Quake PC Cheats



Enter the console, then type in the cheats.

Crosshair 1Gives you crosshairs
FlyFlying mode (D=up C=down)
Fov XIncreases peripheral vision (where x is your field of vision)
Give #x gives weapon #x - 3=shotgun, 4=nailgun, etc..
Give C #xGives x # cells
Give H #xGives x # health
Give N #xGives x # of nails
Give S #xGives you x # of shells
Give R #xGives you x # of rockets
GodGod Mode
Impulse2Super Shotgun
Impulse4Chain Nailgun
Impulse5Grenade Launcher
Impulse6Rocket Launcher
Impulse9All Weapons
Impulse252Pentagram of Protection (30 seconds)
Impulse253Ring of Shadows (30 seconds)
Impulse254Bio-suit (30 seconds)
Impulse255Quad Damage mode
Kill Commit suicide - restart level
map e#m# Level Warp
Map EndTakes you to last level
NoclipWalk through walls
NotargetInvisible to enemies
R_Fullbright 1Everything is bright
sv_gravity ### sets gravity to ###
VersionGives you version information

Nightmare Skill

Start in Normal skill mode. Go into the 4th episode but don't get into the time portal. When you fall out of the water, go to the console and type in "Fly". Go up , turn left, and enter the doorway...


Step into the water but don't fall through. Swim all the way against the wall on the same side you enter the water (where the shield is in deathmatch). Now fall through and you will land on the rafter. Walk on the rafter right into the Nightmare entrance.

If you have a hard time getting anywhere on the rafters, use the NoClip code and walk through walls until you find it.

To be invisible to your deathmatch buddy but not the monsters, type: R_Drawviewmodel 0.

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