Box art - Star Trek: Bridge Commander

Star Trek: Bridge Commander PC Cheats

Star Trek: Bridge Commander


Cheat Mode:

Start the game with the -TestMode command line parameter to activate

Cheat Mode. A quick way to do this is to right-click on the desktop shortcut

and select “Properties.” Click on the “Shortcut” tab, and go to the very end

of the shortcut path. OUTSIDE the quote marks enter a space, and then enter

-TestMode. Use this shortcut to enter the game.

In the game, the “Quick Battle” button is replaced with “Test Only.” Click

this to go to any level in the game.

During gameplay, go to tactical display mode and enter the following:

Shift-G God Mode 
Shift-KDamage targeted subsystem by 25% 
Shift-RCompletely repair target 
Shift-QGain 10 Quantum Torpedoes 

Thanks to Revolution reader DALE9276!