Star Trek Deep Space 9: The Fallen PC Cheats

Star Trek Deep Space 9: The Fallen


During the game, press [Tab] or "~", then type in "panacea". Then press 
[Tab] or "~" and type the cheat codes below.

God         God Mode
fly         Fly Mode
ghost       No Clipping
walk        Disable Fly/Ghost Modes
allammo     Full Ammo
killpawns   Kill All Enemies in the Level
skiplevel   Skip to Next Level
open (mapname)Opens named map

Quick Exit:

During the game (if you want to quit) press the TAB button and type: EXIT

Quick Save:

During the game press the TAB button and type: SAVEGAME

Demo Cheats

Max Items:

Start playing and after you get a lot of items (health pacs, grenade launcher,

shield emitter) press the Escape button then on the menu go to New Game.

Select New Game and then you will have all the items from your previous

game making earlier enemies easier to kill with your new weapons and equipment.

Cheat Mode (demo version):

Press Tab during gameplay, and depending on the current character being

controlled, enter on these codes:.

set plyr.ds9_sisko bcheatconsole true
set plyr.ds9_worf bcheatconsole true
set plyr.ds9_kira bcheatconsole true 

Now enter one of these codes at the console window.

Code              Effect 
god               God mode  
allammo           All weapons and ammo   
fly               Enable fly mode   
walk              Disable fly mode   
ghost             No clipping mode   
killpawns         Kill all enemies   
beamdownitem      Spawn indicated item  setjumpz          Change gravity, default is 400  rmode             Change lighting, default is 5  set ds9_sisko fatness (1-255)       Change Sisko's body size, default is 128   
set ds9_maleensign fatness (1-255)  Change male ensign's body size, default is 128    
set ds9_flashlight charge (0-9999)  Change SIMMS beacon energy, default is 800   
invisible         Disable enemies AI   
start or open     Load .dsm map in "maps" folder 

Item Names:

Use one of the following entries with the beamdownitem code.


GameShark Codes

The Don Worf Super Health and Ammo Code:

Wait until you’re inside the game before you turn code on. Make sure there

aren’t any enemies around. If there are, they will receive super health and

ammo also. Turn code on. Fire a weapon to receive a super amount of ammo.

Hurt yourself on a force field or anything that will cost you health to receive

super health. Make sure you turn code off. this code only works for Worf.

Note: Game Shark codes for PC must be downloaded from Game
and work with the PC Game Shark Game Enhancing Device.


Thanks to Revolution readers Fry, Fred Snow, Ben and Rhadumedal!