Quake 3 Arena,Quake III Arena PC Cheats

Quake 3 Arena


Enable Cheat Mode:

Press ~ to bring down the console. Now enter /spdevmap XXXXX

In place of XXXX, enter a map name such as q3dm1, q3dm17, or q3tourney2. The

game will now load in cheat mode. During play, press ~ to bring down the console

and enter the following:

/god                   God mode
/iamacheater           Unlocks all levels at Skill 1
/iamamonkey            Unlocks all levels at Skill 100
/noclip                No clipping
/model sarge/krusade   Extra Sarge Skin
/give all              Gives all weapons
/give XXXX             Give item XXXXX, from the list below:

battle suit
grapping hook
grenade launcher
lightning gun
machine gun
personal teleporter
plasma gun
quad damage
rocket launcher


Defeat Xzearo:

There is a glitch in his targeting system! He can rail you twice at any Distance

or use his BFG to fry you, but, if you grab a railgun and move behind the pillar

next to it…you can inch very slowly to the point where you can see the boost

pad on the other side of the map without exposing your entire body. If you do

it just right…You can score at least 3 frags on Xzearo. Unfortunately the

computer allows him to respawn near you. If this happens…grab the newly spawned

rail gun (so he can’t) and run like hell to the boost pad. When you reach the

far side…Hide behind the pillar and keep railing him as soon as he tries to

use the boost pad after you. With luck, he won’t spawn behind you much, and

you will be able to pick him off enough to meet the frag limit. ENJOY!!


Thanks to Revolution readers Vipa, Marcel Maagdenberg, Geforce, Rampage99,

Monzur Morshed, [PoW] CoolMan, Jonathan Norman, kyle bjalme, Candyman, Tom T.

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