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Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2




Want to have some fun with the enemy player? Charge up the Chronosphere and use it on the enemy unit, then drop it in the water. Watch the war miner go down to the bottom! Bye bye. Also try it on ships and drop them on land. Killing an entire infantry group is fun since infantry can die under the effects of the Chronosphere. Go ahead, try it!

Iron Curtain:

The previous cheat refers to the Iron Curtain as well, fry those GI's!

Chrono Legionnaire (1):

Put one Chrono Legionnaire inside an Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV) to make a Chrono Fighting Vehicle. The Chrono Beam doesn't get any stronger, but your units won't die as easily.

Chrono Legionnaire (2):

Chrono Legionnaires packed together can even zap an enemy building out of time, try it. Ten Legionnaires and above give the maximum effect.

Libyan Cheat:

Build five or six demolition trucks. Make sure you have a fully charged Iron Curtain. Send the Trucks into an enemy base, before they come in range of their weapons, cast the Iron Curtain on them. They'll be invincible until they reach their target, at which point they'll still explode even with the Curtain on.

The Magic School Bus (Soviet):

Take a Yuri and mind control a school bus (if they're on the map). You can put five infantry into the Bus and drive it into an enemy base, they won't fire on it.

Good Use of the V3:

If you play as the soviets, one of the best way to use the V3 Rocket is to have about 3 Rhino tanks for each V3 Rocket to protect them. If you have about 5 V3 Rockets and 12 - 15 Rhino tanks you can take out a medium base! One of the reasons is that the V3 Rocket fire very long!

Allied Advantage:

In Multiplayer or skirmish mode, use spies to infiltrate all enemy battle labs. This is to train new units like the physic commando (he can use the mind control and plant C-4 on buildings). Later, if you capture the base completely (meaning all buildings) you will get the Yuri Prime.

Excellent Base Defense:

Make 10-12 Yuris and place them all around your base. Put them as team1 (Ctrl + 1) then when an enemy attacks use the Yuri's 2nd attack. This should destroy most of the attacking force.

Last Allied Mission:

There are many buildings. Use them to protect your base plus your Chrono Miner and repair it if it is damaged. You can get free GIs if you capture the Tech Airport up North. Garrisoned buildings work well against the Soviets as they have no form of air attack and usually forget to us their V3s.

Build Defense Anywhere:

This cheat only works if you are America. First get your paratroopers ready. Then build a Prism Tower or Pillbox. I prefer the prism tower. Next click on the paratrooper tab. Then Wait a little while and click on the defense you chose. Finally click anywhere on the radar screen. The defense should be somewhere around where you clicked. NOTE: This does not always work.

Build Anywhere With Allies:

First you build a Chronosphere or Weather Storm, if you are allies. Then build an object (barracks, dock...) When it is full you click on the icon of Weather S. or at Chronosphere. Warning! Weather storm or Chronosphere must be full! And click on the icon that looks like a house, then click on the building that you built. And click on the radar view anywhere. And that's all!!

Build Anywhere With Soviets:

See above for allies, but you must build Nuke silo or Iron Curtain.

The Ultimate Tanya (Allied Only):

Build a Chronosphere then a Tanya and IFV. Put Tanya in it and use the Chronosphere to drop the IFV in the enemies base and deploy her. Get her to demolish as many building as she can.

Transport Your Entire Army:

The Soviets the armored transport can take 10 infantry or 2 vehicles If you load an armored transport with another 2 ATs that in turn are loaded with 2 more ATs that are loaded with another 2 ATs that are etc.,etc,etc ........ then you can put your tanks and infantry in the final set that you make. Now you can transport your whole army across water!!! This is particularly effective if there is some empty land near a river and near the enemy if you want to setup and you want to setup base there.

Tricks for Spies:

Place a spy in an any enemy barracks for veteran (one stripe) men, or in any enemy war factory for veteran tanks etc. Place one in an enemy Allied battle lab for a chrono commando (has a rapid fire machine gun and explosives like Tanya). Place one in any Soviet battle lab for a Psi commando (controls units like a yuri, has explosives like Tanya) Having infiltrated battle labs, if you capture (or already have) a Soviet barracks, you can now buy one Yuri prime (two with cloning vats) with a long range for controlling people, and a chrono Ivan (just like Crazy Ivan, but chronoshifts). Place a spy in an enemy power plant to knock out their power for a while. Place one in an enemy radar of airforce command centre to bring down their radar.

Easy Spy Disguise:

A spy can get a disguise from an enemy soldier, dog or even a cow..

Ultimate Sub Defense (allies only):

If you really want to protect your naval base, just surround it with dolphins and prism towers. The dolphins attack will make the subs surface ant the prism towers will shoot them.

Get The Chrono Commander:

In a skirmish game. Play allies against allies. Build a spy and have it infiltrate their battle lab and you will get the chrono commander.

Tesla Coil Trick:

3 Tesla Troopers build as quick as 1 tesla coil sobuild them at the same time, when youve got a coil down tell your 3 troopers to charge it up and build a wall around the tesla coil and troopers, it will protect them from groups of dogs and snipers.

Enemy Superweapons:

The enemy usually goes for your war factory and it always destroys it, if you build 2 war factorys far apart from each other and well away from barraks, superweapons etc. If you build a naval base the computer sometime goes for that and never destroys it=).

Excellent Defence from Harriers:

The computer usually sends the harriers to attack your ore refinery and when u kill them with your patriot missles (allies) or flank canno n(soviets) they still come down and destroy you. Find out witch direction the harriers are coming from then build an MVC or move your main one to where the harriers are coming from. Leave a big space to let them crash then deploy your MVC build at least 5 patriot missles (allies) or flank cannon (soviets) in a row then move your MVC out of the crash area. Voila! no more worrying about harriers!

Invincible Jets:

When you play as allies, you can make your jets invincible at anytime... When they're about to take off, push guard and they will try to land again but then tell them to attack. Then, when the enemy shoots at them they will be invincible. Works better on black eagles.

Clone Units For Practically Nothing:

Take over a hospital, and build a Cloning Vat (if you dont have one take over the NME base). Get an expensive unit or one that takes a long time to make. Get a machine gunner and shoot the unit. Then tell the unit to go repair itsself in the hospital... tadaa! Look at the cloning vat: another unit! This only works for people and I'm not sure if it will work with Yuri/Yuri Prime.


If you take a Crazy Ivan inside a I.F.V. You will get a demolition truck.

Terror Drone Defense (Allies):

If terror drones are continually attacking your tanks, create a couple of repair IFVs (IFV and engineer) and put them into gaurd mode (press G). The IFVs will rush around repairing vehicles and destroying any terror drones that get inside vehicles.

Nuclear Base Defense:

This is soviet only. Build nuclear reactors around your base (quite far from your base) then build a Crazy Ivan (one for each nuclear) then tell your Crazy Ivan's to blow up there nuclear reactor when the enemy comes. (if you can't/don't want to build Crazy Ivan's destroy the nuclear reactor till it has 1 square of life left then get a conscript or tank, etc. to destroy it).

Prism Tower Defense:

As you will learn during one of the single-player missions, Prism Towers can be placed in close proximity to one another to increase their power. This is similar to the way the Soviets place Tesla troopers adjacent to Tesla coils to increase the defensive structure's power. Careful placement of Prism Towers can increase their potency by tremendously. Use the map's landscape to your advantage when forming your base. Leave only a few available entrances and defend these with a few Prism Towers in close proximity to one another to increase their power.

Naval Warfare:

The Soviets can reign supreme on naval maps as long as your fleets are mixed and well protected. But using dreadnoughts alone is not a good thing. You will need a good mix of ships to protect your naval fleet. Sea scorpions provide anti-air defense against harriers, racketeers, destroyers, and aircraft carrier hornets. Also, subs can be used to down destroyers and fight dolphins. Finally, use squids to take down carriers and destroyers.

Watch out for the Bombs!:

If you want to anger your opponent, Libya is the way to go. Build an Iron Curtain device when time permits. Two minutes before the Iron Curtain is ready, build three Demolition trucks. Once the timer reaches zero for the Iron Curtain, move your trucks into position near your enemy's base. Select the Iron Curtain device on your trucks and send them in. Since your trucks have invincibility for a limited time, decide what buildings would best to destroy. You'll have your opponent asking for a rematch in no time.

Kirov Reporting!:

The Kirov airship is one of RA2's most devastating units, especially if ignored by your opponent. It takes heavy anti-air defenses to take one down. Although the Kirov moves slowly, if you can get one attack run on an unprepared enemy, you're likely to win the game. A Kirov can survive air defense for a small amount of time, but it's wise to group one or two Kirovs or send in a diversionary ground force such as Rhino tanks and Flak Traks. Using these units in combination with each other will ensure victory.

The Easy Time Bomb (soviets):

If you are in a level with a lot of cars and you are going for a long game then get a Yuri and a Crazy Ivan. Set the Yuri on one of the cars so you can control it. Then put it close to the enemy's base. Now set a bomb on it and drive it into the base -they will not attack it. This can be really effective if you do it numerous times.

Fast Train/Build:

If you press Triangle, then select your guy to train, press Trianle again, and hold R1 and press O. Now you can train recruits while infiltrating the Soviets! Same applys to buildings, but the second time you press, you lay the building down. Have fun, and kill nicely!

Easy Spy Infiltration (Allies only):

First build a War Factory, a Barracks, and a Tech Center. Biuld several IFVs and the same amount of spies. Put the spys into the IFVs. The IFVs will act the same as if you put GIs in them. Send the IFVs to the enemy base and get one close to the building you want to take over. Unload the spy and he will run into the building without taking damage.

Stratgy for Desolators:

Build 25-50 desolators depending on the size of the enemy base when you have enough money. Group the desolators in groups of five and put them in teams. Take them and deploy them around the enemy base. Now the enemy will not be able to leave their base. The enemy will not be able to attack you in any way because all their units will die. *Note this does not work as well with apocolyse tanks due to their heavy armor. The enemy will now be forced to leave you alone and will not be able to mine ore! *Note this works better if you gaurd them with a couple terror drones. *For better results add more desolators.

"You Create a Diversion":

Often If you attack your enemy's base (in multiplayer) at the same place. They will focus defensively on that area and will forget about the backdoors. Come in through the rear with a Tanya or a couple of attackers and do your worst.

Training Allied Units (Soviets):

If you capture a unit with Yuri, do not kill him, put him in Cloning Vats, then you will be able to train them.

Shut Em Down:

First you must build a Iron Curtain. Second you must be able to see an ememy's power plant or Tesla reactor on the map. Wait until the Iron Curtain is ready and use it on the enemy's power plant. Their power will be shut down until the iron curtain wears off.

Make Telsa Tanks:

When you put a tesla trooper in a IFV you get a tesla tank.

Chrono Ivan:

To do this you must be allies. Have the soviet barracks, allied barracks, and the necessary buildings to build chrono legonaires, spies, and Ivans. Send a spy into an allied barracks, you can now build a Chrono Commando and a Chrono Ivan.

Stoping Weather, Nuke Silo, Chronosphere, & Iron Curtain Devices:

When playing with the allies on Skirmish build a barracks and Battle lab and press the unit button and you should see the spy. Get the spy and click on the enemy unit and he will look like him, now you get the spy into the Weather Device or the Nuke Silo, Chronosphere and The Iron Curtain device.

Strategic Radiation:

Send in desolators in your enemy base radiating key places. Once deployed tell them to attack the ground (ctrl + click) do not make them un-deploy while doing this. After this is done tell them to un-deploy and go back to your base. The ground where they were deployed will be radiated for the rest of the game.

Spy Troubles?:

If you are having trouble with trying to get spies into structures over the internet with a human player you should try this:

1. Get two IFV's.

2. Get one spy.

3. Get one Tanya.

4. Change the spy's Identity to a Conscript or something that the enemy has around his base for defense.

5. Then put the tanya in one IFV and the Spy in the other IFV.

6. Send them at there base.

7. When the tanya IFV is under attack sneak the other one next to a structure(Barracks, War Factory, etc.)

8. Tell the tanya one to attack the structure that the Spy IFV is next to.

9. Tanya's will blow up and the spy one will too but the spy will come out with a disguise. The player will be too busy to notice that that Conscript or unit is not theirs and you will not have any problem sneaking it into that building.

No More Red Player:

On the last allied mission, dont bother destroying all of the red players buildings, the goal is to destroy the black guard, just use your chronosphere to teleport the 4 tanks into the water, and then use it to send in a few tanks to remove the sentry guns without having to deal with the red player.

No More Nukes:

Also, Tired of getting nuked and swarmed with invincible tanks? Just use a Chrono Legonaire to remove a few of the nuclear plants, they aren't guarded.

Infinite Men(Soviet):

When you build a cloning thing surround your barracks with walls completely so no one can come out of it. Then just train all the people you want because the people can't get out of the barracks so you get your money back and still get your men because of the cloning thing.

Build Anywhere(Allies):

When your using americans or just captured a tech building that allows you to get paratroopers just build something and when the paratroopers are ready select the paratroopers then the building and deploy the building on the mini map(radar).

Stratagy Against Dosolators and Nuclear Power Plants:

Just build an airfield or 2 and build harriars. Use your harriars to bomb the dosolators or nuclear power plants so nobody dies or get hurt.

Bye, Bye Terror Drome:

If an enemy Terror Drome enters any of your vehicles, place it in the Repair Depot and the effect of the Terror Drome will disapear and the unit that was effected will not be destroyed (a waste of funds but is very helpful to the unit).

Terrorist/Demolition Trucks:

If you have a cloning vat build some Crazy Ivans and either conscripts or dogs. Plant a bomb on your dogs or conscripts using the Crazy Ivans. Then put them in a flak trak. Send them into an enemy base to watch them explode. You can even put a bomb on the flak trak to make a demolition truck. This cheat works best if you get several flak traks and iron curtian the with the men inside, for you can then strategically place the flak traks to put the enemy out of action, especially if you target the ore refinary, war factory ETC.

The Computer Can't Build Anything!:

Set the money limit at the start to 2500 on easy or medium mode and at 3500 at hard mode and the computer can't build an ore refinery because they run out of money before the can build it.

Ally Madness:

If you play a multiplayer game online and you have teams (if he is a differnt side than you), have one of your allies make you a barracks and a war factory and put them in your base then declar war on him and take over the buildings with enginers and you do the same for him then when your done allie again. If your both allies declar war on your allie and send spys into his buildings then allie again with him.

New Unit:

Play an Allies against Soviets skirmish. If you infiltrate the Soviet battle lab and barracks with a spy you will get a new unit. This new unit is called the Psi Commando. He is like a Yuri except he can chronoshift and blow things up. Basically a mix of Yuri, Chrono Commando Nad and Crazy Ivan. This unit can be very useful in every way. Control something, place a bomb, blow up a base and then shift back home. A very devastating technique!

Stronger Tanks & Infantry:

If you want your tanks and infantry stronger than take some spys and infiltrate the barracks and war factory. When you do it will say "new technology accquired". After that, look at your tank and infantry building screens. They will be promoted once. This doesn't seem like much but it is very helpful in the long run. It only works once though.

Easy Money:

Let the enemy ore refinery get lots of money. When you think they have done so send a spy into the enemy ore refinery and you will get most of their money!

Defence Against NUKE Attack:

You and the computer are both soviets use the iron curtain on your war factory so that they don't destroy it. You can put it on any building but I suggest you use it on your war factory because that's what the computer always aims for.

Easy Win:

If you're allies build a chronosphere and have it fully charged. In the meantime, build 9 Prism Tanks. Group them in three rows, with three units in a row. It should look like a 3x3 Prism Tank square. Then, select the Chronosphere and then click on the middle Prism Tank. The Chronosphere should cover all your units. Then, go to your enemy base and select to put your units somewhere in the middle of the base. They should start fighting automatically. This works best when you are facing a tough enemy with a big, high defence base. Watch and the base should be gone in no time. Note: This trick works best if your 9 units are in full health and you use them to destroy all the defence-purpose building and infantry before settling on the main buuldings.


Ever wanted to play firecrackers in RA2? Here's how you do it. Gather a lot of GI's, Rocketeers, IFV (no unit in it), etc. Then, hold CTRL after selecting the units. Now you can ask them to attack anywhere, and they will form a big firecracker! Note: This trick looks nicer if you get your units formed in a circle, etc. and ask them to attack different close spots. Gather a pack of GI or Rocketeers and attack a single area. The more unit, the bigger the firecracker will be. This trick also works for defence-purpose structures etc. Prism Towers. Second Note: When you click, remember to hold the CTRL button on your keyboard!

Unlock Chrono Commando:

Play as the Allied Army. You also need an opponent from the Allied Army, too. Build your Battle Lab as soon as it is available. Place it near your War Factory or your Barracks in case that your opponent is fond of tank rushes. Just be sure to protect your investment, as this is the key to unlock your Chrono Commandos. Once you have your Battle Lab online, train at least one Spy. Make him look like the enemy infantry. Then send him into the Allied Battle Lab of your opponent. As soon as the Spy has taken over the building, your Chrono Commando is available in your infantry list. A Chrono Commando has M16 Machine Gun and have C4 charges that can easily eliminate buildings. Chrono Commandos are better than Tanya and Navy SEAL because of these reasons:

1. They can quickly dispatch enemy infantry in one shot.

2. They can quickly take out enemy buildings with C4 charges.

3. They can quickly teleport around anywhere on the map by warping the space-time fabric, which is great for surprise attacks by sending a lot of them into the enemy base.

4. Even fifty GI's are no match against one Chrono Commando, Chrono Commandos are very quick bread-and-butter units.

5. The true power of Chrono Commandos really come through, try garrisoning them into key buildings where they can quickly chew up enemy infantry and tanks, and most of all, racks up veterancy. After all garrisoned troops are promoted, try getting them to the enemy base, destroying both infantry and buildings, proving yourself a single, outmatched opponent.

They are only expensive to produce that takes up to $1,000 per unit. Using them in maps with lots of Oil Derricks and Ore Fields is great! Go dispatch those enemy infantry and buildings!

Unlock Psi Commando:

Play as the Allied Army. Now, you need an opponent from the Soviet Army. Build your Battle Lab as soon as it is available. Place it near your War Factory or Barracks in case that your opponent is fond of tank rushes. Just be sure to protect your investment, as this is the key to unlock your Psi Commandos. Once you have your Battle Lab online, train at least one Spy. Of course, Spies must first disguise as an enemy infantry. Infiltrate the Soviet Battle Lab of your opponent. As soon as the Spy has taken over the building, your Psi Commando is available in your infantry list. A Psi Commando uses Ultimate Mind Control, much better than fifty Yuri Primes and has C4 charges that can easily eliminate buildings. Much of what you know, Psi Commandos are better than Yuri Primes and Crazy Ivans. Here are some important reasons why I concluded it:

1. They use their Ultimate Mind Control in every enemy units they encounter and even non-enemy units such as cars and animals which you can use to scout the enemy's base and later on, cause mass destruction on the enemy's base.

2. They can cause permanent brain death on the enemy infantry which is their second attack.

3. They can quickly take out buildings with C4 charges.

4. Even fifty Conscripts are no match against one Psi Commando, they are elite bread-and-butter units.

5. The true power of Psi Commandos really come through, try garrisoning them into key buildings where they can use their Ultimate Mind Control in very long ranges to control enemy units, this is also a great way to rack up veterancy. After all garrisoned troops are promoted, try getting them into the enemy base, causing mass destruction and dispatching enemy buildings, your opponent will go in a rage but will finally ask you for a rematch in no time! They are only expensive to produce that takes up to $1,000 per unit. Using them in maps with lots of Oil Derricks and Ore Fields is great! Have fun mind controlling and destroy nicely!

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