Star Trek Armada PC Cheats

Star Trek: Armada


Cheat Screen:

While in the game press Enter. Then type one of the following codes:

kobayashimaru     Skip to next mission   
showmethemoney    2000 Dilithium

canofwoopass Ships are more independent (Greater AI) youstopmecold Faster Ship production aviodence Faster Crew Production imouttestepwithreality Enter Gamma Quadrant. screwyouguysimgoinghome Boot list in multi-player mode phonehome Chat list in multi-player mode


Fool Those Romulans:

1) When a Romulan science ship uses Holo Emiter on you, you can transport

through their shields with your holo-ed ships.

Get Money:

2) To get all the money you need; use a Nebula Class Ship (must have

Gemini Special) and a level 1, 2, or 3 ship (other ships take too long to

dissasemble). Take Nebula and use Gemini weapon on the other ship. Tell the

copy to dissasemble (make sure both ships are near shipyard before

starting) Now you will get the money and still have the ships. This is useful


multiplayer where type-in cheats don’t work.

*Note: If you select more than 1 Nebula ship, and have them both

fire the

gemini at one other ship the game will freeze (not really a code but).

Neat Black Hole:

3) In the multiplayer level Junkyard, play without shroud or fog. Once

the game begins, the Premonition (future ship) falls into the black hole at

the center of the screen.

-The Federation Steamrunner class and Romulan Raptor class have the longest firing

range in the entire game. They also do more damage than any other single weapon,

and have splash damage. Use them to weaken enemy defences from a distance.

-Borg Assimalators are equipped only with torpedoes. Don’t send them to the front

lines; use them for support, as torpedoes can miss.

-It’s a good idea to have more than one advanced or normal shipyard. Never know

when you might need that extra Sovergnc:)

-Romulan Warbirds are probably the most practicle ships in the game, as they can

cloak (all romulans can) and can drain enemy shields. In the final campain for

single player, use Warbirds as much as possible.


Thanks to Revolution readers Dave, Bailey Lee, Crash, Neill Holloman, Ben Schaffer

and Ben Silverman!