Operation Flashpoint Walkthrough

This is just a simple WT for the campaign missions and some weapons and 
vehicles stuff. 
This is the first WT I'm writing, so do not expect wonders from me.
However, should you have any questions, suggestions or corrections
you can mail me at [email protected]
I have added the version number, because the WT is now almost there where 
I wanted it to be.
I just need more feedback. Also I hope this will make things easier for webamsters 
and users, who must by now hate me for posting a new version almost every single day (I 
promise to keep silent for some time now).

Special Thanks to 
"The User" for the SCUD-grid complaint.
Pieter van Gemeren for mentioning mission 7b "Srange Meeting"
PanzerKnacker and Colin ofr the GUARDIAN reports.
(Oh now you did it! I have to thank someone. I hate that. If you want to make
me unhappy again, mail me and contribute to this WT).



Just follow orders. I sure don't have to tell you how to walk properly.


In your first real mission you'll learn two important rules.
A.)"If you wanna grow old, stay out of the road"
B.)If you are carrying a lousy M16 and there are M1A1 tanks to support you, why would you 
bother to attack in blind rage?
So take cover and let the others do most of the work. No heroics, understand?
Move slowly towards the villlage and eliminate everything the others have leftover.
When all enemies have died or retreated you are victorious. 

tip: If you're lying inside a bush (the black spots on the map), you're almost invisible. 
Even soldiers at distances of 50m and less won't spot you.


This is an opportunity to practice, what we've learned in the last mission. Stay down!
Don't get to comfortable in that village, because there will be T80 tanks closing in. 
So get in and get out fast, preferably through the wood, as this is the safest way.


Follow orders and more importantely follow Srg. Bergmann until you're on patrol. Do the 
patrol-thing on your own: Run through the wood and exit it at Ch50. You will notice 
3 Russians, take them out. Then there's one SpetzNatz on the southern edge of the wood. 
Dispose of him and return to the jeep. There may be other enemies, but don't worry, 
the supporting M113 will deal with them. Wait for the others and return to Le Moule.


Get into the tent and trade in your M16 for the M60. This puts us to another rule.
C.) Take all the equipment you can get. Heavy? "Heavy means reliable. I always go for reliability."
After you disembarked the M113 take cover and then "kill them all and let god sort them out".
Wait for reinforcements, board truck. Done


This mission is the mother of all screw-ups. Seizing Montignac is as easy as taking candy 
from a baby, but you get orders to withdraw.
So you'll have to engage Russians near Provins while retreating. No matter how hard you try,
they'll blow up your truck. Consequently the Blackhawk will be shot down by a Hind and 
you'll be on your own for the next mission. So remember rule A and hide in the western woods,
the others will die anyway an you'll be in Mission 7 "AFTER MONTIGNAC". There is NO possibility
to "win" this mission. In fact I think it is a setup to take you out ;-) When you take out the Hind
before it takes off (it's sitting on the road south of Figari), the Blackhawk will be hovering 
above the fuel station, but NOT pick up you and your squad. If you actually get to Morton
the town is completely deserted (I wonder where they are sending their radio messages from).
However there is another possibility (Thanks to Pieter van Gemeren for this one).
If you fail your attack (which I never did of course) on Montignac (not seize the town, 
lose your squad) you have to retreat in the truck up the road. Mission 7 now will 
be different (STRANGE MEETING)


This one is the first really tough mission and it outlines, what is so special about OFP.
This mission is pure adrenaline and pure fright. 
Do NOT pick up binoculars or LAW from the fallen, you'd get spotted. Exit the forest at Df56. 
Run zig-zag to the bushes at Df57. Now prone through the bushes all the way to Dg58. 
Enter the next forest, keep an eye out for enemies inside the woods, too.
By now Papa Bear should have told you about the alternate evac point.
Exit the wood at Dh63. Now cross the road and get to that second evac point.


You can do this by the book, or in a very short, but rather nasty way.
By the book:
Get into the truck and wait for Alpha squad to board. At the 2nd dirt track turn right, when
ordered to. Again I think this is a setup ;-) Why would you send an infantry squad to examine
suspicous activity, when you are evacuating the WHOLE ISLAND anyway. After disembarking
turn to sector Cj64. There's an RPG soldier on the edge of the wood. Shoot him and pick up 
his RPG, you may need it. Do not pick up too many grenades, because you'll need a lot of rifle 
ammo in this mission. Now continue along the wood and aid your squad from the left flank.
There's a sniper somewhere in the wood, so be careful. Be sure not to lose to many teammates,
as the rest of the mission is going to be tough. When you're done they tell you that the truck
is destroyed and you have to continue on foot. This is strange too, because there is a 
perfectly undamaged P3VB at just 20m distance. 
Anyway, follow your leader through the wood, and keep on the right flank. You will encounter 
a Russian squad in the woods. If you're low on ammo now, take up some AK74. Do NOT take the
PK as you'd have to drop your RPG. When you exit the woods, immediately go to the top of
th right hill (the one in Dc69 marked with 73 on the map for its height). This is the best 
position to take out the Russian infantry squad coming through the valley. now continue in
formation until Morton. When you're in sight of Morton the game will switch to Binos and 
you'll see a lot of bodies and destroyed Abrams. Now your commander will tell you to cover him,
while he is trying to get across the road. Getting across a road covered by about 15 Russian
soldiers two T72 tanks and a BMP, ... right. He actually only asks you for cover fire to make 
you feel guilty for his inevitable death. Do not move out and watch your squad die. If the BMP
is near don't take any chances, take it out with the RPG (that's why you brought it all the way).
Now get down to the shore and head east until you've passed Morton by two or three sectors,
then north through the small wood to the bigger one and directly to the evac point.
Short and nasty: After exiting the jeep turn back and shoot your commander. Shoot the drivers
of the refuel and the repair truck standing behind the jeep. You are now in command (of yourself)
and can enter the jeep as a driver. Do so, and head directly to the evac point in Ea64/65.
Papa Bear will tell you to go there on your way.
You may have to retry that one, if you get shot up by a tank.
Note: If you go to Morton directly you will again note, that there is not a ingle NATO
soldier present ... a setup? 


Take out the Binoculars and watch for a UAZ arriving from the right. Then assist in the 
attack, covering the right flank. Try to steal a machinegun from one of the dead an 
hide in a bush as there will be Russian reinforcements arriving in a Ural from down the road
Gun them down as they are disembarking. Before you board the truck SAVE and pray that the 
nearby BMP does not spot you and blow you to pieces. After exiting the truck stay alert for 
enemies and continue to the meeting point with the civilians.


Nothing special. You'll be detected at the second checkpoint. Try to stay alive and 
move to the woods. Now continue south to the resistance camp. The leader is in the big tower 
(ramp up and inside).


After the retry-point is set keep you're eyes open for SpetzNatz coming for the east. 
Use the NV goggles and the binoculars. Kill 'em and get a good nights rest.


Get into that machinegun and start gunning them down. When they begin bombarding 
back out to the north and hide in the bushes. Take down some Russkies from safe distance
and wait until there's order to retreat. Move quickly to the north and watch out for 
those paratroopers.


Lay your first two mines as you like then place the third about 200m up the road. 
If some tanks evaded the first mine they're going to return to the road later.
Get back to your commander and grab a LAW plus all the ammo you can get. After some big 
explosions finish the rest of the tanks with the LAW. Be quick, your first shot will give 
away your position and you're likely to need two LAWs per tank.


Get in M60 as driver and move to the training grounds. After the training order your 
driver to go to next waypoint (1,9) and meet up with your commander. Keep formation (1,1) 

until you spot the BMP, get rid of it. You will now learn another important rule, let's call it
D.) Never use cannons/explosives against infantry, if you're inside a tank use the MG, 
that's what it's there for.
Now let your gunner take out all the enemy infantry and you're done.


Following orders and mission plan should be easy. When it comes to attacking the border zone
your primary objective is to stay alive. There's no chance you can take the border zone with a 
lousy M60 and without support. Get to safety and wait for RTB order, then RTB.


The mentioned RPG-platoon is right in front of you. Wipe 'em out. Continue to the ledge and
hit the dirt. Prone down using the bushes in the south of sector Fh60 as cover. Dispose of 
enemy patrols if necessary but try to remain undetected. Put a Satchel Charge to the first 
tank and put the second in front of the last bush, where the second tank comes to the end 
of his patrol. Retreat to the hill again. Then wait for the second tank to reach the bush 
and touch off both bombs. Send the radio messages to TWO and THREE and then back out. 
There may be an enemy squad at the location of the RPG-soldiers. Take them out and 
retreat to the north. 


Another M60 mission, oh well. Watch out for RPG soldiers target them first. 
The tanks should be no problem, just remember Rule A and let the others do most of the job.
When you have seized Lolisse repair at the repair truck if necessary. Then hold the city. If
you experience problems with assaulting forces try following tactics.
Go down to the beach and target your enemy. Then move up until you're sure you 
have a good shot. Fire and immediately reverse. Continue until all enemy forces 
have been eliminated. 


Pray that your mates are able to destroy the first Shilka and begin looking for a LAW or RPG 
on a dead (hopefully Russian) soldier.
Then continue as planned and eliminate the second Shilka, if your lads don't manage to do so.
Get down and wait for the choppers to finish their job. Then roam around and kill any 
remaining enemies.


At last, the M1A1. This tank can sustain multiple hits and compared to the enemy force in 
this mission it is indestructible. Take Chapoi and La Riviere and toast all enemies while 
you're at it. This mission is simple!


Do as told and you should not encounter any enemies in this mission. So go there and back
and do not get shot!


Another learning mission. Familiarize yourself with being in command. To repel the 
attack make sure you're LAW soldiers target the BMPs and all others are engaging someone 
(engage at will). Meanwhile keep your head low and take out some Russkies yourself.


Get your squad into the jeep. Remember Rule B and let the APCs do the first job. 
Continue then along the road. The enemy base is at De25. Stopat the top of the hill
and prone forward until you spot the base. Get back into the jeep and to base 
ignoring all enemy attacks. This leads us to rule 
E.) Never stop for enemy infantry, if you can just drive by.
It's safer to drive by at 50 mph and getting shot at two or three times without possibility
to return fire than stopping and being a perfect target while disembarking.


This is the first mission where you can changing your gear is possible AND makes some sense.
Take the M21 sniper rifle and a LAW (remember rule C?). This will be your standard setup for
most of the future missions. Take cover in the bushes, move towards the valley, but keep an
eye on the left flank. Make your way through the vally by sniping most of your enemies. 
When your almost at the enemy base, radio Bravo for support and snipe the surprised guards.
Tell your LAW soldiers to target the BMPs, but be prepared to deal with them yourself.


Rule F.) "A proning black op is invisible at night."
Take one satchel charge extra in your gear, you won't need so much ammo in this mission.
Cross the road and hide in some bush on the right side of the road. Take down the patrol,
then continue to Levie. Place a charge at the northern ammo crates. Take out the patroling 
soldier and the two guys standing south of the Ural trucks. place a charge near the trucks
and take two charges from the dead SpetzNatz. Get into the wood and touch off the bombs.
Continue south through the forest and exit itat the southern border of sector Fh67. 
Prone down using the bushes in the south of the base as cover. Watch out for the patrol, 
but do NOT attack it. Lay your remaining satchel charges as you like it (Be sure to do 
maximum damage). Retreat to the south, when you're at the top of the hill, touch off the
bombs and watch the fireworks, then evacuate.


Put your squad into the APC and board the jeep yourself. Take the southern route (turn
right at the first crossroads). I did not meet any resistance there (except for some 
lone machinegunners). Just remember Rule E and drive it home to the airport.


Take the M21 and a LAW for your gear. Coordinate the attack of your squad with Bravo and 
Charlie. Take the Shilka out yourself, order your team to move to another position and/or 
let them engage at will. Radio the choppers and attack. Another rule:
G.) "It's hard to watch his whole squad die, but it's harder to die yourself." 
So don't whine if your squad does'nt make it. Blast away that Shilka and seize the airport.


Meet with your team. The enemy base is at Eg58, go there straight away. Before exiting 
the woods order you're squad to be stealthy. SAVE. Now stay in the forest yourself and let 
your team do the work. Send them to the important points of the base (the ammo depot in 
the northwest, the helicopters, the BMP, the fortress) and let them lay their bombs. If they 
encounter guards, they'll take them out theirselfes. Let them retreat into the forest and 
touch off the fireworks. Then evacuate to Ei61.


The first town is no problem. The road to Montignac is a minefield, so evade it and go to
Montignac keeping east of the forest. Seizing it should be no problem with an Abrams platoon,
as there are only a handfull of armored vehicles and a bunch of infantry there.


Learn how to fly a chopper! All you do here is ferrying infantry. you will not be attacked
by anyone and you do not need to destroy the BMPs necessarily.


This one is fun. Get to your chopper and blast them all away. There's only one Shilka. Use 
a TOW to dispose of it quickly.


The positions of the Shilkas are Ea75,Eb73,Dg73. Send one of your guys to each position
and go to one yourself. Spot the Shilkas, retreat and radio for the boat.


Another not so hard tank mission. Call in Zulu, when you've secured your first objective A.
You'll need repairs by then. Call in Repair and Ammo trucks and resupply your platoon. 
Continue to your second objective. 


Divert to Buffalo Base, but spare your rockets and only use the cannon instead. At Saint 
Pierre attack the Shilka first, then try to dispose of the Hind. Then go for the T72s as they 
only need one rocket each. Stay until Zulu team has seized the town.


Do exactly the same thing as in mission 30, but place satchel charges there, too. Back out,
blow them up and evacuate as planned. If one of your mates get shot, be sure to cover his
Shilka, too. Therefore only use our satchel charges for the Shilkas, do not ambush tanks or
other armored units.


Take off!


Target the Shilkas first, then the T80s. When you begin to lose fuel rapidly, ensure that 
you are over land and try to climb as much as you can, then eject. If you're not high 
enough ejecting will result in some very ugly fractures.


Simple infantry mission. I recommend taking the M21 again (and a LAW). Hide in a bush and
snipe the enemies. Your squad should do the rest of the work.


Obey all orders or you will be shot. Wait until nighttime. Run for the BMP and enter it. 
Run over some Russians and escape in the direction where it is pointing anyway. us the 
built in compass to determine south (by the way south is where the mountains are, north is
the sea. Of course you could also sit there looking for the big dipper). 
Exit the BMP before it gets blown up by the Soviet forces and run up the mountains.
Continue south until you meet a friendly GI.


Give Gastovski a M21 and some LAWs (you won't need satchel charges). Snipe the 
guards at the entrance and the guards on the watchtowers along the fence. Tanks
and BMPs will come looking for you and therefore breach trough the fence. Get in through
one of these holes and then go southwest. Keep down at the shore, where nobody can see you.
Move west until sector Be44/43. Now go north and use the bushes as concealment. Don't worry
about the heavy infantry presence. Remember rule F, they can't see you. Wait for the 
right moment and then get into the house. After you have the codes get out again and evacuate 
the same way you have come.


The SCUD is at Eb53. Leave your squd behind and go for it on your own. Take a LAW with 
you at gear selection! Sneak your way through enemy lines until you've made contact with 
the SCUD. Take it out with the LAW. Now immediately switch back to your main weapon and 
GET OUT OF THERE. Guba's goons will be mad as hell.


Again take the M21 and a anti-tank launcher (I'd prefer the RPG this time, because you're 
more likely to run into ammo for this one in Russian territory; well you probably won't need
it anyway). You also won't need your squad on this one. Take one guy with you into the jeep 
and let the others have a nice vacation. Proceed along the souther road and turn right at 
Eh51. Stop shortly before the base at Ed/Ee46 and snipe the guards. Drive into the base and
mount the fuel truck. Take it outside to the Hind. Mount the Hind and take your friend with 
you as gunner(that's why you brought him all the way up here). Now take off and head northeast.
Use the guided rockets to dispose of the Shilkas. Evade their AA-fire by shaking left an right
and use it to locate their position and target them. Once you've spotted the SCUD (it's
in the north of sector Ih20), take it out.
Now descend a little and fly back west along the northern road until you spot a moving UAZ.
This is Guba. Head east again, land and setup an ambush. Hide somewhere with a good view on
the road. When Guba arrives snipe the driver (be careful not to hit Guba!). Two SpetzNatz 
will exit the car, kill them too. Now run up to Guba and watch his despair.


Land at the airport (I KNOW it's difficult).
Do for God's sake not take the sportscar. Take the fuel truck instead and drive it 
to the Mi17. Board the chopper, refuel it and takeoff. Now this is the right style to
pick up old war friends. Pick up everyone (Sam will be at the shore arriving in a boat)
and fly them to the pub. If you like you can change helicopters at David's place. The 
Blackhawk is a nice thing, too, but I personally prefer the BIG Red Army carrier.

  Extra special thanks to Revolution reader Dimitri!