there?
The spikes must be extended so that Klaymen can climb up them like a
ladder. You will need to return to the Hall of Records and press the
button to extend the spikes in the room with the Preamble writings on
the wall if you haven't already done so. This will also extend the
spikes in the little house.
I went into a tunnel and I came to a green door with three deadbolts
on it. How do I unlock them?
This puzzle requires that you have completed all other tasks mentioned
above and that you have pushed the three buttons in various locations
to unlock the deadbolts. 
The first button (blue) is located downstairs at the Hall of Records
(take the elevator). 
The second button (orange) is located in the attic of the little
The third button (white) can be accessed using the slot car to travel
to the center of the spiral in the cave where the Weasel lived. 
If you have completed all the of the previously mentioned tasks,
clicking on the three buttons should unlock the deadbolts and in turn
open the door.

I crossed the bridge and went into a building. Inside I found a ledge
with a bunch of Klay pieces on it. What do I do with them?
You need to put the pieces together in the proper order by matching
the pictures on the pieces with the ones already sticking out above
the ledge.

Okay, I put the pieces together and click on the button on the end,
but it only goes down half way and then bounces back up. I am
perplexed, please help!
The thing you have made is actually a representation of the bridge,
and what you are trying to do is turn the bridge into a set of stairs
that will descend to the lake floor. Your next step is to go to the
cannon which is just outside and to the left of the room you are in.

I am sitting in the cannon and there are all kinds of switches and
symbols. Enlighten me as to my next step.
Push the big red button, McFly.

I watched the Lake Drain. What now?
Go back into the West Hall (the room with the puzzle that goes up and
down when you click on the end of it) and click on the end piece to
lower the stairs. Now go back out and you will find that the bridge
has been lowered.

I keep clicking on the radio but it doesn't do anything. Why?
You must go and turn it on by going back to the place where you woke
up at the beginning of the game and pull the correct ring if you
haven't already done so - that's why we suggested you give them each a
tug when you were there the first time! (There is a hint for this on
the wall of lake floor which can be found by riding the green
putt-putt car.)

The Radio plays a whole lot of funny songs, but what else does it do?
If you set the radio to the station a certain song it will open the
door to the lab. (The audio hint for this is on the lake floor wall
with the hint about turning on the radio.)

I am in the room with the big glass dome and I went inside and pushed
the buttons but nothing happened. Help me!
When the lights are on you will see the name Bobby on the outside of
the Machine. Turn the lights off and go back inside the Machine. The
letters in the name correspond to the colors in the spectrum of
visible light that you learned about back in high school. For those of
you that skipped school that day it went something like this: ROYGBV.
R stands for red O stands for orange and so forth. Make the crystals
in the Machine the same colors as the letters in Bobby. When you come
back out again you should be little.

I am in the little green lab what do I do?
Leave and go up the stairs through the little door to the next room.

I am in the little purple lab what do I do?
Make yourself big by entering the correct proportions of the liquids
into the beakers. The correct proportions can be found by taking the
car on the lake floor to the area outside the lab with the three
beakers and noting the levels of each liquid. (This is different for
each game.)

I am back in the little green lab because I do not know the correct
proportions for the liquids in the little purple lab. I am mad so tell
me what to do?
You will need to look at the levels of the liquids in the beakers at
the top of the stairs and fill the beakers in green with the
corresponding amounts. You will now be big again.

I am in the room with all the statues and columns and I am big, but
there are no doors. How do I get out?
On the right side of the room, one of the statues looks like a head
with a ladder sticking out of it. Behind it there is a button. Push it
and a ladder will fall from the ceiling.

I made the worlds collide and now I have teleported myself to a pink
room but the door keeps hitting me in the face. How do I get out?

I found another one of those things that when I press the red button a
bunch of symbols shows up. How do I solve this one magic eight ball?
The first one that you saw holds the solution to this one. You need to
go back and note the order of the symbols at the first location and
then enter them in the same order at the second location. The trick
here is that the second location contains one extra symbol, and the
first location repeats one symbol and makes a strange sound. While at
the second location you will need to put the extra symbol in the place
where the first location repeated. Get it. (The order is different for
each game.)

I am in the room with the noisy mouse and a big yellow button on the
floor. I seek wisdom.
Step on the button and watch the mouse go up.

I found this puzzle with a mouse that runs through a plethora of
holes. How do I solve it?
You need to get to the hole at the bottom right. You do this by
following your nose.

I am in the red room staring at a white wall with little squares on
it. The squares have pictures on them, what do I do?
This puzzle is like the game memory only harder. You need to flip the
pieces and match them up in pairs. If you miss one they will all flip
back over so write them down.

I am looking at a panel that has three pictures with a numbered block
next to each and a bear hanging from a pole above it. I am confused.
Dear confused, you need to change the number on the block to equal the
number of that item that was pictured in the red room at the memory
puzzle, and then press the yellow button. The little bear on the arm
should swing to the other side.

I moved the bear and the robot went after it but what do I next?
Go to the cannon and shoot Robot Bil in the head.

I went to the cannon again but I just keep shooting the wall!
You need to enter the correct symbols into the cannon to raise it and
move it over to Robot Bil. The symbols can be found in the Hall of
Records basement where you pressed the blue button. To see them,
however; the lights need to be out. The second set of symbols can be
found inside the mushroom after you fall down the hole. Enter the
symbols and then click on the arrows that appear in the scope. The
cannon will move up and to the right. Press the red button.

I just shot Robot Bil am I in trouble?
No. Go back and see how he is doing.

I went into this room through a big toothy door and that noisy mouse
is in here what do I do?
Well, walk over to the right and click on the purple door. If you have
the three keys Klaymen will put them into the holes on the puzzle. Now
you must put them in the proper order.

Where do I get the Three Keys?
The first key is on the balcony of the castle. 
The second key can be acquired by taking the putt-putt car in the cave
where the weasel lived to the room at the end of the track. 
The third key is given to you automatically after you have placed all
twenty of the story disks into any video player.

I found 19 disks. Where the hoozitz is the last one?
You will need to walk all the way to the end of the Hall of Records.
The disk is on the floor. Mean, huh? (that's why we suggested you pick
it up when you were there!)

I am on the balcony and there is a key floating up above me. How do I
get it?
Pick up the pin on the ground and then take the elevator inside the
castle up to the Telepod room. Look out the window. Click on the
balloon and pop it. Go back down to the balcony and pick up the key.

I am in a room with more rings and another one of those pesky
flytraps. What now?
You need to push the flytrap over to the area just below the last ring
on the right. Jump up and grab the ring. When you let go the trap will
eat you and then spit you into the next room.

How do I know the correct order of the Three Keys.
You need to have pushed that goofy looking thing with the handle that
you saw in the room with the butter pat on the wall over to the vacuum
and stepped on the yellow button to suck it up. Then you need return
to the castle and it will be there. Push it over to the right just a
little bit and the top of it will turn toward the wall. Pull the
handle and zowie there's the answer. Put the keys in the proper holes
and the door will open.

Complete these puzzles, collect the videos and the last of the
mysteries will be revealed in a stunning climax. Take heed, you will
be affecting your own destiny and the entire future of the Neverhood.

Bonus Hints and Cheats
Frequently visiting your mailbox located below the Flytrap room will
yield new clues to help you solve the next puzzle.
Save often so if you exit, you can get back to where you were without
re-playing the whole game. 

Thanks to Revolution reader Donkey Shame!