Powerslide PC Cheats



Type in cheats while playing, and an icon will appear at the top right of the screen.

APOLLOPress ALT to float
BLAST Repels other cars
BOMB Launches a bomb from your car onto the track
BURNBriefly ignites a spot near your car
GLIDERWhen in the air, car controls like a glider
HOVERCars hover
ICBMCar acts like a missile
JUMPEach time, jumps car several feet in the air
LAUNCHHit "a" to launch a car, "z" to move in the direction you're facing
LIGHTLighter car
LUNARLunar gravity
SLEEPAI cars don't steer, they just accelerate
SLIPPYSlippery surfaces
SPIDERCar adheres to any surface
STICKYSticky surfaces
SUCKCars gravitate towards each other
TIMEWARPSlows time for AI opponents
TWISTERAI cars get whipped around by an invisible tornado
WARPOther cars crawl over track

All cars and tracks:

Enter the name Megasaxon in the sign-in block to enable all tracks and




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