Rainbow 6: Covert Ops PC Cheats

Rainbow 6: Covert Ops


Press ‘Enter’ during game play then type in the following


avatargod  God mode
teamgod  Team God Mode
explore  Turn off victory mode
5fingerdiscount  Restores your ammo
nobrainer  Turns of AI
turnpunchkick  Players 2d
meganoggin  Bighead mode
bignoggin  All players have a big head
clodhopper  Big feet and hands 
stumpy  Stumpy mode
1-900  Heavy Breathing
debugkeys  Debug Keys On

When entering debugkeys, press F10 to enter debug mode. These are the keys

that work in debug mode.

F2- screenshot
F6- change view
F7 or F8- instant death
F9- return to normal view
F10- toggle debug mode
F12- skip level
[ or }- adjust lighting
1 and 3 on keypads- change screen resolution
A- toggle AI
V or B- rotates view


Dont Be Affected By Flashbangs:

When a flash is thrown, quickly turn on night vision and the flashbang will

not effect you

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