Oni PC Cheats



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Cheat Mode:

To enable cheat codes for Oni, you must beat the game once. Then, start a

new game and press F1 during gameplay to bring up the diary. After that, type

in the

cheat you want to activate..

shapeshifter   - Change character during missions by pressing the "F8" key
liveforever    - Infinite Health
touchofdeath   - Killing enemies with only one shot
canttouchthis  - Konoko cannot be knocked down
fatloot        - Gives you all ammo and health
glassworld     - Allows you to break almost everything in the game
winlevel       - You win the running scenario
loselevel      - You lose the running scenario
bighead        - Big head mode
minime         - Mini mode
superammo      - Gives Konoko powerful bullets
reservoirdogs  - Kumite Mode! (Konoko's Enemies are fighting eachother..)
roughjustice   - Gatling Guns mode
chenille       - Konoko becomes stronger
behemoth       - Jiant mode
elderrune      - Enables health regeneration
moonshadow     - Enables cloaking mode
munitionfrenzy - Creates a pile of weapons in front of you
fistsoflegend  - Fists of legend mode 
killmequick    - Konoko's enemies are ultra strong and fast to beat
carousel       - Slow motion mode (Recommended for simple P233 machines)
bighead        - Big head mode    
minime         - Mini mode   
elderrune      - Regenerate health   
moonshadow     - Phase cloak    
munitionfrenzy - Weapons locker    
thedayismine   - Enable developer mode (see below)

Developer Mode:

Use the thedayismine code, then press ~ to display the console window. Enter

one of the following codes to activate the corresponding command.

Code              Effect  
F7                Cycle through all possible weapons   
F8                Change character   
F9                Start recording   
F10               Stop recording   
F11               Playback recording   
Ctrl + Shift + G  Toggle slow motion   
Ctrl + Shift + S  Toggles textures   
Ctrl + Shift + B  Display opponent logic   
Crtl + Shift + Y  Display frame rate   
dump_docs         View console commands   
door_ignore_locks = 1 All doors unlocked   
ai2_kill          Kill all nearby AI   
chr_nocollision 1 No clipping mode   
disabled chr_nocollision 0 No clipping mode   


Easily Defeat Final Boss:

When fighting the final form of Muro, run circles around the big oaf. Then,

when his sheild-thinggy disappears, slide into him like mad. Just be careful

when applying this tactic, because you have to change your direction frequently

to keep him confused. Also, don’t get between Muro and anything solid, as

he will then pummel you to death. And, if you don’t like the long wait for

his invulnerability to go off, run just far enough so that he uses his those

little tractor-beams. Avoid being sucked in, and his shield will deplete

even faster. NOTE: there is no need to EVER go to the lower level of the

arena! There are no pick-ups down there, and if Muro gets you with his beams,

and he’s still up on the higher part, he’ll drop you to almost-death.

It Pays to be Nice:

Help out the scientists and other hostages and they thank you with usefull


Hint for Beating the Ninja:

In the mission before the ninja boss get a auto pistol and when the boss

begins fire at the nninja and keep him at range, when you are out of ammo

use the slide to kill him without to much trouble.

Finders Keepers:

-On the bio research lab defeat Barabas and run down to the windows of the

reception look left and right and see 2 gaps in the wall then pick up the

stuff in the gaps.

– On the airport kill the strikers and instead of going into the airport

run up the street and find a car on fire and a Hypo. Carry on running up

the street and find a man who gives you a hypo.

– On Dr.Hasegawa’s lab go to the bit where you kill the ninjas and go through

the door on the right then in stead of following Shinatama, jump on the

smokey glass

and look under the slope and find a energy cell.

Invisible Griffin and Shinitama in 2nd TCTF Place:

Beat the game once over to enable cheats. Go to the beggining of the Phoenix

Rising level (2nd TCTF place) enable Invincibility (liveforever) and Unstoppable

(canttouchthis). Jump into the pit that Griffin went down (your invincible,

you won’t die, stupid!), and enable all four of the terminals. If done correctly,

you will here Shinitama’s voice. and the 2d set of laser sencors will start

up. Activate the terminals twice more avoiding the lasers (you actually

don’t have to because you are invicible, but then it would be no fun)0,

and you will see the level ending cinamtic, and Griffen and shinitama will

be invisible.


Thanks to Revolution reader AsAcledhae,Ghostmaker, Stuart Peet, Alex Baerg

and The Ghost!