NHL ’98 PC Cheats

NHL ’98


Cheats during gameplay are as follows:

MANTIS - Makes the players bigger and stupid looking
NHLKIDS - Makes the players smaller and stupid looking
HOMEGOAL - Scores a goal for the home team
AWAYGOAL - Scores a goal for the away team
PENALTY - Causes a 5 minute major + a game misconduct to be called
INJURY - Duh, just be sure you hit them first.
ZAMBO - Brings the Zamboni on the ice during the game
VICTORY - Starts fireworks below the scoreboard
FLASH - Camera flashes from the crowd
SPOTS - Turns on the pregame spot lights in the crowd
CHECK - Killer code enables you to flatten a player by skating into him
GRAB - Enables grabbing each time you hit someone, like check.
GLOW - Glowing puck

Internet Play:

Click the X in the bottom left to quit, but then type ultimatejudge (case

doesn’t matter, but no spaces). You should hear a strange noise. Then go to Connection

and select Internet. You need to know your opponents IP address….

Super Players:

Go to “Create Player,” and enter the name of one of the main guys in the credits

name. It will ask if you want the same ratings as him – go to Yes. The player

you just created will be maxed out!

Other Cheats:

At the main screen type

eaeao for the EA Blades superteam.

stanley and see the end of season video.

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Bowler, Jason Beaugrand and Chris Short!