Sim Theme Park FAQ

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* SimTheme Park FAQ. (Update)                            *
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* FAQ. by: Aaron Illingworth                             *

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(NOTE: This is an update. I realized I left out a few things, and noticed I 
could explain more. I have received a few e-mails from people wanting help 
with certain things, and I realized I didn't even explain it in the FAQ. 
Throughout this FAQ. you may look for changes, and I hope I will answer all 
of your questions. If you still have a question that is not answered, you 
may e-mail me, and I will try and get back with you.)

*1. Parks (Tells you how many golden keys you need for each park)
*2. Starting parks
*3. Rides (Includes the secret golden ticket rides)
*4. Shops
*5. Sideshows
*6. Features
*7. Making money and losing money
*8. Challenges
*9. Secrets
*10. New section (Research)

*1. Parks

You start out in the lobby. The bowling ball guy will ask you to start a new 
game or choose a player that has already started. Go from there.

The parks in SimTheme Park are:

Lost Kingdom
Halloween World
Space Zone

The bowling ball guy will give you a golden key, and you can open two parks, 
Lost Kingdom, and Halloween World, you must earn more golden keys to earn 
the other two. Choose which one you want to open. (I suggest Halloween World 

Now, once your inside the park, it is empty. The bowling ball guy will help 
you when building paths, getting rides, hiring staff, etc. Overall, he is a 
good helper, although, he can get very annoying. You can press the Escape 
button and go to Options. You can turn the Advisor off. Let's move on to 
Starting your Park.

*2. Starting Parks

One of the funnest parts of the game. Click on an existing path, and move 
the mouse either forward, or sideways(left and right) and you will be moving
a blue type stream to make a path, click on it, and a path will appear. It
is very easy once you get used to it.

The bowling ball guy is very good help, but when you are an experienced
player at this, you may want to turn him off.

*3. Rides

At every park, there is about five rides available to buy. You may notice 
two or three secret "golden ticket" rides highlighted in red. That means you 
don't have enough golden tickets to get that ride. It also tells on the 
screen how many golden tickets you need to earn that ride. Once you have 
enough, the ride will be highlighted in gold.

Here are the rides available in all of the parks.

Lost Kingdom:

Crazy Ape
Belly Bounce
Aztec Mayhem
Rocky Racers

Halloween World:

Jaw Dropper
Putrid Pumpkins
Tentacle Terror


Bumper Bugs
Candy Coaster
Caterpiller Capers
Flower Power

Space Zone:
Crater Creature
Escape Velocity
The Gravatron
Rock n' Roll

You can get more rides, but you must hire researchers and research new
rides. There are many more to research, so have fun.

You can also buy the "mystery rides" that are in the 'Buy Attractions'
screen under 'Buy Rides' Here is a list of all of the secret rides in all of 
the parks.

Lost Kingdom:

Jurassic Tours (1 golden ticket)
Eruption (3 golden tickets)

Halloween World:

Flightmare Tours (1 golden ticket)
Spooky Spider (3 golden tickets)


Tweety Tours (2 golden tickets)
Dragon Fliers (4 golden tickets)

Space Zone:

I never actually bought the 1 golden ticket ride, yet.
I bought the 3 golden ticket ride once before, but I completely forgot the 
name of it. It looked alot like The Gravatron.
The Aerotron (5 golden tickets)

***Here are the ways to earn the golden tickets.***

1. Getting a crowd of 200 visitors at one time
2. Having 350 visitors in your park at one time.
3. Getting a profit over §10000 in a year(Or more)
4. Having a high level of visitor happiness.
5. Having a very high roller coaster
6. Making a really long water ride.

There are many more. The tip I have is, build a fantastic park. Try and 
build great rides (high roller coasters, long water rides, etc.) Pretty 
soon, and once you get used to the game, you will find it highly addictive!

*4. Shops

You start out with three shops in each theme park. Here is the list of the 
shops in each theme park that you start out with.

Lost Kingdom:

Burger Shop
Drinks Shop
Balloon Shop

Halloween World:

Burger Shop
Drinks Shop
Ice Cream Shop


Fries Shop
Drinks Shop
Ice Cream Shop

Space Zone:

Burger Shop
Drinks Shop
Fries Shop

You can research more shops such as:

Costume Shop (Research this in all of the parks)
Restaurant (Research this in all of the parks except Lost Kingdom)
Steak Restaurant (Research in Lost Kingdom)

*5. Sideshows

Sideshows are a cool thing to have. Your visitors love a good sideshow, and 
with that, it's a good idea to put the chance of winning all the way up so 
they are always satisfied. There is a secret to earn tons of money in the 
Secrets Section of this FAQ. Check it out!

Here are the list of two main sideshows in all of the parks.

Lost Kindgom:

Jungle Spray
Strength Bird

Halloween World:

Giant Puzzle
Fortune Teller


Aqua Spray
Fruit Shy

Space Zone:

Giant Puzzle

You can research two more sideshows after that. Remember, guests love a good 
sideshow, and make sure you build at least three or your visitors might 
began to get bored.

*6. Features

Features are the most less important thing in this game. It's there for you 
to decorate your park with neat things such as trees, fountains, rocks, 
flowers, etc. There are many types of features to buy in each theme park, 
and tons to research. There are also things under features that are needed 
such as Staff Rooms, Bathrooms, Security Cameras, Trashcans, etc.

*7. Making money and losing money

If you don't know any secrets to this game on earning money, then you will 
probably have a tough time. Money is hard to keep in this game, so it's good 
that you can take out loans when you are very low on cash. But some loans 
are risky to take, but you do not want a loan with alot of interest. It's 
best to choose the loans with 20% interest. Also, you shouldn't take out 
very large loans because it would take awhile to actually pay them off 
completely. Go to the Secrets Section of this FAQ. and find out a way to 
earn money very fast and not even have to take out a loan, ever!

*8. Challenges

The bowling ball guy will sometimes give you challenges. Some may say for 
you to sell 200 fries in a certain amount of days, or building a specific 
ride and building the certain amount of sections in the track as told. If 
you win, you earn money, and if you lose, you won't get anything. Challenges 
are a good thing to rely on in this game because it's a good way to earn 
some bonus money. If you earn a challenge that requires you to sell burgers, 
fries, or drinks, build alot of shops of that type and you will win the 
challenge in no time! The hardest challenge would probably be the Balloon 
challenge which requires you to have 15% of people holding a balloon in the 
park. You would then probably have to build alot of Balloon Shops, then.

*9. Secrets (Secrets Section)

Here are some secrets I know of this game!

Well, I used to be ok at this game, and very quickly, I would be taking out
loans, and then I would have to restart my park because I had trouble
keeping my money! Then I saw a cheat around the internet that gives you
money, easily!

Here is how to do it:

Build any sideshow. When people come to it, make the price around §20 or so.
Then while they are playing it, raise the price to §10000. (Make sure the
chance of winning is all the way up.) Then, when they win, you will receive
that much money! You can do it as much as you want, and before you know it,
you will be filthy rich!

Cool huh? When I tried that cheat, I made all of my parks awesome! Now I
have extremely long roller coasters that fill up the whole park! It's cool,
I am sure you'll use this technique alot, it's very useful!

*10. New section (Research)

This is the main section I get questions on. Here is a little tutorial on 
researching rides, upgrades, shops, sideshows, and features.

Rides - Rides are the main goal of your park to make it successful. The 
first column in the Research area is the rides section. The Bowling ball guy 
will help you out in this area for your first time playing. If you turned 
him off at the beginning and are still confused, I would turn him on, he can 
explain things well.

Upgrades - Research ride upgrades is what visitors want you to do. The same 
old ride all the time is no fun, so when you research an upgrade, you can 
update a certain ride. Here is where I get most questions on, rollercoaster 
upgrades. Many people don't know how to make loops. You must research an 
upgrade for that rollercoaster, and once you have, click on that ride, click 
the screwdriver button, and select upgrade. A mechanic will come by, and 
upgrade it for you, ready for you to make new changes. Edit the track, and 
add a loop where you want (you must delete a section of track first.) If you 
are still have questions, you can e-mail me, my address is above, and below 
this FAQ.

Shops, Sideshows, and Features - I can mention these altogether. All you 
need to do from now and then is to research some of these to keep your park 
up to date. I would worry about the features last, and research shops and 
sideshows first.

That was my update. Here is my e-mail address if you have any questions:

[email protected]

                      ***THANKS GAME-REVOLUTION!***    

Extra special thanks to Revolution reader Aaron Illingworth!