Star Wars: Republic Commando,Star Wars Republic Commando PC Cheats

Star Wars Republic Commando


Press ` and enter one of the following codes:

Behindview 1 Third Person View
Behindview 0 First Person View
AllWeaponsGet every weapon
ViewBotCycle through bots
ViewSelfReturn to yourself
SmiteEvil Destroy all onscreen enemies
BlindEnemies 1 Makes you invisible to enemies
BlindEnemies 0 Toggle off
DeafEnemies 1 Enemies cannot hear you
DeafEnemies 0 Toggle off
FreezeFrame X Will freeze after X seconds
KillPawnsKills other Delta Squad members
HOGKills anything you point your reticle at
LockCameraFixes the camera's position
SuicideKill Yourself
TeleportTeleports you to where your reticle points
Stat Game Display Game Statistics
Changesize X Change X to alter player's size
Setspeed X Change X to alter game's speed
SetGravity X Change X to set gravity
SetJumpz X Change X to adjust jump height
Stat FPS Display Frames Per Second
GhostYou can flay and walk through objects
WalkDisable Ghost Cheat
DarmanNext level
loadedSpawn tons of weapons
AllAmmo999 Ammo
TheMatulaakLivesGod mode
PlayersOnlyStops Time
FlyFlight Ability
Slomo X Where X is a number to control game speed

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