Nox PC Cheats



Press F1 to bring down the console. Type in racoiaws to enable cheat

mode. Now enter the following:

help cheat                   List all cheats 
cheat ability                Reset user abilities 
set god                      God Mode and unlimited mana
unset god                    to take god mode off 
cheat health                 Refill health 
cheat mana                   Refill mana 
cheat level #                Advance to level # 
cheat spells #               Set all spells to level # 
cheat gold #                 Get # gold
cheat goto <waypointname>    Just to Named Waypoint 


Dupicate Iitem:

Must be in a mutiplayer game with at least one person or more. Drop the item

you want to dupe our let a person hold on to it for you. Hit F1 than type in

exit. Come back to the same game, get the item from the ground where you left

it. Now it has been duped in your inventory. Hit Esc, click exit to save and

character’s item is then saved in your inventory.

Killing Carnivorous Plants Easy:

Use your wizard or conjuror. This is very easy just cast a burn spell on the

plant and this will kill it!

Stay Down:

To kill a zombie just shoot a fire ball at him and he will burn istead of rising

back up again


Thanks to Revolution readers Squirm, Vipa, anthony borders, The MolloyBoy and