No One Lives Forever PC Cheats

No One Lives Forever


Cheat Mode:

To use the following codes, you must first press “T” and then type in the

code, also they must ALL be in lower-case letters:

Code                    Result
mpimyourfather          God Mode                
mpdrdentz               Refill Health           
mpwonderbra             Refill Armor            
mpyoulooklikeyouneedamonkey Full Armor Options      
mpgoattech              Full Weapon Upgrades    
mpmimimi                All Weapons             
mpwegotdeathstar        Infinite Ammo           
mpmaphole               Complete Mission        
mpasscam                3rd Person View         
mprosebud               Make Snowmoble          
mpracerboy              Make Motorcycle         
mpbuild                 Show Game Version       
mpmilked                Quit Game               
mppos                   Show Position
mpkingoftehmonstars     All weapons & full ammo
mpexorbitantamounts     Extra blood mode
mpflowerpower           Paintball mode


A Little Off:

On the training part of “Harm’s Promise” (before The Dive Sc1) there something

kinda funny… after you get the belt buckle go underwater in the shallow

part of the pool. Use the belt to fly up but before you get to the top of

the tower click again to release it. You’ll end up on top of the water and

you walk around and stuff with out falling in as a long as you don’t look

down. But you MUST be underwater when you use the zip cord or it wont work.



Thanks to Revolution readers MuCS, Justin Macksamie, Martijn Dekker, Johnathan

Rose and Jake!