Warning: The following walkthrough will help you solve Outcast. Please, DO NOT READ FROM START TO FINISH. You'll ruin the game. And your hair might fall out. Or your arms might fall off. Or your feet might explode. You feelin' lucky, punk?

Outcast walkthrough


Here you will find all the answers to Outcast, or at least, to one of the very many journeys likely to lead to your success.

For each minor quest you will find the answer that will help you to solve it. If you do not want to spoil the fun, we

recommend that you only look at these pages as a last resort! Have fun


Shooting test: go and shoot at the 3 jars that Jan shows you.

Jumping test: climb to the top of the stairs and jump onto the other part of the bridge to collect the chest.

Swimming test: dive under water and collect the objects that are on the bottom.

Stealth test: crawl as far as the fruit left by Jan, use the embankments and boxes as cover.

Ask Jan for the results of the 4 tests.

Go and find Zokrym so that he can open the daoka for you.

Passing through the daoka will beam you to the Temple World.

Later in the game:

After the 3rd holocall, if you go to see Zokrym, give him news of Jan. He tells you that he should be back soon.

Later, in Shamazaar, you learn that the guards' camp has been attacked. You must go to Ranzaar to find out what has

happened. There, you will see Jan. Talk to him. He tells you to go to Okaar because the guards have been taken there and placed in buildings located to the east.





Follow the Talan who offers to guide you to the village and go and speak to Shamaz Zeb.

Find Ilott, brother of Naarn, who is in the rice paddies to the north of the village. Beware of the soldiers based all around Ilott's location.

Go and find Shamaz Zeb and ask him to go and look after Ilott.

Go and find Shamaz Mazum in the Eluee temple. Take him a magwa to revitalize his power. To find the magwa, go and see Logar. He is in the rice paddies, not far from the well of power.

The Shamaz tells you about the Sankra tablet. To find it, go and ask Maar, chief of Shamazaar. He lives in the same

village as Shamaz Zeb, which you will find to the southwest on the map.

Bring the tablet back to Shamaz Mazum.

Go and recover the power keys from the riss warehouses. There is one key in each of the following 3 warehouses:

the two that are near the Fae Temple and another to the northeast on the map.

Following Shamaz Mazum's notes on the tablet, replace the power keys correctly in the 3 temples to the northeast of the Fae Temple. If you have placed the 3 power keys correctly according to the Sankra tablet, you will see an animation that builds steps leading up to the Môn and keeps them in place: they form a flight of stairs.

Naarn possesses the last power key. You will see Naarn coming out of one of the two gates when you attack the

Fae Temple to take possession of the Môn, but only if you have managed to correctly place the first 3 power keys.

Naarn has the last key: if he is alive talk to him and he will give it to you; if he is dead, he is carrying it and you can take it from him. Go and place it in the mechanism inside the Fae Temple; this puts out the flame and lets you go and take

possession of the Môn. Beware, if you do not reach the top of the stairs quickly, the flame reappears.

When you have taken possession of the Môn you can go to see Ilott and tell him that Naarn is dead.

Go and see Zeo at the well of power, he will tell you about the power stone. The first (a fake) is in one of the towers

near the Fae Temple, the second (the real one) is in one of the two ponds behind the Ka and Eluee temples.

If you bring this stone back to Zeo, and if you kill enough soldiers, you will be able to go and find Maar in the village

and ask him to stop riss production, which will weaken the soldiers and make your fights easier.

Go and talk to the riss counters.

Go and talk to Zalinass; he has information about the location of the Môn.

Destroy the boats that run between the landing stages.

Certain Talans will tell you that Zalinass has a problem, go and see Zalinass, he tells you that gamors are attacking his

twôn-ha. Go and kill the gamors and come back to tell Zalinass what you have done.

Blow up the fake gorgor (robot) which is in one of the two ponds behind the Ka and Eluee temples.

Next to one of the riss counters, you will meet Zolass. He is waiting for a twôn-ha that Zalinass should have delivered;

go and see Zalinass and bring the twôn-ha back to Zolass, then, return to Zalinass and give him Zolass' message.

At one of the three temples, the Talans are clearing away a rock fall; go and see their leader, he will talk about dynamite,

go and put a stick of dynamite next to the rocks at the top of the stairs; give the Talans the time to leave and then detonate it.

Now that you have cleared away the fallen rocks, go and inform the Talans.

Later in the Game

Ezef, brother of Yagu, is one of the Talans working on the rock fall at one of the temples near the well of power. When

you go to Talanzaar, Yagu will ask you to go and see his brother in Shamazaar.

If you have received the second holocall from Marion, you know that she is imprisoned beyond the barrier in northeast Shamazaar. The Talans will call you from elsewhere to inform you of this. Therefore, you must cross this barrier

and attack the two towers. In one of the two towers there is a closed door. You must first go to the other tower,

cross the small bridge and press the button that is located in the small room on the other side. This button opens the

door to the other tower. You must then go back to the other tower and cross the small bridge: this will set off a

video sequence.


Go and find Ashkar, chief of the mountains. He lives in the village situated in the western part of the region. He

explains to you that Shamaz Keb, who knows where the Môn is, is imprisoned on the other side of the crevasse to the

north of the region. You have to delay the shamaz's execution and to do this you must damage the mechanism that lowers the bridge over the northern crevasse - by opening fire on it.

Having destroyed the bridge, come back and inform Ashkar, he will ask you to talk to Zoran, the engineer who designs the machines in Motazaar.

Zoran is at his kaful (windmill), northwest of the daoka that leads to Talanzaar. Caution, there are soldiers in the

surrounding area. Once the soldiers have been eliminated, Zoran explains that his assistant Makee has left to look for a

replacement part (to repair the bridge that you have destroyed) in Okriana, Talanzaar, and that he should be back by now.

You find Makee near the Talanzaar daoka (eastern side of the region), he tells you that his friend had the replacement

part for Zoran and that he was attacked by gamors. You must follow the trail left by his clothes.

You find Makee's friend, killed by gamors, on the extreme southwest edge of the region. Next to his body lies the

replacement part required by Zoran. As you take it, you notice elite troops coming from the Talanzaar daoka. They have

the key to Shamaz Keb's prison cell.

You take the replacement part back to Zoran, who is waiting for you next to the bridge mechanism. He tells you that he

is going to repair the mechanism but that you must protect him from the soldiers on the other side of the crevasse. He then reminds you that it is no good crossing the crevasse without the key to the Shamaz's cell.

You must therefore go to the military base in the northwest of the region, kill the soldiers and take the key from the body

of one of the elite soldiers. You will find three other keys here, in the central warehouse, along with the map to a maze.

If you give the map to Shamaz Zagy, who is in his temple behind the daoka leading to Shamazaar, he tells you that it is the

map of the maze, and he draws the exit route on the map for you.

Once you have the key, use the bridge to cross the crevasse. Follow the route on the map to get out of the maze.

Then you meet a phony Dolotaï guard. If you give him the map he rewards you. In any case, at this stage you do not need it

any more.

You must pass the series of tests that make up the Trial of Fae.

You then find yourself in front of the cells. If you have all the keys, you can collect the objects in cells 1, 2 and 4.

The 3rd is the one in which the Shamaz is imprisoned. If you put the correct key in the 3rd keyhole, you will no

longer be able to take the objects from the other cells.

Once Shamaz Keb is free and you are in possession of the Môn, you may speak to the Shamaz.

At this point, if you go and see Ashkar and if you have killed enough soldiers, you can stop helidium production

(the soldiers' weapons will then be less powerful and they will not open fire so often).

In the mine to the north of the village, you must find 2 faene to treat Zine's friend. You will find some near the bridge, on the left-hand side (beware, these explosive plants can severely injure you). You must come back and give them to Zine and then talk to him. You may also talk to his friend, the burn victim, and as a token of gratitude he will give you a reward.

It is also Zine that you need to go and see to obtain the large block of helidium that Zernar told you about in Okasankaar, it

is needed to repair the lighthouse in the city of Cyana. You must first talk to Ashkar about it, he tells you to go and question


You will then collect the block of helidium between the mine to the north and the village, in the same place as the stone

crusher - a huge hammer.

Zogard is the manager of the mine to the east of the region. You must help him blow up his own mine by taking him 3 sticks

of dynamite.

Once you have given him the dynamite and you are far enough away, you realize that he has blown up the mine but that now

he is stuck inside… You must go back to ask what happened.

You are then asked to go to Okriana to find a replacement part, which permits the repair of the mine. Zakk will give you this part, all you have to do is ask anybody in Talanzaar about the part and then ask where Zakk can be found.

When you bring the part back to the Talan who lives near Zogard's mine, he is able to free his friend. Zogard gives you a

piece of white helidium that will allow you to upgrade your Hawk-MK8 (perforator) should you go to find Azirad in


To stop the thief that Ashkar told you about, you must first catch him in the act, then go and talk to him.

To bring back the Twon-Hâ from Mobaar, you must have hoti (you can find them in the Okaar region). You must lay

them on the ground and the Twon-Hâ will want to pick them up. In this way you can lead him back to his master. You

can use the same hoti several times if you manage to grab them before the Twon-Hâ eats them.


When you arrive in Cyana (Okasankaar's main town), you must first eliminate all the soldiers before you can talk to the

Talans. Watch out for the sentry posted in the turret, his firepower is deadly.

Go and see the shamaz who is in one of the tall houses in the village; he tells you that the Môn is on the island of the gorgor, and that the only Talan able to help you is Oru the hunter.

To reach Oru's island, go and see Sadar at the harbor.

Sadar asks you to bring him the gland of a zeedog, so that he can repair his boat. These aggressive, carnivorous plants grow along the roadsides around Cyana (beware of their bite and their spray); they have to be killed before you can take their


Take the gland to Sadar. Once he has repaired his boat, Sadar takes you to Oru's island. Listen carefully to his story, you

will learn the location of the daoka that leads you to the Okaar region.

Be careful of the zeedogs that line the road leading to Oru's house.

Oru asks you to go and get his weapon and ammunition to fight the gorgor.

Return to Cyana and go and ask the Shamaz to help you find Oru's weapon. He indicates to you that this weapon is

in the small sunken temple, which is to be found in the waters around Cyana.

A gate bars the way into this temple; you will have to open it with the help of Egar the fisherman.

An opening mechanism is situated not far from the sunken temple. There are two buttons that have to be pressed


Once the gate is open, dive into the water and go looking for Oru's weapon inside the temple.

You must also get ammunition for Oru, go and see Zele near the harbor, he asks you to give him 5 booyats and 5 daguerachs.

To find the booyats, go and see Zele's former assistant, Zafar, who is in one of the small squares in the center of the village.

Zafar tells you about a problem with a thief; if you deal with the thief, Zafar will either offer you money or his last booyat.

If you do not deal with the thief, you can also buy a booyat from Zafar.

To obtain 3 booyats, go and see Zafar, he will tell where you can find them: in the Darosham. You must first go and

look at the engraving that is on the outside of one of the walls of the sunken temple; this engraving will show you how

to open the room at the far end of the Darosham; the booyats are in there.

Go to the Darosham. Enter the building; at the end of the corridor you will see a wheel with 4 symbols on it. Shoot at these symbols, in order, along the temple wall, starting with the fire symbol.

If you succeed the wheel lifts and the fire goes out, you may now proceed into the second part of the Darosham.

Do not lose any time en route because the air is poisonous there. On the way past, pick up the gorgor tooth that is on the

ground next

to the dead body of a Talan (you will be able to give it to Martigar, prisoner on Zorkatraz).

To get the last booyat, go to Zorkatraz, kill all the soldiers and set the prisoner free.

To go to Zorkatraz, go to the harbor and ask Zidar, the second fisherman, to take you there. Listen carefully to what

he says to you, do not get into the boat, dive into the water and swim alongside the boat until you reach the entrance to Zorkatraz, (beware, do not stray from the boat because of the sannegtas). Under water, you will find an entrance leading

to the interior of Zorkatraz. Once inside, take the stairs going up to the platforms. To move from one platform to another,

you have to blow up the boxes and make yourself a passage to the other end of Zorkatraz. You will have to face the soldiers based in this military installation, get the prison key from the soldiers' leader and release the prisoner. To leave Zorkatraz, sound the hornthat is near the landing stage; Zidar will come and pick you up and take you back to Cyana,

but only if there are no soldiers left on Zorkatraz.

In Cyana, Zele will show you where to find Daguerachs. You must return to Oru's island and proceed by jumping from one waterlily to another until you reach a small island inhabited by gamors. Recover the daguerachs.

In Cyana, you will also meet Zernar who will tell you about Cyana's lighthouse problems. So you will have to go to

Motazaar to get a large piece of helidium, go and have it cut in Talanzaar (by Azirad) and then bring it back to Cyana.

Jumping from platform to platform, you can gain access to the lighthouse and replace the old crystal with the new one.

If you have eliminated a sufficient number of soldiers, you will be able to persuade Zernar to stop sankaar production;

this will weaken the soldiers.

When you have Oru's weapon and the ammunition, go back and see Oru (using Sadar's boat).

The film starts now and you find yourself face to face with the gorgor. You have to kill it and to do so, you must use

both Oru's weapon and your own.

Once the gorgor is dead, you must approach it and cover yourself with its smell before swimming to the small island

where the Môn is. If you do not cover yourself with the gorgor's smell, you will be devoured by sannegtas.

Once you are in possession of the Môn, you find yourself back in town where you can sell gorgor zort to Zele for a very

good price.

At some point in the game:

If you have received the third holocall, you must liberate Jan (son of Zokrym) from the Darosham. Head for the Darosham.

At the end of the video action, you must kill all the elite soldiers and face Kroax: if you wound him enough you will see

another video sequence. At the end of this one you must go into the Darosham and talk to Jan. Beware: if you retreat

during the fight, the game ends.


When you arrive in Okaar, you must talk to Kyuran the hunter. He explains to you that the Môn is in the military base on the other side of the bridge. He tells you about a Shamaz who has already been in these parts looking for the Môn so that he can give it to you. This Shamaz went off in an easterly direction from the Oogoobars' (the primitives) camp in the southeast.

When you go to find Shamaz Zave, you will discover that the Oogoobars are making ready to sacrifice him. You must

save him and talk to him. He gives you a map of the region. Then, Shamaz Zave tells you that he is at your service and

waiting near the daoka.

You must go back and see the hunter and tell him about the map. He marks the places where you will find the musical pipes, without which you can not find the Môn.

You have to find all 4 musical pipes. To find these pipes, bear in mind that when you get close to one, it plays a little tune.

There is one musical pipe in the gamors' arena.

Another close to the place where the tree trunks sway.

A third musical pipe is located in the same place as the gamors, to the west of the region (near the military base). You

will find it behind a tree.

The last pipe is in the Achondar's (the dragon) lair. You do not necessarily have to kill the Achondar, but you must press

the 4 buttons that line his underground lair.

Looking at what is written on the map, you have two identical symbols, which correspond to 2 identical keys. You must put these keys in slots 1 and 3. Put the two other keys in the organ and you now see an animation that ejects one key from the

organ. This key falls on the west side of the organ.


Once you have recovered this key, you must stop the waterfall. Go to the place marked on the map that is not circled in

red, just west of the waterfall, and north of the bridge. There you must shoot at the two balls to create a swinging motion that will release the big ball. Be careful that it does not roll on top of you. You will then see a short film, which shows that the

waterfall has stopped. All you have to do now is go into the cave located behind the waterfall and take the second key.

Once the two keys are in your possession, you must attack the military base. Be careful, there are lots of very strong, elite soldiers. The Môn is in the room with the stone door. Place your two keys in the corresponding keyholes. Once you have

done this, the door opens and you can take the Môn.

At some point in the game:

If you talked to Jan in Ranzaar after the guards attacked him, head for the buildings east of Okaar. At the end of the video sequence you must attack the base and kill all the soldiers with a single weapon. After that, when you leave, the adventure continues in Okriana, and to be more precise, in the Fae Palace.


When you arrive in town, coming from the Temple World, turn left into the brewers' quarter. There you will meet a seller of drinks named Zoss. He asks you to help him lower the price of the water sold by Heza. Go and see Heza who is on the main street with his water cart drawn by a twôn-ha.

To persuade him to lower his prices, you must go and see three other merchants.

1. Ominel, in the meat merchants' bok.

2. Yagu, in the riss merchants' bok.

3. Zakk, in the craftsmen's bok.

Go and find Ominel; he asks you to find him an oogoobar knife, which you will be able to find in the forest

(the daoka that takes you to Okaar is in the marshes (Okasankaar).

In the forest, if you have not already done it, go and save the Shamaz at the sacrificial alter and take the knife. Make the

most of the situation by gathering hotis (red fruit that you find on the ground), you will need them later.

Bring the knife back to Ominel so that he lowers his prices.

Go and see Yagu, he asks you to go and seek news of his brother Ezef who is in Shamazaar.

Ezef is one of the Talans clearing away the rock fall at one of the 3 temples.

If you have helped the Talans to clear the stairs, you will find Ezef in the rice paddies; ask the other Talans

where to find him. Go back and see Yagu in Talanzaar so that he lowers his prices.

Find Zakk, lend him your weapon so that he can study it, he will give it back to you a little later and will lower his prices in exchange for this favour.

Once you have persuaded Ominel, Yagu and Zakk to lower their prices go back and see Heza so that he lowers his prices

too. Then go and see Zoss to inform him that you have settled the dispute between him and Heza. To thank you, if you

ask him for a drink, Zoss will give it to you for free.

Once the dispute between Zoss and Heza has been settled, if you go and see Zot, "leader" of Talanzaar, you can persuade

him to stop paying taxes, on condition that you have killed enough soldiers in Talanzaar. Zot is in the western part of

Talanzaar, near the Fae Palace.

Heza tells you that he has a problem with his well and that it must be repaired. His well is located south of Okriana. You

must speak to Heza's assistant and ask him to clear the surrounding area because you are going to repair the well by

blowing up whatever it is that is blocking it. You will know that you have been successful when you see a blue geyser

erupt from the well.

Balazar the collector (Ominel's rival) asks you to find an ancient relic outside the confines of Okriana, in Talanzaar. The

relic is outside Okriana, in a place infested with spiders. If you recover this relic for him, you can either sell it

to him, as it is, or clean it before taking it to him. If you want to clean it, you must go into the forest and find the

Achondar's (dragon) lair.

Once there, lay down the relic and entice the dragon to breathe on it. If you succeed, the relic changes colour and becomes clean. You must then take it to Balazar, he will offer you 1500 zorkins for it.

Right next to Balazar you will find Mored, the hotis seller. He wants you to bring him 10 hotis. You can only find them in the Okaar region. If you come back with more, you can also get a good price for the extra ones.

Jokace lives to the southeast of Okriana and he needs a certain glue that will enable him to stick all his tapestries together to form a gigantic fresco. For this, you have to bring him 4 zeedog glands, which you will find in the marshes. If you come back with more, you can sell him the extra ones for a good price.

You meet Tezu in the potters' bok. He tells you that he would love for you to break his pots because it is good for business.

If you break another 20 pots from this point on, come back and tell him. He will tell you to stop and will thank you.

In the riss bok, you meet Nikaa who will ask you for money, in the form of a loan that you will give and come back to

collect at a later date.

To the southwest, Gizo is in the sankaar bok, he will give you a bracelet that he has found in one of his sankaar

deliveries. If you take this bracelet to Zele in Okasankaar, he will give you a reward to take back to Gizo. You

will now have to go back

and see Gizo to give it to him. He will let you keep it and will give you another.

You will find Zagu in the spice bok, he is a strange character. He tells you that he can prepare a cocktail that, if added to a drink, will have a soporific effect on the person that drinks it. For this, you will need 5 bottles (buy them or get them

free from Zoss) and a daguerach (to be found in Okasankaar).

Once the Good Moon drink is prepared, you can go and find Shadi the musician (not far from Heza's well down south).

He is in the street, not inside a house. Shadi can deliver these bottles to the soldiers at the military base southeast of Okriana. You have to give Shadi enough money to make sure that he will do it.

If you came into possession of the map of Okaar in the forest (given by Shamaz Zave), you may ask Shadi to play you

the music, the notes of which are inscribed on it.


You can only do this if you have talked to Shamaz Zave (about the signs at the bottom of the map), having already shown them to Kyuran.

You will find Mogi the beggar, west of the Fae Palace. You must hear him out without ever interrupting him. His story

is very long but also very interesting.

You will meet a beggar singing the Motazaar anthem at Heza's well, in the extreme south. If you sing with him and get the words right, he will reward you.

Go to the bok under construction, help Mogad with his crane and stop the block swinging by shooting at it with a basic

weapon such as the HK-P12.

Azirad is in the craftsmen's bok. He can help you in several ways:

If you have the piece of raw blue helidium from Motazaar, he can cut it for you. When you collect the cut helidium

component, you must take it to Okasankaar and exchange it for the old one, so that the lighthouse works again.

If you have the worn out helidium component from the lighthouse and the perforator gun, Azirad can upgrade your perforator gun (HAWK-MK8) to level 1.

If you have the piece of white helidium (see Motazaar, save Zogard), and the perforator gun, Azirad can upgrade your perforator gun (HAWK-MK8) to level 2.

You must also recover Azirad's stolen necklace from the bok construction site and give it back to him. He will reward you.

At various times during the game:

If you have received the first holocall, you must find Marion in Okriana. To do this you must go and see Shamaz Zokrace.

His house is west of the Fae Palace. He will tell you that the last time he saw Marion was near Zelb's house,

southwest of the Fae Palace.

If you talk to Zelb, he will tell you that Marion was taken to a house to the west of the Fae Palace. If you get close enough

to the entrance to this house, a long video sequence will begin. Hint: this house is not far from the place where you run into a patrol, on your way north from Zelb's house, following the paths of Okriana.

If you find yourself in the Fae Palace for the final combat with Kroax, you must kill all the elite soldiers before you can

touch Kroax (if you do not, he can not be wounded). Once you have killed Kroax, the game ends, and video sequences show

you the end of the story.



Thanks to Revolution reader Max Raymond!