Rise of Nations PC Cheats

Rise of Nations


During play, press Enter and type in the following cheats:

cheat pause [0 or 1] Pause game
cheat sandbox Sets all players to human and reveals map
cheat ai [on, off, debug] Set AI behavior
cheat safeMachine guns around every human capital
cheat diff [0-5] Sets difficulty
cheat achieve Display Achievements
cheat ally [name] Force alliance with nation
cheat peace [name]Force peace with nation
cheat war [name]Force war with nation
cheat meet [name]Force encounter with nation
cheat unmeet [name]Force encounter-off with nation
cheat human [name]Turn off computer control
cheat computer [name]Turn on computer control
cheat defeat [name] Defeat nation
cheat victory [name]Victory for nation
cheat finishFinishes selected building(s) or next item in queue
cheat resource all+10001000 of each resource
cheat birdDrop a Wild Bird at pointer loc
cheat nukeDrop a Nuke at pointer loc
cheat packPacks the currently selected unit
cheat reveal [0 or 1]Toggle reveal map
cheat age [number][name]Show or change age for nation
cheat military [number][name]Show or change military level for nation
cheat civic [number][name]Show or change civic level for nation
cheat commerce [number][name]Show or change commerce level for nation
cheat science [number][name]Show or change science level for nation
cheat library [number][name]Show or change all library tech levels for nation
cheat ranges [0 or 1]Show combat ranges
cheat die [name or no entry]Kill object or all selected

Thanks to Revolution readers Grim Reaper, The Jackle and Leandro DM!