StarLancer PC Cheats



Level Select/Ship Selection:

This code lets you play any mission in the game. At the main menu, hold CTRL

and type potatoe. ‘M1’ will appear in the upper left hand corner of

the screen. Now type the number of the mission (use the number keys) you want

to play. Now hold one of the following key combinations to gain access to

different ships.

Code           Ship  
Ctrl + Enter   Normal selection of ships   
Shift + F1     Predator   
Shift + F2     Naginata   
Shift + F3     Grendel   
Shift + F4     Crusader 
Shift + F5     Coyote   
Shift + F6     Mirage IV  
Shift + F7     Tempest   
Shift + F8     Patriot   
Shift + F9     Wolverine   
Shift + F10    Reaper   
Shift + F11    Shroud   
Shift + F12    Phoenix   



Thanks to Revolution readers Solo327 and The Ace!