Shattered Steel PC Cheats

Shattered Steel


During play, press Enter. Now type in the following codes and press Enter again

to activate:

capone Spawn five Cervotron RX-1
henchman Spawn a shiva 
rodrigoSpawn two ships with lasers to help
gonzalesAccelerate the runner
ragnarok Eject from runner
smite Instantly kill target
fnord 210mm howitzer
cleeseNew visuals
blipplebloops Rapid laser
ratsnest Medium laser
dingleberry Heavy laser
numberchangerR mine 
cgqLB pack
gfy 18 item pack 
bcuaLiB pack
kwahamot Guided missles
fishheads IR missles
bumsauce Heavy plasma gun
eatmyshorts Mortar
kicksomebuttPlasma/64 pack 
tinkerbell Nova gun
hardcode30mm gun
curvedlines50mm gat gun
bigones70mm gun
dogan120mm gun
fnord210mm gun
pyrotekKill all
lockandload Full ammo
imouttahere Win mission 
monkeyslunchAlters bot textures
chernobyl Nuclear weapon
teleportTeleport to other parts of map



Thanks to Revolution readers Henrique Langanke, Andrew Anganes, and Jake Suskey!