Seven Kingdoms PC Cheats

Seven Kingdoms


To enable cheat mode press [email protected]@@### (ie. hold shift and type 111222333) then press any of the following keys:

[+20 combat
]+20 leadership, research, mining, manufacture, or prayer
'+20 spying
CAdds $1,000 to your cash
Adds 1,000 to your food reserves
TAll technological advances and scrolls
MReveals map
;Increase the population in a selected city.  The increase is for a random nationality.
=Makes the prayer points in selected Seat of Power to a full 400.
BFinishes construction on the selected building. 
ZToggles on/off fast build mode. 
UKing is immortal. (he can't die, he loses life points but they come back) 

Thanks to Revolution readers Alsteran, Alan Mooney, and Vincent X!