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30th Dec 1999 (original FAQ date)


Unofficial Nocturne FAQ
Version 1.2 (4th Jan 2000)
Author: Droogie
ICQ: 14366306
Table Of Contents

[1] Introduction
    [1.1] About
    [1.2] Contact
    [1.3] Credits
    [1.4] Copyright
[2] Nocturne Unofficial FAQ
    [2.1] Basic Information
          [2.1.1] Adjusting Gamma
          [2.1.2] Detail levels
          [2.1.3] Built in advantages
          [2.1.4] Saving
    [2.2] Controlling The Stranger
          [2.2.1] Movement
          [2.2.2] Jumping
          [2.2.3] Camera Angles
          [2.2.4] Death
          [2.2.5] Hand-to-hand Fighting
          [2.2.6] Using Inventory
          [2.2.7] Try the Obvious
    [2.3] Tips
          [2.3.1] Shoot everything
          [2.3.2] Run
          [2.3.3] Protection
          [2.3.4] Be Alert
    [2.4] Characters
          [2.4.1] The Stranger
          [2.4.2] Doc Holliday
          [2.4.3] Hiram Mottra
          [2.4.4] Colonel Hapscomb
          [2.4.5] Svetlana Lupescu
          [2.4.6] Scat Dazzle
          [2.4.7] Baron Samedi
          [2.4.8] Icepick
          [2.4.9] Moloch
          [2.4.10] General Biggs
    [2.5] Villains
          [2.5.1] Alpha Werewolf
          [2.5.2] Count Voicu
          [2.5.3] Hamilton Killian
          [2.5.4] Priest of Gardeth
          [2.5.5] Smiley
    [2.6] Enemies
          [2.6.1] Drones/Larvae
          [2.6.2] Gargoyles
          [2.6.3] Ghouls
          [2.6.4] Imps
          [2.6.5] Re-animated Mobsters
          [2.6.6] Sentinels
          [2.6.7] Skeletons
          [2.6.8] Succubus
          [2.6.9] Vampires
          [2.6.10] Vampire Brides
          [2.6.11] Werewolves
          [2.6.12] Zombies
    [2.7] Weaponry
          [2.7.1] Pistol Weapons
                  [] .45 Pistols
          [2.7.2] Assault Weapons
                  [] Shotgun
                  [] Tommygun
                  [] Crossbow
                  [] Elephant Gun
          [2.7.3] Flame Weapons
                  [] Flamethrower
                  [] Sun of God
          [2.7.4] Grenade Weapons
                  [] Dynamite
          [2.7.5] Melee Weapons
                  [] Ax
                  [] Sword
                  [] Holy Relic
                  [] Shovel
                  [] Wooden Stake
    [2.8] Ammunition
    [2.9] Inventory Items
          [2.9.1] Doctor's Bag
          [2.9.2] Liquor
          [2.9.3] Keys
[3] Walkthrough Notes
[4] Act 1: Germany, 1927 "Dark Reign of the Vampire King"
    [4.1] Scene 1
    [4.2] Scene 2
    [4.3] Scene 3
    [4.4] Scene 4
    [4.5] Scene 5
[5] Act 2: Texas, 1931 "Tomb of the Underground God"
    [5.1] Scene 1
    [5.2] Scene 2
    [5.3] Scene 3
    [5.4] Scene 4
[6] Act 3: Chicago, 1933 "Windy City Massacre"
    [6.1] Scene 1
    [6.2] Scene 2
    [6.3] Scene 3
    [6.4] Scene 4
    [6.5] Scene 5
    [6.6] Scene 6
    [6.7] Scene 7
    [6.8] Scene 8
    [6.9] Scene 9
    [6.10] Scene 10
    [6.11] Scene 11
[7] Act 4: France, 1935 "The House on the Edge of Hell"
    [7.1] Scene 1
    [7.2] Scene 2
    [7.3] Scene 3
[8] Act 5: Epilogue, Spookhouse HQ
[9] Troubleshooting
    [9.1] Scandisk
    [9.2] Defragmentation
    [9.3] Bugs
    [9.4] Minimum Requirements
    [9.5] Recommended Requirements
    [9.6] My Recommended Requirements
[10] Cheat Codes
[11] History

Chapter [1] Introduction

[1.1] About:

  Thank you for reading my FAQ of Nocturne, the survival
horror game from Terminal Reality.  This FAQ is
unofficial, meaning it is in no way supported or
endorsed by Terminal Reality or Gathering
of Developers (G.O.D.).  This is my first FAQ, and any
feedback you have would be greatly appreciated.
Just send it on over to  You can
also request a game and I'll try my hardest to get
a FAQ for it.  I do Sega Dreamcast and Windows/DOS
games.  You can find this FAQ, plus an HTML version and
FAQ's of other games at my website at

[1.2] Contact:
  Feel free to contact me at the following e-mail address:  I check my e-mail once a day, so a quick
response is almost guaranteed.  You can also contact me
via ICQ at 14366306.  When e-mailing, do NOT ask the
- Any illegal things for Nocturne (cracks, warez, etc.)
- Ask for any Nocturne information, as it is
all in this FAQ and upcoming versions.

[1.3] Credits:
  First off, I would like to thank Terminal Reality
for creating this wonderful game.  One of the
scariest games I have played since Resident
Evil.  Good work.

  I'd like to thank all other FAQ writers, as
this is where I got the Table of Contents
layout from.

  I'd like to thank all my friends on ICQ for
proofreading this FAQ and giving me support.

[1.4] Copyright:
  Nocturne, the Nocturne logo, the Nocturne fangs, and
the Terminal Reality logo are trademarks of Terminal
Reality Inc.  Gathering of Developers and godgames are
trademarks of Gathering of Developers, Inc.  All
other trademarks and trade names are properties
of their respective owners.  Copyright 1999
Gathering of Developers, Inc.  All Rights reserved.

This FAQ is copyright 1999 Droogie.  It may
not be distributed in any form without
author's permission.  This FAQ may only
be found at GameFAQ's (,
Cheat Code Central ( and
Video Game Strategies (

Chapter [2] Nocturne Unofficial FAQ

[2.1] Basic Information
  In Nocturne, you play as The Stranger,
an operative at the secret government
organization called Spookhouse, founded
by Theodore Roosevelt after he
killed a werewolf.  The Spookhouse
operatives are called to duty when
supernatural activity is suspected.
In the game, you play through four acts.
These acts can be played in any order.
They take you from a castle in Germany,
controlled by a vampire named Count Voicu,
to the small town of Redeye, Texas, where
the undead have started wrecking havoc.
You then travel in Chicago in 1933, where
Al Capone has hired a German scientist
to re-animate dead mobsters.  The final act
takes place on the estate of a former
Spookhouse agent named Hamilton Killian.

[2.1.1] Adjusting Gamma
  Nocturne is a very dark game.
It is best placed with the lights
turned off.  When you start Nocturne
for the first time, you will be
prompted to calibrate your monitor.
If you followed the calibration exactly,
the game may be too dark to play.  Use 
the F11 key to brighten the display and
F12 to darken it.

[2.1.2] Detail Levels
  Because of Nocturne's complexity,
it can seriously affect gameplay on some
systems.  If you have anything less
then a Pentium III 450 with 256mb RAM,
DO NOT set the Graphics or the Sound options
to high.

[2.1.3] Built in advantages
  In the options menu, set your AUTO-AIM
to ON.  With it on, you can target two
enemies at once; something you can't do
if it's set to manual.  Also, set it so
you automatically use HEALTH when your
hurt.  When enemies attack you, most of them
usually incapacitate you and you won't be
able to do anything until the attack is over.

[2.1.4] Save often
  Save your game often.  I can't stress this
enough.  If you approach a part of the game
that looks tough, save.  If you just completed
a huge portion of the act, save.  It's really
frustrating when you complete a huge portion
of the game, only to run into an enemy, die and
have to restart again.  Use the F2 key to save.

[2.2] Controlling the Stranger

[2.2.1] Movement
  When you are at Spookhouse before
any mission, you have complete control
of the Stranger.  Move him around.  Run.
Jump.  Push light switches.  Talk to everyone.
In other words, get used to controlling the
Stranger.  Once you get down what the Stranger
can and cannot do, the missions will be a heck
of a lot easier.

  You should pay extra special attention
to when the Stranger is facing you.  This is
difficult at first, but you will have to do it,
because some of the camera angles in the game
force you to.  If you aren't sure which way
the Stranger will move when you press a key,
don't press it.

[2.2.2] Jumping
  Before making any jump that looks
dangerous, SAVE YOUR GAME!  It will
save you trouble in the long run.
Until you get used to jumping, you
can use your Pistols (or a different
weapon that has the red aiming light)
to line the jump up.  To do this, aim
down at the platform your about to jump
to.  If the red lights line up, then
take the jump.

[2.2.3] Camera Angles
  The camera views in Nocturne
are static.  For this reason, you
should NEVER under ANY circumstance
rush into another area.  When you are
close to another area, and the camera
is about to change, walk slowly until
the view changes.  This can save your
life, as rushing into an unseen area
can lead into falls, into monsters hands,

[2.2.4] Death
  Don't be afraid to kill the Stranger
a few times (after saving, that is).  When
the Stranger dies, he can reveal something,
such as a fall or a trap, or something else
you hadn't noticed.  Saving your game and
killing him off is a good way to see what lies

[2.2.5] Hand-to-hand Fighting
  Yes, the Stranger does have hand-to-
hand fighting, if somewhat limited.  If you
come under attack before having a chance
to draw your weapon, keep pressing the ACTION
key to swing at the attacker.  If the attacker
is behind the Stranger, press the BACK key, and
the Stranger will do a backward kick.  If your
holding a Shotgun, or another powerful weapon,
and an attacker hits you from behind, fire the
weapon.  The recoil is usually enough to send
the attacker off your back.

[2.2.6] Using Inventory
  Anything the Stranger can pick up
will probably be useful to a puzzle.
It is only in the rarest occasion that
something the Stranger picks up that
won't be useful later.

[2.2.7] Try the Obvious
  If something looks like it will work,
it probably will.  If there's a switch
nearby, throw it.  It may not do anything
in the immediate area, but it obviously
does something.

[2.3] Tips

[2.3.1] Shoot Everything
  Shoot everything that can
be shot.  Monsters are never friendly,
and hesitation will only get the
Stranger killed.

[2.3.2] Run
  Ammunition is scarce, so your best
bet is to run.  This may sound cowardly,
but running can get the Stranger out of
a lot of trouble.

[2.3.3] Protection
  If you have a partner with you, or
are escorting a civilian, put yourself
in between the person and danger.  If
the partner or civilian gets killed,
your mission will undoubtably be
a failure.

[2.3.4] Be Alert
  Just because a person appears
friendly, do not believe it.  Suspect
everyone and everything until you
have proof.

[2.4] Characters

**NOTE**: Reading up on the characters
may give away some points in the game
that are better left discovered by

[2.4.1] The Stranger
  The character you play as, the
Stranger was accepted into Spookhouse
in 1923 under still classified circum-
stances.  The Stranger is a man without
identity or history.  He is considered
one of Spookhouse's most valuable operatives.
The Stranger has a deep, rough voice, which is
quiet and reserved.  He speaks only when it
is necessary.  The Stranger is expressionless.
He doesn't like anybody, and he hates monsters.

[2.4.2] Doc Holliday
  Professor Holliday is an
undisputed genius in the field
of applied science and mechanical
engineering.  She insists on testing
her own fantastic inventions
in the field.

[2.4.3] Hiram Mottra
  Hiram's service in Spookhouse
is mainly research and documentation.
He is sometimes called upon to go
into the field in a combat capacity,
but his nervous nature and bulk make
him a bad soldier.  He possesses the
ability to use an unproven, sixth sense
that allows him to feel aggressive
thoughts toward him.

[2.4.4] Colonel Hapscomb
  Originally a military officer
stationed in Bombay, he was
sickened by the injustices
perpetrated on the native
people by his army and the
Indian government.  He served
as an honorary liaison for
Spookhouse in its early years,
and was made a full agent
when its charter expanded
and the head of field operations

[2.4.5] Svetlana Lupescu
  Svetlana was born by a 
vampire father and a human
mother.  Disliked by her mother's
wealthy family and by the small
community into which she was born,
a kindly household servant
spirited her away and carried
her to the United States, where she
deposited her in the care of
Spookhouse agents.  Svetlana has
developed into a hunter with
unparalleled potential.

[2.4.6] Scat Dazzle
  Scat Dazzle was born deep in
the Louisiana bayous.  He was marked
as a special child in the small,
voodoo worshipping community in which
he was raised.  He was groomed to be
a powerful voodoo priest from childhood.
The practiced mambas and houngans
dedicated him to the service of
Baron Samedi, a powerful voodoo Loa, 
when he grew into maturity and power.

Each has some control over the other.
Dazzle can summon Baron at will, but
depending on his strength, can't always
control him.

[2.4.7] Baron Samedi
  Baron is a voodoo god, called
Loa, the immortal archetypal
representations of the natural world
and of moral principles.  He tells
lewd jokes, makes obscene gestures,
smokes cigarettes, eats voraciously,
and drinks rum.  The Baron is cocky
and proud, and can do things to man
can do.  He only responds to requests
for help if doing so pleases his chaotic

[2.4.8] Icepick
  Icepick was originally an enforcer
for the Ghiberti Family in Chicago.
He was betrayed and sold to Professor
Loathring as an experiment for Al
Capone's "Frankenmob" scheme.  He was
a large man, and because of the medical
procedures, turned him into a giant.
He was found by Doc Holliday and turned
to Spookhouse.  He now displays fanatical
loyalty and protectiveness towards her.

[2.4.9] Moloch
  Moloch, like a few other Spookhouse
agents, is an outcast.  During the
Nepalese Horucide on 1921, Moloch
fought alongside the Spookhouse
agents.  Although not officially
allied with Spookhouse, Moloch shared
a common enemy; the demon underworld
that had cast him out of hell
centuries ago.  Spookhouse brought
him back to America to consider him
a potential agent.

[2.4.10] General Biggs
  General Biggs has been a member
of the Armed Forces for his entire
life and would have it no other
way.  His military genus is undeniable.
A few years after becoming a general
in 1929, Biggs met Colonel Hapscomb.
They have become close friends,
and in 1933, Biggs was brought on
as an outside Spookhouse agent, in
charge of gathering regular troops
who will act as cover for Spookhouse,
and later deny any existance of
supernatural activity.

[2.5] Villains

[2.5.1] Alpha Werewolf
  Alpha Werewolf is the leader
of the Hokkendire Werewolf
Tribe.  One of the few survivors
of the Hokkendire Werewolf
Horucide of 1924, which the
Stranger led, he has rebuilt his
tribe and now seeks out those
who had nearly killed him and his

[2.5.2] Count Voicu
  Count Voicu is the master
vampire who controls Castle
Gaustadt and reigns over the
village of Falkenburg.  Through
hundreds of years of dominating
the world around him, Voicu's
voice, thick with a German accent
originating in the Middle Ages,
and demeanor are that of a powerful
master of his domain.

[2.5.3] Hamilton Killian
  Killian is a retired Spookhouse
operative, who left after Moloch
joined the ranks.  Killian's heart
turned to fire when his wife died at
the hands of a vampire.  Ever since,
he has had an unrelenting hatred for
all monsters.  He served Spookhouse
for a few years, becoming less and less
stable, when Colonel Hapscomb finally
forced him to retire.

[2.5.4] Priest of Gardath
  Having studied from the dread
Necronimicon and other forbidden
texts, the Priest has found the
prison of one of the elder gods
under the plains of West Texas.

[2.5.5] Smiley
  Smiley is the biggest,
toughest and baddest
Frankenmobster under Al
Capone's command.  He is a monster
who relentlessly stalks Chicago.
He rose to become the most powerful,
and through Dr. Loathring's medical
treatment, he exceeds all human

[2.6] Enemies
**NOTE**: I will give brief
descriptions of each enemy,
and the best way to take of

DESC = Description
NEUT = Neutralization

[2.6.1] Drones/Larvae
  DESC: Small creatures.  Drone's
have no long range attack, but Larvae
can spit green, acid like projectiles
at you.
  NEUT: Use a Shotgun or other assault
weapon at close range.  Use Explosives
if there are a group of Larvae.

[2.6.2] Gargoyles
  DESC: Stone creatures who
only come to life when unseen.
  NEUT: Turn your back to them,
and once they become fully
animated, turn around quickly and
blast them.  Any weapon will do
the job.

[2.6.3] Ghouls
  DESC: Creatures
who will keep attacking.
Once they are knocked
down, they will get back up and
attack you again.
  NEUT: They are immune to all
types of ammo except blessed 
weapons.  Ghouls can't rise if
half their body is dismembered,
so use a blade or firearm to
dismember them.

[2.6.4] Imps
  DESC: Small, red creatures.
They move somewhat fast.
  NEUT: Solid Shotgun blast
or any other assault weapon.  When
you see an Imp, stay alert for others
as Imp's rarely attack alone.

[2.6.5] Mobsters
  DESC: Mobsters come
in different shapes and costumes.
They all carry Tommyguns.

  NEUT: They can be killed just about
by any weapon.  They carry Tommyguns, so
you'll need something that has decent

[2.6.6] Sentinels
  DESC: Massive, flying beasts.

  NEUT: One or two solid Shotgun blasts
will be enough to kill a Sentinel.  You
can also use the Pistols, as they're
auto-aim will track it just about

[2.6.7] Skeletons
  DESC: White, skinless monsters.

  NEUT: You cannot kill a skeleton.
The more you kill them, the faster
they regenerate.  If you must kill
them, use a Shotgun at close range,
then run away before they have time
to reconstruct.

[2.6.8] Succubus
  DESC: Female demon who look

  NEUT: Any weapon will do the trick, but
the Shotgun is the best.

[2.6.9] Vampires
  DESC: Tall, white creatures.

  NEUT: A wooden stake or Crossbow Bolt
work best.  Aqua Vampire bullets are good,
and so is the Sun of God.

[2.6.10] Vampire Brides
  DESC: Female vampires, sometimes
flying.  They murmer so you know
when they are near.

  NEUT: Use the same weapons you
would for regular vampires.

[2.6.11] Werewolves
  DESC: Wolf lookalikes.  Move fast.

  NEUT: Use the Pistols with Silver
Bullets loaded.  Ordinary Bullets and
the Shotgun can kill them, but it takes
many more shots.  When you see a
werewolf, stay alert; they usually
hunt in packs.

[2.6.12] Zombies
  DESC: Most zombies look
different then the others.

  NEUT: Type 1 zombies are easily
killed by voodoo magic.  The other
zombies must be blown apart or have
their head removed to kill them.
Once down, they usually stay

[2.7] Weaponry

[2.7.1] Pistol Weapons

[] 45 Pistols
  The pistols can take down all
but the toughest of opponents.  They
come with two, red laser sights.  If
AUTO-AIM is enabled, the pistols can
track two targets at once.

  USE AGAINST: Zombies, Werewolves (silver
bullets), Vampires (Aqua Vampire bullets),
Sentinels, Imps, Demons (Mercury Bullets),
Drones/Larvae, and Succubi.

[2.7.2] Assault Weapons

[] Shotgun
  An extremely powerful short range
weapon, the Shotgun loses it's strength
at longer ranges, as the shells spread
out over distance.

  USE AGAINST: Zombies, Werewolves, Imps,
Ghouls (temporarily), Sentinels, Drones/Larvae,
and Succubi.

[] Tommygun
  This gun will perforate
a target in a very short
amount of time.

  USE AGAINST: Mobsters.

[] Crossbow
  The Crossbow was designed mainly
for killing Vampires.  One shot to
the heart will kill any vampire.

  USE AGAINST: Vampires, Vampire
Brides, and Ghouls (Blessed Bolts).

[] Elephant Gun
  This rifle fires a high caliber
slug at a fast speed.  One shot is
powerful enough to blast limbs from
from monsters, enabling the Stranger
to blast away limbs from any opponent.

  USE AGAINST: You can only use it
in Act 3 against the Frankenmobsters.
Use it especially against Smiley, as it's
the only gun that can kill him.

[2.7.3] Flame Weapons

[] Flamethrower
  The Flamethrower fires a stream
of gas mixture that is ignited by
a flame at the end of the barrel.
Once a target is ignited, the flame
will gradually spread, finally killing
the target.  Holding down the fire
button will kill the target even faster.
This is one of the few weapons that can
hurt the Stranger.

  USE AGAINST: Frankenmobsters.

[] Sun of God
  This weapon fires a burst of
concentrated artificial sunlight.  It's
made specifically for vampire killing.
After firing, it has to recharge before
the Stranger can use it again.

  USE AGAINST: Vampires, Vampire Brides.

[2.7.4] Grenade Weapons

[] Dynamite
  When you light the fuse, the Stranger
has a few seconds to throw it before it blows
up in his hand, killing him.  Hold down
the FIRE button and you'll see an aiming arc
that lengthens as you hold it down.  Release
the FIRE button at the time you want to throw
it.  Make sure you're clear of the blast.

  USE AGAINST: Everything except Vampires,
Vampire Brides and Demons.

[2.7.5] Melee Weapons

[] Ax
  Very weak weapon that has a decent
effect on Zombies.  The Ax can chop off
arms, heads and other body parts.  Because
of it's short range, it should be used as
a tool first, weapon second.

  USE AGAINTS: Zombies

[] Sword
  The sword is a good weapon for
slashing weak enemies, as well as
chopping off various body parts.

  USE AGAINST: Zombies, Ghouls.

[] Holy Relic
  This relic has a holy design,
which is useful against vampires.

  USE AGAINST: Vampires.  This is the
only weapon that can kill Count Voicu.

[] Shovel
  The Shovel isn't very good at killing
anything, but because of it's long
reach, it can keep zombies
away and kill them like

  USE AGAINST: Zombies

[] Wooden Stake
  This is only useful against
vampires, and it's not very
useful at that, because you
have to be extremely close
to connect.

  USE AGAINST: Vampires, Vampire

[2.8] Ammunition

Bullets: Useful against any enemy.
Ordinary Bullets are the most
common found ammo.

Silver Bullets: More powerful
against Werewolves.

Mercury Bullets: More powerful
against Demons.

Aqua Vampire Bullets: More powerful
against Vampires.

Shells: Ammunition for the shotgun.

Fuel: Gas for the Flamethrower.

Crossbow Bolts: Wooden bolts for
the Crossbow.

Blessed Crossbow Bolts: More powerful
bolts for killing Ghouls.

Tommy Gun Drum: Ammunition for Tommygun.

Elephant Gun Shells: Ammunition for the
Elephant Gun.  Very rarely found.

[2.9] Inventory Items

[2.9.1] Doctor's Bag
  Restores a large amount of
the Stranger's health when

[2.9.2] Liquor
  Restores a small amount
of the Stranger's health
when used.

[2.9.3] Keys
  The most common inventory
item found, keys are never
useless.  They will unlock
locked doors otherwise

[3] Walkthrough Notes
  I cut the walkthrough up into
the different scenes available.
In the first act, as soon as the
Stranger reaches a major point in
the game, I switch to "Scene 2" or

  You will notice that some text
will be presented in **, like
**this**.  This is to signify something
that is happening, but what you aren't

All other regular text is the actual

Although this walkthrough takes you
step by step through the entire game,
please try to refer to it only when
you need help, as it will seriously
ruin your enjoyment.

[4] Act 1: Germany, 1927 "Dark Reign of the Vampire King"

[4.1] Scene 1: Spookhouse HQ

  **The Stranger exits the elevator
    in the basement of a building.
    Colonel Hapscomb meets him, and they
    walk toward the secret office.**
COLONEL: Stranger, thank you for coming
         in on short notice.

  **The Colonel leads the Stranger to
    a near empty office and face a

COLONEL: The world is a dark place.

SECRETARY: Who will protect the world
           from darkness?

COLONEL: We will.

  **A panel in the wall slides open**

  You now have control of the Stranger.
  Enter the secret door and walk down
  the hall.  Follow the Colonel down
  the hall to the elevator.

COLONEL: I suppose I should tell you: you'll
         have a partner on this mission.

STRANGER: A partner?  Who?

COLONEL: Svetlana Lupescu.  I know you don't
         really like her, Stranger, but -

STRANGER: I don't "like" anyone.  I hate monsters.

COLONEL: I wouldn't call her a monster.  She's only
         half vampire.

STRANGER: Half is too much.

COLONEL: But it's that half of her that makes
         her so ideal for this assignment.  You've
         put aside your personal feelings in the
         past, Stranger.  I trust you'll do the
         same now.

STRANGER: If she crosses me, she dies.

COLONEL: *sighing* I'm sure she feels the
         same about you.

  You are now outside the briefing room,
  and you once again have control.  Walk
  inside the briefing room, where Svetlana
  will greet you.

SVETLANA: Nice to see you again, Stranger.
          I look forward to working with

  **The Stranger sits down.  The lights
    dim down.  The projector starts up**

COLONEL: Have either of you ever heard
         of the Yathfor Gyoule stone?

SVETLANA: The Yathgy?

COLONEL: Then you've heard of it.
         I suspected you might.

SVETLANA: Only through legend.  It's the
          "Holy Grail" of the vampire
          world.  The vampire who wields
          it is said to be immune to those
          things that would kill any other
          vampire.  He can walk anywhere,
          even in sunlight, and strike down
          man or beast with a thought.

COLONEL: Yes, those are the legends.  Some
         even suggest that the stone is the
         petrified heart of an ancient vampire.
         But legends aside, we think we've
         tracked down the artifact.

SVETLANA: I always thought that it was just
          as much a myth as the Holy Grail.

STRANGER (knowingly): What makes you think
          the Grail is a myth?

COLONEL (after a pause brought on by the
        Stranger's response): Yes, well,
        we think we might have found the
        Yathfoe-Gyuole stone.  Our
        intelligence suggests that a castle
        in Germany by the name of Gaustadt
        was the last known location of the
        artifact.  Rumors, of course, but
        reports of strange creatures and
        supernatural events have been becoming
        suspiciously more frequent over the
        past century.  Whether the stone is
        there or not, something is drawing the
        supernatural to that mountain.

STRANGER (displeased): This is beginning to
         sound like a research assignment.

COLONEL: It's far more important than that.
         Your mission is to retrieve the
         artifact.  We've surveyed the region
         as best we can.  Reports that have
         trickled out over the past hundred
         years indicate that the journey
         itself to the castle will be

SVETLANA: Why is it so important to retrieve
          this stone?  No one here can utilize
          it's full potential.  I suspect that
          not even I would benefit from it's
          powers since my half-human blood gives
          me many of the benefits this stone
          is rumored to bestow.

COLONEL: As you know, our trophy hall is filled
         with weapons and artifacts of great
         power that would allow an individual to
         rule the world, should he wield them
         properly.  By keeping them here under
         lock and key, we can ensure that they
         never fall into the wrong hands.

STRANGER: Why not simply destroy them?

COLONEL: Some cannot be destroyed.  We've tried.
         Others may prove...useful to us in the
         future.  In the even of another Great
         War, we have weapons that would
         guarantee our victory against any odds.
         Returning to business, we've done some
         preliminary reconnaissance.  Our
         operatives couldn't penetrate very
         deeply into the foothills.  The entire
         area is crawling with werewolves.

SVETLANA (looking at Stranger): I thought you
         killed all the werewolves in Germany.

STRANGER (grunts): Hmm.

COLONEL: We tried to find relatives of anyone
         from the Gaustadt region.  We couldn't
         find one person with any connection to
         the area.  We do know that small villages
         in the area were inhabited as late as the
         1850's, but since then, no one has had any
         first-hand contact with anyone from that
         region.  All the information you need is on
         your desks, and your travel arrangements have
         been made.  Good luck, and be careful.

  **Svetlana rises and walks out**

SVETLANA: Meet me at the elevator when you're ready
          to leave, Stranger.

  You know have control of the Stranger.
  Talk to Hiram.  He's just outside the
  briefing room.  Then enter the gym, which
  is located to Hiram's right, and talk to
  Moloch, Khen and Haystack.  When your
  finished, leave and head for the Lab,
  which is the door above Hiram.  Go and
  talk to Doc Holliday.

  **Doc Holliday is doing something scientific**

HOLLIDAY: Stranger, can you com back later?  As
          you can see, I'm extremely busy.

  **Returns to work**

STRANGER: I have to leave on a mission soon.

HOLLIDAY: I see.  And you want to know if
          I have any goodies for you.
          What's the mission?

STRANGER: Werewolves and Vampires.

HOLLIDAY: Vampires?  Svetlana just returned
          from her last mission; I don't
          suppose she's going on this mission
          with you, is she?


HOLLIDAY (amused): Interesting.  Well, I've got
         the standard aqua vampira that Hamilton
         Killian helped develop.  "Better than
         holy water," he always said.  And I have
         a new item that I just finished.  I haven't
         had time to field-test it yet.  Basically,
         it produces artificial sunlight.  It takes
         a while to charge up, but when it does, it
         ought to fry any vampire and, at the very
         least, temporarily blind anything else.

HOLLIDAY: You'd better not accidentally shoot a team
          member with it.  Especially Svetlana. (to
          herself) Hmm... I wonder if this machine
          will even have an effect on a dhampir?
          (back to regular conversation).  Either
          way, it might not be a good idea to use
          this if you and Svetlana are going to be
          in close proximity during the mission.

STRANGER: I'll take my chances.  What do you call

HOLLIDAY: It's the Charged Radiance Emitter, or,
          more colorfuly, "The Sun of God".

STRANGER: Nice.  Anything else?

HOLLIDAY: Werewolves, huh?  Where did you say you
          were going?

STRANGER (hesitant): Germany.

HOLLIDAY: I thought you killed all -

STRANGER (quickly interrupting, annoyed): What else
         do you have?

HOLLIDAY: Sorry, Stranger, just the standard silver
          bullets.  I've been very busy.  You're
          lucky I was able to finish "The Sun" before
          your mission.

  **Holliday returns to work**

  Walk over to the workbench and pick up the doctors
  bag and all the silver bullets.  If the Stranger
  tries to pick up anything else, Holliday will
  scold him.  Once you have everything, leave
  and meet Svetlana at the elevator.  Open
  the elevator door to start the mission.

[4.2] Scene 2: Falkenburg Village

  **Outside the city wall, the Stranger
  and Svetlana emerge from the mountain
  trails that have isolated the village.
  As they are passing a small cemetery,
  the earth of one of the graves' moves
  and a body rises from the muck.  The
  Stranger draws his weapons.**

STRANGER: Watch out!

SVETLANA: Wait!  This one's not a monster.

STRANGER: Are you crazy?  He just climbed
          out of a grave.

SVETLANA: I'm telling you, he smells of

  **The man, who turns out to be Tormah
  Klienshenck, has risen and dusted
  himself off.  He starts to run when
  he spots the two agents.  The Stranger
  steps before him to stop him.**

STRANGER: Who are you?

TORMAH (mad, frantic and panicking): Sentinels!
       No!  They're everywhere!

SVETLANA: Sentinels?  What are these Sentinels?

TORMAH: Huge, monstrous things!  Hideous things
        that will devour you whole!

STRANGER: Come on, Svetlana.  He's crazy.

TORMAH (laughing hysterically): Ha, ha, ha!  I'm
       crazy?  You've come here of your own
       free will?  You're crazy!  You'll never

STRANGER: You obviously escaped.

TORMAH: Yes.  But I'm not crazy.  I'm a
        genius!  I hid in a coffin with
        my friend's corpse, so when they
        buried him out here, I could

  **Wings flapping sound in the background.
  Tormah is frightened and flees.**

TORMAH (as he flees): They've found me!

  **Once Tormah is gone...**

STRANGER: What was that all about?

SVETLANA: I'm not sure.  He was totally mad.  But
          one thing I am sure of: there are
          vampires here.  I can smell them.  Did
          you see the bite marks on his neck?


  At this point, you have control of the
  Stranger.  Keep walking past all the graves
  until you come to a crypt with a gate.  Walk
  up to it and try to open it.

STRANGER: I can feel air coming from this
          crypt.  It smells like fresh air.
          It might open into the town

  The crypt is locked, so you need to find a key.
  Head down the hill that Tormah ran down and
  walk around to the right side of the town walls.
  You will see a pair of dead bodies and a box.
  Get the key on the ground near the first body.
  Be careful, as the other ghoul isn't dead and may
  attack.  Kill it, then search the box to find 200
  Ordinary Bullets.  Go back to the crypt by the
  graveyard and use the key to open the gate.

STRANGER: Let's go.

  **After a few steps in, Svetlana drops
  to the ground.**

SVETLANA (grabbing her head): I can't go in!
         We're nearing holy ground.

STRANGER: We just tromped through an entire
          graveyard, why stop now?

SVETLANA (in pain): That little graveyard was
         never consecrated.  It's not holy.
         But the ground here burns my skin.
         To go any further would be suicide.

STRANGER (not disappointed): Fine.  I'll go
         on alone.

SVETLANA: I'll find another way in.


  **Svetlana turns and moves toward the graveyard.**

SVETLANA: Go ahead and enter the village through
          the crypt.  Try to open the front gate.
          In the meantime, I'll look for another
          way in.

  Enter the crypt.  You emerge in a decrepit,
  abandoned church.  Outside, the town is
  deserted.  As you enter the street, a
  Sentinel will fly down from above.  Using
  Ordinary bullets, aim up at it's head and
  back up to give yourself room to avoid it
  and blast it until it's dead.

  Open the gate at the end of the street by
  pushing the lever.  Before doing this, make
  sure the Sentinel is dead.  Once the gate
  is opened, Svetlana will come in.

SVETLANA: Excellent work.  (looks at
          Sentinel) What in the world
          is that thing?  I've never seen
          anything like it.  Whoever summoned
          this beast must be very powerful.

STRANGER: There might be others like it.

SVETLANA: Did you find any villagers?

STRANGER: Not one.  They're either dead or

SVETLANA: With monsters like this roaming
          the streets, I can't blame them.

  You once again have control.  As you search
  for the rest of the Sentinels, enter the pub
  and collect the Doctor's Bag from behind the
  bar.  All other doors in the town are locked.
  Once all the Sentinels are dead, the village
  Mayor emerges from his hiding spot.

MAYOR (ready to flee): Are you friend or foe?

SVETLANA: We are not your enemy.

MAYOR: Well then, greetings.  Welcome to the
       fair village of Falkenburg, strangers.
       I am the village Mayor.  What might
       I call you?

SVETLANA: I am Svetlana Lupescu.

STRANGER: "Stranger" is fine.

MAYOR: Very well.  I have no idea how you
       found our little village; it matters
       not, I suppose.  You should return
       now the way you came.  You are both
       in terrible danger.

SVETLANA: What?  You mean these creatures?
          We can handle ourselves.

MAYOR: But don't you see?  It is only a matter
       of time before an army of those things
       is sent to replace those you have slain.
       Please leave.  It will benefit no one
       for two more people to suffer as our
       town suffers.

STRANGER: We didn't come this far to be dissuaded
          by one man's opinion.  Tell us what you
          know, and keep it brief.  You can worry
          about our safety later.

MAYOR: A great evil has befallen us.  You've seen
       some signs of that evil here.  The
       oppression from Castle Gaustadt has become
       more and more severe since we settled
       in this valley after the bloody reign
       of Andronicus Comnenus.

SVETLANA: Andronicus?  Andronicus ruled in the
          twelfth century.

MAYOR: Impressive.  You know our history well.
       Our people have been here a long time,
       and each year our village falls deeper
       into ruin.  I fear we've only a few
       years left.  And because of your actions
       today, we might have even less time.
       Count Voicu's wrath will descend upon this
       innocent town when he learns his
       Sentinels have been slain.

STRANGER: Count Voicu?

MAYOR: He is the master of Castle Gaustadt,
       beyond the forest on the mountain
       that overlooks this valley.

SVETLANA: Well us about this Count.  He's not
          a normal man, is he?

MAYOR: What do you mean?

SVETLANA: He's a vampire, is he not?

MAYOR (shocked): Well, yes.  That is rumoured
      to be so.  Why would you suspect such
      a thing?

SVETLANA: I can smell it.  And there were bite marks
          on a man outside this village.

MAYOR: Man?  What man?

SVETLANA: He didn't tell us his name.  He was
          babbling, warning us about the sentinels.

MAYOR: Did he say anything else?

STRANGER: That's all.

MAYOR: How did he escape?  The sentinels don't
       let us wander from town.

SVETLANA: Apparently he hid in a coffin with a
          corpse and was buried outside of town.

MAYOR: How clever.  Well, at least one person
       has escaped the Count's iron grip.  If
       that madman truly is a vampire, think of
       the horrors he must be inflicting upon
       our children.

SVETLANA: Your children?

MAYOR: Over the past year, the Count has taken
       all of our daughters, for what vile
       purpose we can only guess.  We tried to
       fight back, but his sentinels are too
       many and too strong.

SVETLANA: Now that the Sentinels are gone, we
          recommend that you flee the city.

MAYOR: Never!  This is our home.  We may die
       defending it, but we will not run like
       cowards!  We are a proud people, and
       if we leave, our daughters will surely

  **The Mayor looks at both the Stranger and
  Svetlana before proceeding.**

MAYOR: I will not ask you to involve yourselves
       in this horror, but it's obvious that
       you are capable warriors.  If you offer
       your help, we will accept it.  But we
       will not leave this town.

SVETLANA: We'll discuss this matter with Count
          Voicu.  If we can't reason with him...

STRANGER (interrupting forcefully): We will kill him.

MAYOR: Our humble village appreciates your help.
       I pray - for the sake of our town and
       our children - that you are successful.

  You now have control.  Walk around until you
  see another townsman.  Talk to him.  The
  Stranger's tone will not go over well with
  the townsman, and Svetlana will scold him.
  Talk to him again, and Svetlana will talk
  to him.  You will receive information about
  Yuri, a trapper who lives in the woods.

  Once you're through talking, open the gate
  near the Town Hall and exit to enter the

[4.3] Scene 2: The Forest

  Once outside the walls, the Stranger
  and Svetlana enter the forest just
  as rain begins to fall.  Follow the
  path under the fallen tree and
  walk toward the tipped wagon.  You
  will find a Doctor's Bag around here.

SVETLANA: The smell of werewolves is
          overwhelming.  They are all
          around us.

STRANGER: Why don't they attack?

SVETLANA: They're toying with us.  Surrounding
          us.  They will attack soon enough.
          Look at this horse.  Flesh torn from
          shattered bones.

  Follow along the path until you reach a
  fork in the road.  Look down the right
  hand path and you will see two bodies.

SVETLANA (surprised): It's a vampire!

STRANGER: Staked through the heart.  Is it
          holding another stake?  Why would
          a vampire carry a stake?

SVETLANA: A civil war among the vampires?

STRANGER: There's a werewolf carcass over
          here.  Must've been quite a fight.

  Grab the stake from the ground in front of
  the dead vampire.  Turn around and continue
  down the left path.  You'll come across another
  fork in the road.  Turn left and approach the
  small hut ahead.  If you talked to the townsman
  who told you about Yuri, Svetlana will call to

SVETLANA (shouting into shack): Yuri!  We've come
         from Village Falkenburg.  We're travelling
         to Castle Gaustadt.

STRANGER: I don't think anyone's home.

SVETLANA: The smell of life is fresh here.  Someone
          was here recently, but he is gone now.

  Don't bother going in the shack; there's nothing
  there.  Just to the right of the shack, you can
  make out a path that leads behind the shack.
  Follow it deeper and you'll come to a bridge
  that crosses a dam.  Cross over the bridge to
  reach the causeway on the other side.  You'll
  see a mill on your left.  Walk down the steps
  on your left, then walk up the stairs to the
  mill.  Follow the balcony to the front of the
  mill, and Svetlana will shout again.

SVETLANA (shouting): Yuri!  We've come from
         Village Falkenburg.  We're travelling
         to Castle Gaustadt.

YURI: Please come in.  These woods are
      dangerous.  Traveling to Castle
      Gaustadt?  You choose a poor place
      to visit.  Count Voicu does not welcome

SVETLANA: We've come to stop Count Voicu.

STRANGER: Kill him, if necessary.

YURI: Then my prayers are with you.  My mastery is
      over the forest.  If I thought I stood a
      chance of beating him, I would have traveled
      to the castle years ago and killed the Count
      myself.  I'm safe from him here.  He avoids
      the forest and the werewolves that live here.

YURI: In an ironic way, I owe those beasts my life.
      My people once were gypsies, well versed in the
      darker arts.  One of our talents was the art
      of skinwalking.  When we first fell under Voicu's
      thumb, a troop of our bravest men volunteered to
      wear the skin of the wolf and take to the forest to
      protect us from the Count.  Eventually, he learned
      to make the winged ones that can pass over the forest
      instead of going through it.  The manwolves grew
      restless, hungry.

YURI: After centuries of walking as beasts, our
      protectors forsook their allegiance to us and
      grew feral.  Our once-warriors began to stalk us.
      They became as great a threat to use as Voicu
      himself.  Now, only I survive.  Those of my people
      not devoured by the wolves were taken by the

YURI: Take whatever traps and medicines you think you
      can use.  The traps can be used repeatedly.
      They are not lethal, but they can slow down
      the fiercest of beasts.  Beware the traps I've hidden
      throughout these woods.  Some are very lethal, and
      they do not discriminate between man and beast.

  **Yuri leads the Stranger and Svetlana upstairs.**

  Once upstairs, you will have control.  Along the wall,
  take the Doctor's Bag, two wolf traps, an Axe, a
  Crossbow with 20 wooden bolts and 70 Blessed Bolts.
  You can find some silver bullets in a chest.  Once
  you've collected everything, return to the first
  shack you saw and go down the other fork in the
  path.  Be careful along these woods, as the traps
  Yuri set are around.

  The first trap is close.  You'll see a pile of
  werewolves nearby.  Slow down and walk.  You'll
  see the faint outline of what appears to be a brown
  rope.  Walk so the Stranger touches the rope, and
  a log will come down, swinging back in forth across
  the path.  As soon as the log comes to a stop, walk
  around it and continue on.

  You'll spot a dead vampire and a dead werewolf up
  ahead.  Follow the path that is closest to the road
  sign.  This will take you past another dead werewolf.
  Draw your Pistols and load the Silver Bullets before

  A bit after the dead werewolf, a trio of werewolves
  is waiting to ambush you.  As soon as the camera changes
  views, open fire as they leap from the trees.  Once
  they are dead, continue on.

  Four more werewolves will attack just ahead.  Keep
  following the path after killing them through the
  tunnel ahead.  Approach the large clearing past the
  next road marker.  There are several Werewolf ambushes
  around it.  Make use of Yuri's traps by leading the
  werewolves into them.

  Walk to the left of the road marker, and you may or
  may not be attacked by werewolves.  As you walk, you'll
  notice more of Yuri's traps; stay to the side to avoid

  Near the back of this clearing, you'll find a narrow
  path through the trees.  Follow it and be prepared to
  kill the four werewolves that attack.  Follow the path
  deeper into the forest and kill four more.

  Past the next road marker, you will come to a suspension
  bridge.  Approach the bridge.

SVETLANA: This bridge doesn't look too safe.  I think we
          should try to find another way across.

  Walk to the left along the edge of the cliff.  When you
  come to the end of the cliff, Svetlana will make a jump
  across the chasm.  Return to the suspension bridge.  On
  your way back, you'll encounter two more werewolves.

  Looks like the Stranger will have to use that bridge after
  all.  Save your game.

  To make things easy, instead of walking on the bridge, step
  outside of the rope and walk along the very edge, on the
  support cables.  The planks will collapse, but at least
  the Stranger won't go with them.

  Once accross, Svetlana will join the Stranger, and you can
  proceed to the castle.

[4.4] Scene 4: Castle Gaustadt

  As you approach the castle, Svetlana and the Strange split
  up in search of the Count.

  As you enter the castle, you'll notice the closed gates ahead.
  Look to your left to see a small doorway, and go through it.
  Kill the Ghoul that emerges from the crypt, then then enter
  the doorway beyond.

  Turn to the right and walk past the dead Vampire Bride.  A
  Sentinel will attack.  Kill it and keep going.  Just past
  the dead Vampire Bride ahead, two Gargolyes will attack.
  Kill them, then quickly kill the Sentinel that attacks.

  In the outer courtyard, you'll find the Chapel.  Enter
  and push the statue onto the symbol in the center of
  the room.  This will reveal a small alcove in the floor
  containing the Holy Relic.  This is a key artifact, so
  don't forget it.  Return to the area just outside the
  castle doors.

  Open the doors to the castle and kill or knock down
  the four Ghouls inside.  There are three doors here.
  You can reach the Throne room by going through any
  door.  Inside the Throne room, kill the Gargoyles
  and Ghouls that attack.  Behind the dais is a small
  chamber with lots of Ghouls inside.  Kill them all.

  Climb the stairs and get the Bullets and Wooden
  Stakes from the chests above.  Also grab the
  Restorative Tonic from the table.  Return to the
  Throne room and walk all the way across to enter
  the room opposite the Thrones.

  Walk up the stairs and kill the two creatures
  above.  Open the cell door and get the
  Restorative Tonic and Bullet from the chests.
  Follow the stairs up, and they will take you
  to the roof.  Once up there, kill the two
  creatures, then enter the tower on the right.
  Kill the Ghoul and grab the Tower Key on the
  roof.  Leave and use the key on the left tower.

  Kill the Vampire inside and get the Bell Tower
  Key from the chest above.  Go through the hole
  in the wall to the stairs below and climb up
  to the top.  Climb the next set of stairs, and
  you will run into Svetlana.

STRANGER: Svetlana!  Do you need any help?

SVETLANA: I don't need any help.  You're the one
          who needs help.

  **Svetlana swipes at the Stranger and jumps

STRANGER (to himself): What the hell?  Crazy

SERVANT (from behind): She's not the woman you
        knew before.

STRANGER: Who the hell are you?

SERVANT: To serve my master, I need no name.

STRANGER: What do you know about her?

SERVANT: The dhampir?  She's been changed like all
         the others.

STRANGER: How did you know she was half-vampire?

SERVANT: The Count has taken particular interest
         in her ever since the two of you arrived.
         Her special abilities will be of great use
         to him.

STRANGER: There's no way she would ever serve a man
          like the Count.

SERVANT: Believe me.  She is not the woman you brought
         here.  When the Count takes a woman as his
         bride, she changes.  She belongs to him now.

STRANGER: No way.  She leaves with me.

SERVANT: As long as the Count lives, none of his brides
         will leave.  With you or anyone else.

STRANGER (cocking guns): Very well, then.

SERVANT: Don't be a fool.  You can't kill him.  He's

STRANGER: If you only knew how many immortal creatures
          I've killed.

  **A loud noise startles the Servant.**

SERVANT: Someone comes!

  **Servant runs away.**

  A Sentinel flies from above.  Kill it then open
  the Bell Tower door and enter.  Inside, there are
  several Vampires hanging upside down.  Don't shoot
  a weapon or try to attack, as they will not do
  anything unless disturbed.  You can open the chest
  without awakening them.  Be careful of the hole in
  the floor; falling through will sign your death

  Inside the chest is a Special Book.  Grab it and go
  back down to the roof near the two towers.  Kill the
  creatures on the way, and enter the room on the other
  side of the roof.  The first two rooms in this hallway
  have statues that should be destroyed.  The next room
  has a trap waiting for you.  As soon as the Stranger
  enters, metal rails fall and cover the door, and three
  Ghouls attack.  Once they are dead, get the Restorative
  Tonic from the chest in the back, and push the lever
  to raise the metal rails.

  Follow the hallway.  There are two Vampire Brides through
  the doorway.  Use Wooden Stakes to kill them.  Follow the
  main hallway around to the right, and walk through the
  opening in the hallway beyond.  Turn right and you'll
  enter a small courtyard where a Vampire is waiting to
  attack.  Kill it and enter the door across the courtyard.

  Follow this hall down the stairs and open the door in the

  chamber below to enter the dining hall.  Enter the doorway
  at the head of the table and kill the Vampire Bride and
  the Succubus beyond.  Grab the 100 Blessed Crossbow Bolts
  in a chest in the first room on your right.

  Follow the hall and you will enter a chamber with a huge
  mirror.  Open the door across the chamber and kill the
  creatures that attack.  Walk out onto the roof and drop
  down to the roof below.

  SAVE YOUR GAME NOW!  Walk, don't run, up the leaning
  board and jump across the broken platforms to get
  to the other side.  Walk along the top of the wall
  and drop through the hole to gain entrance to the
  Library.  DO NOT jump to the ledge outside the
  door; it wall fall away, sending the Stranger to an
  untimely demise.

  Grab the key from the shelf.  See that book stand in the
  middle of the room?  Place the Special Book you got from
  the room with the hanging vampires there.  This will
  open a secret panel behind a picture in the library.

  Enter the room behind the painting and kill the
  Ghoul that attacks.  Get the Dungeon Key from the
  table and walk behind the tapestry nearest the chair
  to grab a Doctor's Bag, some Blessed Crossbow Bolts
  and some Bullets from the chests.

  Cross the room and walk up the stairs behind the other
  tapestry.  Push the lever on the landing to open a secret
  door.  There are several Vampires waiting in here.
  Lure them out and finish them off.

  Go back to the Throne room and enter the room opposite
  the Thrones.  There is a square hole in the floor
  with a ladder leading down.  Climb down and walk through
  the opening.  Follow the steps to the bottom and get the
  Blessed Crossbow Bolts from the chest.  Walk back up and
  use the Dungeon Key on the barred entrance to enter
  the Dungeon.

[4.5] Scene 5: Castle Gaustadt Dungeon

  You enter the Dungeon in a small room with a skeleton
  and a chest.  Get 275 Ordinary Bullets out of the chest,
  then push the lever to open the gate and drop down the

  A Sentinel will attack you.  Kill it and push the lever
  across the room to open the gate ahead.  Enter the next
  room and follow the path to the doors across the watery

  Open the left door and kill the Ghouls.  There is an Imp on
  the steps in the next room.  Kill it and step onto the landing
  below.  Several Vampire Brides are waiting in the room beyond
  the landing.  Kill them and get the Dungeon Key from the
  table.  There are Ordinary Bullets and Blessed Crossbow bolts
  in the chests in the corner, and Restorative Tonic from the floor.

  Go back to the landing in the water room and enter the other
  door.  Walk upstairs and walk behind the open gate.  The
  floor will lower, allowing you to get the Dungeon Key.  Grab
  it and jump below.  Cross to the other side and the floor
  will once again lower.  Get on it and ride it to the top, then
  step off.

  Kill the Ghouls and walk down the stairs behind the next
  doorway.  Enter the tunnel below and kill the Ghoul who
  is ahead.  Lure the Vampires into the narrow tunnel to
  finish them off.

  In the next room, push the two levers.  One opens
  the bars and the other raises three platforms
  in the water room.  Walk through the opening and
  across the three platforms to reach the door.

  There's a Ghoul on the stairs, so kill it
  and then walk up.  Kill the Ghoul in the next
  room.  SAVE YOUR GAME!  Now time a run past
  the pendulum.

  Once again, SAVE YOUR GAME!  You must make three
  perfect jumps to get across this chasm.  Walk to
  the edge of each platform, and do a standing jump.
  Be sure your at the edge before jumping, and you
  will make it perfectly.  Save your game after every
  successful jump if you want.

  Kill the three Vampire Brides, then get the
  Precious Gem from one of the coffins.
  Repeat the jumps again (saving your game
  after every successful jump) and then pass
  the first pendulum.

  In the pendulum room there are two doors.
  Open the only door that is unlocked and
  enter the long hallway.  Kill the Ghoul and
  enter the chamber below.

  Put the Precious Gem on the pedestal to
  open a secret door.  Get the bullets from
  the chest behind you and enter the door.
  Cross into Count Voicu's chamber.

  Walk around the room, avoiding the lava,
  until you get to a bridge.  SAVE YOUR GAME
  NOW!  Walk across the bridge.  Count Voicu
  will rise out of the coffin and turn into
  a huge flying creature.  Use your Pistols
  to drain his health, and when he finally lands
  in his vampiric form, switch to the Holy Relic,
  rush over to him and kill him.

  After you've killed him, grab the Sanctum Key
  near his coffin and return to the pendulum
  room.  Go to the other door in this room and
  use the key to unlock it.  When your inside,
  the Stranger will have to kill a few more
  Vampire Brides.  Don't waste your ammunition
  on the ones flying; wait until they land to
  kill them.  Once they are all dead, walk up
  to the middle tapestry in the back of the room
  and you'll see a pair of feet sticking out from
  underneath it.  Press ACTION and watch the game
  take over.

  **Stranger rips the tapestry from the wall and
  draws his guns.**

BRIDE (crying): Please let me go!  I'll do anything,
      just let me live!

STRANGER (demanding): Did you taste the Count's

BRIDE: I don't know.

STRANGER (hostile): Did you taste the Count's blood?

BRIDE: I don't know what you mean!

STRANGER (lowering guns): Very well.  I won't hurt
         you.  I'll take you back to Falkenburg.

BRIDE: Falkenburg?

STRANGER: Yes, your home-

  **Stranger goes silent and studies the portrait that
  was hidden by the tapestry.**

BRIDE: I'm not from Falkenburg.

STRANGER (to himself): The mayor?

STRANGER: What do you know about the man in this portrait?

BRIDE: I've never seen him before.

  **Svetlana enters the room and the Stranger
  draws his guns and aims at her.**

SVETLANA: Stranger!  What are you doing?

STRANGER: I'm about to kill you.

SVETLANA: Are you out of your mind?  How
          many times do I have to tell you
          that being half vampire doesn't
          make me evil?

STRANGER: You sound like you're back to normal

SVETLANA: Almost.  I feel like I've been kicked
          in the head.  My ears are ringing.  I had
          to fight off the Count's influence, and it
          wasn't easy.

SVETLANA: I vaguely remember talking to him, but it's
          all a blur.  He drove his own will into my
          mind and controlled me like a puppet.

SVETLANA: I've never had my mind taken over like that
          before.  He was extremely powerful.

STRANGER: Not powerful enough.

SVETLANA: It's ironic that you saved me, considering
          our past.

STRANGER: We have no past.

SVETLANA: Try as you might, you can't forget everything.


SVETLANA: If you say so.  Shall we be off?  It looks
          like we've managed to save at least one
          of the village's daughters.

SVETLANA (to bride): What's your name?

BRIDE: Nadia.

SVETLANA: Come with us.  Your parents in Falkenburg
          will be delighted to see you.

STRANGER: I'm not so sure about that.  She's not from
          Falkenburg.  In fact, I don't think anything
          the Mayor told us was the truth.  Look at this

SVETLANA: The Mayor of Falkenburg?

STRANGER: I think he has held other titles in the past.

SVETLANA: I knew it!  I thought the scent of vampires
          was too strong in that town.  I assumed that
          the Count and his minions had left that smell.
          It makes perfect sense now.

STRANGER: What makes perfect sense?

SVETLANA: The Mayor is the true lord of this castle.
          The Count was his son.  The old vampire and
          his retainers must have been banished to
          Falkenburg.  Exiled from his own kingdom and
          herded with werewolves.

SVETLANA: The crazy man we met outside the village wasn't
          escaping from just the Sentinels.  He was escaping
          from the  themselves.  They are vampires,
          and he was meant to be their food.

STRANGER: An entire town of vampires held captive by the
          Count?  Why didn't he just kill them all?

SVETLANA: I don't know.

  **The Mayor materializes**

MAYOR: Perhaps I can explain.

  **Stranger draws his guns on the Mayor**

STRANGER: You made a huge mistake showing yourself now
          that I know who you are.

MAYOR (annoyed sigh at Stranger's remark, addresses
      Svetlana): Clever girl, this one.  I thought she might
      have been a dhampir when she first came into the 
      village.  I thought for sure she would detect us,
      but she never put the clues together.

SVETLANA: So I was right?  The Count was your son.

MAYOR: Yes.  That insolent bastard.  Now that you've killed
       him, my people and I can return home to this castle.

SVETLANA: Stranger, put your guns away.

STRANGER: You know I have no sense of humor.

  **Svetlana steps between the Mayor and the

SVETLANA: I'm not joking, Stranger.

MAYOR: You'd be wise to do as your friend says.

STRANGER: I have no friends.

MAYOR: Then you would be wise to make her one.

MAYOR: The reason my son did not kill me was
       because he did not know how to properly
       utilize the Yathgy.  Until I revealed it's
       secret to him, he knew he could not kill
       me.  But I would not give up that secret

STRANGER: The Yathgy?

MAYOR: Yes.  Now that it's back in my control,
       things can return to normal around here.

MAYOR: My son managed to separate me from the
       Yathgy long enough to overpower me.  I've
       spent the past hundred years waiting for
       the misused power of this stone to destroy
       him.  Thank you for accelerating the process.

MAYOR: My followers and I have tried to reclaim
       the castle by force on a number of
       occasions.  You might have seen the
       aftermath of those attempts littering
       the forest and this castle.  And beyond
       my son's resistance, the werewolves of
       the forest interfered with out attempts
       as well.  There were times when three
       separate forces met in those accursed

MAYOR (to the Stranger): You've proven yourself
      quite capable.  If you weren't a mere human,
      I'd ask you to join me.  As it is, I would be
      honored if this lady were to join my ranks.

SVETLANA: No thanks.  I have other obligations.

MAYOR: A foolish choice, my dear.  Now I suppose
       there's nothing

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