Command & Conquer Red Alert 2 Yuri’s Revenge PC Cheats

Command & Conquer Red Alert 2: Yuri's Revenge


Allied Battle Fortress Strategies:

If five chrono legionaires are put in a battle fortress it becomes the awesome Chronotank. Use snipers, Tanyas, or Navy Seals for infantry and Tesla troopers and Gaurdian GIs for tanks or a combination of everything. Just don't use the Legionares with other units because they will all target one unit but only the Legionaire will shoot.

Triple Gattling Speed:

Get a gattling cannon and set it to attack ground, call it a number and leave it. When an aircraft comes press its number and click on the aircraft and it will fire at triple the speed.(Works best on those Kirof Airships!!!)

Lots-a-Brutes: (Yuri side only!)

Get the genetic Mutator ready. Turn super Weapons on and start a game. Build about 5-10 slave miners and send them all to one ore patch. Once all slave's are in range of the mutator click and all slaves turn into brutes. The slaves will be replaced and you could have 50 brutes!!(if u need cash, grind em!).

Easy Win:

First built cloning vats, than built a yuri prime(you'll get 2) then nuilt a flying disk, attack with your flying disk power plant(it will drin its power), then with yuri prime caputere barracks or war factory,make some units to come out of the caputred building, and then finally use your second yuri prime to caputere the constuction yard.

Special Unit Cheat:

If you can build cloning vats, use them to make a second yuri prime, boris etc. Simply build your cloning vats and then build your special unit.

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Very Easy Win:

With Yuri's side build 7-10 flying disk, attack your opponents power plant with 1 flying disk use the rest to attack all the structures. With soviet simply build 7-10 apocalypse and make sure they get upgrated to elite. then you simpy fully raid the opponents grade starting with power plants and construction yard.

Super Unit: (nearly industructible)

When playing as Yuri capture an allied construction yard and build structures until you can build the fortress tank and fill it with 1 Yuri clone,1 gaurdian GI,1 virus,1 seal, and one chrono legionaire. If used right it will wreak havoc on any base.

Invincible Kirov:

When you are the Soviets, you must find an Allied MCV. You build up the Chronosphere and the Iron curtain Device. When they are charged up you must build a kirov and when the roof of the War Factory is open you click the chronosphere above the War Factory and send it to the opponent (quickly). When the Kirov is teleported you must activate the iron curtain on the Kirov Airship. And you have an invincible Kirov. Destroy everything!.

Mastermind Plan:

Play as Yuri in a team game and set "Build off ally con yards" on. Then build all structures required to produce the mastermind. Then build 1-2 and send them into the base of one of your allys. Then build a grinder in their base and the use the mastermind to mind control some of his units and send them into the grinder for easy money(be carful not to do more than 3 mind controlled units at a time) have fun, free money, win the war!

Getting Throug Hard Defenses:

If there are a lot of enemy tanks gaurding their base, build about five cheap tanks and a lot of heavy tanks. (Apocalypse, prism, etc.) Order the cheap tanks to drive directly in the base and then quickly use what's left of them to get the heck out of there! All the enemy's should follow them and then you just ride in with the heavy tanks and wipe them out, all of them!

Yuri Prime Trick:

If you capture a construction yard with Yuri Prime in multiplayer or skirmish and then move it and build it back up in your base it will now be yours without the mind control of Yuri and you can use him to mind control something else.

Anti Yuri Unit Strategies:

Some of the allied units can easily destroy Yuri's pathetic units. Here is a couple of strategies of how to get rid of them:


Virus is easy, get a British Sniper and use him to kill her (his range is longer than hers), if there is a group of virus snipers, put a British sniper in an IFV to make him fire faster and have a better range.

Brute: These guys just laugh at the face at almost any Infantry and most Vehicles, a battle fortress full of GI's should do the trick, but to make things easier Tanya and a few Navy seals or British snipers should take care of these hulk wannabes.


These things are a serious pain in the ass! If they're in a group they will just mind control almost any sea or ground forces you throw at them. But they have a weakness to Air attacks. By building a group of Harriers they get the Job done. Robot tanks are also good since they can't be Mind-controlled.

Great Offensive:

If your the Allies, to get a good offensive, assault a chronosphere and shift like 6 or so robot tanks into the opposing base to knock out the power. This is useful since they cant be mind controlled, and their gun is good against structures. After the enemies power is down continue to knock out the con yard, then send in a bunch of prism tanks to knok out the men and rest of the buildings. If the enemy has a big amount of tanks and junk, send in some tanks with them.

The Old Switcharoo:

If you play as Yuri get two allies on "team alliance". Get the other Soviet and other Allied. Start the game. Train Yuri Prime, then capture the Allies con yard with it. Build Allied buildings to get the service depot and build Allied con yard on your war factory and do the same trick to the Soviets.

Fake Mastermind:

Get one Yuri clone or prime and capture battle fortress, then put five Yuri clones in it. Now the battle fortress can take on control FIVE units at same time.

Tricks With Flying Discs:

To power down and entire base just get a disc over any power source controlled by that opponent. To make money get one of the disks over your opponents refinery."If the Disk is generalised, you get the cash quicker" If you cant get to a power source to shut things down you still can shut down them singualy, get a disk to attack a prism tower or the likes, and it will stop working, allowing your units to move in for the kill.


When you're the Soviet's, build sub's and some of those FLAK ships. Place the FLAK ship just out of range of their coastal defenses and the sub a bit farter. The enemy will send some of those shit-ass destroyers out. When this happens, kill them, kill them all!

Super-Demolition Track:

Get about five FLAK-tracks and fill them with Crazy Ivan's. But first let the Ivan's put a bomb on themselves and on the FLAK-track. Just drive in their base and watch them all explode. The capitalistic pig's will be destroyed by your brave men who sacrificed themselves to insure the future of the great Soviet nation.

Sell Tanks for Allies and Soviets:(This only works if you have NO patches on yuri's revenge)

Build a repair depot and damage a tank a bit s it dose not have full life then send him into the depot. Once it's in there press the sell button and put it over the tank, a little green sell icon will appear over the tank, click and you sold the tank!

Service Depot With IFV:

Build an IFV and then Train an Engineer. Put the Engineer inside the IFV. Next Take an Infintry, shoot one of your own tanks...BUT DONT DESTROY IT... Now take your IFV with your Enginer in it. Click on IFV & Engineer and click on your damaged tank... in a minute your tank will be repaired.

Manipulating Time:

This only works on the first mission of the Soviet Campaign. After destroying the grand cannon 3 Amph. Trans will be sent to you but be quick to command one of them before they leave the map. Take it on the time machine until you go back to the time of the Dinosaur. After the time travel, quickly send the amph. trans to the norhtwestern part of the map. You'll then discover a trap T-rex. You can commnd T-rex but don't put it inside the amph. trans. You can then use it after you go to the future!

Double Time Paratroops:

Start by being the Americans on skirmish. Use the map "Bay of Pigs" they should work well there. Build what you usually build. Once you've got the airport command centre; afterwards capture the tech airport in the middle of the map. Once in the middle there should be two tech airports get an engineer in one of the airports and guard it with five IFV's and five Mirage tanks then once the 2 paradrops are ready deploy them in a safe place where there is no base defense.(Deploy the GI's in combat mode) That should cripple part of their base.

Total Destruction (Yuri's Team Only):

Start a Skirmish on battle mode have a 2-6 player map. Let your first ally be a soviet, so you should be Yuri's team. Start building everything you need. To begin with build a cloning vat and put it next to your Yuri Barracks. Then Train a Yuri Prime and you should have two by then. Use one Yuri prime to control the Allied construction yard by holding down Ctrl then start building the allied things now build a Service Depot and build a M.C.V do the same with the Soviet. Then build a Psychic Dominator, Nuke Silo, Weather Device but don't worry about the other ones. Once all the devices are ready use the nuke missle first, weather device second then last Psychic Dominator as fast as you can use all these on one base. The effect should take up 75% or 85% damage to the base. ENJOY THE LIGHT SHOW!

Get Money on Skirmish (yuri's team):

Build your building's until you get the genetic mutator and the grinder, then build a bunch of slave minor vehicle things once you have lots put them all on one patch of ore. when all the minors come out use the genetic mutator on them. they will all turn into brutes. then just order them all to go into the grinders, LOTS OF MONEY or you can take all those brutes and put them into the enemys base, either way works. and as for your slaves they will be replaced after they are mutated.

Invincible Helicopters:

To work this cheat you must be Soviets. Then get an American or any allied country as your allyi. Steal your allies base by forcing an enginere into it. Then build up both bases until you can build the Cronosphere and the Iron Curtain. Build them! Then get a Siege chopper and Black Hawk - make them deploy on the ground. Pput them together and Cronosphere them as close to the enemy's base. As soon as they get there put the Iron Curtain on them and then go after there base. Have fun while you can, this only lasts a little while.

Grand kill:

(You must be a french allied) Sand a MCV near the enemy base deploy the MCV and build 3 or 4 grand canon. Now you can bombard the enemy base. (NOTE:Build pill box and prison tower to protect the grand canon.)

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